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  • woodman: @spmeyers $IBP - some other #BuildingMaterials of interest on the chart: $BLDR $RETO $USG $EXP $OC $TREX $FRTA (pullback to test breakout) $DOOR (trying to get back above the 200 day). Also, closely linked: $MHK (bullish engulfing of the prior two days, with long tail bounce off bottom BB).
  • spmeyers: @woodman $IBP $BLDR $RETO $USG $EXP $OC $TREX $FRTA $DOOR $MHK #BuildingMaterials thanks; some good ones there (have FRTA already)
  • Bridget: $BLDR continuing to break out
  • bRobert: $KRO . $BLDR kro breakout continues. bldr squeezing out
  • woodman: @bRobert $KRO $BLDR - In the #SpecialtyChemicals space, I bought $KRO on 6/30 and $OEC on 7/3. I also have $CC in the space.
  • cmac: Started short earlier today $BLDR....nice looking H&S top
  • woodman: Some #BuildingMaterials of interest: $JELD $BLDR $TREX $BMCH (if can get thru 50 day in coming days) $MAS $VMC $AWI $CSTE (at 200 day but has some work to do) $MLM $USG (maybe; has work to do) $OC (but is extended) $BLD $LPX (if gets thru 50d) $EWP (above 102 area) $PGEM (maybe).
  • Trixie: @woodman $JELD $BLDR $TREX $BMCH $MAS $VMC $AWI $CSTE $MLM $USG $OC $BLD $LPX $EWP $PGEM #BuildingMaterials $IR might be of interest . VS up near the 50ma close to 52 wk highs too.. With their heating/cooling i think they might work.Only thing is they are from Ireland.
  • Bridget: Notes: New highs: $LRCX $MOMO $TER $VEEV $CLVS $AEIS $RACE $XLY $YIN $XHB still working: $PHM $LEN $BLDR $KBH $TAN and $HACK - both recovering after pullbacks $CDW - breakout $JBL - breakout after earnings $INFN and $LITE - move higher after flag $GKOS moving higher after pullback $WYNN - up on buyout rumors but trend still looks good $NEWT - dropped on dividend but still being bought $ATH - #ipo new high after earnings $ADSK - looks like a double top $BGS - short set up $AMGN - high volume selling today, starting to roll over Dumpster Diving: $SFM - looks like the bottom is in $PTHM - hammer on earnings $FTD - triple bottom on weekly chart
  • barbjim12: $BLDR Pop after good earnings. Should have, could have....NP
  • woodman: #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing - these are working well, many moving up through resistance and running. I listed some yesterday (use the hashtag identifiers I've posted). Add to these $TOL. I am long $BZH and $TPH (homebuilders) and $BLDR and $APOG (Building Materials). But there are many good looking charts in these sectors and they're certainly not limited to what I bought.
  • champ: @woodman $TOL $BZH $TPH $BLDR $APOG #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing ---$FNMA or $FMCC good entry on Monday up now around $0.70... up about another 6% today ....these are going to break-out but I don't know when....
  • cmaxwel1: @woodman $TOL $BZH $TPH $BLDR $APOG #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing I'm looking at $HW (top of group in IBD), coal construction
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $TOL $BZH $TPH $BLDR $APOG #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing I would be a little careful here... $XHB is coming up to some pretty massive resistance (8/17). FWIW... good luck brutha...
  • woodman: @TunaHelper $XHB $BWA - re #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing - here I like $TPH (up thru resistance this morning) and $BZH (looks on the verge of moving thru resistance), also $MTH; #BuildingMaterials I like these $APOG (starter position for me, hoping for break thru resistance) $AWI $BLDR $CBPX$ CX (Mexican co. but I guess folks less worried) $USCR $CSTE $VMC $OC $BMCH $MDU.
  • TunaHelper: @woodman $XHB $BWA $TPH $BZH $MTH $APOG $AWI $BLDR $CBPX $USCR $CSTE $VMC $OC $BMCH $MDU #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing #BuildingMaterials Thank you for the ticker list. Still researching this area a bit, wary that if I don't hustle on that I'll prob miss the move. I have looked at $BZH which seems at a good point, to your point. I also like $CX, which is a very well run company. Are you still following $LGIH?
  • woodman: $BLDR phase 3 move back up thru 200 day.
  • woodman: @Bridget $USCR $BLDR - got in USCR this week at 56.90. Also in BLDR at 11.20 as it moved up through the 200 day. I think that will go higher too despite the shooting star rhrn.
  • woodman: #BuildingMaterials. Many of these have been running hard and are extended yet keep going up. I couldn't bring myself to chase them but they've still gone up. Currently, I am long $USCR which made a flag and may be ending its phase 2 pullback and transitioning to phase 3. I am also long $BLDR which got up through the 50d/200d last week. There are even stronger charts but like I said, many are too far out the door for me. Great industry sector of charts to look through on the whole, though.
