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  • Chrisfournier: $AEM squeezing....Just bought @ $60
  • Rickg: $CRWD $AEM $TER Another shot at $TER
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
  • rachel: ...
    $AEM – high momentum. Overbought...doesn’t mean sell.
    $DJI – weak
    $T – nice dividend with rates falling.
    $NLY – high dividend stock. If you’re buying, use 8.75 for stop reference.
    $FFTY – big distribu ...
  • rachel: ...
    $AEM – breakout from a squeeze and above 50-day MA
    $NEM – testing 50-day MA
    VIDEO TWO: Thoughts on Selling.
    Growth Stocks:
    $FFTY – Growth stock $ETF is below 50-day MA. We want ours to all be above 50-day MA.
    $PAYC &n ...
  • Aragorn: ...
    As the dollar is weakening $UUP, $GLD is moving up . Gold stocks have been rising and many have been making nice weekly moves $AU sideways drift into the rising 8ema and up, $AEM bounce off he 50 $BVN rising the upper Bollinger band up 6.84% last w ...
  • Robert1965: @optionswealth $AEM $BABA Nice call on $BABA
  • optionswealth: @Robert1965 $AEM $BABA Your welcome. I read your posts all the time and I know I have lots to thank you for too so thank you, also.
  • optionswealth: $AEM Bought 2 $AEM Mar 45 calls this morning at net 4.71 and earnings 2/14. Broke out of a trading range yesterday. MACD position is ok. 52 week high was ~52.. Purchased 1 $BABA Mar 200 call @ 9.02 net. Earnings 2/01. MACD still in a good position. This was stronger during the moves in the indexes yesterday even though it shook me out. Up on the day on both positions.
  • Gary: ...
    $AEM – high volume breakout from $48 top.
    $NEM – also breaking out on volume.
    Notes: That faint odor you smell isn’t a dead skunk. It’s another whiff of a price peak.  Note the intraday chart.  Big .50% move during ...
  • shoredriver: @Gary $GLD $AEM $NEM $SPX $DJI $NDX $TREX $SUM $LOPE $CARA $BLUE $INTU $PIRS $THO $PRAH $CZR $CTRL $TWTR $GWPH $FAST $NAV $YELP #Notes WOW....notes look great....Rachel better look out......@Dan thanks for finally firing up some focus on the pot stocks...
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $AEM Agnico Eagle Mines Limited. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • derek308: $AEM Throwing this ticker out to the crowd for something to keep an eye on if we get continued dollar weakness and traction in gold. It's a solid Canadian miner, had good earnings recently and is chewing threw overhead supply. This was up nicely Wed when the QQQ was selling hard. Might be something to consider for some diversification if you think Wed wasn't the last we'll see of the selling.
  • mradams0621: @champ $TECK $CLF metals and mining seem to be perking up a bit. 10% move in $AEM today. $GLD, $GDX, $GDXJ may be done zigging and ready for a little Zag. Or not.
  • bigbartabs: @mradams0621 $TECK $CLF $AEM $GLD $GDX $GDXJ ... I just got stopped out of my $FCX trade with a small profit. I really thought it would do better than what it did. But since I don't like gains turning to losses... out before it did. Good luck brutha...
  • Bridget: Yesterday it was steel and copper showing bullish moves, today it is gold and silver. $AEM $SLW
  • champ: @Bridget $AEM $SLW ---'s all about the's dropping like a rock $DXY but I would like someone to tell long it's going to continue dropping. It started on News and is all about the comments on inflation that were in the Fed my guess. On the markets.. the $VXX and $UVXY is not bouncing all that this time but I'm watching for entry RHRN....however, this could be a false drop...but no one really knows about that at this time.
  • Forexpro: @champ $AEM $SLW $DXY $VXX $UVXY Hi, Champ, No, it seems to be mostly due to China, where the Reminbi is doing strange and wonderful things, including reversing what had been a "no brainer" downtrend, and catching a host of those leaning the wrong way (on the attached chart, lower price action means a weaker Dollar/Stronger Reminbi). It's tough to exit long USD/CNH or USD/CNY (offshore versus onshore) Reminbi positions, especially outside of Asian hours, so people are selling Dollars where they can; they'll unwind the cross trades later. At the moment, they're just looking for relief. No doubt, there are other factors involved, but this is a big move, and "everyone" is caught the wrong way. FWIW; hope you're doing well. All the best!
