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  • KemoSabe: $BOOM - Talk about a boom, this is a major explosion. Thanks @brobert. I bought some yesterday just because I liked the name.
  • bRobert: $BOOM . Lived up to it's name . Long calls. Partials. $50+ .
  • bRobert: $BOOM up nearly 30% . Look at the WEEKLY That is what attracted me. Not a one day wonder breaking out of a very tight weekly squeeze.
  • trader123: @bRobert $BOOM Nice call here! Hope you are taking some profits in the calls. Please let us know when we can pile in for a phase 3 run. Thank you.
  • bRobert: $BOOM Up 28% . $50 MMT . closing in faster than I would have imagined. Shorts seemingly small at only 5% . BUT the float is very small and that represents 5d to cover.
  • bRobert: $BOOM . Call spread for earnings , I love the weekly consolidation/squeeze . $50 . upside target I will aggressively pile on with confirmation
  • bRobert: $BOOM . Looking to make some the ah . SMALL long
  • bRobert: $BOOM Sonic $BOOM in ah. 13% ($5) . If it holds, the WEEKLY volatility squeeze breakout will be powerful .. It is very tight and also is starting from ground zero ....50d . on the daily. Long sideways consolidation. This could easily could retest the highs . $50+ . .I will add to my call position on positive price action with pb/bounces
  • bRobert: $BOOM Presents tomorrow atc.. Huge projected earnings revenue growth Love the gently squeezing WEEKLY. Small partial position I Will adjust post earnings 50% upside $17+ if rewarded. Plenty of time to jump on board and scale in.
  • bRobert: $BOOM Just watching this potentially explosive stock. . LONG base Waiting
  • bRobert: $BOOM Zoom out to the WEEKLY. Do you like what you see? I love these WEEKLY squeezes following healthy consolidation aof a monster move. Long starter $50s sonic $BOOM coming Reports 2/21 Will add with bullish confirmation of the report card.
  • Reif99:
  • bRobert: @Reif99 $BOOM see above. thx Holding small over.
  • tigerjohn8: $BOOM I got stopped out but wondering if this could bounce
  • numbers: $GSHD - Fidelity does not have current earnings dates for new issues, I got hit on $ONE, $BILI, $PVTL, great trades but I didn't know they were reporting earnings the next day. Can someone check the earnings date for $GSHD more than doubled since its issue in Apr 27. In $BOOM, $GHDX.
  • mjnteach: @numbers $GSHD $ONE $BILI $PVTL $BOOM $GHDX Checked $GSHD web site. They last released on June 6. No current info for second quarter release.
  • Bob E: @numbers $GSHD $ONE $BILI $PVTL $BOOM $GHDX TDA has an Unconfirmed date of August 8, 2018 on $GSHD
  • bRobert: $BOOM $BOOM
  • greenpatrol: @bRobert $BOOM $HEAR Those explosions are the sound of volatility returning to these stocks.
  • bRobert: @greenpatrol $BOOM $HEAR It HAD to eventually.
  • greenpatrol: $BOOM Broken out over 48.25
  • greenpatrol: $BOOM Keep an eye on this. Breakout from a squeeze triggers at 48
  • woodman: @greenpatrol $BOOM - "BOOM" is quite possibly the greatest ticker. (The stock action isn't bad either.)
  • greenpatrol: @woodman $BOOM Hahaha! Yes, looks like it could explode at any minute. Very thin. Be careful when handling.
  • spmeyers: @greenpatrol $BOOM been watching it for 2 weeks, kinda losing patience but keeping on watch list
  • gmj: @bRobert $boom I have a sm pos but am concerned about the distance between the 200 and 50MA but I like high base over the last 1 1/2 mos and the squeeze of course... waiting for a pop abv 47.50 to add
  • Greendayguy: @greenpatrol $HEAR Thanks for the heads up, I've been watching and waiting, now i'm in. Also watching $BOOM and $VEND for breakouts. Both may explode at any time, IMO. Please keep posting any squeezes/breakouts that you may find. Let's all help each other get into great opportunities ASAP. Have a great day!!!
