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  • champ: $BBBY, HOD, New CEO, is causing shorts to cover.
  • champ: $BBBY @ $11.50, watch for a Bounce-Trade, off of positive News, asset-sales of $250 m, short interest is around 62%.
  • champ: $BBBY, a little more News in the AH's, hosting a conference call update to discuss the recent positive News, on new Cash allocation strategy, buy-backs and investments in stores, IT, Digital projects and Supply Chain infrastructure. That new CEO from last year, Mark Tritton, is still making changes.
  • TopCat1000: Possible oversold bounces to watch this morning $BBBY, $NSP, $RDWR, and $CYBR
  • phgruver: #Bounce_Trade_Candidate $BBBY announced disappointing Holiday Sales, last evening. They reported that same store sales declined 5.4% for the Dec-Jan period. Response by analysts was mixed. Wells Fargo, which already had a price target of $12, below the current price, lowered it some more to $10. At the same time, Raymond James, while cutting it's price target from$17 to $14, is maintaining a "strong Buy" rating. Actual earnings aren't due to be reported until April 8. The premarket price for $BBBY is nearly 25% below yesterday's close. Nothing is guaranteed, but that big a displacement usually bounces....
  • CraigReynolds: @phgruver $BBBY #Bounce_Trade_Candidate Cramer just said all management should be fired for not giving guidance, they all need a good spanking. He would be a buyer this morning. Not my type of trade. NP
  • phgruver: So far, $BBBY is just wallowing. Not going lower, but not getting any traction to the upside either....
  • indigo1948: @phgruver $BBBY -tried a low-ball bid but you are correct-not much movement.
  • flachut: $BBBY @phgruver @indigo1948 A slow mover but up 6% now.
  • pookie: @flachut $BBBY Hi, Frank. Breeze here.
  • indigo1948: @flachut $BBBY -got filled at a great price: $10.83- just not enough shares,
  • flachut: @indigo1948 $BBBY I got in at 11.38 and then again at 11.73. Made enough for 2 month subscription of SMM. Now that it has mentioned on CNBC as a big mover today the volume is picking up. Maybe let it ride a little longer and move up my STOPS.
  • indigo1948: @flachut $BBBY -good plan-lock in some profit and make it a free trade.
  • scottrades: @flachut $BBBY Nice trading!!
  • flachut: @scottrades $BBBY Thanks Scott. Just trying to pick up some lessons from you and Dan....both good teachers.
  • phgruver: FWIW, a #SHORT_SQUEEZE candidate, $BBBY. According to TDA, as of 1/15/20 (post earnings) over 46% of the float has been sold short. As institutions own almost all of the stock, this could get sporty.
  • Wykeman: $BBBY which way will this chart resolve? Very high shorts. NP
  • scottrades: Watch $BBBY for a snapback trade tomorrow morning. It's down 18% on Earnings right now.
  • baronp0329: Bed Bath & Beyond $BBBY down over 16% after warning of an upwards of 5% decline in comp sales in its fiscal fourth quarter NP, was a long term hold from Sep - early Jan. Could be a 59 min trade tomorrow
  • baronp0329: @scottrades $BBBY like minds...
  • Bridget: @scottrades $BBBY I don't think that was earnings, just a warning
  • baronp0329: @Bridget $BBBY @scottrades Bridget is correct, BBBY pre-earnings update on declining sales.
  • scottrades: @Bridget $BBBY You're right, sorry. They Lowered guidance.
  • Cokeman1959: @scottrades $BBBY so, for a bounce trade like this, would you buy when it moves above the opening print?
  • DrScience: $BBBY is up 3% on the day and 7% from yesterday's close after earnings disappointment knocked the stock down 19% to the (flatlined) 200 DMA. Stock is HTB, so shorts are committed and not too worried unless the stock can get back above the 50 DMA. Bulls are attempting to give the bears something to worry about...
  • scottrades: $BBBY Gapping down 15% this morning. One analyst says their results are "the worst since the great depression". Watch for a snap-back trade.
  • debeers: $BBBY- it will take more than a management wishin ' and hopin' to turn this around as revenue missed badly. The initial reaction was the right one, here: The market put its head in the toilet and flushed. After a bit it let it up for air. A turnaround is a painful process and, although it is tempting and occasionally hits, it is a tough tough road. So i ask you---in this space wouldn't you rather a $LULU or $BOOT or even an $RH because these folks don't have to re-invent themselves? They've got the formula down pat in my opinion.
  • debeers: @scottrades $BBBY -well, scotty, i do my own research but can't see anything to disagree with here.A big NO.
