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  • Henry: $AN had been holding up better than Debeers' $LAD but I was finally stopped out last week An alert on $AN went off around 3:30 Friday, but I elected to sit on my hands until this morning. It is very illiquid in the pre-market so we will see how it opens.
  • Pokersmith: Monthly Car Sales Can Keep Going Strong. So Can Car Stocks. --

    Investors will get another number after Wednesday's close that they should consider acting on -- monthly U.S. auto sales.

    May's number will be solid if the figure from April ...
  • bRobert: $LAD. Reversal set up. $400+. potential with move. ABOVE the 20d. $450 . longer term. $CVNA $300. target 1 $VRM. $54/$70 . Bullish the space. $AN. has been a great. LONG TERM HOLD. Admire the WEEKLY. Doing all the hard work Daily consolidating.
  • rokey: $AN bought some recently at 102, polite chart (as per @bRobert description) and good fundies, same sector as $KMX $CVNA $LAD
  • bRobert: @rokey $AN $KMX $CVNA $LAD $107. target is close. The. stock has. had a great. run. from the. $50 breakout last. year. It is. extended. and. could. easily come in and test the 20d. near $100. Tighten up your trailing stop. to break even or. better. Protect what you have. It could walk higher. but participate with risk management Others in the space have come in. So can this
  • bRobert: $IYT. nh. Extended. Reflected in many aspects of the space. eg. Trucking, Rails Car retail. $AN. $KMX. $CAR. nhs. $LAD. setting. up. $CVNA. big. consolidation base. into earnings 5/6.
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $IYT $AN $KMX $CAR $LAD $CVNA new $KMX near me. ill do some reconnaissance
  • Pokersmith: @wanda1616 $IYT $AN $KMX $CAR $LAD $CVNA few do better reconnaissance 😉 Your report influenced me positively on TSCO, merci !
  • wanda1616: @Pokersmith $IYT $AN $KMX $CAR $LAD $CVNA haha just sharing observations from the old tractor supply floor. glad you made some $$
  • bRobert: $LAD tight consolidation Daily and WEEKLY Speed bumps to $420 may offer some pb bounces $450+ targets $AN So easy just to hodl Look at the WEEKLY walk up Daily flag extended $110 target Stop < 5d
  • debeers: ...
    $AN/$LAD-U.S. auto dealers are winners as chip shortage lifts vehicle profits
    6:00 AM ET, 04/26/2021 - Reuters
    By Ben Klayman and Ankit Ajmera
    April 26 (Reuters) - Mike Bowsher shakes his head in wonder when he hears yet another customer at one of h ...
  • Henry: $AN kicked $LAD's butt today
  • bRobert: @Henry $AN $LAD $ABG has been outperforming as well but Catch up is a nice trading condiment . I expect that LAD consolidation will lead to a very substantial run towards $500+
  • debeers: @Henry $AN $LAD --Don't you worry about the DeBoer boys . none Henry They'll see 500 and are well ahead of plan. Not just MY opinion either.:)
  • Henry: $AN Blew away estimates $2.78 vs 1.87e
  • scottrades: Some #Earnings to be aware of this week: $NFLX $KO $JNJ $CLF $T $PG $SNAP $ABT $LMT $IBM $VZ $INTC $AAL $UAL $FCX $LRCX $PLD $ASML $ERIC $HOG $DHI $NEE $PM $BMRC $MTB $HAL $ANTM $SLB $CMG $NUE $STLD $LUV $ONB $NDAQ $EDU $TRV $ISRG $CMA $FHN $KEY $CCI $AXP $AN $GNTY $CCK
  • bRobert: $AN nh heading to $100 technical target $LAD $450- $500+ Holding stock $ABG Very polite C&H $250 $CVNA Look for the bounce $320 with flag trigger > $290 $400 with range breakout $VRM $48 with flag trigger reversal Look for 5/13 ema bull cross to enter in scales $75 longer term Still young from IPO $LYFT $75 soon $120 WEEKLY base target longer
  • bRobert: $KMX nh $140/$170 targets pb bounces Strong with $AN $ABG $LAD Look for pb bounces
  • scottrades: $AN Creeping higher out of it's Daily Flag, mentioned yesterday, consider moving stops up if you took this idea.