  • greenpatrol: @Greendayguy $HEAR $BOOM $VEND Glad I could help. We will find lots if we all keep looking. Some sharp eyes in this forum.
  • bRobert: $boom Watching.
  • Greendayguy: @greenpatrol $HEAR $BOOM $VEND Yes, we can really rock this Forum and help make other very successful. Many sets of eyes are always better than just one. Let's do this! GREEN!!!
  • Greendayguy: @bRobert $HIIQ $MCHP $CY $ON $AMD $SMH $MU $WTW $WWE $LULU $TRHC Thank you very much, great advice. Much appreciated. I started small positions in $MCHP and $ON on Friday for short term trades. We'll see how they go, and of course I have stops in ...
  • bRobert: $BOOM Squeeze out attempt
  • bRobert: $BOOM Squeeze oozing out. Nice base
  • bRobert: $BOOM really tight consolidation after huge run. This will move 50d rising up
  • spmeyers: $BOOM attempting breakout from month-long squeeze
  • singlemalt: $BOOM although I like the company long term, and wish I'd been long to start the day, I'm taking a shot at an intraday short on recent failure to retest earlier morning high.
  • geotheo: $BOOM had an upward boom pattern today
  • spmeyers: $BOOM phase 3 starting
  • bRobert: $BOOM nh Long calls. Target $30+
  • spmeyers: @bRobert $BOOM and then there are times that buying the breakout (as I did) works -- the base was pretty good here though; I guess being very picky with breakouts is the key
  • bRobert: $BOOM nh breakout.
  • spmeyers: @bRobert $BOOM good one; would you place stop right below breakout point or give it more room (like below 20-day)? thanks
  • spmeyers: @DAN an example for your Stops tutorial: $BOOM. I hate breakout fails, so I'm tempted to place stop right below the breakout point. On the other hand, the stock could fall a good bit and still be "working." So a stop could go below the 20-day ; but that's a big % loss. Hope you address stops on breakouts. (The stops on starter positions near support are generally pretty obvious). Thanks.
  • bRobert: @spmeyers $BOOM I prefer getting in closer to support, in this case the bounce off the 50d. Easy to place stop. You are participating if the breakout succeeds. Nothing lost if fake out. You can even raise trailing stop to above break even and lock in a swing trade. I don't buy breakouts . I think it's safer to buy pullbacks that bounce/ This confirmation is more reliable than buying the breakout. Shows buying interest won't allow pullback into the channel and confirms the move. Prevents chop fest. If it takes off without you, find another train. Again, easier to buy closer to support and observe the breakout attempt with green in your pocket. You can then add to a winning hand the next pullback
  • bRobert: @spmeyers $BOOM I don't buy breakouts. I buy pullbacks. My add point was from below close to the 50d. Line in the sand was close by. I liked the weekly breakout and bought on a phase 2 pullback. I you buy a breakout, take a smaller than normal entry. Expect a pullback.
  • spmeyers: @bRobert $BOOM For 2018 I am modifying my strategy to focus more on pullbacks and less on breakouts. Your comments (and losses on failed breakouts!) have helped nudge me in that direction, so thanks (I think it will be beneficial). The trick is to see the breakout, check the temptation to jump aboard, and put it on the watch list for pullback.
  • bRobert: @spmeyers $BOOM give it a shot . It's more conservative but less costly in the end. Also look into entering good stocks from areas well below the breakout. You have a lower cost basis and less risk since you're closer to the line in the sand. eg just below 50d bounce, double bottom etc. Let things develop from there. Investing is an individual maturation process. It takes a while till you find a style that works for YOU. and the market you're trading. Happy holiday Robert
  • champ: @singlemalt $CRR $OAS $NOV $BOOM ---- Oil country....I'm hearing that they are drilling at a very fast pace...must be true...??...I have been reading your post and I do like $OAS but NP at this time and I have not done any research on $NOV or $BOOM. LOL
  • bRobert: $BOOM Still exploding. Small float short intereest 10d to cover.