  • wijimmy: $BBBY .. ???...Big Miss.. street excepted +.02 profit and they reported -.38 loss.. and same store sales down -8.3% compared to year ago quarter... Now, next thing I read from market wire is .. UBS raises price target to $15 from $11 ... ???
  • coldevinc: @debeers $BBBY $LULU $BOOT $RH Don't even know why this store exists. There is nothing special about it. I can get most of the same at Walmart.
  • champ: $BBBY, earnings, trading halted, NP.
  • champ: $BBBY...HOD.
  • baronp0329: Good morning SMM/OMM members. Wasn't planning on trading today but looks like some fade may happen before the weekend. No new buys this morning. Locking in majority of profits on swing trades (stocks and options): $LK $BBBY $SLB $AAPL $GOOGL $CRC $SPY $XLF
  • PhilHarmonic: $BBBY Looking active
  • Sher: FYI Posts - Latest 1 day change: Gold/Silver: $AEM +0.03%, $AG -2.33%, $AU 2.05%, $AUY 1.39%, $BVN 1.16%, $CDE 1.39%, $DUST -3.27%, $EGO 1.68%, $GDX 1.07%, $GDXJ 0.41%, $GFI 2.91%, $GGN 0.71%, $GLD 0.01%,$ GOLD 3.11%, $IAU 0.00%, $JNUG 1.74%, $KGC 1.90%,$ KL -0.31%, $NEM 1.26%, $NGD -0.12%, $NUGT 3.07%, $PAAS 1.31%, $PVG 0.88%, $RGLD 1.24%, $SLV 0.13% Retail: $AMZN -0.37%, $BBBY 4.98%, $BBY 0.75%, $BOOT 3.99%, $COTY 0.36%, $DG 0.08%, $DLTR -0.23%, $ELF -1.97%, $FIVE 0.36%, $GOOS 0.81%, $GPS 2.37%, $JWN 3.03%, $KSS 0.79%, $LOW -0.01%, $LULU 0.60%, $M 3.12%, $NKE 0.92%, $OLLI 0.98%, $TGT -0.23%, $TJX -0.41%, $UA 1.82%, $ULTA -2.30%, $WMT -1.17% Solar: $CSIQ -3.42%, $DQ -2.27%, $ENPH -0.43%, $FSLR 0.34%, $JKS -3.41%, $RUN 2.66%, $SEDG 0.46%, $SPWR 0.76%
  • WebstreamDyn: $INMD $AUPH $SYRS - been out most of the day and see all three were up, only $BBBY is down. For the first time I tried a cheapy stock $YAYO, the stock is down but I am up because i bought it at 1.43 (1000 shares). I have never tried something this cheap before. Thinking of it as a few days swing trade and see what happens. I have a tight stop on it.
  • baronp0329: $BBBY, continuing upside move. Long stocks and calls.
  • Rjeletrik: $BBBY Smoking again today
  • scottrades: $BBBY Looking good.
  • baronp0329: @scottrades $PTON haha. I'm watching PTON for entry. stay above 32 on 15 min chart with decent vol. BTW, saw that you posted on $BBBY. I also posted to @Dan at the live session, about being long stock around 14 and Dec Calls.
  • dngrisk: @scottrades $BBBY Traders must like the wholesale slaughter of the senior staff. Long from the break above $15. Looking for a measured move to $17.60, and would be nice to see it run to the 2019 high of $19.57.
  • scottrades: @dngrisk $BBBY I think you're right on there, that's a logical target. Great job!
  • dngrisk: @scottrades $BBBY Thanks, Scott. Appreciate the feedback. Very helpful.
  • geotheo: Some #short news I saw that was interesting. Some I've seen & remember in the forum, $PTON, $CRWD, $MTCH, and $BBBY The list of stocks trading with short interest accounting for more than 40% of total float includes Peloton Interactive ($PTON), Gogo ($GOGO), Shoe Carnival ($SCVL), AMC Entertainment ($AMC), Match Group ($MTCH), Crowdstrike ($CRWD), Bed Bath & Beyond ($BBBY), National Beverage ($FIZZ) and Stitch Fix ($SFIX). Then there is the curious case of GameStop ($GME). The company's 10-Q filed a few days ago revealed 65.9M shares outstanding vs. 67.2M shares sold short as of November 29.
  • Herb: @geotheo $PTON $CRWD $MTCH $BBBY $GOGO $SCVL $AMC $FIZZ $SFIX $GME #short Thanks Geo
  • champ: $BBY and $BBBY both still working...Retail swings.