  • scottrades: Low volume on $AN but trying to come out of a daily flag.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY ATH. Watch the top of the range. $QQQ Still under the 50 Day. #Bitcoin Doing it’s thing. $F Choppy day $GM Working. $MOS Working $RIOT Define your time frame. $MARA In trend $VYGVF Working. $JETS Great volume, extended. $UA COTD from last week. Working out! $SONO I have some, but want to see it continue tomorrow. $GOOGL Still in a channel $UBER / $LYFT Working $DT Holding the 8EMA Watch 54.40 $INMD Tightening up. $DIS Still above the 8EMA $ZIM Consider a partial stop now $ARLO Above the 50 Day. $AN Daily Flag $ICHR watch 47.50 $MU Watch 90 $FCX Watch 38
  • bRobert: @debeers $LAD $500+ C&H pinch $ABG breakout nh $270 $AN Breakout nh $100 Strong $KMX breakout nh $180 Auto bull market Many flavors $CAR nh short squeeze $75
  • bRobert: $IYT $300 target 25% upside top down approach $KMX nh $180 $AN nh $LAD $450- $500 Planes $BA $SPR $TGI $LUV Rentals too $AL $AER trains Rail cars too $GBX TRUCKS and engines $CMI $FDX Many others to choose $YELL spec $15
  • traderbren: $AN - moving to a new high.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $AN $100 target $KMX another I like $170/$200 potential Daily /weekly C&H Doing nothing wrong
  • bRobert: $AN. Daily. C&H. WEEKLY STRONG uptrend. $100 $LAD. high. base. pinch WEEKLY. C&H. like. $500.+
  • bRobert: $CVNA nh printer Short squeeze $360/$400 $VRM reports $75/$100 with an A $W Nibble on the bounce WEEKLY MMP Breakout pullback retest.............$370/$500+ potential short squeeze candidate $AN $100 $KMX $200 $VMC $200/$230 $USCR ADDED $75/$100 $MLM $400 $EXP $150 Road to success $GT $25 with move > 200 WEEK Look for pb bounces $GOOS $65/$70 $PLCE $105/$140 potential $CONN $20/$27 $BIG $100 Reports 3/5 $DDS Breakout from daily pinch Pullback retest WEEKLY C&H $170 potential Shorts
  • bRobert: $VRM $75/$100 Competes with $CVNA $360/$400 I own both Healthy competition brings out the best in both Room for multiple winners in a auto bull market $AN $KMX $CAR as well
  • debeers: $AN vs. $LAD- reports better than expected on "pre-owned" vehicles.What a lovely metaphor for "used." IMO $LAD is the king of this space and here's why: Auto Nation is growing at 9% with a profit margin of 1.93% Lithia is growing at 22.30% with a profit margin of 3.58% i would guess that is why @bRobert is in it. i know that's why i am.LONG
  • Pokersmith: @debeers $AN $LAD Certainly reflected in the price action
  • scottrades: Some #Earnings to be aware of this week... #earnings for the week.. $PLTR $SHOP $CVS $WMT $ROKU $FSLY $FVRR $AAP $TLRY $TWLO $WIX $AMAT $GOLD $TTD $AN $DBX $BIDU $YNDX $WING $LPX $ZTS $TRU $SPWR $ECL $ADI $BIGC $SEDG $EXPD $WM $MRO $RNG $STMP $USFD $TRMN $ET $BKI $OXY $TRTN $VMC $TSEM $SNBR $HLT
  • Henry: @DeBeers $AN $LAD $CVNA Mario Gabelli was on the boob tube this am. Most of the part I heard was about tax policy, but he did say he that AN was undervalued compared to Carvana and he had "a lot more like that" Not clear whether he meant other auto stocks or stocks in other sectors.
