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  • lostsheep: $TEN 12.21 weekly trigger 12.75 monthly funds don't look great but someone is seeing room for improvement
  • bRobert: $DAN. $30. WEEKLY. reversal CUP. 40% $TEN. $22/$25+. 100%. $AN. nh. $100 WEEKLY. C&H. $CVNA $340/$400 $LAD. nh. $400
  • bRobert: $RACE Following this Ferrari in Long term move far from done Healthy pb towards support $LAD pullback bounce will set up LOW risk entry $370/$400 targets are juicy $AN same $100+ 50% upside $TEN $17/$25 targets Huge upside Buy the bounce if you like the stock 50/100% upside
  • bRobert: $ten. $17+. $LAD. $400 . $AN. $100 . $VMC. $230. $MLM $400. $USCR. $50/$100. $EXP. $150. Pb/bounces. $TLRY. $21/$40 /.......... HIGHER. $CGC. $50/$90 $LABU. $220. post consolidation. WEEKLY. C&H. I. added yesterday and sold half on the pop. Will look to add with. positive price action. 100% upside. $GUSH. $75 C&H. daily/WEEKLY $HAL. $SLB. $40. C&H /WEEKLY. reversal $TDOC WEEKLY. MMP. C&H pinch $450 $TMO. $530/higher $ILMN. $410/$600 $MOH. $320. $UNH. $400/$500. $HUM. $600. $CVS $100 . Most. HMOs with 50% upside $ALGN. $640/$800 . $MED. $300 .
  • bRobert: $LAD. Daily. breakout $400 high base. target daily. WEEKLY. $450. potential. WATCH. for a pullback/retest. ........bounce. You will likely see one soon. 50% upside. $AN. nh. $85/$120. potential. Pb/bounces. $VRM. you can. add here. with stop <. 50d. $52/$75. $CVNA competitor. will do well Double high five for. $TEN. Several. posts Nh. WEEKLY. reversal. $30. Daily. breakout. Look for. pb retest /bounce. 150%. upside
  • bRobert: $TEN $17+/$22 C&H Daily reversal target
  • bRobert: @martyrb3 $DAN Auto parts bull market in auto bull market $25 target 1 $TEN I took a starter $25+ potential
  • martyrb3: @bRobert $DAN $TEN Thanks! Will take a look at $TEN
  • bRobert: @martyrb3 $DAN $TEN High five x 2 ;)
  • bRobert: @martyrb3 $DAN $TEN High five x 2
  • bRobert: @mradams0621 $DAN $TEN. another parts play. Daily high base/WEEKLY. Reversal breakout $20+. . potential
  • bRobert: $TEN. WEEKLY reversal $15/$20. $13.5. Daily flag target 1
  • joelsg1: $TEN Sold for 15% gain from last hour yesterday. Sold some longtime faves into strength this am, taxman be damned.
  • joelsg1: $TEN Working last hour with volume
  • joelsg1: $TEN This one up 50% since last Friday. Riding this and $TGI up along 8 day ema with really tight trailing stop until they break
  • joelsg1: $TEN, $TGI Stopped out of both, but what a ride
  • DrScience: $TEN $LEA $BWA $AXL The OEM auto parts space getting a boost from China tariff headlines, but all are below the 200 DMA. Automakers $GM moving off 200 DMA support, and $F breaking from a volatility squeeze, but $9 resistance still an issue.
  • bRobert: $TEN Another auto parts manufacturer with upside. Many will follow $LEA $DAN
  • woodman: #AutoParts of interest: $DAN $BWA $LEA $ALSN $GPC $DLPH $VC $TEN $AZO $AAP $ORLY $MNRO.
  • DAN: @gwenzee $BWA $DAN I think the reason auto parts are moving higher is b/c $GM and $F are doing better than expected. If you look at F and GM's weekly charts, you'll see that they've been declining for quite a while. So if they're now turning around, the auto parts industry should also turn around. Companies to watch are $BWA $DAN $LEA $TEN $MGA
  • Gary: ...