  • Trixie: @woodman $USCR $BLDR #BuildingMaterials I have a starter in $AYI and $LII, i just can't help but notice the bearish cross of the 50 down thru the 200m
  • woodman: @Trixie $USCR $BLDR $AYI $LII #BuildingMaterials I'm attuned to the shorter moving averages now, such as the 5 and 8 dEMAs, since on the whole the entire sector has turned up. Trying to find some that aren't so extended already but are being dragged up by the sector. It's all part of my aversion to chasing ones that have already made the strong moves and are on such steep upward angles.
  • Trixie: @woodman $USCR $BLDR $AYI $LII #BuildingMaterials sounds like a good idea...
  • woodman: @Trixie $USCR $BLDR $AYI $LII #BuildingMaterials - Thanks, but well see. The flip side is that there's a reason they've not moved as much and/or aren't as extended.
  • woodman: $BLDR - I like this look. Through the 50 / 200 days and room above.
  • woodman: $BLDR $USCR #BuildingMaterials - I set an alert for a cross above the 200 day for BLDR and USCR.
  • bwcarnation1: $BLDR b.o. up nicely but low vol so far
  • bwcarnation1: $BLDR finally broke out of the triangle after hanging around 50dma for 12 days. vol not as strong as I would like to see but low summer vol generally I guess
  • woodman: #BuildingMaterials are still doing well overall. Some have pulled back to some good spots and are bouncing within in an orderly uptrend. Fwiw, here are some that currently look interesting (in order of performance today): $SUM $LPX $OC $MAS $BLDR $CBPX $VMC $MLM $TREX $CX $ROCK $NCS $EXP $USG $MDU $NX. As always, check for earnings dates before buying.
  • Forexpro: Re: $BLDR Hi, Friends, This one doesn't get much attention - Champ and TunaHelper mentioned it back in Apr - but it came up today in a high volume scan, and looks interesting: StockCharts does a technical scoring system, with 100 denoting the strongest stocks; this one currently merits a 98.7 while basically in a consolidation pattern. It was up close to 7 percent today, suggesting that I should have run the scan last night. Oh, well ... All the best!
  • ginny: Upgrades $BLDR $MBLY $PODD
  • champ: $SPY - $SSO - Sure seems to be climbing the wall of worry. Financials could be keeping this market up....have to wait and see what happens with the banks tomorrow morning... $C, $GS and $BAC. I added this morning in these 2 stocks $TNGO and $ALU. Sold 1/2 in $GS $O $MWA and $BLDR so far today. Sold all yesterday $TAN, $WYNN $FEYE $BIDU $EWH $FXI $CAF $JD $ and $DISH. New position this morning $BK $MS and $PBR.
  • TunaHelper: $BLDR (Builders FirstSource) up 60% in premarket on news it's buying ProBuild Holdings. Way outside the 3rd BB in PM.
  • RON: @snmtraders Thanks, lets take a look at $BLDR Dan brought up This 30min chart is the exact opposite of $TLT. In that 1 Above the cloud, 2 Above the 50MA and 3 above the 20MA and notice the slope up at about 30 degrees. Now look for entries when the RSI 7 goes below the 50 on oscillator and cross back up. All the Best Ron
  • ginny: @dagdog $LL $LOW $HD $BLDR was just going to post. These were listed as the bets ROI stocks in the HB space
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Thursday's close $ACTG, $AGU, $AHS, $ANAD, $ARUN, $BBG, $BCOR, $BLDR, $BLOX, $CENX, $COG, $DTLK, $DXCM, $ESRX, $EXEL, $EXR, $FLTX, $FNGN, $FUEL, $GRPN, $HNSN, $HPQ, $INAP, $INTU, $IPXL, $JWN, $KND, $LOPE, $MDRX, $MHK, $MRC, $MRVL, $MTSN, $MXWL, $NEM, $PCLN, $PEB, $PPC, $PSA, $QLIK, $SEM, $SSRI, $SSTK, $TRMR, $TS, $TTS, $VMI, $WAGE, $WBMD, $WRE, XNPT
  • :
  • darce: $BLDR had a very nice move today. Long-term construction / home building stock for me.
  • darce: $BLDR is under accumulation. It's not to late to take a position, but it's volatile and at resistance, so you can wait for a down day. The P&F chart shows the steadiness of the move more than a daily candlestick chart.
  • darce: $BLDR - I hold this one long term. Looks like you might be able to get an entry here. Probably doesn't go below $6.50. Check the P&F chart.