  • Auto: $BBBY VS break 48% short added
  • champ: $BBBY, HOD, up about 6%, working on positive news, always expect zig-zags...investment position, retailers are holding positions.
  • Auto: @champ $BBBY see my previous post 8>)
  • champ: @Auto $BBBY ---- I'm in because of #positive-news, see my previous info post on 11/26, to @baronp0329......Yes, shorts are always a nice plus....however investors always need positive reasons, before entry-timing, on any new position. #Thanks, for the post because others need to understand, what is going on with #all of these retail position.
  • baronp0329: @champ @Auto $BBBY #positive-news #Thanks #all Long $BBBY (posted last week): BTO Stocks around 14.20 from last week. Took 1/2 profits STC 15.65 (decent 10.2% profit). BTO Dec 14 Calls at 0.95, STC 1/2 1.60 (decent 68% profit).
  • baronp0329: @bRobert $CP $SPY $QQQ Agree, I see a lot of double tops. Also took partial profits on some Oil stock position that were up over 20% ($CRC $BRY) and $SLB options. Also took partial profits on swing positions like $BBBY $GOOGL $ROKU $FB $UNH
  • DAN: ...
    $BBBY -- Would put a stop around $14.50
    $ROST -- Stop should be around $111.00
    $HD -- question: What is it about this that attracts you? The bounce off the 200-day MA? The opportunity to buy at the low? Here’s the problem: The stock is brok ...
  • champ: @DAN $FTNT $CYBR $SPX $DJI $DJT $MDY $IWM $NDX $FB $AMZN $AAPL $NFLX $GOOGL $INMD $DSGX $COUP $PCTY $MHO $SHOP $SNPS $PTON $BBBY $ROST $HD $BNTX $FTSV---- Know one really knows what the next move is going to be, on $HD, I took 1/2 profits off on the close but still swinging my full position in $LOW, for now, into the open. Everyday is a new day, more decisions are on tap for tomorrow and one can only guess. The Hope-Trade is, I hope I can buy back... my profit sells.
  • baronp0329: new positions $GOOGL, Long at 1305 - 1310, stop below mid BB 1295 $BBBY, Long 14.10 - 14.20, stop at 13.90
  • champ: $BBBY, @ $14.75, HOD, real nice but down one day, but only to be up the next. #News moves everything and that is never going to change.... timing and research, is always much more accurate, than guessing but the harder investor's/trader's work, the better they get at guessing....and nothing, and I mean nothing, is ever going to get easy, in this type of market. If you think this market is all screwed-up, I agree. ......The markets needs to move through this next major #News-Event, that will be on or before 12/15. That Phase 1 trade agreement, is holding-up everything, for now.
  • baronp0329: @bRobert $SHOP Thanks Robert and @champ for the info. I've had SHOP on my watchlist for a Q4 buy due to possible upside for the holidays. My new entries on $BBBY and $GOOGL are working. Also looking at some steels $X $NUE $STLD.
  • bRobert: @baronp0329 $SHOP $BBBY $GOOGL $X $NUE $STLD Long $STLD for a bit $X High beta Long Calls $17 WEEKLY flag target Speed bumps at $14./$15+
  • baronp0329: @bRobert $SHOP $BBBY $GOOGL $X $NUE $STLD Yes, I see the 14/15 possible resistance on $X. Got a starter with Dec calls, will add above 14. Maybe they'll be purchased by $NUE similar to $CLF purchased of $AKS
  • issues: @baronp0329 $SHOP $BBBY $GOOGL $X $NUE $STLD $CLF $AKS I would like to see Jimmy Cramer pump $W. We hold a small position and made big $ last year with Christmas sales!
  • baronp0329: @issues $SHOP $BBBY $GOOGL $X $NUE $STLD $CLF $AKS $W I don't follow $W, but $W chart got spanked after earnings! Maybe you can Tweet or email Cramer and he'll help you out with W...haha. Good luck.
  • champ: $DECK $OLLI $LULU $BBBY $ANF, retail #Bounce-Trades, off of the recents lows and their are others.
  • bRobert: @baronp0329 $SHOP $BBBY $GOOGL $X $NUE $STLD $CLF $AKS $W W chart has a lot of pain WEEKLY flag $60 If it breaks . Double bottom if it decides to start the new year with a positive outlook SHOP was already well in motion before today's pump .
  • champ: ...
    I'm also holding these retail positions, back in on the close with $AMZN and I'm also holding these $LULU, new in $UAA, on that upgrade, back-in $HIBB, because they carry the $NKE, band and others, plus $BBBY, $CLAR, $DECK, $OLLI and $DIS, because t ...