  • champ: @Forexpro $AEM $SLW $DXY $VXX $UVXY - I'm sure thats right but also in the Fed minutes... they did say that they were watching the drop of the unemployment #'s which would cause wage inflation...which IMO is good news because inflation will give Main ...
  • stevef214: @Bridget $AEM $SLW Add $EXK up 11% today
  • Bridget: Breakouts: $BABA $SINA $BIDU $NTES - Chinese internet stocks all saw a nice bump today, all at good buy points on the weekly chart $AEM $SLW $NEM - gold and silver up on drop in the dollar $MA and $V both breaking higher, but today is day 3 $ALXN - another pharmaceutical breaking out of consolidation on volume, but seems to be up on bad news $HAIN - Vol Squeeze breakout on volume
  • grcjr: $AEM when I first checked this morning I saw this ticker with a huge spike ... up roughly $18. I could not see why. Some announcement of an investment in G4G Capital. Look further. Nothing. And then the stock was back about where it had been. What happened? My belief it is possible that some unlucky person got stung, trading in the after market. I maybe traded twice in the after market this full year! I only trade Limit orders in general but particularly in the after market.
  • Bridget: $AEM breaking down right now
  • Trixie: @Bridget $AEM it seems like many of the gold miners are.. $GDX looks to be too.. imo
  • Aragorn: @Trixie $AEM $GDX they all look like cra_p
  • Trixie: @Aragorn $AEM $GDX sliver a day behind?
  • Aragorn: @Trixie $AEM $SLV weaker than $GLD percentage wise not sure later than $GLD. $SLW been watching it go down all day. $SLW I should have shorted it
  • Trixie: @Aragorn $AEM $SLV $GLD $SLW I was thinking a lot of the goldies look to be losing the 50mas.. Silvers look to be at them.. Not so sure they'll bounce.. However I've ended up pre-occupied w other things in life lately and haven't been up to my current chart hunting.
  • Aragorn: @Trixie $AEM $SLV $GLD $SLW Truth me as well, keeping my universe small
  • Paddleboard: ...
  • DAN: $GLD $ABX $AEM $NEM -- the gold stocks are pausing today. Not reversing...just pausing. Buying now is very very late. At least, they need a rest before going higher. At most, they need a pullback.
  • Bridget: $AEM breaking higher. looking strong going into earnings on 2/10.
  • Forexpro: Re: Relative Strength Plus Momentum Scan Hi, Friends, And thanks, Aragorn and JudySteiner, for sharing your scans. Here's another, which attempts to identify stocks trading above 10 with volume above 500k that are demonstrating strong relative performance and price momentum. I've excluded utilities, which have become popular in the past week; here are the survivors, ranked by StockCharts' SCTR score: $EQIX $RAI $AEM $HTA $PRXL It isn't a very long list, but that's what came back. Hope that your weekend is going well; all the best!
  • Bridget: $AEM broke out of consolidation yesterday and is now moving higher. Check out the 5min chart.
