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  • bRobert: $AYI . Squeezing. Just above 50d. Watching. Lighting systems for commercial and residential applications.
  • Iceman: $AYI #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold 1 AYI AUG 17 2018 100.0 Put @ 1.50 with the stock at 155
  • Iceman: $AYI #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Bought to close 1 AYI Nov 17 2017 125.0 Put @ 0.05. It won’t trade any lower. A high priced stock, so a high margin requirement. Sold at 2.60 on 04/05/2017.
  • Iceman: $AYI #ShortPuts - Bought to close 1 AYI NOV 17 2017 105.0 Put @ 0.05. It won't trade any lower and this is a high priced stock with over 6 weeks left until expiration. Originally sold on 05/26/2017  @ 1.10 as a #Fallingknife trade.
  • Iceman: $AYI #ShortPuts – Bought to close 1 AYI NOV 17 2017 120.0 Put @ 0.05. It won’t trade any lower and this is a high priced stock with over 6 weeks left until expiration.
  • Trixie: @woodman $USCR $BLDR #BuildingMaterials I have a starter in $AYI and $LII, i just can't help but notice the bearish cross of the 50 down thru the 200m
  • woodman: @Trixie $USCR $BLDR $AYI $LII #BuildingMaterials I'm attuned to the shorter moving averages now, such as the 5 and 8 dEMAs, since on the whole the entire sector has turned up. Trying to find some that aren't so extended already but are being dragged up by the sector. It's all part of my aversion to chasing ones that have already made the strong moves and are on such steep upward angles.
  • Trixie: @woodman $USCR $BLDR $AYI $LII #BuildingMaterials sounds like a good idea...
  • woodman: @Trixie $USCR $BLDR $AYI $LII #BuildingMaterials - Thanks, but well see. The flip side is that there's a reason they've not moved as much and/or aren't as extended.
  • Trixie: @woodman $FBHS From the wkly it looks pretty good.. You might also want to consider $LII. off the wkly. A p/b on both would make a nicer entry imo.. $AYI could be ok too. (wkly based) however it still seems to be stuck in its downtrend.
  • cmaxwel1: $AYI breaks out, 27 in IBD 50.
  • Trixie: @cmaxwel1 $AYI Earnings are also out of the way w them being at the end of June.. :)
  • Trixie: @woodman $MAS $AYI looks similar.. Volume is just poor and more expensive.. Been working off its pop from earnings at the beginning of April.
  • DrScience: $AYI earnings pop being sold.
  • Trixie: @DAN $amzn $aapl $fbhs Maybe a few more of similar patterns within that building area, $LII,$AYI, and $AOS (if it can come out of this flag or the right shoulder of what could be a h'n's daily)
  • Aragorn: #IBD 50 actionable signals combo shots $AYI inside day and inside week $POOL inside day and inside month $VRSK - inside day and inside week. $EW reversal strat week setup above 88.10 go time Monthly signals in force $SWHC inside month ad up Monthly Hammers and up $AHS $AVGO $AYI $CTXS $DG $MTSI $MXL $NVDA $OLED $ORLY $SKT $VRSK
  • Trixie: @woodman $CBPX $AWI $APOG $USG $SUM $NCS $PGEM $CX $TREX $MDU $BLD $BECN $VMC $MAS #BuildingMaterials $CREE I can't endorse buying any here.. However I do think it is in the process of heading higher over time. Over all the more common ma's hasn't been over the 200ma in ages.. They do the #LED lights and a few other things.. I have picked up $AYI for a while also in LEDs /lighting.. One can choose either one near 52 week lows or highs..
  • Trixie: ...
    Some that are coming to mind on these are: $HD, $AYI $FB.. I realize that in many there is no way to know earnings are going to do to your stock.. Something like $AYI would be a stock I would like to ride along with as long as the over all trend st ...
  • SierraJW: @Trixie $HD $AYI $FB Maybe I am not the best source, as I have not been trading much due to the instability of the market, but here are my thoughts. Those seem to be 3 very different patterns today. $FB have had a good earnings report, and the WSJ has a positive outlook, for the future. $AYI seems to have found support at 188, and is having a good day today, up to 201-202, and above the 200day ma. $HD seems to be in the middle between the 200 and the 50 sma's, consolidating today. Of the 3, $AYI seems to be at a watch-point and may pull back some, but I don't know. I am just watching, at this point. NP in $HD and $AYI, small position in FB, LT hold.
  • Trixie: @SierraJW $HD $AYI $FB I'll try to pm you over the weekend with some charts and my thoughts.. Adding charts takes more time :)
  • DrScience: ...
    $OP ...
  • Aragorn: ...
    2 Stocks from the IBD50 list made new highs Friday $AYI which looks great and $SWHC - Dan has covered this extensively this week.