  • bRobert: @Henry $AN $LAD $CVNA $AN. many posts. Great. technical long. $100. WEEKLY. Cup reversal breakout. $KMX. FRESH. WEEKLY. breakout. LONG. consolidation. $160+. potential $CVNA. $360/$400. WEEKLY. breakout. in motion for. a while. Daily. high base C&H. breakout retest ........ Shorts 30% $LAD. Daily. breakout/retest. ......20d. bounce. $400/$450. $ABG. WEEKLY. C&H. breakout $200. $GM. $70 WEEKLY. C&H. like. target
  • bRobert: $LAD. BUY. zone. Stop. <. 20d. $400+. potential $AN. $100 with. high base. trigger. C&H. =. nh
  • bRobert: ...
    There are many sectors working besides the early cycle reflation trades in steel copper oil etc Fertilizer $MOS
    Roads $VMC $MLM $USCR $EXP 50% upside

    Financials are on fire and have huge upside Perhaps after a brief rest 50% ...
  • nchamberlain: @bRobert $nvda $msft $tsla $amzn $vuzi $aapl $nflx $expi $xme $lulu $dell $smh $xop $rig $pton $azek $amd $slb $fcx $XOP $XME $SLB $RIG $MOS $VMC $MLM $USCR $EXP $C $JPM $XBI $IBB $URI $CMI $UNP $GBX $TLSA $GM $F $LAD $CVNA $AN $LUV $AL $AER $BA $SPR $TGI $IR $ETN $PH $CGC $TLRY $MJ $IIPR $BC $PII $THO $CWH $LCII $WGO $PENN $CZR $BIG $PLCE $XHB $LOW $HD $Z $TREX $PATK $LPX $MU $SWKS $CRUS $DOCU $ZS $CRWD $OKTA $MDB $AAPL $FNGU Thanks much @bRobert!
  • bRobert: $LAD. Breakout. Pullback. retest bounce. Efficient. A+. test. $400 $AN. $100 $CVNA $400
  • bRobert: $CVNA. $340. soon. Close to. $400. longer term. Shorts. close to 30%. $AN. $100 $LAD. $400+
  • bRobert: $DAN. $30. WEEKLY. reversal CUP. 40% $TEN. $22/$25+. 100%. $AN. nh. $100 WEEKLY. C&H. $CVNA $340/$400 $LAD. nh. $400
  • bRobert: $CVNA $330+/$400 $AN $120 STRONG
  • bRobert: $AN nh $82/$100+ C&H DAILY AND WEEKLY
  • bRobert: $RACE Following this Ferrari in Long term move far from done Healthy pb towards support $LAD pullback bounce will set up LOW risk entry $370/$400 targets are juicy $AN same $100+ 50% upside $TEN $17/$25 targets Huge upside Buy the bounce if you like the stock 50/100% upside
  • bRobert: $ten. $17+. $LAD. $400 . $AN. $100 . $VMC. $230. $MLM $400. $USCR. $50/$100. $EXP. $150. Pb/bounces. $TLRY. $21/$40 /.......... HIGHER. $CGC. $50/$90 $LABU. $220. post consolidation. WEEKLY. C&H. I. added yesterday and sold half on the pop. Will look to add with. positive price action. 100% upside. $GUSH. $75 C&H. daily/WEEKLY $HAL. $SLB. $40. C&H /WEEKLY. reversal $TDOC WEEKLY. MMP. C&H pinch $450 $TMO. $530/higher $ILMN. $410/$600 $MOH. $320. $UNH. $400/$500. $HUM. $600. $CVS $100 . Most. HMOs with 50% upside $ALGN. $640/$800 . $MED. $300 .
