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  • Cokeman1959: $cien did this ever make it to the GSL? Pulled back to the 20day and bouncing (a little).
  • smentor: @DAN What are your thoughts about $CIEN and $LITE at these levels?
  • DAN: @smentor $CIEN $LITE They are extended from good entries and are probably going higher, but you'd be chasing them if you bought now. As long as you realize that, then you're still in control of your trade. I think they're going higher.
  • Reif99: lot of gap and crap ... $LITE, $COUP, $BAH, $HOG, $CIEN
  • Sher: Been taking profits on several front month call positions (day/swing trades): Friday: $INO, $SNY Monday: $CRWD, $DBX, $FCEL, $GNMK, $INO (3rd in/out trade) Today: $SDC (out of all positions on huge AM pop) New positions, today (prospective earnings runs): $AG (thanks Scott) – May $8.00 calls – ER on the 14th $CIEN – May $40 calls – ER not until June – Lousy entries (caught in phase 2 PB) $EWZ – May $22 calls - MAs seriously reversed, but back above the 8, 20 and VW averages - Temp. bottom in on Friday - Nice pickup in money flow and momentum, this week - Up 6.5%, today. $INSG – Added to May $15 calls put on, yesterday, after taking nice gains on May $12 calls, prior – Due to report on the 6th. $NIO – May 29th (weekly) $3.00 calls – ER May 25th. $SPR – May $20 – ER May 6th. - In at $1.65/share.
  • bogiedog1: $CIEN Breaking from a high flag pattern.
  • cgendro1: @bogiedog1 $CIEN Got in a bit earlier. ER not until 6/4
  • wildcatweb: @scotttrades. Have you noticed $CIEN I have been accumulating along the VWAP. Any thoughts.
  • Pcdentist: $CIEN at ATH,,,will these breakouts hold,,,no one knows
  • CraigReynolds: $CIEN Been watch reaction of stock in the market. If I had to pick a horse today, it would have been $CIEN before the gates opened. Still hasn't left the gate.
  • CraigReynolds: $CIEN This horse just left the 5 minute high. Now see what it has in it after great reported earnings.
  • Yes-Man: @CraigReynolds $CIEN Thanks Craig just took a little 25 min trade. +2.5 %
  • teacher5: $BEAT $CYBR $CIEN $DDD $PINS $GDX $SLV (my small portfolio) All have gapped down except $GDX and $SLV which have gapped up. Do I take profits on the winners (Which are already moving down) and buy more on the losers, or just sit tight? Thanks.
  • Auto: $WING $CIEN $DIN $LAKE $MU $AAPL $INMD nice bounces added
  • cgendro1: $CiEN- @Bridget mentioned yesterday. Still trying to move out of the squeeze. RSI improving, MACD positive cross starting. Took a starter position
  • Bridget: $CIEN starting to breakout of its squeeze today
  • DrScience: @coldevinc $NOK Don't buy 'em for their phones! 😁 The money is in their switching equipment! Been in the stock since before it hit the lows in December. Risk to the trade would be more infrastructure purchase contracts being let to the likes of Ericcson ($ERIC), Ciena $CIEN) and, of course, China's Huawei.
  • Auto: $CIEN added watch $43.97 to add
  • Auto: $DIN $CIEN $DDOG $LYFT $PYPL added
  • SteveD: A couple that hald up well Friday are $CIEN $SQ $NFLX
  • Auto: $SQ $DDOG $CIEN $DELL $MSCI $STNE $CYBR working added long
  • SteveD: $CIEN is pretty low risk with a stop at 21 ema, or even low of day - getting volume
  • SteveD: $CIEN might be one to keep an eye on. Been going sideways for weeks after earnings gap.
  • taxfish: @sashista $ABBV $BLUE $CCI $CIEN $ENPH $FSS $MOMO $MX $NVTA $OHI $OLED $QCOM $QLYS $TDOC $XPO $ZS $ZM - Open a simulator trade account and use it until you develop a strategy and can successfully trade with a high success rate (like 70% or better).