  • janner0814: thanks! ***********reference note******************************************* @ginny: (8:20 AM 8/13/15) "Early premarket gappers Gapping up: $PLNR 29.5%, $BBIO 22.2%, $PGN 21%, $OPXA 15%, $GBSN 14.6%, $SEDG 11.6%, $RNDY 9.1%, $ABGB 7.4%, $CLCD 6.5%, $COTY 6.2%, $SVT 6.1%, $BGG 5.1%, $NWSA 4.8%, $SUNE 4.5%, $SVA 4.5%, $KINS 4.3%, $JD 4.1%, $GWPH 3.9%, $CSCO 3.7%, $CSCO 3.7%, $DARA 3.7%, $BDSI 3.3%, $TDOC 2.9%, $GPRO 2.5%, $LXFT 2.5%, $FGEN 2.4%, $CMCM 2.4%, $WLL 1.6%, $TSLA 1.5%, $FIT 1.5%, $PYPL 1.5%, $PRGO 1.4%, $CPG 1.4%, $CCL 1.3%, $RAD 1.3%, $NFLX 1.2%, $MN 1.1%, $MSFT 1.1%, $HTZ 1.1%, $AA 1.1% Gapping down: $BGMD -35.8%, CPA -9.9%, $SZMK -8.8%, $AEG -7.3%, $KSS -7.3%, $AEG -7.3%, $XNET -6.8%, $HMY -6%, $IOT -6%, $GFI -5.9%, $CERE -5.8%, $AQXP -5.7%, $AU -5.2%, $KERX -4.8%, $SHAK -4.6%, $MXPT -4.5%, $CDE -4.3%, $NRX -2.9%, $LDRH -2.7%, $FANG -2.7%, $FANG -2.7%, $ABX -2.5%, $GDX -2.4%, $GOLD -2.4%, $NTES -2.3%, $CDW -2.1%, $PAAS -1.9%, $PAH -1.9%, $SLW -1.8%, $AEM -1.7%, $SDRL -1.6%, $TOT -1.5%, $POST -1.3%, $AYA -1.3%, $OKS -1.2%, $SLV -1.2%, $RIO -0.9%, $MT -0.9%, $BHP -0.8%, $GLD -0.7%"
  • tina: $WWAV Vol 468% $HAIN Vol 400% $NFLX Vol 368% $WBAI Vol 241% $RH Vol 261% <-reprts Wed AH $HCA Vol 173% $UHS Vol 149% $VIPS Vol 91% $AEM Vol 90% $EOG Vol 77% Volume up ( )
  • SierraJW: @NapoleonSolo $FNV, $AEM That scenario may explain why the mining stocks which are breaking out of bases and hitting new relative highs. Thanks.
  • Neil375: @SierraJW $FNV Hi, SierraJW. Thanks for posting. All the miners are up big today. $AEM has gapped up and is holding the gap.
  • rj7150: @jmat2413 @josh $TKMR is a Canadian based stock listed on the TSX as TKM.TO. It is listed as TKMR on the Nasdaq. There are many companies like this: $GG $AUY $CNI $AEM $SAND $TCK I just listed these other tickers to see if their charts show??
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $ACC, $AEM, $AMAT, $ANGI, $BGC, $BGS, $CAKE, $CBS, $CJES, $CSCO, $CTL, $CTRP, $CXW, $DDR, $ECOL, $EFX, $EXL, $FNF, $INT, $IO, $IPI, $ITRI, $KGC, $LF, $LPSN, $MDLZ, $MET, $NEWP, $NRP, $NTAP, $NTES, $NVDA, $REG, $RKUS, $ROVI, $SKX, $SPRT, $SPWR, $STAG, $TAL, $TCO, $TNGO, $WFM, Z
  • grcjr: $AEM - At a 10 month high, accented by yesterday's move.
  • bullmoose: $EXK - Trimmed just a little. Two days above the upper bollinger band with long tails at the top. Ultimately, I think this still has a ways to run and I look forward to adding more on the next pullback. I also own $PAAS in a different account and am raising a stop on part of my holdings. I love the weekly set-up on $PAAS as it climbs the upper bollinger band. I will be adding more of this on a pullback too. Raising stops on $RGLD as well. Other miners I'm either in or waiting to get in include $ABX, $AEM, $NG and AUY. $AUY looks ready to bust out on the weekly chart.
  • bullmoose: $PAAS, $EXK, $ABX, $RGLD - I've been touting these miners for a few weeks now. I'm long $EXK, $PAAS and RGLD. I added to $EXK on the break above the flag last week. I sold my $AEM Feb calls. $RGLD is due for a pullback. I think $ABX is setting up nicely here.
  • bullmoose: $XME, $PAAS, $NG, $CCJ, $AEM, $RGLD - Sensing a shift in dollars. Over the past few weeks I've been shifting money into the metals. $PAAS, $NG and $CCJ have been especially nice to me. On their weekly charts, they all seem to be turning the corner. $ATI is another metal stock I've bought recently. I'm not loading the truck on them, but they're worth getting into on pullbacks.
  • rj7150: ...
    You could sell Sandstorm and replace it with Franco Nevada which is a safer streaming company. I sold out of $SAND with major losses last spring. It's problem is that it has financed lower quality miner that Franco Nevada. If gold does a huge move u ...