  • bRobert: $LAD. Daily. breakout $400 high base. target daily. WEEKLY. $450. potential. WATCH. for a pullback/retest. ........bounce. You will likely see one soon. 50% upside. $AN. nh. $85/$120. potential. Pb/bounces. $VRM. you can. add here. with stop <. 50d. $52/$75. $CVNA competitor. will do well Double high five for. $TEN. Several. posts Nh. WEEKLY. reversal. $30. Daily. breakout. Look for. pb retest /bounce. 150%. upside
  • bRobert: $CVNA $VRM This is where you look to add /enter HIGH TARGETS $AN WEEKLY reversal Daily high base Cup $100
  • bRobert: $AN Daily high base $85 WEEKLY C&H breakout $100 Nice charts
  • bRobert: $CVNA looking for 20 WEEK test Watch it for a bounce around there $140/$160 $VRM C&H $57/$75 $AN $85/$100 Nice chart
  • traderbren: #Weeklies - some constructive weeklies in the works: $DGII, $QRVO, $CRL, $HOLX, $MPWR, $CHGG, $FUTU, $VEEV, $WDAY, $FTNT, $TSCO, $CCS, $JD, $LAKE, $SPWH, $UCTT, $AN, $APPF, $BEP, $CCK, $CLWT, $CMG, $COUP, $CPRT, $CWEN, $DELL, $DKNG, $DOOR, $EPAM, $ESCA
  • bRobert: $AN Another doing well $100 WEEKLY C&H target $80 W and daily high base np
  • traderbren: @wanda1616 $CVNA - on the flipside, $AN looks constructive here for a move to new highs.
  • wanda1616: @traderbren $CVNA $AN thx its cheaper too : )
  • traderbren: @bRobert $CVNA $VRM - yeah, $CVNA has been a beast! What's your thoughts on $AN? Holding above the 8ema after the gap & crap on Friday. NP as yet, but stalking it for now.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $CVNA $VRM $AN Low risk HIGH REWARD WEEKLY C&H reversal $100+ $80 soon with WEEKLY flag trigger = daily high base breakout Loose stop < 50d Tight 20d depending upon position size
  • traderbren: #Weekly_setups: FYI - some constructive Weeklies in the works. Set your alerts to trigger for continued move to the upside. $LOGI, $WDAY, $HOLX, $TREX, $CHGG, $VIPS, $FTNT, $TSCO, $ATVI, $ADBE, $DDOG, $LULU, $MDC, $MHO, $QRVO, $TMHC, $PTON, $AN, $UPS, $RCII, $DBX, $IDXX, $EPAM, $ADUS, $EVBG, $PCTY
  • traderbren: $AN - looking to gap up and take out prior high.
  • traderbren: #Weekly_charts: Some promising set ups on the weeklies: $AN, $LOGI, $CDNS, $TREX, $SNPS, $VIPS, $POOL, $MRVL, $HZNP, $ATVI, $AMKR, $BGS, $PATK, $PJT, $SHOP, $MEDP
  • scottrades: $SPY Inside Lower High $QQQ Inside Day & Higher Low $GBTC/Bitcoin Inside Day $TAN In trend, good volume, but needs to tighten up. $TSLA Holding around 600 $SQ Above the 8EMA $PYPL Right at the 8EMA $DE Getting tight. $AN Alert at 67.65 $PENN Watch for a bounce Monday off the 8EMA $REGI Been tracking this since November. Mentioned today by Yuls in the forum and Mark Minervini on Twitter. I bought some today $SAIL Watch 49.15 $AMD use the 21 EMA as a level to define risk. $AMRC Watch 45.25 $LW Watch 77.70 $UPS Still in consolidation. Watch 170 $LPSN Low volume but could move Monday $CPRT Watch this Monday! Watch 117.40 $TPX Breaking out. $TTC Watch 92.