  • sashista: $ABBV $BLUE $CCI $CIEN $ENPH $FSS $MOMO $MX $NVTA $OHI $OLED $QCOM $QLYS $TDOC $XPO $ZS $ZM I've never posted in the forum before, so please excuse any irregularity or lack of protocol. Watching these tickers and am wondering about how some of you veterans may see them -- I have trouble deciding, then end up taking no action, so I need some advice. If this is not an appropriate way to ask a question, please let me know. Thanks ...
  • brett_anderson: @sashista $ABBV $BLUE $CCI $CIEN $ENPH $FSS $MOMO $MX $NVTA $OHI $OLED $QCOM $QLYS $TDOC $XPO $ZS $ZM hi sashista!!! i'm certainly not a veteran, but have been in your shoes before. the best advice i can give you is to (1) watch every-single-video ...
  • sashista: @brett_anderson $ABBV $BLUE $CCI $CIEN $ENPH $FSS $MOMO $MX $NVTA $OHI $OLED $QCOM $QLYS $TDOC $XPO $ZS $ZM Appreciate your reply. Have been a member for quite a while but can't seem to get a groove -- get stopped out a lot even though my stops aren't super tight. Will just keep at it! Best to you.
  • brett_anderson: @sashista $ABBV $BLUE $CCI $CIEN $ENPH $FSS $MOMO $MX $NVTA $OHI $OLED $QCOM $QLYS $TDOC $XPO $ZS $ZM if you're continually getting stopped out, even with loose stops, i'd venture a guess your entries are not right. "entry is everything" -- i tell myself that most anytime i make a trade.
  • DAN: @sashista $ABBV $BLUE $CCI $CIEN $ENPH $FSS $MOMO $MX $NVTA $OHI $OLED $QCOM $QLYS $TDOC $XPO $ZS $ZM Hang in there, sashista. Don't look at so many tickers. I'd suggest just focusing on any new stock that I put on the growth stock list. I explain the entry, stop, etc. There are many stocks you can trade...but your goal should be to trade well.
  • Auto: $PTON $RAD added shorting working $VIPS $PYPL $GE $CIEN $JD $SQ continues north 8>)
  • Auto: $LK $CIEN $KBR working added
  • Auto: $CIEN working added $SHAK added
  • Auto: $LEVI $JD $CIEN $TSLA $PYPL $AVP $VIPS $HLT all working
  • Wolf: $CIEN Jumped 12% pre-market, still going.
  • EricF: @Wolf $CIEN Must have said something awesome on the call - it was a miss on EPS
  • Auto: $CIEN good E report above the 50 and 200 started position
  • Auto: $VIPS $KBR $KBH $TWTR $JCP all working $CIEN above the 50 added
  • GOOSE: $CIEN Are we still in the $CIEN trade, or am I asleep at the wheel?? Thanks.
  • jlutzkanin: @GOOSE $CIEN I'm hanging in as long as it doesn't close above the 50SMA
  • GOOSE: @jlutzkanin $CIEN Thank you, have a great day.
  • DAN: ...
    $CIEN -- Buying at 200-dayMA is a low probability, low reward trade.
    $CDLX-- Holding up well. Was never a GSL stock.
    Requested Videos
    RY Hi ... I was wondering if you could do a review of the Canadian banks. RY, TD, BNS, BMO and CM.
    $NOC -- l ...
  • DAN: ...
    $CIEN -- is this a good entry? It is trapped between moving averages.

    Hope this helps.

  • Showmethemoney: $CIEN Just entered a starter position. Any other takers?
  • shoredriver: @Showmethemoney $CIEN ....what is the impetus?....
  • EricF: @shoredriver $CIEN Dan likes it too, see his latest Tweet
  • Showmethemoney: @EricF $CIEN I received and alert from Schaeffer Investments. Maybe they will get one right!! Lol
  • rachel: ...
    $CIEN -- might be a bit early. But holding at 200-day MA. Remember the time element of money.

    $AUDC -- pattern working well. Looking to take some profits tomorrow. Four big up days. Don’t wait for 5th.

