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Strategy Session November 13th, 2018

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  • DrScience: $SMP This aftermarket auto parts component manufacturer/rebuilder/distributor getting a Persons Pivot (for #TOS, the PPS Study) Buy Signal on a good volume, 1.35% positive move in a bad tape today. Bounced off the 50 DMA, just a few days behind simil ...
  • traderbren: $ADNT - taking my short off. STC May 25 put.
  • DrScience: @bRobert Add $DLPH for making parts that make cars go and $ADNT for getting butts in seats. They're best performers. Defined risk entries available.
  • Sher: $SFIX, $CRON, $DBX, $IQ, $SGMS, $ADNT, $OSTK, $CLVS, $KEM - 9:05 AM... "Upside movement in several underlying call options indicates further near-term gains ahead" (SSE news post)
  • debeers: $AAP vs $ADNT- All parts manufacturers are not created equal and yet Adient was up because idiots assumed that all auto parts are all the same. Really? Are all healthcare companies all the same? All financials all the same? LAZY ALWAYS GETS WHAT IT DESERVES and the Analyst community was quick to react--Morgan Sgtanley said that Adient(a manufacturer) should go from 45 to 20 whereas RBC thinks AAP (a retailer) has an upside of 203 before the next earnings report and believes there is upside from there.
  • rachel: ...
    $ADNT – good OS rebound. Note the 2-day setup.
    $CVCO – 2-day setup
    $ROKU – note the difference. The steeper and longer the drop, the weaker the pop. Like a rubber band getting and staying stretched out long enough to ...
  • jetace: $BXMT $BNS $APH $AMGN $BWXT $DXC $ADNT $MRK $ABMD $ORBK $AXTA $COHR $ACET $GRMN $WB I run a scan looking for stocks at/near 50MA in a squeeze or in a tight BB. These all had interesting patterns, some for watching others might be actionable depending on today;s open. Happy New Year to all
  • bRobert: $ADNT $DAN ADNT AUTO/truck parts . Weekly breakout. IPO strategy. Extended daily Adding on pullbacks DAN continues to creep up
  • clamtown: @Bridget $XLP $GIS $K $CPB $KHC $XRT $M $KR $COH $XOP $ESV $RIG $MRO $APC $CVE $XLI $XBI $SMH $MCHP $AMAT $AAPL $AVGO $SWKS $ADBE $MLCO $BBBY $BBRY $FDX $FOLD $PX $NOC $TWX $ROP $ALNY $VST $TSG $BEDU $ADNT $SNDR #Notes $AXP You mentioned this one the other day. Any changes.
  • Bridget: $BEDU $TSG $ADNT $VST $PLNT #ipo new ATH
  • Bridget: #Notes $XLP - these consumer products were down on $GIS earnings $K $CPB $KHC $XRT - retail stocks falling lower $M $KR $COH $XOP - oil performing well. Good liquid stocks $ESV $RIG $MRO $APC $CVE $XLI - hit new highs $XBI - close to breaking higher out of flag $SMH - this rally is fizzling $MCHP $AMAT $AAPL - broke support at he 50dMA, $AVGO $SWKS - breaking down $ADBE - struggling to hold trendline after earnings $MLCO - gapped up this morning but then sold off $BBBY - hit a new low after earnings Breakouts $BBRY $FDX $FOLD $PX $NOC $TWX $ROP $ALNY IPOs working $VST $TSG $BEDU $ADNT $SNDR
  • bRobert:
  • Bridget: @bRobert $XLP $GIS $K $CPB $KHC $XRT $M $KR $COH $XOP $ESV $RIG $MRO $APC $CVE $XLI $XBI $SMH $MCHP $AMAT $AAPL $AVGO $SWKS $ADBE $MLCO $BBBY $BBRY $FDX $FOLD $PX $NOC $TWX $ROP $ALNY $VST $TSG $BEDU $ADNT $SNDR #Notes I agree that this is likely just a pause, not a top.
  • Bridget: I'm short $ADNT. This trade is working.
  • Bridget: Notes: XLK to XLF rotation continues XLV still working XHB continues breakout - also $HD $MHK $FND Oil stocks still consolidating Insurance stocks working: $AAL, CI, $AON $CB $TRV $AFL Stocks that are working: $COR $ATHM $TSLA $MO $HRC $PLSE $JNJ $LVS $PLNT $TWO $ABBV $CVNA #ipo Stocks breaking: $FIVE $MYL $SYMC $CC $TMUS $WPZ $ADNT, and all FAANG $PYPL and $SQ - both at a good buy point $SINA - at a good buy point $MDSO - ditto
  • champ: $ADNT took profits this morning.... I would like to get back in ....but only when the time is right
  • champ: $ADNT is turning a little ...5 green candles in a of now....have to see where it goes..?
  • champ: $ADNT $75....still working on that news...great chart....@Bridgets stock is also working $DLPH
  • Bridget: Auto parts working $LEA $BWA $GT $RACE $DLPH $VC $ADNT
  • Bridget: I'm not recommending buying any of these today, but these are the #ipos / spinoffs that are working. New all time highs in $ADNT $LW $TWNK
  • jetace: $ADNT auto parts looking strong across the board for the last few days
  • tigerjohn8: @jetace $ADNT $LEA also nicely up today
  • champ: @jetace $ADNT --- Yes, the sector is bouncing....I added on the news that they will start paying a dividend..
  • champ: $ADNT $73.8 --- Great chart on positive news flow and now today they started a New dividend ....I added earlier on that News ...Now I just double my position size up to a full position. The news really doesn't get any better than that.....on this new spin off from $JCI that just happened about 5 months ago on 10/31/ losers in this stock and I'm guessing it's going much higher ...$MS has a new target at $95.
  • champ: @Bridget $ADNT --- Moving up again this morning...
  • Bridget: @champ $ADNT nice! Wish I had a position already.
  • numbers: $ADNT - all time high - no position
  • bwcarnation1: @numbers $ADNT featured on mad money last night
  • Bridget: $ADNT at new all time high. Adient was spun out from its parent company Johnson Controls International. The company is dominant in the automotive seating market.
  • champ: @Bridget $ADNT --- Thanks...good info.
  • Bridget: ...
    $ADNT at new all time high. Adient was spun out from its parent company Johnson Controls International. The company is dominant in the automotive seating market.