  • darce: $BLDR daily chart looks like a possible flag and weekly chart looks like it may be the beginning of a long term uptrend. been long for a long time and staying so.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Thursday's close $AAN, $AFOP, $AHT, $AMCC, $AMZN, $BAS, $BCOV, $BJRI, $BLDR, $BMRN, $CA, $CB, $CERN, $CINF, $CLF, $COG, $COLM, $CPWR, $CTCT, $DECK, $DV, $ECHO, $ELY, $EMN, $ESRX, $FET, $FII, $FLS, $FR, $FSL, $GRT, IM, $INAP, $INFA, $KBR, $KLAC, $LOGM, $LSCC, $MCRS, $MKTO, $MSFT, $MTW, $MXIM, $N, $NCR, $NR, $NTGR, $OUTR, $PFG, $POL, $QLGC, $RGC, $RMD, $SIMO, $SPN, $SYNA, $TCO, $THRX, $VR, $VRSN, $WDC, $WOOF, $WYNN, ZNGA
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Thursday's close: $ACGL, $AIR, $AMZN, $AWAY, $BAS, $BCOV, $BLDR, $BMRN , $CB, $CBG, $CERN, $CINF, $CLF, $CPSI,CPT, $CRUS, $CTCT, $DECK, $DLB, $DOLE, $DTLK, $ECHO , $ELY, $EPR, $EW, $EXPE, $FII, $FLEX,FR, $FSL, $GILD, $GPN, $HLS, $HTCH, $IDTI, $INAP , $INFA, $KBR, $KEG, $KLAC, $LOGM, $LSCC,MCK, $MITK, $MOH, $MSCC, $MXIM, $N, $NBIX, $NEM , $NR, $NTGR, $OLN, $OUTR, $PFG, $QLGC,QLIK, $RGC, $RJET, $RSG, $SBUX, $SPF, $SWI, $TCO , $TGI, $THRX, $TPX, $TSRO, $TSYS, $UHS,VRSN, $WOOF, ZNGA
  • rah: $XHB - Homebuilders moving again. Looks to be taking out opening 15 min high of $26 and moving up. Currenty (9:57) there is selling resistance at $26, but if it moves breaks up could see a nice move. Take your pick - $KBH, $HOV, $BZH, $WY, $RYL, $DHI, $TOL all green this am. Like $BLDR (not discussed much here) Long $RYL - ; ) Richard
  • rah: $BLDR - also one I watch with the Homebuilder Sector. Interesting little stock, good company, that supplies much to the building trades. Now at the top of a prior trading channel. If it closes above 4.55 it may again move to $5.50, for a 25% move. Alerts set. Richard
  • bullmoose: ...
    Retail: $SBH, $YUM
    High Yield: $ANH, $ARR, CPNO, CQP. $CTL, $CYS, $FNFG, $MAIN, $MO, $NLY, $NRF, NYB, $TCAP, $TNH, $VGR
    #Transports: $GWR, $KSU, $UNP, $JBHT
    Armageddon: $RGR, $SWHC

    I'm sure there are tons more ...
  • Aiko: ...
    $BLDR 22
    $DTSI 21
    $ONTY 21
    SCMF 20
    $TSLA 20
    $ZN 19
    $SIGA 19
    $LXRX 19
    $CHTP 19
    $PETS 19
    $ARNA 18
    $HRG 16
    $LDK 15
    TLB 15
    $AOI 15
    $SNSS 14
    PURE 14
    DLGC 14
    $AMRS 14
    $FMD 14
    $HIBB 14
    $BJRI 14
    $MSO 14
    MITI 14

    $ARNA 18
    $HRG 16
    $ ...
  • bullmoose: $BLDR - Been holding a converging 20 and 50-day SMA for several days now, both of which are starting to turn up. A nice little bounce off it today. The 50-day EMA needs to be cleared and held to signal the breakout.
  • MattACarter: ...
    $BLDR - been watching this one too. another lower low, and broke the prior long-term low (the intraday low on 02/10/2010)

    $NG - another one that I was watching, picked up a position at ~$7.30, and is now in a nice volatility #squeeze. I picked so ...
  • MattACarter: $BLDR - anyone paying attention to it?
  • MattACarter: $BLDR - anyone paying attention?
  • dressage: $BLDR - very interesting. I do feel that housing has been down long enough but yet I don't want to buy homebuilders. I've been looking at $HD, $LOW, $WY, $LL but I find this interesting. Do you know what the impetus was for the big swing in July/Oct> Almost looks like a rumor buy and sell.
  • MattACarter: $BLDR - check it out, nice little breakout pattern going on from a base
  • fredsfreedom: $BLDR - Short #squeeze 56 days to cover
  • texastrader: $BLDR - It is actually down to 13 days to cover with a 5x volume increase begining around 12/16/09 with only about a 1.5% increase in shares shorted. Best TT
  • MattACarter: $BLDR - check it out for a possible spec play ... breaking out
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Builders FirstSource Inc is a supplier and manufacturer of structural and related building products for residential new construction in the United States.

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