    $COLD -- rebounding off 50-day MA. ...
  • DAN: ...
    $CIEN -- representative of sooo many stocks. Undercut the 50-day MA. Testing the wrong moving average.
    $PAYC -- breakdown.
    $TWLO -- Top is in. Don’t buy the Slope of Hope.
    $ULTA -- still not working.
    $AAPL -- Strong stocks look tired and in ...
  • jlutzkanin: $CIEN breaking out. 3rd day so may wait for a pull back
  • Henry: $CIEN gap on earnings and increased price targets in the range of $50-55 np
  • Henry: $CIEN up on earnings in pm, np
  • issues: $MOS missed earnings .32 vs .25 actual. So $DE went down with it. RSI way oversold. I bought $CIEN - like the chart. Also bought small position in $UPLD.
  • DrScience: ...
    So, instead I'd go with one hardware manufacturer that offers a black box and annual upkeep contracts until the equipment breaks or becomes obsolete. $CIEN could be the maker of fortunes, but results could be lumpy. For a steadier return, $CSCO is t ...
  • RedLeaf1: @DrScience $VZ $CIEN $CSCO #5G LOL re: chips and dips. I chose $CSCO about 6 weeks ago to be my long term hold in this space and it's working so far.
  • debeers: 5G@bRobert. I know you are long $QCOM. But if you had to pick 1 from these, which?$ VZ,$CSCO, $XLNX,$CIEN, Thanks, sir, in advance
  • bRobert: @debeers $QCOM $CSCO $XLNX $CIEN One WIFE. In stocks I enjoy a small Harim.
  • debeers: @bRobert $QCOM $CSCO $XLNX $CIEN - Thanks for your stock thoughts today. Have a great weekend.
  • debeers: @bRobert $QCOM $CSCO $XLNX $CIEN -Have a great weekend-you work very hard and you deserve it.
  • bRobert: @debeers $QCOM $CSCO $XLNX $CIEN So do you. I enjoy my work. If you enjoy what you do for a living your are blessed and it rarely feels like work. That's the real pay off. The $$$ . is the cherry on top . I live a relatively humble life , well within my means. "What is essential in life is invisible to the eye". Enjoy the next few days away from the fray.
  • bRobert: @debeers $QCOM $CSCO $XLNX $CIEN Glad if it helps. All just my opinion. As you always do, weigh all the evidence . You'll find the best path for you.
  • bRobert: @debeers $QCOM $CSCO $XLNX $CIEN Just a technical side note. $KEYS (mentioned by many here) . is another that I'm sure you are aware of. Discussed in IBD 5g review. Technically It has a NO DRAMA chart. You can sleep easily with this one. WEEKLY flag trigger in motion with a $100 + . target 1 . I'm not sure you need to find "the One". A small team of good players will give you exposure and diversity.
  • DAN: ...
    $CIEN – Steep, high volume selloff leaves a lot of overhead supply. But watching it.
    $CRON – This is one of Scott's stocks.
    $WDAY – just watching now. Still soaking up supply from the early March selloff.
    $KIDS – holding abov ...
  • champ: @DAN $TAL $EHTH $BSTC $GHDX $FN $DXCM $FRPT $TME $TCEHY $CIEN $CRON $WDAY $KIDS ---- Nice to see $TME, on your list...if anything pops up to look at, let us know. Monday, could be a nice day, to swing into..? #Thanks!
  • rachel: ...
    $CIEN – Steep, high volume selloff leaves a lot of overhead supply. But watching it. This needs a few weeks before setting up a proper base.
    $CRON – This is one of Scott's stocks. Squeezing.
  • rachel: ...
    $CIEN – Good example of overhead supply from steep drop.
    $CVS – oversold rebound working.
    $ZEN – breakout on average volume.
    $AAPL – you are chasing now.
    $TSLA – this is what most charts look like. Your only edge is in ...
  • rachel: ...
    $CIEN – holding at 50-day MA. Stops below Friday’s low.