  • singlemalt: I'm in oil country, Oklahoma, and have been hearing radio advertisements for job fairs, hiring all sorts of positions. Enjoying $CRR ride today. Added $OAS and $NOV. Wanted $BOOM, but it got away. May pick up some on pullback if it happens.
  • issues: These are up the most in 10 days: $ECHO (26%) $BOOM (26%) $HPJ(18%) $ESIO(16%) $HUN(9%) Unfortunately the only one we hold is a small position in $ESIO (#1 in Accumulation category; IBD group 2
  • champ: @issues $ECHO $BOOM $HPJ $ESIO $HUN #1 ---- I had my first post on $ECHO on 8/30 and have been posting, all the way up until really need to watch the posts in the forum, for low risk quality entries....just saying, thats why we post stock ideas in the forum, so others can see..and then do your own research. off the many forum posts.
  • issues: @champ $ECHO $BOOM $HPJ $ESIO $HUN #1 Thank you Champ. As you know I read all the posts in the Forum EVERYDAY! But I also think for myself. That means, although I read the posts, I do NOT necessarily buy, just because you or someone else makes the posts. I will continue reading and continue thinking and doing my own research. Thank you very much!!
  • champ: @issues $ECHO $BOOM $HPJ $ESIO $HUN #1 ---- Yes, I always say ...research is the key to success. LOL
  • bRobert: $boom Went boom post earnings. Sold 1/2 into pop.
  • issues: @bRobert $boom excellent timing!
  • bRobert: $BOOM nh Weekly breakout continues Reports tomorrow
  • bRobert: $BOOM exploded. Extended daily. Weekly More to go. Adding on pullbacks
  • bRobert: $boom boom pop. nh. Nice weekly. Extended daily.
  • bRobert: $BOOM Nice breakout /retest. Weekly shows more to go
  • bRobert: $BOOM $DDS BOOM escalating revenue/earnings. high short float.flag. Small position. Will add above $14.50 DDS huge short interest. Looking to add when low volume pullback done
  • dkoran: IBB/ LMT- Iam am seeing some stocks that are way over bought. Just looking for a small pullback. Then I might go long. Common sense tells you profits have to be harvested soon.I know I would be selling. I am not greddy.This how the market nmakers work it. Make you think all is fine and then $BOOM sold to you. Like an old Boss of mine said years ago,Don't trust too many people as They are patting you on the back and pissing on your leg at the same time.
  • Tim S: $RIG - $BOOM - $RIG replacing $DELL in the S&P Index
  • dkoran: IWM- time to short real soon. Crooks gonna get everyone loaded up thinking market is just fine and $BOOM, rug will be pulled out from underneath you.
  • Aragorn: $ALXN - inside 5 and down $BOOM - FD- Short
  • Aragorn: $CLDX - $BOOM moving on up to the east side to ..... finally got a piece of the pie
  • Tim S: $XLF - Fed news out. $BOOM - and there go all the indexes higher. $XLF moving up, heck virtually everything I see is moving up on the Fed news.
  • Tricia: $PPHM -- $BOOM BOOM !
  • tnt: $UPL $BOOM, time to run this back to $22
  • rczar: SPX....It took One word from Merkel, and........ $BOOM !!
  • jdaniels: SPX - Sometimes $BOOM makes thing rise (bottle rocket) and not just blown up (dynamite). Interesting time #RHRN
  • rczar: $BOOM @ jdaniels....I meant SPX going up.
  • rczar: $TZA @Bdwyer66.If your belief is the market will close lower by $EOD then Yeh. You can buy the $ETF @ 18.40 right now or the 18 calls @ .44.....about 40 times leverage and plus the fact iot is a 3x inverse to R2000, now a 1% move down on RUT is probably 80% + leverage. You can do the math.BUT you better have an exit plan, because if you are wrong $BOOM you are dead. I do not leave the screen on weeklys expiring today
  • rah: ...