    These IBD 50 stocks were at least positive for the week in a gain from the previous weeks close, but some closed lowe ...
  • manoli77: Keep an eye on $AYI Looking for a breakout above $220. This company's margins (electrical and lighting) are increased with lower cooper prices.
  • rah: @gwenzee $FIX $LII $MAS $AMWD $AYI $APOG $MHK - Thanks, good point, I did not factor in dividend in my comparison.
  • rah: ...
    $AYI (okay, maybe not this one unless it moves up this week, still long term seems decent)
    $APOG (which is in an uptrend, choppy but upward),

    I am sure there are more

    All have beautiful weekly charts. There are quite a few in the larger Bui ...
  • gwenzee: @rah $FIX $LII $MAS $AMWD $AYI $APOG $MHK Charts of LII and MAS look very similar. Why do I like MAS. Above 20, 50, and 200. Pays a dividend. Only 5% below 52 wk. high. Business is growing by acquisitions that are starting to pay off. My brain is really tired right now so this is pretty much off the top of my head.
  • Trixie: $AYI looks to still be playing in its upward channel.. hope I don't jinx it. Watching to see what Mon brings..
  • Remington: @Trixie I got stopped out of $AYI yesterday and was not happy at all!!!!! Maybe monday I will feel a little better about it.. Do you own $CEMP and or like it??
  • Trixie: @champ #BuildingSector $AYI involved with the lighting and LEDs.. Has been mentioned in IBD quite a few times.. Hard to get onboard here.. However its quite a steady eddy.. Little lower vol and pricy tho.
  • Remington: anyone folowing $AYI . Gonna take a starter if it hits its 20dma , smalll float43m strong earnings and seems like a good sector as of now.. Full disclosure its a Lue Navallier pick my father mentioned to me. If anyone has input I would appreciate pos or neg .. TY in advance. Took some lumps in $S today thought it would have good action coming into earning boy was I wrong. Follow this board closely but usually dont butt in ,, hope you all are well..
  • Peppermint: @Remington $AYI I own small position. Picked up on a screen in May and have a gain. May be a good buy point and technicals look good. I don't follow Lou Navalier, but this one looks good. Could be a good long term position as long as it keeps working. Earnings and sales have nice growth trends. I would keep the stop loose though. I owned this previously in November and got stopped out in December. Price was $130 back then and is now over $190 so wish I had held from my original buypoint! This one might be one like Dan says that is an investment and not a trade. Small dividend though so not a buy for income.
  • SierraJW: @ginny @etmagic $DY up in pre-mkt a little, but looking like a VS breakout on volume yesterday. Construction and Engineering company, specialty holding company, engineering services in U.S. and Canada, Schwab equity rating B. Looking at other stocks in industrials sector, $AYI, $FIX also held by $AIRR ETF with a good YTD performance history. Increase in quarterly earnings last 2 quarters, company just announced a $40MM stock buyback over next 18 months on 7/1/15. I am looking at starting a LT hold position.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Long article updating the magazine's January "Investment Roundtable" in which a colorful cast of characters offers their best investing ideas. Scott Black's picks have done well thus far this year; $CUBI and $MSCC are up nicely, $ARCC is h ...
  • pcotton: #scan #rightUpper pullback to 50 & bounce $ANAC $AYI $AZO $CBI $COTY $GTN $HCC $KMX $LEA $MEI $MNST $MRH $NWBO $OLED $PF $SCMP $SWKS $TYL $UHS $VRNT
  • Trixie: $AYI not sure it'll come back to give a pickup.. However reasonable volatility squeeze breakout. I'd imagine it could go with the housing/reno theme.
  • ginny: $AYI on watchlist for break out- 164.20
  • :
  • jojo1480: VECO- on the coattails of $AYI earnings, only thing I see. No position.
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Acuity Brands rated new Hold at Stifel
    $AYI was initiated with a Hold rating, Stifel Nicolaus said. Valuation call.

