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  • mkirchner24: #crypto Notables: 24hr Gainers: $BFLY +97.3% $DEC 48.58% $ARCH 26.13% $ANY 24.7% $BNB 23.7% $BIRD 21.06% $YFDAI 18.92% $POLS 17.06% $ETH 14.49 $BMI 13.7% $LINK 13.34% $UNI 13.18% $BIA 13.05% $BTC 11.69% $DOT 11.52% $BONDLY 10.48% $SUPER 9.8% $EGLD 8.75% $LTC 8.57% $PAID 7.59% $FIL 7.53% $DOGE 6.91% $ADA 6.7% 24hr Decliners:
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $BFLY $DEC $ARCH $ANY $BNB $BIRD $YFDAI $POLS $ETH $BMI $LINK $UNI $BIA $BTC $DOT $BONDLY $SUPER $EGLD $LTC $PAID $FIL $DOGE $ADA #crypto Nice to see everything green today as it was the exact opposite yesterday
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Notables: 24hr Gainers: $ADA +6.93% $BIRD 3.57% 24hr Decliners: $ANY -21.21% $BMI -17.02% $POLS -15.74% $SUPER -13.59% $LTC -11.4% $UNI -10.93% $BNB -9.59% $DOGE -7.91% $BONDLY -6.89% $BTC -6.79% $LINK -6.34% $PAID -6.31% $ETH -5.9% $DOT -5.46% $YFDAI -3.34% $FIL -2.59% $EGLD -1.51%
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Notables: $ANY +83.03% $BNB 54.44% $ARCH 12.28% $YFDAI 9.82% $DOT 8.63% $LINK 7.82% $DOGE 7.25% $BTC 5.82% $DEC 4.95% $LTC 4.22% $LTC 2.03% $POLS 1.57% 24hr Decliners: $FXF -15.29% $BFLY -13.44% $GLCH -11.55% $UMB -10.77% $EGLD -9.97% $XED -9.92% $PAID -9.25% $SPICE -8.01% $PLU -7.79% $BONDLY -6.06% $BIRD -5.63% $UNI -2.93% $FIL -1.38% #Bitcoin looking like it might go parabolic here over the weekend. I'll be watching where the bitcoin CME futures close at and watch over the weekend if we make any gaps. You saw last Sunday a huge selloff which ended up being simply a gap close on the CME bitcoin futures. I definitely have my targets for taking profits on any large price increases.
  • Bwhitty: @mkirchner24 $ANY $BNB $ARCH $YFDAI $DOT $LINK $DOGE $BTC $DEC $LTC $POLS $FXF $BFLY $GLCH $UMB $EGLD $XED $PAID $SPICE $PLU $BONDLY $BIRD $UNI $FIL #crypto #Bitcoin Nice to have a team, Now we have BTC futures, if I add one more thing to my tiny brain it might explode 🤯
  • mkirchner24: #crypto $BNB and everything on the binance smart chain has been going crazy, as mentioned about a week ago, noticing increase in users and adoption into binance and projects on BSC because of the huge gas fees with $ETH on DeFi exchanges like uniswap. As you can see $ANY, which is on BSC is up huge! It's worthwhile to mention being careful the more the price of bitcoin rises and the speed at which it rises.
  • mkirchner24: @Bwhitty $ANY $BNB $ARCH $YFDAI $DOT $LINK $DOGE $BTC $DEC $LTC $POLS $FXF $BFLY $GLCH $UMB $EGLD $XED $PAID $SPICE $PLU $BONDLY $BIRD $UNI $FIL #crypto #Bitcoin I feel ya. I've got bags under my eyes trying to keep up with everything. I'll sleep when the run is over...
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Wow! $ANY up 127$ now
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $ANY #crypto meant 127%
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Notables: 24hr Gainers: $POLS +35% $PLU 14.47% $XED 14.29% $PAID 12.32% $SPICE 11.28% $UMB 8.75% $CHONK 7.65% $DOT 5.18% $ARCH 2.43% $YFDAI 2.11% $BFLY 1.6% $DEC 1.29% $BTC .99% 24hr Decliners: $ROOM -23.71% $LINK -9.23% $FIL -7.87% $ANY -5.95% $DOGE -5.56% $BIRD -5.44% $EGLD -5.1% $BONDLY -3.97% $LTC -3.87% $ETH -3.27% $GLCH -1.26% $ADA -0.94% $UNI -0.14%
  • gt: @mkirchner24 $POLS $PLU $XED $PAID $SPICE $UMB $CHONK $DOT $ARCH $YFDAI $BFLY $DEC $BTC $ROOM $LINK $FIL $ANY $DOGE $BIRD $EGLD $BONDLY $LTC $ETH $GLCH $ADA $UNI #crypto any opinion on AABB? please and thanks
  • mkirchner24: @gt $POLS $PLU $XED $PAID $SPICE $UMB $CHONK $DOT $ARCH $YFDAI $BFLY $DEC $BTC $ROOM $LINK $FIL $ANY $DOGE $BIRD $EGLD $BONDLY $LTC $ETH $GLCH $ADA $UNI #crypto So, these are #crypto currencies. I haven't traded penny stocks in a while. If I could give anything from my experience of penny stocks, I'd say take profits on the way up.