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $AEM, $AIZ, $AKAM, $ALGT, $ANGI, $ASGN, $AVB, $BDN, $CAKE, $CDNS, $CLGX, $CMO, $CMRE, $CTXS, $CVA, $EFX, $EGHT, $EQIX, $ESV, $ETFC, $EVR, $FBHS, $FFIV, $FIO, $FOE,FTNT, $GGG, $HRC, $INFN, $KFN, $LOGI, $LRCX, $LSI, $MLNX, $NOW, $NXPI, $ORLY, $PLCM, $PLXS, $QDEL, $QTM, $RE, $SCI, $SGMO, $SKX, $SLG, $SRCL, $STMP, $SUSQ, $SWFT, $SYMC, $T, $TAL, $TCBI, $TER, $TEX, $TMK, $TQNT, $TRIP, $TSCO, $TYL, $VAR, $WLL, WRE
  • humble: $AEM - a little while ago @Dan mentioned possible candidate for #shorting.....besides offering #dividend I don't see any reason to disagree......not big volume stock.....any thoughts w/b appreciated
  • rj7150: $AEM @humble - Agnico Eagle is at a multi year low. I think you late to short imho?? @RJ
  • mradams0621: GLD- @rj- nope, I'm clueless. Building a long term gold and basic materials position based on Gov. money printing and race to the bottom currency race will end with hyper inflation at some point. Maybe soon, maybe when my grandkids are retired, bu ...
  • mradams0621: AEM- Way to much Negativity on #CNBC about gold and @silver. $AEM bottomed in May, nice up trend from 32 to 56, started making lower highs and lows last mo. Just broke the last level for a third lower low if it closes here. Tight stop, wishing for a reversal, but it's telling me the fun is over for a while.
  • mradams0621: AEM- gold miner, has been working for 6 mo. Gold looks like time for a run, but $AEM working on a lower low, which would make a second lower low after the second lower high. Tight stop.
  • mradams0621: $GLD, $SLV @big- I would sure think so- but all my related holding down hard today. I don't get it. Long for the long haul but wondering what's going on. Long $GLD, $SLV, $NG, $AEM, SAND
  • grcjr: $AAPL and more - OK, $AAPL might be moving up today. In case you need something else to look at there are many equities still on the move in the upper right. Not all of them will continue but I bet you can find something profitable in the group. There are others to find as well. $ARMH, $AKAM maybe, $AEM maybe, $BA, $BAC, $BRCM maybe, $C, $CMI maybe, $COST, $CREE, $CSCO, $DE, $ERIC (where my wife used to work), $GILD, $GMCR, $HD maybe, $JNPR, $JPM, $MA maybe, $MPC, $MPO maybe, $NFLX, $PSX, $PWR, $QCOM, $S, $SBUX, $TRN, RSLA, $TWO, V.
  • Tricia: EARNINGS: Notable earnings before Wednesday's open: $AEP, $ALXN, $ATI, $BA, $BMY, $CP, $DAL, $DPS, $DTE, $EAT, $ECA, $ELN, $EMC, $GD, $GLW, $HCBK, $IACI, $KMB, $LCC, $LL, $LLY, $LMT, LO, $LVLT, $MSI, $NDAQ, $NEE, $NOC, NYB, $OC, $PVR, $PX, $RCI, $REGN, $RES, $SAP, $T, $TMO, $TROW, $WYN Notable earnings after Wednesday's close: $AB, ACOM, $AEM, $AKAM, $AMP, $CCI, $CDNS, $CLF, $CMO, $CROX, $CTXS, $EGHT, $ENTR, $EQR, $FFIV, $FIO, $IDCC, $INFN, $KBR, $LOGI, $LSI, $OI, $ORLY, $RRC, $RYL, $SGMO, $SIMO, $SPN, $SRCL, $SYMC, $SYNC, $TAL, $TER, $TEX, $TLAB, $TQNT, $TRN, $TSCO, $TWI, $WLL, $WYNN, $XNPT, ZNGA
  • 1Boston330: Gold, @Silver, Palladium. Almost all of these stocks are up #rhrn. $RIC up 9.11%. $GLD up 1.9%, $SLW 4.5%, $SLV UP 3.5%. Long $GLD and GGN. Edit: Precious metal stocks on my list that are above 5% today #rhrn: $EXK, $RIC, $SSRI, $SVM, $AUQ, $AGQ,AAU, $AG,NG, $NGD,CDE, $KGC, PASS, $AXU, $AEM, $GOLD, AUY.
  • grcjr: $GLD, $AEM, $FCX, $NG, $EGO GGN - all inching up.
  • mradams0621: $GLD - @debrup- take a look at $AEM and NG. I have lost a ton in both buying at the top and selling at the bottom. Think I'll try something different this time. See if buying low and selling high works any better. (little humor there? damn little ...