    4. $TEN -- $4 from ATH. C&H continuation pattern. Steady EPS and rev growth.
    5. $LEA – consistent EPS growth. Fastest growth of the group.
    6. $DAN – great move. Fundamentals aren’t a good…but the chart shows very str ...
  • traderbren: $TEN -- starting to look constructive. np as yet.
  • Bridget: $TEN - breakout today on earnings but options spreads are too wide.
  • tina: Notable earnings before Monday’s open $ACW, $AHGP, $ARLP, $AWI, $CALM, $CMI, $CMP, $CRNT, $CYOU, $DCIX, $EDR, $LECO, $MCY, $NTLS, $ONB, $ROP, $RPM, $SIR, $SOHU, $STNG, $TEN, $TSN Notable earnings after Monday’s close $ADVS, $AFG, $AFOP, $AGNC, $AMKR, $ARE, $BOH, $CGNX, $CR, $DCO, $DENN, $EMN, $EXAC, $GGP, $GHL, $HLF, $HLIT, $HLS, $IDTI, $IPHS, $JEC, $JJSF, $KN, $LMNX, $MAS, $MERU, $MSTR, $NCLH, $OMI, $PCL, $PRE, $PSMI, $RRC, $SIMO, $SSW, $TTS, $WRB, $XL
  • prvtrader: $CMI and $TEN report on Monday before the opening.
  • fredsfreedom: $TEN - break out now walking UBB , ditto $NOR
  • Tricia: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $ABFS, $ABMD, $ADT, $AIT, $ALXN, $AN, $ARG, $ATK, $BC, $BEAV, $BEN, $BLL, $BMS, $BTU, $BX, $BZH, $CAH, $CAM, $CARB, $CELG, $CEVA, $CL, $CMS, $COP, $CRR, $CRS, $DFT, $DGX, $DOV, $DST, $EPD, $ERIC, $ESI, $HAR, $HGG, $HOG, $HP, $HSH, $HSY, $IVZ, $KELYA, $KEM, $KMT, $LLL, $LLY, $MAN, $MD, $MMM, $MO, $NOC, $NVO, $OSTK, $OXY, $PBI, $PHM, $PLD, $POT, $RGLD, $RTN, $RYL, $SHW, $TE, $TEN, $TKR, $TMO, $TWC, $UA, $UPS, $UTEK, $V, $VIAB, $VLY, $WCC, $WHR, $XEL, $XOM, ZMH
  • Tim S: $JCP - reports of a block of $TEN MILLION shares being sold after hours ... and apparently Ron Johnson has testified in Court that he knew the deal with $MSO infringed on the contract that $M already had in place. Continuing the after-hours slide to $GRPN status ...
  • fredsfreedom: @DAN - @edsnet. auto suppliers $AXL, $FDML, $TEN also
  • fredsfreedom: $MGA -TRW - auto suppliers moving higher out of consolidation , $TEN - trying to do so, watching
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $ALR was upgraded to Outperform from Market Perform, Leerink Swann said. $28-30 valuation range. Attractive upside potential.

    Abercrombie & Fitch upgraded at $UBS
    $ANF was upgraded to Buy from Neutral, $UBS said. $66 price target. Tr ...
  • Tricia: EARNINGS Reports: Earnings before Monday's open: $AHGP, $ALR, ARLP,AWI, $BWP, $CNA, DFG, $HAR, $HUM, IEP, $L, $LPLA, $LYB, $MCY,NYX, $SNH, $SOHU, $SCCO, $TEN $UDR, $WDR, WPI, $WSO, $Y, ZOLL Earnings after Monday's close: $AFG, $APC, $CBL, $CIM, $EEP, $EXR, $FST, $HLF, $HOLX, $JEC, $KRC, $MAS, $MCK, $MOH, $PMCS, $RGA, $SBAC, $SPF, $SU, $VECO, $VVUS Edited on Apr 30, 2012 00:18 Edited on Apr 30, 2012 00:18
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Patterson-UTI numbers cut at $BMO
    $PTEN estimates were reduced through 2013, $BMO Capital said. Company is seeing lower pressure pumping results. Market Perform rating.