    Brown & Brown upgraded at JP @Morgan
    $BRO was upgraded from Neutral to Overweight, JP @Morgan said. Organic growth ...
  • jojo1480: CREE- maybe it is done going thru its two step tango, above the 50dma, and BBand not squeezing, just getting a little tighter daily. Long $CREE, others in the same space consider $VECO AIXG $AYI, and $LEDS (the dog of the group).
  • jojo1480: CREE- hooked1, just heard $FM half time pumping LED, Zach $K recommended $GTAT, per FIDO starmine rating is 9.5 out of 10, very bullish. The same space as $RBCN produces/mfg crystalline sapphire & other products for the LED space, ie $CREE VECO $AIXG, $LEDS (avoid), $AYI a peripheral play. I might pick up some $GTAT next week have to look at the fundies this weekend.
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO- thesis remains intact, energy saving devices. Play on the elimination of incandescent +100 bulbs. Long $VECO CREE, others in this space $AYI AIXG $LEDS (LEDS stay away)
  • rah: $CREE VECO $AYI - Don't forget about RBCN. It is their primary product (ie crystals for LED) and I am pretty sure they are the world leader in production and research. Their stock had been shorted, beat down for some time and has turned the corner this year. Posting a low of $8.23 in late November it is now $12.58 (up around 50%)and hit $13.59 a few weeks ago. I could go on and on about this one but the chart story should be enough to prompt a look for yourself. Long $RBCN (position is up 13% on this move) Note: Earning 2/23/12 after MKT Richard
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Acuity Brands downgraded at Keybanc
    $AYI was downgraded from Buy to Hold, Keybanc said. Valuation call, as the stock is up 46% over the past three months.

    Brown & Brown rated new Buy at Deutsche
    $BRO was initiated with a Buy rating ...
  • jojo1480: ...
    edit- $AYI keep on radar.

    GO NINERS :o)), it is all good.

  • gold2stocks: ...
    Coverage of $AYI was started with a Hold rating, Jefferies said. $38 price target. Company has limited visibility for domestic construction demand.

    Advanced Micro numbers cut at Sterne Agee
    Shares of $AMD now seen reaching $13, according to Ste ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $AYI was upgraded to Buy, Keybanc said. $50 price target. Company is leveraged to the LED upgraded cycle.

    Ball estimates, target reduced at Jefferies
    Shares of $BLL now seen reaching $42, according to Jefferies. Estimates also cut, given slowe ...
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO $AYI AIXG LEDS- barillo, $JMP securities said $CREE was very upbeat @JMP research conference, this entire LED space was taking down last year due to China slowdown in saving energy thru utilization of LED technology. You got resistance @50dma, and support around 40.30. $VECO hit 52wk hi today. Might consider playing $AYI vsqueeze, and stay away from LEDS. Were all squatters in this environment, utililze 3 or 4% trailing stop losses. good luck. No position.
  • joanie: $AYI - jojo good snag! That baby's been in a trading box since December which gives it a really long consolidation period. The #squeeze is nice and tight, and if the stock moves up a buck it'll be an all time high. No regrets here, and again with that long consolidation the next leg up could be both explosive and go on quite a ways. The volume's a little light, but otherwise this looks really really good.
  • jojo1480: $CREE RBCN $VECO AIXG $AYI - looks like the Led space is picking up steam, thanks to $RBCN earnings blowout. $CREE is forming a Vsqueeze, $LEDS chinese IPO several mos. ago looks like it wants to Twiggy for a while. Keep them on your radar. No position.
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO $AYI AIXG- last year rode $CREE VECO and $AYI and was very profitable. Now $VECO and $CREE are starting to move once again. I currently don' t own any of these, just keep them on the radar, there are several members who have started buying, i say kudos!!
  • jojo1480: $CREE VECO $AYI AIXG RBCN- got my 9 holes in, The entire LED industry is putting a pretty good showing, added more to an all ready full position $CREE and VECO. DECK- couldn' t resist bought more, out of $RVBD, sold a little $VMW to finance the purchases, cash level still at ~15=%.
  • jojo1480: mrkaz, it' s a beautiful! I just remember the terrific quarter they reported and the stock got hammered. Others in this space $AYI AIXG RBCN. Staying long $CREE VECO.
  • jojo1480: $VECO CREE- don' t forget about $VECO, their balance sheet (mainly LT debt ratio, PEG), the short position is still greater than CREE. I have been long these LEDs stocks since they fell out of favor. Long $CREE VECO, others to consider $AIXG and $AYI same space model.
  • jojo1480: CREE- @jme44, take a look at $VECO and I let $AYI get away from me. Position trading $CREE just about daily.
  • jojo1480: VECO- opening new position as it sits on the 200 dma, it reported a really good earning report, stock is cheap based on fwd looking earnings. $AIXG RBCN down in sympathy, $CREE and $AYI are up, go figure! Long $CREE and VECO.
  • jojo1480: CREE- added more to current position this am. Looking at others in the same field $AIXG VECO $AYI are stronger this week. $CREE lagging best in field should also go up.
  • jojo1480: @DAN - any opinion on the laggards $AYI and AIXG. I am long $AYI AIXG.
  • Burt H: $AYI,FDO,$MON,RBN,$RPM,UNF,$WOR Earnings tomorrow before the open
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Acuity Brands Inc is a provider of lighting fixtures, control devices, components, systems and services for commercial and institutional, industrial, infrastructure, and residential applications for various markets.

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