  • Tricia: EArnings Before the bell: $ALXN, $AOL, $ARMH, $ATI, $BA, $BMY, $CAT, $CBE, $COP, $CP, $CVE, $DAL, $DLR, $DRH, $ECA, $ELN, $F, $GD, $GLW, $HCBK, $HES, $JBLU, $LCC, $LLY, LO, $LVLT, $MSI, $MT, $NDAQ, $NLSN, $NOC, NYB, $OCR, $PDS, $PEP, $PX, $REGN, $ROK, $SO, $SWI, $TEL, $TMO, $TROW, $UMC, $USG, $WLP, $WYN EArnings after the bell $AEM, $AKAM, $AMP, $AVB, $BCR, $CCI, $CDNS, $CLF, $CMO, $CROX, $CTXS, $CYH, $DRE, $EQR, $FLEX, $FTNT, $ISIL, $KBR, $LRCX, $LSI, $LVS, $OI, $OII, $ORLY, $STR, $SUSQ, $SYMC, $TER, $TEX, $TSCO, $TSLA, $V, $VAR, $WDC, $WFM, $WLL, $ZNGA Good luck everyone and have a Grand day!
  • mradams0621: $GLD AEM NG- $IF gold continues higher, not saying I have much confid. that it will but if it does, the miners have seriously underperformed and are due a bounce if gold does also. I like the charts for $AEM and NG. Long from much higher after adding on the way down. @Dan's the man but I needed to hear that adding on strength lesson about 2 years ago. Little late now lol.
  • mradams0621: Markets @Big- I'm reminded of that movie "Perfect Storm". Little boat out in the middle of a huge ocean, just trying to make a buck. New a huge wave was coming but by that time their was no place to run and hide. The ending was well telegraphed, but what could they do? Welcome to trading. Long and trapped in a sea of red with $AAPL, $DNDN, $NG, $TCK, $AEM, $TEVA DE, $ROK, $CSCO, $ORCL and on and on. I'm down to one last hope based on the outcome of an election which I can't control. Picked a bad time to quit drinking.
  • mradams0621: $GLD -@emi- lots of chatter both ways from the bulls and bears, but tis not the season for gold. Usually does better in the fall. Nice base building. Every dog has its day so should start moving before to long one way or the other. Miners have drastically underperformed gold for a while, so I'm watching a few of them. $NG, very speck, and $AEM both holding lower base lows, $AEM actually working after a long decline. Added to $NG at the triple bottom, watching $AEM, when gold takes off so will these miners is my guess. But just a guess. Long $NG from much higher and very sorry about that.
  • mradams0621: $NG - looking at $NG for a swing trade, triple bottom, gold oversold, $AEM starting to work higher, but this is historically not the "season" to buy gold. Tempting for a quicky maybe?
  • mradams0621: ...
    As for the contradiction on doubling down vrs "no more miners", ya guess it is. But that means no more miners if I ever get out of this one. Already gave up $AEM for a huge loss based on @Dan's recommendation to just dump the losers and get into s ...
  • mradams0621: $NG - MAYbe a bottom, higher high, higher low if this pullback holds. Down 40% doubling down to try to get out of this pig. No more miners for me thanks. No more "specks" either. Risk rarely rewards. Done with it. Thesis is the market tanks soon and Gold gets a pop. Miners have underperformed gold. Market will expect regime change in Nov. which bodes well for improved efforts toward energy independence / better environment for the switch to Nat Gas. Lower energy costs would help the miners a bunch. Down 50% in $AEM when I sold, it's starting to look better also but I'm done with it. Long $NG for the long term but watching to see if I'm wrong this time, no no no more big loses. Thanks for that lesson @Dan. Thoughts appreciated as to thesis.
  • bullmoose: Gold Miners - Hi Forumers. I stole a little time to check in. It's been awhile. One category I have noticed @Dan hasn't been paying much attention to lately is gold miners. But if you take a look, you'll see that many have bottomed (at least temporarily) and are bouncing. Two that I have gotten into over the last several days are $HL and NEM. In fact I've already trimmed some and raised stops. $HL had a nice breakout above the 50, then pulled back to tag the 50 and bounced. That's when I pounced. $NEM did the same with the 20 and I did the same. I also like $AEM and VGZ. None are at buy points right now, but pay close attention to any pullbacks.