    I am sitting here with a small position waiting for that retest, then $BOOM today happens.

    The candle today does give an ambiguous signal that either
    1. that early morning sell off (you call a bear raid) was the test of the low (although it on ...
  • rczar: TZA..Well , there you go, I sell Weekly 16 calls for a loss yesterday, $GS says the payroll numbers will be larger than what is expected, and $BOOM, they are smaller and $TZA is up 2%. *(&%$#@%^U0) I am still holding Weekly 17 calls, so I should recover some. Let the market get blasted, except for the positions any forum member is holding
  • markor01: Friday...@rczar...I think we get just tried to get going...good sign...but XIV... what the heck !!! Of course I have seen this before where it lags and then suddenly $BOOM !! Meanwhile $EMC and $ORCL keeping me interested....
  • Tim S: $ARNA - $BOOM up above $12
  • Aragorn: $GLD - guys this thing is crazy on fire, Beasting. Monstering are you catching this today. Check out $UGL on a 5 minute chart. VS at 12:00 and then $BOOM $AAPL - new intra-day high
  • john55: $WFT - I always see posts from newbies (I wondered the same thing but was afraid to ask) asking @Dan about simple vs. exponential moving averages. And usually the answer that no one likes is "it depends". I usually watch the 200 day simple moving average. Well, I noticed $WFT has been bouncing around $20 but the simple moving average is down around 18.90 or so. So I pop in the 200 day exponential moving average and $BOOM there it is. Bouncing right off it and holding every time. Yesterday it closed right on it and looks to be bouncing off of it again this morning. No doubt where support is and where my stop should be. No waiting for it to hit the simple moving average. Just and observation I thought someone might find helpful. John
  • karkn: CML BOOM Not that people need more charts to look at but $BOOM is in a #squeeze and has been bouncing up against the 200 for a while. It broke through monday and was relatively strong yesterday. Now its moving up above the 200 and monday's high (well it was for awhile). Also ascending support line. CML has been consolidating since the big move. Its still a ways from a #squeeze but keep it on the radar.
  • karkn: ...
    On the deep value side, $BOOM offers a low risk entry. A hammer at the end of a downtrend. Stochastics at a buy point. I know, its in the losers corner. Its a good company with a wide moat but a tough business climate. My expectations would be ...
  • karkn: Markets - I went to work shortly after the $GS story broke and more or less ignored the whole thing. Finally late last night I decided to survey the damage and was actually pleasantly surprised at the charts. Sure some things sold off and that wond ...
  • karkn: $BOOM this depressed little stock is starting to move out of a #squeeze. Still at a good buy point on the weekly. Business has a wide moat and they should do well as the economy picks up.
  • futurepants: $F - @TraDrMax, I'm certainly no @DAN but I don't see anything like a bull flag (where's the pole?! :) If anything, it would be a bear flag, but I don't really see that either. To me, it's just consolidating and doing so right near the 50ma which in my experience is where the best moves out of consolidation happen from. I'm still holding some and will probably buy even more if we can get a little closer to the 50 with my stop right underneath. I've seen lots of charts like this where price consolidates, and I wait to buy, and it consolidates more, and I keep waiting (presumably to eek out a few more cents/a little less risk), and then $BOOM -- on a strong tape, I wake up to see that it's 5% higher and I missed all my chances to buy because I was being too greedy :) -fp
  • Val: AIG: Thought it looked good for an opening trade this morning. Saw it drop to its low and then - $BOOM - take off like a rocket with me not in it, lol. That's OK, good practice for the trading eye.
  • Russ: Some charts to monitor Looks like a dicey few weeks to come. Here are nine charts with low entries at or near pretty evident support (some above, some below, and some at the 50dma): $CCJ, $DE, TIN, $T, $ADSK, $ITW, ZRAN, $MYL, $JNY And here is a wide assortment of seven uptrending stocks with fairly orderly pullbacks to the 50dma: $KOL (the internat'l coal etf), $BOOM, $CAT, $SWK, $BRY, $NFLX, $ELY Not recommendations. I'll be monitoring in order to learn what I can (and also watching out for earnings dates).