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Notables: 24hr Gainers: $BONDLY +24.26% $POLS 21.47% $ARCH 20.18% $XED 14.8% $YFDAI 9.27% $ROOM 7.42% $DOT 6.15% $CHONK 4.96% $ADA 4.39% $EGLD 3.03% $LINK 2.48% $LTC 1.3% $UNI 0.65% $ETH 0.46% 24hr Decliners: $SPICE -13.89% $UMB -13.71% $FIL -10.38% $BFLY -7.99% $PLU -6.97% $DEC -6.37% $GLCH -6.18% $PAID -5.58% $ANY -5.27% $FXF -1.58% $BIRD -1.04% $DOGE -0.5% $BTC -0.33%
  • Pokersmith: @mkirchner24 $BONDLY $POLS $ARCH $XED $YFDAI $ROOM $DOT $CHONK $ADA $EGLD $LINK $LTC $UNI $ETH $SPICE $UMB $FIL $BFLY $PLU $DEC $GLCH $PAID $ANY $FXF $BIRD $DOGE $BTC #crypto What do you think about $FIL ?
  • mkirchner24: @Pokersmith $BONDLY $POLS $ARCH $XED $YFDAI $ROOM $DOT $CHONK $ADA $EGLD $LINK $LTC $UNI $ETH $SPICE $UMB $FIL $BFLY $PLU $DEC $GLCH $PAID $ANY $FXF $BIRD $DOGE $BTC #crypto I like it a lot. @scottrades was mentioning it to me when it was bottoming and I never got in. Honestly, 100% gain in crypto still leaves a lot of room to run. Apparently China loves $FIL
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Notables: 24hr Gainers: $ROOM +33.65% $POLS 27.94% $BONDLY 18.55% $UMB 17.53% $FXF 16.16% $LTC 15.86% $GLCH 14.16% $BIRD 10.82% $YFDAI 8.9% $ARCH 8.36% $XED 5.81% $LINK 5.75% $BFLY 4.63% $DOGE 1.66% $ANY 1.52% $EGLD 1.39% $ETH 1.1% 24hr Decliners: $PAID -8.42% $FIL -4.15% $UNI -3.56% $PLU 3.26% $DEC -2.75% $ADA -1.65% $DOT -0.63% $BTC -0.18%
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Notables: 24hr gainers: $FXF +52.61% $ROOM 37.17% $BFLY 26.67% $DOT 16.62% $BONDLY 14.94% $POLS 10.42% $UNI 9.85% $LINK 9.61% $FIL 8.44% $PAID 7.99% $YFDAI 5.24% $ETH 3.75% $PLU 2.87% $DOGE 2.27% $LTC 1.59% $ANY .89% 24hr decliners: $DEC -10.25% $ARCH -9.86% $BIRD -6.40% $GLCH -6.11% $ADA -3.73% $BTC -2.43% $EGLD -0.77% $XED -0.48% $UMB -0.46%
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $FXF $ROOM $BFLY $DOT $BONDLY $POLS $UNI $LINK $FIL $PAID $YFDAI $ETH $PLU $DOGE $LTC $ANY $DEC $ARCH $BIRD $GLCH $ADA $BTC $EGLD $XED $UMB #crypto Little behind. Took the morning off to go ski. If you guys ever want to add any please feel free. These are my main watches other than a random few and some upcoming launches.
  • drmike54: @mkirchner24 $FXF $ROOM $BFLY $DOT $BONDLY $POLS $UNI $LINK $FIL $PAID $YFDAI $ETH $PLU $DOGE $LTC $ANY $DEC $ARCH $BIRD $GLCH $ADA $BTC $EGLD $XED $UMB #crypto No offense, but $FXF is $102 that is down $0.26 on the day. $BFLY is a $412 stock that's down about 1.90 on the day. $ROOM, $DOT, and $BONDLY I cant get charts or quotes on on TOS. I'm confused.