  • mradams0621: AAPL- @jackies Charts, smarts, and farts. Notice the similarity? Don't you ever consider anything else but the charts? What about the cash? Divy? Possible split? How about fairness? I put half my trading account in $AAPL before earnings, got a nice pop but held on for more. It just would not be fair to loose on the best stock in the market after donating so much with my looses on crappy stocks like $TEVA, FEED, $NG, $AEM, $WPRT, and so many others. I gave my fair share. Just would not be fair to not let me get some back on AAPL. Long AAPLE for the fairness trade. Have a great weekend.
  • bullmoose: Short Covering Rally - We're seeing a pretty strong short covering rally today. Could it be more? $FIRE, $AEM and $GNC have made huge moves. I'm not in any of them. Shorts I own in $TYC, $YUM and $WMB have gone negative on the day.

    I screwed up b ...
  • taylor: $GLD, Gold - Gold adds to earlier gains, +2.7% at $1578.60 and bouncing off 10-month lows on technical buying and as shorts get squeezed. Big miners rally on heavy volume: $NEM +6.1%, $ABX +6.4%, $GG +7.9%, $KGC +7.5%, $IAG +6.4%, $AEM +6.1%, $AUQ +10.8%. Smaller miners jump too: $MUX +14.7%, $BAA +13.7%, $PVG +11.1%, AZK +10.6%.
  • georgercarrjr: Some stocks not so often mentioned that caught my eye - $ABT, $AEM, $APA, $BA, $DVN, $GE, LINE (really moving), $MO, $NLY, $STT, $TWO Long: $GE, LINE, $MO, $NLY, $STT, $TWO
  • Tricia: Earnings Week Continues: If you hold any of these, good luck! Notable earnings before Thursday's open: $ABC, $AET, AMLN, $AUO, $AZN, $BC, $BG, BLLL, $BMY, $BWA, $CAM, $CCE, $CELG, $CL, $CMS, $CNX, $D, DB, $DDD, $DNKN, $DOW, $ELN, $EQT, $ETR, $FIS, GR, $GTI, $HOT, $HP, $INCY, $IPG, $IRM, $IVZ, $JBLU, $K, LINE, LIZ, $LLL, $LMT, $MCO, $MJN, $MO, $MWW, $MYL, $NBL, $NIHD, $OCR, $ORI, $OXY, $PCS ,$PDS, $PEP, $PHM, $POT, $PTEN, $RTN, $SHPGY, $SWC, $SWI, $SWY, $TLAB, $TS, $TSM, $TWC, $TYC, $UAL, $UPS, $VNTV, $WHR, $WM, $XEL, $XOM, $YNDX, $ZMH Notable earnings after Thursday's close: $AEM, $AMZN, $AXS, $BMRN, $CERN, $CINF, $CLWR, $CSTR, $CYH, $DECK, $DOX, $EMN, $EXPE, $FBHS, $FII, $FIO, $GILD, IM, $INFA, $INVN, $KEG, $KLAC, $LEG, $MCRS, $MET, $MXIM, $NXPI, $PFG, $QLIK, $RSG, $SBUX, $SPN, $SWKS, $VRSN, $VRTX, $WDC, $WSH, $WYNN, ZNGA
  • georgercarrjr: $AEM FCX - are they building a base? I don't see a need to jump #RHRN. Two that I'm watching.
  • mradams0621: GLD- thoughts- I'm dumber than a box of rocks and missed your previous posts so I have no clue what you are saying. Wish I did. I'm in $GLD from lower levels and do not trade it. Part of a core position, just let it do whatever it's going to do. I'm stuck in $NG from much higher and looking to double down again at 7.10 to lower cost basis. Thoughts? Did the same on $AEM from the 70's until the 30's where I couldn't take the pain any longer and sold at a huge loss. Needed cash to buy "what's working". This is such a tough game to play.
  • mradams0621: @hooked1 What speck's you still holding? Followed you into one a couple weeks back, forget which one. Was it HEC? or GNE? URZ? My specks are killing me. $DNDN, $NG way down. See the gang all talking $DSCO but I been burnt enough on biotecks. Need to quit while I'm way behind. $AEM was my worst, but wouldn't call it speck, just a huge looser. $O well, I'm learning.
  • mradams0621: AEM- ya and look at $AEM move now that I finally got stooped out at the very bottom. Never fails. In at 70, add at 60, again at 50 and 40 and stopped out in the 30's. I really need to write a book, and stop trading lol.