  • baronp0329: @champ $BBBY #first-ever #in-store-only Hey Champ. just saw your post from yesterday on $BBBY. I like the nice bounce from LOD to HOD, still have a 1/2 position, in at around 13. Good luck.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $BBBY #first-ever #in-store-only ---- Going to be a lot of News coming out on this all the other retail stocks, on Thursdays and Friday. Certain retailers, could have Great moves.
  • baronp0329: @champ $BBBY #first-ever #in-store-only Agree that certain retailers will have some positive news this week. My other retail play aside from $BBBY is $AMZN. I rarely do this but I loaded up to a very big position last Thurs and Friday around $1738-1745. Took 1/2 profits at 1812 today. Will swing 1/2 remaining to Friday. Also daytraded the Nov 1800 calls for very good profits.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $BBBY $AMZN #first-ever #in-store-only...I'm in on Monday and I'm thinking that I will be swinging my full position because of News. Moved thur $1800, next number is around $1830 - 1850...should open-up on Frida, is my guess.
  • baronp0329: @champ $BBBY $AMZN #first-ever #in-store-only Agree, $AMZN just broke above 200d at 1812, should have more upside move.
  • baronp0329: $BBBY 2nd day of nice move. Took profits on 1/2 at 14.50, in at 12.90. Small 12% profit but decent for a 2 day trade.
  • champ: @baronp0329 $BBBY @ $14.40 --- Yes, a great 2-day move...because of News...yesterday a BAC/Merrill analyst made strong comments. Other News is, they launched their #first-ever huge National Black Friday, Ad Campaign, via TV, Radio and Print, with first time ever 25% off of customers entire purchase #in-store-only coupon, on Black Friday, morning. This Sales starts on Wednesday, 11/27 , through Friday, 11/29 , with 20% off in store and on-line, with free shipping on all orders over $19, through Monday 12/2. They are open Thanksgiving Day, also. ......This sale, could take down all the stores inventory. ......This Stock could have legs, many are guessing. I have a spec swing position.
  • baronp0329: $LK, Long stock at 29.60 and Dec 27 Calls at 2.10. posted on OMM last Friday. Took another partial 1/4 profits of 167% on Dec Calls and 1/2 of stocks at 31.90. $PDD, Long stock at 32.60 and Dec 33 Calls at 1.30. posted on SMM last Friday. Took another partial 1/4 profits of 215% on Dec Calls and 1/4 at 36.50. Breaking above 50ema New Positions today: $BBBY at 12.90 - 13.10. Nice bounce from 50d. $XBI 89.70- 89.90. $CRC at 6.20, oversold $BRY at 7.24, oversold
  • debeers: @spmeyers $BBBY -Well that is true but there are a lot of times that the CEO gets paid a fortune and isn't up to snuff and the solution, like at Wells Fargo, is to axe the employees who were doing his bidding
  • debeers: Have a lovely weekend-as far as all my retail stocks-well you cannot buy them here- but i know nothing:$AAPL(o you think its tech--news to you--its also a fashion statement), $BOOT-You have no idea how much i want the negative nellies to hate this one. Hope you hate it even more when its 46. $BBBY sold when up 30%, $LAD,- look i wish the balance sheet was better but lotsa revenue. Please don't buy this one because, as i said, i'm an idiot $RH- well if you didn't buy it 45 points ago-you certainly cannot buy it here because no one liked my original entry either and entries are everything................. $MSFT-will add when it goes above 142--but again i'm an idiot-- . $FAST-wait and then pounce.Very very nice report this am. $LABU-day to day
  • Forexpro: @Forexpro $BBBY $TGT $JWN Hi, Friends, $BBBY, with a new CEO named, is holding to the bulk of its overnight gains with roughly an hour to go until the bell. It's now back at levels last seen in Jun. Congrats to anyone who went bottom-fishing in Aug. Best of luck today!
  • scottrades: Keep an eye on $BBBY. Stock is up 19% Premarket and it has 9.3 Days of Short interest.
  • CraigReynolds: @scottrades $BBBY The morning shows are talking very high remarks for new CEO. He wants paid in STOCK, not dollars. Now that is a change, must believe company can be changed for the good. Could be a good Spec trade for sure betting on the new CEO. Been known to gamble once in a while. Will be watching for sure.
  • debeers: $BBBY-Finally--- a high quality guy to run a co that buys nothing from China. Previously this guy was the merchandising manager for Target. Just so you know, i never buy anything when an activist is involved because its dead money.What i want to see is a hire that is a great hire where the individual has been an outstanding proven success before coming to his new job. Winner winner chicken dinner. Telsey slapped a 16 buck target on it. I have no idea if it will get there and neither does anyone else but it is certainly worth a small position considering that its all domestic and the CEO will reconfigure it in Target's mold.