  • bRobert: $AN WEEKLY CUP base broke out > $55 and has been zig zagging higher $90+ longer term from this big base close to the 50/200 Daily high base C&H like $75 - $77.50 Swing high speed bump near $70 np
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY Still in trend but on shaky ground. $QQQ Pretty decisive move below the 8EMA. $GBTC/$ETHE Could be bouncing tomorrow. $SQ Out $PYPL Out $TSLA Half out. $LOGI Watch above 90.40 $PENN Mostly out. $SYY Daily Flag. Watch 77 $LOW The benefit of zooming out. $AMRC Watch 45.20 $A Strong on a weak day. $AN potentially offering another buy point. $BG coming out of a squeeze $DE Worth watching. Pinching between the MAs.
  • champ: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GBTC $ETHE $SQ $PYPL $TSLA $LOGI $PENN $SYY $LOW $AMRC $A $AN $BG $DE Yes I agree.. $DE, is worth watching, I might add-onto my swing....
  • champ: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $GBTC $ETHE $SQ $PYPL $TSLA $LOGI $PENN $SYY $LOW $AMRC $A $AN $BG $DE ..... ~~~~ $LOW had positive News,...45 minutes after the open, this had a trade-abl entry....
  • traderbren: #Weekly_charts: some stocks to keep an eye on and set alerts based on their weekly charts. $SWKS, $AN, $FND, $TENB, $MEDP, $ICHR, $ETSY, $AMD, $LOGI, $PYPL, $CDNS, $VIPS, $HOLX, $AMKR, $DDOG, $JD, $SHOP, $TME, $VRT, $GMAB, $EXPI, $RMD, $GOLF, $OKTA, $PFSI, $BERY, $CHGG, $OMI, $NGVC
  • Nepenthe: $AN Broke above 65.40, but volume seems tepid, if not downright low. Small position. Cheers.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Lower open but closed near the highs $QQQ Poking above the top BBand $GBTC Inside Day $ETHE Someone mentioned a stock split in the forum. $AAPL Nice close but the Daily volume is dropping $NVDA Closed right near the BO Level $SQ Sold some, bought some back. $MRVL Sold Half - Earnings tomorrow $SNAP Working $FDX Some upgrades and news have this holding the 8EMA. $CGC Holding the 8EMA $MSOS Hard to buy here but working. $WSM Pulling back to the 8EMA. $AMRC Support at the 21 EMA. $AN Watch 65.40 $APAM Potential Trend Trade. $NVCR Low Daily volume but holding the 50 Day $PDD Watch tomorrow $SE @Yuls mentioned in the forum. Great Daily Volume.
  • scottrades: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Here's my video notes: $SPY Trend is intact but lots of bullishness. $QQQ Melting up. $GLD/$GDX Yikes $TAN Still shining. $GBTC/$ETHE HODL! $SQ ATH. $PYPL ATH. $TSLA ATH. $FDX In trend but not rocking too hard. $AN Holding the 8EMA. $BKE Watch 28.90 $CPRT Potential PB Buy $CRSR You should have taken some profit today. $CSIQ popping out of a squeeze on good volume. $JKS Not a break candle but watch for this to follow the sector. $DAR Tight along the 8 EMA. $GOOGL Holding the 8EMA Watch 1775 $CGC An inside Day. $IIPR Still consolidating. $NET Holding at support. $NLS Want to see 17 hold.
  • romanalexk: $AN is really working nice volume so far.
  • Ajax4Hire: @romanalexk $CVNA $CVNA, $LAD, $KMX, $AN auto-resellers doing well leading up to Christmas. Hmmm, need to invest in Big-Red-Car-Bow company as well. Where do you get those Big-Red-Car-Bows?
  • romanalexk: @Ajax4Hire $CVNA $LAD $KMX $AN Ha ha! Nice! Probably they are sold on $AMZN. :)
  • Ajax4Hire: @romanalexk $CVNA $LAD $KMX $AN $AMZN I use to question the wisdom of "presenting a Car" on Christmas day. The giver seems awfully assured; I know what you want to drive for the next few years. Then brother-in-law gave my sister a new Yellow Camaro for Christmas 5 years ago. I still question the wisdom.
  • scottrades: $AN creeping up on low volume.