  • mradams0621: $AEM - @Bob - thanks, wish I could. Have not graduated to the fancy plays yet. Got to learn to crawl before I run. Paper day trade only. Still in buy and homework mode. Does the slightly higher high this last time and triple bottom look like a good day trade set up if gold is up at the open? Just asking, and thanks
  • Bobo: $AEM - In my opinion this trades flat into earnings but I could be wrong. If your looking for day trades then check out the stocks in V/S for a pop up or drop down. Follow jojo and taylor they are much better then myself. I have noticed over the years going into earning a week or two more like two or three the socks will either be trading up or down into earnings. Best, @Bob
  • mradams0621: $AEM - real stinker of a gold miner, but putting in a triple bottom, maybe. Holding at my line in the sand after a 50% loss. Earnings soon, should make it or break it. Has underperformed gold big time long term, could be time for some "reversion to the mean". Short term ticks for tick with $GLD, which is not a bad looking chart today.
  • mradams0621: $AEM - pulled back again, but from a higher high to a triple bottom. I am so beat to crap on this one I hate to give up but just cant take any more pain. Ya @Dan, I am that guy. But I'm trying to learn better. The company just cant catch a break, Murphy's law prevails. If anything can go wrong in a gold mine it happens to them. It trades daily with gold price so if gold is up tomorrow it might make a good day trade set up, not sure, that's not my game. If gold is down tomorrow $AEM will go down with it and I'm finally out with a 50% loss. Being "that guy" @Dan so often mentions really sucks.
  • Bobo: $AEM - @mradams0621 that is why we are here so we don't continue to make big mistakes that cost us are dough. I think we have all been there done that so don't beat yourslf up and just look at it as a learning experience that will help you in the future. I show them reporting on 2/16 and it appears all the bad news is baked into the stock but I could be wrong. If I were you and I didn't need the money or a loss for a write off then I would look into a March put to cover yourself futher to the downside and see if things have improved which will fetch you a higher price for your stock. Good luck w/ the trade.
  • mradams0621: $XXXX @jan2138 YES PLEASE I need to hear it again and again. Trigger finger getting very itchy. Its such an awesome winner, but it's my ONLY winner, and I'm loaded up and have doubled down on losers like $TEVA, $AEM, NG. Some are coming back a bit but I'm no where near even. My account balance is fine thanks to $AAPL, but if I give it all back, I'll be back in trouble again. I hate to sell and miss the divy or split but I keep hearing pigs squeal.
  • Woodward West: $AAPL - @mradams0621 - I hope i am not out of line here - $NG - $AEM - looking purely at the charts I'd say look for any kind of bounce then dump 'em - replace with something like $SBUX, $ROST, $HD, $MCD, $LULU, $FFIV right away - longer term holds. Keep $TEVA it looks like it may have some upside. But if it it doesn't bounce soon i would cash in my chips and run. As soon as you move your money to good charts it will start growing again. Again, if I am out of line please know that I apologize in advance. This is purely a technical observation. Leigh
  • mradams0621: @Woodward - out of line? You think I sit here all day just for your funny posts? Well, maybe some of the time. Great one yesterday, still chuckling when I think about it. But today it's -- I WILL NOT sell $AAPL, I WILL NOT -- thanks to any and al ...
  • mradams0621: $AEM - bottom picking anyone? Company stinks. I'm down 50% in this ugly miner, but nice chart for bottom picking, double bottom, first higher high, and if today stays green may be the first higher low, watching, may double down to try to get some $ back in this dog.
  • georgercarrjr: Market - lots moving tough to take action except to notice what is NOT moving up: $GLD, $CHK, LINE, $CTL, $CHK, $NG, $AEM, VIX (down 6%). I'd throw $ARMH in the suspect list also.
  • mradams0621: $GLD - WHY would you ever take a loss on a chart like that? Look at the 3 year weekly chart. I sure don't claim to know much yet, but I do know that's the best looking long term chart I can find. Loosing my arz in the miners, way down and holding $AEM and $NG, but they will come back someday. When I can get my money back it's all going into GLD. I buy it on dips and forgetaboutit.
  • jojo1480: AEM-@mradams0621, downgrade, i would wait till it goes above the 50dma with volume:

    Analyst Actions: Agnico-Eagle Hit with Downgrade Even After 30% Share Dip 01/30 02:37 PM

    ----------------------------------------------------------------- ...