    Dumpster Diving:
    $SIMO - breaking the downtrend on the weekly chart
    $TERP - coming out ...
  • Aragorn: $AVAV broke out $IRBT new Highs $BATS new all time highs $IMAX still holding the 200 support consolidating $BWA - congrats Trixie fro pulling het trigger Autoparts doing real well including $MOD $CAAS $DORM a jojo favorite for those who remember him $SMP $DAN $ADNT ( IPO) anyway @Dan take a look at this sector.
  • Trixie: @Aragorn $AVAV $IRBT $BATS $IMAX $BWA $MOD $CAAS $DORM $SMP $DAN $ADNT $BWA i owe my postion to the kind member who posted last wk on the day of earnings to bringing this to my attention again.. thx.
  • mradams0621: @Aragorn $AVAV $IRBT $BATS $IMAX $BWA $MOD $CAAS $DORM $SMP $DAN $ADNT
    My Dell computer died. Need to get a new one. I think it was you that did a lot of work researching the best computers for trading. Was it worth it? Does it really matter tha ...
  • Aragorn: @mradams0621 $AVAV $IRBT $BATS $IMAX $BWA $MOD $CAAS $DORM $SMP $DAN $ADNT If gaming it is all about Ram and processing power and your Video Card. I have no real clue on gaming, I do know I needed to go to the link below for a system to meet my needs. If you are not going crazy then what you have above sounds good. Lots of ram you should get never can have enough I have 16 gig.
  • mradams0621: @Aragorn $AVAV $IRBT $BATS $IMAX $BWA $MOD $CAAS $DORM $SMP $DAN $ADNT Thank you!!
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Adient PLC is engaged in supplying automotive seating. It designs, manufactures and markets seating systems and components for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and light trucks, including vans, pick-up trucks and sport/crossover utility vehicles.

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