    Regeneron Pharmaceuticals numbers raised at Jefferies
    Shares ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $AAP was upgraded to Buy from Neutral, $UBS said. $90 price target. Company is poised for more consistent execution.

    AK Steel downgraded at @Morgan Stanley
    $AKS was downgraded from Overweight to Equal-weight, @Morgan Stanley said. Valua ...
  • jojo1480: Auto sales- need to look @OEM part suppliers ie $JCI BWA $TEN SUP AXLE @DAN etc., Long JCI
  • gold2stocks: ...
    FirstEnergy rated new Neutral at $UBS
    $FE was initiated with a Neutral rating, $UBS said. $47 price target. Retail strategy should offset merchant decline, continued growth into '12.

    First Solar numbers cut at ThinkEquity
    Shares of $FSLR n ...
  • jojo1480: $F GM- instead of buying these dogs, look @OEM suppliers, here is a partial list $JCI SUP $TEN BWA $GNTX JCI. The only one I am long is JCI. MF global tired of this dog, i misplaced my trust in J Corzine. This stock is in the dog house for a very long time. Don' t know why so much coverage on #CNBC on a $1.40 stock, oh yeah, my holding in this dog is down 82% (nice tax write off), tbss, that is trading. :o)), it is all good.
  • jojo1480: $TEN SUP $AXL BWA JCI- a few of the OEM auto suppliers, instead of buy $F or $GM, take a look @some of these for a longer term hold.
  • snmtraders: auto parts @cmac -- might be getting a boost from Goldman's revision for the automotive sector. They retain their attractive outlook, upgrade $TEN, $BWA but downgrade $GT and TRW. (This per Barron's online)
  • gtrader: Debbie Downer: Have you been performing scans each evening within the Morningstar Industry Group listing of Sectors & Industries to see which ones are hot & not, #RHRN? Have you been looking at the scan results for charts that met your specific search criteria that have attractive charts and developing, or fully developed setups? An example of one sector last night/this morning, the Automotive Sector, these industry stocks show nice #RHRN bottom reversal entry points that are tradeable today for the next couple of days: $BWA, $TRW, $TEN, $FSYS, HMC. Other industries may also be producing attractive charts, either with a bullish bias or a bearish bias if you wish to trade with the current short term trend, which is bearish. Give it a try, you'd feel better about not "jumping back into this market", but instead trading one excellent stock chart pattern for a few days. Enjoy!
  • jojo1480: GM- picking up and tucking it away, see where it ends up @EOY. Long GMjan2012 35leaps, and the common. will add on the way up. In the auto OEM supplier am long $JCI HON $SUP and $TEN, they all have been reduced in my portfolio by @least 50% in the last several weeks.
  • jojo1480: LLL- Chart has been in consolidation long enough for the 50dma to catch up to the price. good fundies, relatively cheap on PE and $PEG metrics. The question is how much is the defense budget going to be cut by, and are those cuts factor in the stock price? Not smart enough to answer those nebulous qq the talking heads always spew out. The chart is at a low risk entry point and pays a good enough divd ~2.55%. HON- featured in Baron' s magazine this week should have a nice pop. Long $JCI SUP $TEN, charts are all looking a whole lot better than the $GM F $TM HMC, etc. you get the picture. Long $JCI SUP TEN.
  • jojo1480: $JCI HON $TEN - sold them all (long term holdings) , bought GM35 2012Leaps. Selling into this rally, the goal is to get below 35 stock positions, not counting #options.
  • unremitting3: ...
    a. that factor e.g. if you held $TEN June Long $CALL and $TEN short PUTs, multiply your Feb purchase by a factor of ~10 or so depending on total deltas.