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! It’s a mixed bag this morning with some negative earnings reactions and $TSLA getting the S&P 500 tap on the shoulder. Someone (a longer term trader) said to me yesterday they felt like the market didn’t really hav ...
  • mercury6s: @scottrades $TSLA $QCOM $GBTC $AAPL $FB $GPI $ABG $CARS $AN #Bitcoin
    My history with #bitcoin has been weak when it should have been strong. I turned my back on it on multiple occasions since about 2013. Mostly due to lack of understanding. Not so ...
  • scottrades: My notes for tonight's video: $SPY Up on good volume. $QQQ Up on ok volume. $GBTC Working. $AAPL not a breakout day, but a setup day. $CRSR Hit a new high today. $GME Off the 50 Day on Good volume. $AN Watch 63.20 $FB Closed above the 8EMA, good closing volume. $PINS Closed right at resistance. Watch tomorrow. $COOP Coming out of a loose squeeze. $MTCH Some selling above but not broken. $DAR Watch 50. $TUP Alert at 31.85 $QCOM Coming out of a small base. $ENTG PB Buy on good volume $FVRR A little sloppy but watch 181.80
  • scottrades: My Swing notes: $SPY Just Under the 50 Day $QQQ Same and a wide range. $GLD/SLV Not doing much of anything. $GBTC Consolidating $NVDA Gave the signal, then gave another one. Watch for an upside reversal. $CODX Could give you a momentum trade. $VIVO Watch 20.30 $VIPS Watch 19.30 $CPRI Watch 23. $ASO Recent IPO Holding the 8EMA. $NET Want to see it base along the 8EMA. $DADA Alert at 33.70 $SNBR Up on Higher Volume Down on Lower Volume. $AN Watch to see if it can get above the 8EMA again. Good volume today. $BCOV Never mentioned in the forum before. This is a little high here but it made a new Monthly high on Friday.
  • Ajax4Hire: @issues $F Yes, last nite, Mon,Oct5th, Jim Cramer notes: $CVNA-Carvana, $AN-Auto Nation, $KMX-Carmax, $LAD-Lithia Motors and $F-Ford Odd as $F is a manufacture where the others were auto retailers. I've mentioned before, $TSLA-Tesla should buy/partner with $F. $TSLA get immediate un-restricted access to US market (many states prohibit direct-to-consumer auto sale). Additionally, $TSLA get huge distribution/repair network and $F gets advantage of selling $TSLA. As @Dan can attest, $TSLA needs a better repair network/process.
  • jetace: $AN, $HOME the auto dealers and specialty retails are hot today
  • debeers: $PAAS- wrong on this one and right on $EMR. $LAD & $AN the nicest ones. $MPC- 5% of portfolio and only because of the Speedway acquisition bought 37.37
  • Geewhiz: @debeers $PAAS $EMR $LAD $AN $MPC Do not forget your gem of $VRM. Vrrrmmmmmm!
  • debeers: @Geewhiz $PAAS $EMR $LAD $AN $MPC $VRM -i like VRM a lot. Do i like it better than my favorite proven son? Nope. i'd rank them this way and the reason is the combo of experience and money money money. $LAD can weather the bad stuff better than the rest although $VRM has been studying really hard and he did bring me flowers which counts for a lot! 'Thanks for the kind words ll LAD AN VRM
  • Bs7518: @Geewhiz $PAAS $EMR $LAD $AN $MPC $VRM @debeers $VRoooooooooooooooom thnak for that one.
  • debeers: @Bs7518 $PAAS $EMR $LAD $AN $MPC $VRM $VRoooooooooooooooom --additionally, there is no growth in $AN. $LAD is always on the prowl. it is a reflection of what they've returned: Lithia is the champion until it is dethroned and as long as there's breath in papa DeBoer, that's not happening $LAD has paid you 76.17% so far this year $AN has returned 15.87% year to date $VRM had a nice debut but is online only and it well may be that when a guy or gal plunks down 60 grand for a truck---damn they might want to drive it first and see what else a showroom has. So they buy up the nicest showrooms and then put them in their digital sphere and can deliver anything they have to anyone within 24 hours anywhere in the country.