  • mradams0621: $AEM - big @bummer, just doubled down around 39 the other day, called the bottom at 34ish, WRONG!
  • mradams0621: $AEM - @ jojo1480 could you take a quick look at this one for me please? its been poor investment, down 50% in 6 mo. but I'm seeing a bottom, some better news after a string of bad, floods, closed mines etc. but may be turning around now. Uptrend in gold price should help also. I'm in from the top at $70, with add's at $60, and considering doubling down here below $40. on some news chatter that sounds better.
  • jojo1480: AEM- @mradams0621, never owned any gold plays, except $NG that didn' t pan out (took a teeny loss). I looked @AEM for a trade, seem like it hit a double bottom, have small position. When it goes above the 50dma will add accordingly. Long $AEM & $SA Krugerrands.
  • mradams0621: BS - this is BS. Lost SMM, just got it back. I cant do this without you guys yet. I'm still shaking. Had to buy $AEM without you. You dont know what something is worth till you loose it. @jojo, thanks for the check, guess I did ok without you if you are buying it #RHRN also, but I sure feel better about it now. SMM forum is my security blanket. PLEASE do not take my blanky!
  • georgercarrjr: $TWO NLY up nicely this morning. $FCX, $AEM, $NG, $EGO, $GGN, $GLD up.
  • mradams0621: Gold Miners - I got in $AEM and $NG a couple years ago when J.C. was pushing them on Mad Money. Added as they went down till I ran out of doe. $AEM is down to 35 from around 70ish where I started buying. $NG not as bad but its still ugly. @Dan said to just sell your loosers from last year and start over: roll into something thats working, but I still cant find the courage to do it. Fortunately, I got in the $GLD also and it has made up for some of the losses in the miners. Both seem to be finding a bottom, but then again who knows, maybe not. Long $AEM and $NG and very sorry I am. Sticking to $GLD from now on.
  • Aiko: ...

  • mradams0621: FRACKING $GNE This recent spin off from $IDT may, and I repeat MAY, as in not prven yet, may have an alternative to fracking that could be a game changer, as in more environmentally friendly. Good luck finding more info on this. $GNE was up 10% friday but it had to do with restructuring stuff, nothing new on the new technology yet. Taking a small flyer on it, sure hope it works out better than all my other speck picks which were huge loosers. Long $GNE, $DNDN, $AEM, $TEVA, and very much not happy about most of them. (but hope springs eternal)
  • georgercarrjr: 59 Minute - I see a number of gaps at opening. Then mixed signals. Most holding. $CMI down (fully gave up the gap) after gap up. Also CSCO. Up? $AEM up after gap down. C/IMAX/LINE/ moving up. Lot's of jitter.
  • mradams0621: $AEM very nice move today. Stuck in this one from way way higher. Want my money back. Learned my lesson, no more gold miners for me. $GLD only from now on, or physical. Considering a double down at the bottom strategy to try to lesson my loss, or is this just a short #squeeze move today? Are short squeezes usually just one day events?
  • brodyborder: $AEM, $GLD, $RGLD, $SLW - @mradams - I luckily sold out of $AEM when it failed at the 200 sma in August (too early at the time) and got lucky. My favorite miners are $SLW and $RGLD because they obtain royalties from other mines and are not as tied to one or more specific mines. $RGLD, in particular, has had a great year. Check out the weekly and monthly charts. Using stops on the big downdraft in September and re-entering on the bounces have worked well in this market (thanks @Dan). I stopped out of most of my position in the mid to upper 70's and re-entered in the mid to lower 60s. It is now back at 81 and looks like it might break out to all time if this bounce has any legs.
  • mradams0621: $AAPL someone on #CNBC, think it was John Naz, but not sure, just said buyers will come in at 374. No clue where he comes up with that level, did not explain his thinking. I'm not giving up on it. As good a place to ride out a rough patch as anywhere. Look at the fundamentals. @Dan and most other smart people don't like the technicals, but for long term, I cant see any reason to give up on it #RHRN. I'm staying long for the long term. Trading be damned. $AAPL is an investment. But, that said, I'm down huge and stuck in $DNDN, $AEM, $NG , and several other losers so what do I know? Nuttin! Good Luck.
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Agnico-Eagle Mines is a gold producer. It operates in Canada, Mexico and Finland.

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