    OR, and better yet:

    b.If you have different numb ...
  • Santeesam: $TEN - Has put in an Abandon Baby Bullish Reversal Pattern Could go back to $45
  • jojo1480: AXL- richard9f, there is no #squeeze, good place to open a starter position, just place your stop loss around yesterday's intraday low ~14.41 (whichever is comfortable). If you new to trading take a look at some of the fundamentals, others are $TEN SUP $JCI BWA, they all have similar chart patterns. Long $SUP TEN and JCI.
  • williemoe: TOP 5 - $TEN NKE $SWKS GLD $XLE
  • williemoe: BUILDING A POSITION - @Dan outlined his strategy for building a full position this week in the forum. Once your stop is raised to break even or better, you can add the second part of the position. Do you want to see a little pullback or do you just b ...
  • jojo1480: $GM F- The forum had discussion several weeks ago where I used the gold rush of the 1800's, instead of digging for gold sell the shovels. Someone else mentioned the Hilton Hotel analogy. Take a look at all the OEM auto suppliers, $TEN SUP $JCI AXL $HON, they all have been on fire. Long $HON JCI $AXL and $TEN, more bang for your buck.
  • jojo1480: Auto Suppliers- these are not high fliers but steady and easy to hold, wonderful wkl/daily charts, beats owning $F or $GM, $TEN HON $JCI SUP. Position long $HON JCI SUP
  • jojo1480: Auto Suppliers- $JCI SUP $AXL LEA $TEN BWA, are all doing great, as during the gold rush, don' t buy the mines, be a seller of shovels. Long $JCI SUP and $HON (quasi auto play)
  • unremitting3: $FFIV @qqxxx WHERE?? (as in run where?) What makes you think it was DOWN? I am not trying to be 'smart'. For purposes of discussion, go to your charts and put up a 10 year MONTHLY of $FFIV and then, put up a $TEN year MONTHLY of AAPL. What do ...
  • fstern601: Weekly winners & losers (biggest price changes) in IBD 100 Stocks: Winners: $AMZN (+5.9%), RADS (5.3%), $AAPL (4.1%), $TEN (3.1%), $CTRP (3.1%), $SINA (2.9%), $MOS (2.8%), $CTSH (2.4), $AKAM (2.2%). $ORCL (2.0%) Losers: $TSL (-9.0%), $BORN (-4.4%), $VMW (-3.1%), $EBIX (-2.8%), $HOGS (-2.5%), $ARUN (-2.3%), $OPEN (-2.2%), $JKS (-2.0%), $EGO (-1.9%), $HAS (-1.9%),
  • tnt: $TEN, ibd stock, bounced off 20 day sma, and now starting to make new highs with no resistance in sight. Earnings have been spectacular
  • Markc: $TEN - Breaking out above prior resistance.
  • fredsfreedom: AXL- Out performing the auto suppliers and approaching break out level $MGA , $TRW, ARM, $TEN, @DAN, not so much
  • larry c: Just thought i would share that i have printed @Dan's $TEN RULES OF TRADING it is hanging from the bottom of a picture on my wall just above my computer monitor and it's right there to see and help me trade
  • mkarter: $TEN, $F Two nice expansions after prolonged squeezes.
  • Mac31: Stocks in the Auto Parts & Equipment - Sub-Industry are performing well today. Anyone following these stocks? @DAN, $SPAR, $JCI, $BWA, $WBC, $MOD, $TEN, $TRW, ARM, $CAAS, $ALV
  • dennis: $TEN @Kevin I tried $TEN puts and ended up dropping out. I did it the day @Dan brought it up and didnt wait long enough for gratification. As @Dan calls it I was looking for instant gratification and didnt get it after 3-4 days. One mistake I made was probably choosing a put too long out with a poor delta. $NOV would be right.