  • Ajax4Hire: @lostsheep $ENPH $HTZ $CCL $HTZ - Hertz has a huge parking lot of revenue potential. Yes, all those cars will be sold at a significant discount(loss). This will hurt $F, $GM, $TM new car sales but could help $CVNA, $KMX, $AN used car sales. $CVNA, $KMX, $AN should be working with a bank to get line-of-credit and buy a significant portion of $HTZ inventory
  • Ajax4Hire: @Auto $BA $CVNA $TSLA On @Auto, does the imminent $HTZ bankruptcy and flooding of new-to-3year old used cars into the market Help? or Hurt? $CVNA, $KMX(Carmax), $AN(AutoNation)? I say, it should Help. Flood of low-cost well-maintained supply will be quickly bought up to lower cost basis of inventory Helping bottom line of $CVNA, $KMX, $AN. What say you?
  • Auto: @Ajax4Hire $BA $CVNA $TSLA $HTZ $KMX $AN yes I agree with you... but $HTZ to big they will do the legal stuff then change name and go on $KMX long
  • sniper: @scottrades $UAA $AMAT $CLF $MAR $CSCO $CPE $JD $INO $KOS $ON $TLRY $CAH $ACB $AN $WIX $SDC $GBDC $NCLH $DUK $NBEV $ICPT $SPG $CYBR $DDOG $CEVA $MYL $CHH $HMC $ET $LOGI $OAS $NVAX $ZBH $PRTK $ABUS $GWPH $VCTR $SALT $WVE $GNC $AMRX $ETR $NOG #Earnings thanks $amat opps missed that will sell before earnings
  • lostsheep: @debeers $LAD Not to downplay the the performance of $LAD but $JPM upgraded the entire sector. $AN $GPI $PAG $SAH Free money. easy lending standards and low unemployment. Everyone potential buyer can enter to the party. To fail in this type of environment requires some real effort. The best operators will crush it. All the charts look very similar
  • bRobert: $AN short squeeze. Phase 3 watch
  • bRobert: $AN $PAG $KMX Auto trade working
  • bRobert: $AN short interest 19d to cover. Ouch TArget 1 $46 made
  • bRobert: $KMX . $AN . $ABG KMX bounce off 20d AN .ABG low risk entry
  • bRobert: $AN Long trade . Stop 42.95 . Target $51
  • bRobert: $KMX . $ABG $AN cars cars cars. +
  • bRobert: $ABG $AN Following move in KMX. Extended, but moving higher toward targets
  • Iceman: $AN #ShortPuts – Bought to Close 1 AN OCT 20 2017 35.0 Put @ 0.05. Out a month early at minimum value. Originally sold as a #FallingKnife trade on 04/03/2017 at 1.30.
  • Iceman: $AN #ShortPuts - Bought to close AN OCT 20 2017 34.0 Puts @ 0.05. It won't trade any lower and still has 7 weeks until expiration. Originally sold as a #Fallingknife trade on 04/03/17 @ 1.10
  • traderbren: $AN - continues to get a bid after the gap up this AM. NP.
  • Aragorn: $AN - looks ready to run $WFM - AMZN buying it up 42/share
  • Iceman: #SP500 #NewLows #FallingKnife – $M $SIG $TSCO $BBBY $AN $GWW In general, all these are in retail/wholesale sales. I'm looking at Short Put ideas 10-30% below current prices. The others that have been getting hit for a long time are $MAC $SPG $KIM – all REITS. I’m staying away
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Stock Price $USD 121.09
Change 1.91%
Volume 1,340,530

AutoNation Inc., is an automotive retailer in the United States. The Company offers a range of automotive products and services, including new vehicles, used vehicles, parts and automotive services, and automotive finance and insurance products.

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