  • mkirchner24: @drmike54 $FXF $ROOM $BFLY $DOT $BONDLY $POLS $UNI $LINK $FIL $PAID $YFDAI $ETH $PLU $DOGE $LTC $ANY $DEC $ARCH $BIRD $GLCH $ADA $BTC $EGLD $XED $UMB #crypto I'm sorry, these are cryptocurrencies
  • Lori: @mkirchner24 $FXF $ROOM $BFLY $DOT $BONDLY $POLS $UNI $LINK $FIL $PAID $YFDAI $ETH $PLU $DOGE $LTC $ANY $DEC $ARCH $BIRD $GLCH $ADA $BTC $EGLD $XED $UMB #crypto Hi Michael, I have a Coinbase Pro I funded in October/November making me feel pretty lucky right now and a few Ethereum in Kraken. I've just let them ride for now but My goal is to trade these more than stocks! So thanks for contributing here. I will be watching all your posts. My 19 year old has got it down, but alas not a good teacher. He is trading like a mad man using margin etc....All those years I let him play World of Warcraft has paid off. Haha
  • mkirchner24: @Lori $FXF $ROOM $BFLY $DOT $BONDLY $POLS $UNI $LINK $FIL $PAID $YFDAI $ETH $PLU $DOGE $LTC $ANY $DEC $ARCH $BIRD $GLCH $ADA $BTC $EGLD $XED $UMB #crypto haha, that’s awesome! I was a WOW player in the past. That was a tough drug to quit. I’ll make sure I keep sharing what I’m personally looking at to be best prepared for a possible top
  • mkirchner24: #crypto notables: 24hr gainers: $POLS +22.22% $GLCH 21.11% $ADA 15.94% $BONDLY 13.71% $ANY 11.75% $DOT 11.47% $BIRD 11.25% $FIL 10.94% $PLU 10.74% $DEC 8.51% $BTC 7.71% $LINK 7.61% $LTC 7.1% $ETH 5.35% $UNI 4.7% $ARCH 3.25% $EGLD 2.92% $YFDAI .7% 24hr decliners: $BFLY -27.9% $FXF 17.03% $UMB -10.41% $XED -8.37% $DOGE -7.85% $EGLD -4.24% $ROOM -2.16%
  • mkirchner24: #crypto notables (added some): 24hr gainers: $ADA +23.89% $ROOM 14.11% $FIL 8.24% $UNI 7.81% $PAID 6.63% $ARCH 6.16% LTC 3.22% $DEC 3.11% $DOGE 2.25% $LINK 1.15% $DOT .79% 24hr decliners: $XED -19.83% $GLCH -13.21% $FXF -12.79% $BFLY -10.41% $BIRD -9.11% $ANY -8.93% $EGLD -8.23% $YFDAI -7.04% $PLU -6.34% $BONDLY -6.05% $BTC -4.55% $ETH -1.1% $POLS -1.04%
  • mkirchner24: #crypto notables: 24hr gainers: $FIL +32.7% $GLCH 10.33% $EGLD 8.5% $BTC 7.4% $FXF 6.31% $POLS 4.13% $BONDLY 4.12% $LTC 2.77% $ETH .43% $DOT .14% 24hr decliners: $PAID -24.43% $ROOM -15.59% $DOGE -13.72% $PLU -11.36% $ANY -7.54 $BIRD -7.46% $YFDAI -4.8% $UNI -2.84% $ADA -.66% $LINK -.23%
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Notables: 24hr gainers: $EGLD +46.5% $DOGE 29.72% $ANY 16.7% $BTC 13.16% $YFDAI 14.64% $BIRD 12.33% $BONDLY 10.99% $DOT 10.9% $ADA 9.07% $ETH 9.03% $LTC 7.59% $ROOM 7.06% $PLU 4.18% $LINK 3.8% 24hr Decliners: $PAID -23.66% $GLCH -8.67% $POLS -6.35%
  • Mikev200: @mkirchner24 $EGLD $DOGE $ANY $BTC $YFDAI $BIRD $BONDLY $DOT $ADA $ETH $LTC $ROOM $PLU $LINK $PAID $GLCH $POLS #crypto Matt, When you trade on several exchanges, sending $$ back and forth etc, Can I assume this can be yr end ( taxes) headache or do you get good useable tax doc's from these guys? Any reason NOT to use Paypal say just for BTC as it seems so easy to buy there? Thanks for all your input.
  • mkirchner24: @Mikev200 $EGLD $DOGE $ANY $BTC $YFDAI $BIRD $BONDLY $DOT $ADA $ETH $LTC $ROOM $PLU $LINK $PAID $GLCH $POLS #crypto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9dYOGI_95g https://cryptotrader.tax/?fpr=altcoindaily Here's a couple links on a tax site I'll be using this year, and a tutorial
  • Mikev200: @mkirchner24 $EGLD $DOGE $ANY $BTC $YFDAI $BIRD $BONDLY $DOT $ADA $ETH $LTC $ROOM $PLU $LINK $PAID $GLCH $POLS #crypto thank you.