  • debeers: $BBBY-More info and more whys Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) announced the appointment of Mark J. Tritton as President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of its Board of Directors effective November 4, 2019. Tritton has a 30-year resume that includes Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at Target, where he helped craft their very successive omnichannel shopping experience. He also worked at other iconic American retailers. Tritton has street cred in thretail space with investors, which bid up shares of BBBY 22% in after-hours trading. Take the discount today. There is huge short interest in the stock that was previously without a CEO and they will scramble to cover. IN PRICE TRUTH
  • CraigReynolds: @debeers $BBBY Believe most of his pay is in company stock. CEO believes he can change this companies position.
  • debeers: @CraigReynolds $BBBY -That's the way it should be IMHO for all companies. CEO's should get pay increases or decreases on performance. Just like everyone else. Can you imagine how much money most companies could save if the CEO's got paid like their employees for performance?
  • M5rkp: @scottrades $BBBY thanks Scott. This was a nice day trade. Made 4% in 15 minutes.
  • scottrades: @M5rkp $BBBY Nice one!
  • spmeyers: @debeers $BBBY value of their stock options does reflect performance
  • champ: Traders....$HOV, I had real nice profits this morning and the swing traders always take profits, that is what happened here, this might be an add-back now or at some point...not as bad on this swing $BBBY, I'm still holding 1/2 of this position.
  • Forexpro: Re: $BBBY Hi, Friends, Be it noted that $BBBY has popped higher on news that Mark Tritton, previously of $TGT and $JWN, will be the next CEO. From Target's website: "Mark Tritton is executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Target and a member of its executive leadership team. His responsibilities include overseeing all of Target’s enterprise buying, sourcing, product design and development, visual merchandising and merchandising operations." Judging from the reaction by the stock, he (a) is well regarded and (b) wasn't expected to become CEO. I don't own any of this ticker, and don't expect to. All the best!
  • spmeyers: Need new sheets? $BBBY is up on volume in this move, but there's resistance right above; if it clears 11... [52% of float short]
  • champ: $DJI..$ is test-day for the markets, looks positive. I'm going to add a little to this new swing position...$BBBY, because of News.
  • chd: @champ $DJI $SPY $BBBY earnings 10/2
  • champ: @chd $DJI $SPY $BBBY @ $10.64 --- Thanks, for the heads-up. Yes, earnings are on 10/2/after, 2-full trading days left, could continue this ER move into earnings. Upgrade today by Wedbush, ahead of earnings, with a price target of $16....and $BAC, has their target at $20.00.
  • scottrades: Watching $BBBY for some follow through.
  • scottrades: Short Squeeze on $BBBY
  • captron: @scottrades $BBBY Thanks for spotting this one. Volume is moving on up. I'm showing about 10 days of covering.Took a position.
  • gvianello: @Dan yesterday I traded $BBBY with the knowledge of "Blood on the street" so I bought early at 17.40$, at 1pm I closed (scared) at 17.60$. Today is at 18$. What I did wrong?
  • Hans_Schultz1: @gvianello $BBBY looks like you had an ok trade. You made a profit and managed risk. Don’t worry about not getting all that might be possible nobody gets it all
  • gvianello: @Hans_Schultz1 $BBBY Thanks Hans
  • DAN: @gvianello $BBBY Stocks are going to do what they're going to do. Buying at 1 pm wasn't part of that strategy. I would have been buying at the open. And there's no predictive part of the strategy. Only the option to take partial profits and hold some until the next day...IF the trader feels like that's the thing to do. It's not a formula. If you bought at 1 pm, the stock was already trending lower, so that's not something you'd want to do. Hope that helps.
  • gvianello: @DAN $BBBY Sorry for the misunderstanding: I bought at the opening, and I sold at 1pm. Actually my question is: had I to hold my position until reach my TP (at 18.40$) or the SL (at 16.95$)? Because I got scared when the price go down so I closed. (Sorry for my poor english)
  • bsafriet: $BBBY. Trading this E/R gap down as a “blood in the streets” trade. Not the b est entry at 17.40, stop at 17.03, current 17.58
  • bsafriet: $BBBY. Like watching paint dry. Still above VWAP and I’m still above B/E. Pushed stop to 17.19
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Volume 7,563,390

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc., and its subsidiaries operates a chain of retail stores, operating under the names Bed Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, Harmon and Harmon Face Values, buybuy BABY & World Market or Cost Plus World Market.

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