  • TraderMike: $BOOM,HANS,$KMB,YHOO,$DE - The market is hyper-extended and its hard to find good chart setups. Here are my favorites "to buy on strength" for today as I expect volatility expansions to continue (or stay strong) and laggards to play catch-up. Keep your positions small as this market is not favorable right now from a risk perspective. $BOOM - Early volatility expansion. Lots of upside potential. HANS - Very close to upside breakout $KMB - Very close to upside breakout $YHOO - Early volatility expansion. Lots of upside potential. $DE - Very close to upside breakout
  • hts45241: $BOOM - a little hard to chase $BOOM here after 6 straight up days
  • TraderMike: $BOOM - Good point. But I like that it closed above its 200D-EMA, closed above it's upper bollinger band on a volatility expansion, has been in an extremely tight volatility #squeeze, is close to its 50D-EMA giving it alot of upside potential, and has sequentially increasing volume every day in the last 4 days.
  • cmac: re $BOOM I'm trying to get some $BOOM at #200ema, got a bid in, but hasn't hit yet. I think this is an under the radar metals play, which should take-off if oil services and aerospace continue to do well. I like supporting local Colorado mfg too.
  • karkn: $ENS showing pretty good strength the last couple of days. Missed my chance to get more after the recent bull flag. Looking for another chance. $BOOM in #squeeze (not moving yet). If there is strength in heavy equipment as @DAN suggested last night, these two might be movers too. $ENS makes industrial batteries primarily. $BOOM is an industrial manufacturer. The general trend for $BOOM has been down and there is strong resistance above. Stalking.
  • Sizzle: @AMZII - WFMI may be a decent short right here, right now. I like your thesis on it, too. $BOOM, in retrospect should have been shorted at 20 - that is one $UGLY chart! - and I've made some decent money off them as a long some time ago. If it can get back up there, the $17.50 level looks to be a better entry point for a short. I know that @Dan talked about $AKAM looking weak on 6/22. I think $19 might prove to be strong resistance and its not far from there now.
  • AMZII: Sizzle, I did start a short position in WFMI today, and am kicking myself over my entry. I got over anxious and should have waited, but such is life. It didn't move too bad against me, and I still think the path of least resistance is down. I'm also thinking about starting a position in $BOOM, but I don't like to have too many short positions on at the same time. I just think they're more risky and you have to manage them more closely. Good luck.
  • orthodoc: $BOOM, $ASTE NLC--another chemical company @Dan, what about MRVL?(again?) @Bob, thanks for TIS---paper company that keeps going IP doing great as well.
  • orthodoc: $SMG, Missed revenue a little yesterday, profit beat, may be at safe entry right above 50dma. Volume in a lot of stocks with huge moves today, little less than average. $AMSC and $BOOM are doing well, and may be worth watching for pullback.
  • orthodoc: Way to go @Dan, we'll send in support. $LDK moved today along with other alternatives...BWEN, TAN(the $ETF for solar) Picked up $EEP, looking at $ERF, $KMP and ALJ---breaking out of consolidations Look at $SHI for a chemical stock--China, small volume $BOOM, one of my old timers, still moving Looking at EK, $SWKS, and $GD Took off some $TIE today Will add more $NFLX and others on second day down tomorrow, if it happens, may need to be early to catch some of these just above support.
  • orthodoc: $BOOM good construction(welding) company
  • orthodoc: $CWT, $SMG look like a decent entry to me, and according to risk one wants, $TIE and $BOOM look good as well.
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Volume 221,919

Dynamic Materials Corporation is an industrial manufacturer focusing on niche markets related to the building of equipment and materials, to support the infrastructure of the process and energy industries.

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