  • geotheo: @mkirchner24 $BTC $YFDAI $PAID $DOT $POLS $ROOM $ANY $PLU $BONDLY $DOGE $GLCH $ETH $LINK $BIRD $EGLD #crypto FWIW: This is a pretty good education resource https://www.blockchainalmanac.com/blockchain-education/
  • mkirchner24: @geotheo $BTC $YFDAI $PAID $DOT $POLS $ROOM $ANY $PLU $BONDLY $DOGE $GLCH $ETH $LINK $BIRD $EGLD #crypto thank you for sharing
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Notables: 24h gainers: $PAID +36.41% $EGLD 32.86% $DOGE 25.22% $ANY 7.62% $DOT 1.22% $POLS 10.37% $PLU 5.52% 24hr decliners: $ROOM -27.69% $BONDLY -17.07% $BIRD -9.86% $GLCH -7.93% $YFDAI -3.02% $ETH -3.15% $BTC -2.56% $LINK -.96%
  • mkirchner24: @geotheo $BTC $YFDAI $PAID $DOT $POLS $ROOM $ANY $PLU $BONDLY $DOGE $GLCH $ETH $LINK $BIRD $EGLD #crypto been looking through this. Really, really great resource!
  • geotheo: @mkirchner24 $BTC $YFDAI $PAID $DOT $POLS $ROOM $ANY $PLU $BONDLY $DOGE $GLCH $ETH $LINK $BIRD $EGLD #crypto Here is one more that I like https://www.coingecko.com/en/defi Note:I have only bought Bitcoin and Etherum through the grayscale ETFs. Still feeling cryptos out. Need to just open an account and expect to lose what I put into it. Me thinks you always have to pay for an good education. I guess that is why we pay Dan.
  • mkirchner24: #crypto Current positions: $BTC $YFDAI $PAID $DOT $POLS $ROOM $ANY $PLU $BONDLY $DOGE $GLCH $ETH $LINK $BIRD $EGLD Don't feel bad if you don't recognize some/all, or if you don't know where/how to buy. It will come with time. There's over 6,200 total. Good reference to look at anything is https://www.coingecko.com/en You can look at the structure (tokenomics) of any coin, and when you look up a coin there should be a link to their website where you can research further.
  • sierramp: @mkirchner24 $BTC $YFDAI $PAID $DOT $POLS $ROOM $ANY $PLU $BONDLY $DOGE $GLCH $ETH $LINK $BIRD $EGLD #crypto I had no idea there were so many. Thanks for attempting to bring us up to speed.
  • mkirchner24: @sierramp $BTC $YFDAI $PAID $DOT $POLS $ROOM $ANY $PLU $BONDLY $DOGE $GLCH $ETH $LINK $BIRD $EGLD #crypto it’s evolving and advancing so fast I don’t think being up to speed is possible haha. Unless you’re a programmer/coder, which I most definitely am not.
  • mkirchner24: #crypto I want to be able to share my screen before I post anymore videos in the forum. I think it's important. Some notable gainers in last 24 hours: Coinbase Pro: $ALGO +12.58% $KNC 18.30% $COMP 7.34% $LRC 26.01% $BAL 14.25% $NU $78.75% $FIL $8.25% $OMG 17.45% $LINK $4.64% $AAVE 6.72% $GRT 15.22% $BNT 14.64% $SNX 8.38% Other Exchange Coins: $ANY 2.23% $ADA 27.12% $BONDLY 33.56% $DOT 4.98% $EGLD 14.53% $PAID 47.13% $PHA 14.55% $PLU $28.08% $POLS 32.56% $YFDAI 2.56% $ZRX 56.05%
  • chunlow: @mkirchner24 $ALGO $KNC $COMP $LRC $BAL $NU $FIL $OMG $LINK $AAVE $GRT $BNT $SNX $ANY $ADA $BONDLY $DOT $EGLD $PAID $PHA $PLU $POLS $YFDAI $ZRX #crypto Thx Matt. Watching with interest. I was caught up with the 2017 alt season. I shouldve looked at the coins at strictly as trades. This defi space has evolved at a amazing pace--really hard to imagine how fast the financial landscape has changed in such a short time. ETH gas prices are now obscene again and really is an opportunity for any Layer1 platform to attract devs. Eth needs to move fast to transition or we will see SOL DOT and others take share.
  • mkirchner24: $ANY +336% on the day new swap protocol #crypto
  • mradams0621: ...
    -4.76% $ANY Sphere 3D Corp 1.30 20000
    -3.85% $PLX Protalix BioTherap 0.75 5430
    -2.20% $GGN GAMCO Global Gold 4.45 8900
    -0.86% $BTX BioTime Inc 3.46 400

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Stock Price $USD 8.00
Change 1.27%
Volume 51,140,700

Sphere 3D Corp is a technology development company. It delivers containerization and virtualization technologies along with data management products that enable workload-optimized solutions.

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  • November 16th, 2021 - 2021 Q3 Earnings
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