  • taznut98: $TEN - ?? believe @Dan mentioned this in one of this weeks SMM videos as a short. Please review video first!
  • Kristine: $TEN - having trouble finding the video using the search feature. If anyone knows off hand which video please let me know. thanks
  • lb1953: @DAN mentioned $TEN in yesterdays forum
  • taznut98: $TEN - thanks for correcting me and giving correct reference. Explains why I could not find video to reference. Just so used to video's. At least I got the commentator correct!
  • ronaldrussell: I do some #shorting, right now $WLP, $MCO & $TEN over the last 2 days. Normally just short term trades 1-3 days. This will be the first time I have used @Dan's "wait for the turn to buy" to cover my shorts. I am currently 15% short, 5% long rest in cash. Typically sell after support breaks, ex. $WLP today support @ $50.00 sold when broke to $49.90 with a $50.49 Stop.
  • jng369: Pullback and breakout: I manually went through some charts, and this is my list for today: Pulled back to previous support: $APT, $TEN, $CGA, $NVTL, $VVUS, SY, $EPAY Breaking out: $T, $HPQ, RIMM, $AAPL, $SXCI, PROJ For this month, I only want to play the strategy and buying on support or break out - simple.
  • jng369: $TEN - breaking out with good volume.
  • abi217: good mourning, $TEN just bought some looks like if it gets going the next resistance is close to $12.00. i got in at the mid eights. I would apreciaate any input. make sure im reading this chart right.
  • nimbl: $TEN - abi217 Solid chart in my book; support down at the #200ema at 7.07. Looks higher. Should be bought on pullbacks and not chased imo. Goldman upgrade sponsorship helps (from May 11). Hang in there.
  • earloferl: $TEN Liking $TEN got some at open $8. News at Yahoo finance, started it's 6th joint venture in china . In China, Tenneco's OE customers include Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, BMW, Brilliance, Chery, $PSA, Daimler Chrysler, Suzuki, Nissan, Audi and Hyundai.
  • fredsfreedom: $TEN - automotive parts looking good ie. @DAN LEA AXLE
  • fredsfreedom: $TEN - correction $AXL
  • gwsmith: $TEN is breaking out. I am asking you why you have 12 as resistance? I see it there several monthes ago, but wouldn't this be a new market?
  • BamaPete: $TEN, breaking out of tight consolidation. Nice looking pennant/triangle, BB #squeeze and expansion, making a cleaner break of the 200-day so far this morning. Note the excellent green volume May/June, OBV staying strong.
  • RagingSteveK: nibbled some $TEN yesterday , after having bailed a month or so ago {actually stopped out on residual shares}.. operationally {not chart- technical}, these guys could be sitting on the catbird seat for diesel power plant emissions control; not at all sure that they wont blow it, however- given some choices they've made {these you wont read about}... chart's getting interesting; maybe not alln that bad {??}
  • RagingSteveK: TEN- been submerged here a while [longterm play, but got big 'way prematurely].. recent CITI downgrade; but stock rebounding last several sessions. dont believe this is tradeable; possibly investible, if done smartly; $TEN has made /is making a small acquisition of possible leading edge technology re: diesel emissions control: should impact 'way before 2010. [large position; may get larger]
  • RagingSteveK: "If you have an engineering background, this will not make any sense at all. If you have an artistic/creative background, it will be inherently obvious with a basic understanding of price action...." I'll default right there; although the $AAPL discussion makes sense [cept for a natural reluctance to get into something that has had that kind of run....] biggest concerns are handling longterm holdings: $AMAT, PDC, $TEN [the latter two underappreciated, if not abused]
  • RagingSteveK: TEN- getting whiff of new opportunities for emissions control (@NOx) pertaining to power plants, diesel engines...; $TEN could be well positioned here [apparently they're no longer in oil/gas, shipbuilding-- news to me] {sm position}
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Tenneco Inc is a producer of emission control and ride control products and systems for light, commercial and specialty vehicle applications.

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