    $FN – rebound off 50-day MA. (Growth Stock Holding)
    WB – China. Regained 50-day MA.
    $VIPS – consolidating. Breakout would be at $8.15.
    $FIZZ & ...
  • petros06: $CIEN does anyone know, is $CIEN still an IBD fav?
  • dngrisk: @petros06 $CIEN Not on the IBD 50 or Sector Leaders lists. Composite Rating = 98, with EPS and RS ratings of 96, so still strong. Ranked #2 in their Fiber Optics Industry Group (whch is #10 out of 197). Don't know how quick IBD factors in earnings reports, so it's possible yesterday's report is not reflected.
  • petros06: @dngrisk $CIEN #2 #10 thx
  • DrScience: @Forexpro I think you're familiar with most of the public network cybersecurity entities $PANW, $SYMC, $INTC, etc. But, don't forget that $T, $VZ, etc. operate some of the largest networks and have their own cybersecurity divisions. It's interesting to note that US Defense contractors had their own cyber shops until they shot themselves in the foot a few years ago. Today, there are dozens of boutique/niche cybersecurity companies offering an array of software, services, etc. And, hardware companies, $CSCO, $CIEN, etc., embed security into the network switching boxes they sell. And, just to take up that one spare moment before lunch is over, see
  • Forexpro: @DrScience $PANW $SYMC $INTC $T $VZ $CSCO $CIEN Thanks Again, DrScience, Yeah, familiar with the biggest names, less familiar with, to pick a couple of tickers, $CYBR, $VHC. Those two are way too rich for me at this point, so they should be heading still higher. I'll do a bit of digging, hoping to find some small specialist outfit with headquarters in the U.S. and half a dozen ex-Israeli military types coding somewhere outside Tel Aviv that is flying under the market's radar. Fat chance, I expect. Hadn't thought about $CSCO in that context; that's a stock that I've been looking at longingly for a while. Please see $CYBR and $VHC, above. :) Take care, Amigo, and all the best!
  • scottrades: For those who followed $CIEN - Looks like they had great earnings, but as always the reaction is more important.
  • traderbren: @scottrades $CIEN - yep, the price action says it all. Considered it yesterday, but with ER, I stayed clear. Once the dust settles it may be worth considering again....much like $CRM on this pull back following earnings.
  • mopick: @traderbren $CIEN $CRM, agreed! Own $CRM, interesting that despite what is framed as a disappointing outlook the stock still received 7 upgrades!
  • issues: $CIEN reports on Tues: IBD says, "Ciena earnings are expected to double to 30 cents a share as revenue swells 17% to $755 million, according to Zacks Investment Research. That would be the third straight quarter of accelerating Ciena earnings growth. Ciena stock fell 0.5% to 42.54 in Monday's stock market action, slightly extended from a 40.26 buy point off a rare ascending base. Ciena stock is holding up well while many top growth stocks are doing well." $CRM reports tonight. Holding 1/2 position.
  • DrScience: @issues $CIEN has been getting more date offers to the prom as networks ramp capacity to complement 5G upgrades. The big dog, Huawei, has been losing popularity in the class, branded as an as-yet unconfirmed Chinese spy/bogeyman.
  • scottrades: I sold $CIEN too early. It's laughing at me, I can feel it.
  • traderbren: @scottrades $CIEN - LOL...we all feel the same when our name crosses the tape, and it heads higher. Just remind yourself that you made some dough. ;-)
  • scottrades: @traderbren $CIEN #TrueStory! Appreciate the reassurance. BTW, thanks for posting about $TME - Got some today.
  • indigo1948: @scottrades $CIEN -sorry about that -done it way too many times. The last ones were $CAT and $PG. Bought and holding this one-for once. All the best.
  • scottrades: @indigo1948 $CIEN $CAT $PG ALL Good. Trading volatile stocks (PotStocks) has made me super protective. I'm trying to learn how to better manage trades that are working, and hold them for longer periods of time. Always learning, always growing. That's why I love trading.
  • scottrades: Posted this one a few days ago. $CIEN has a daily triple top. I've now exited my swing position for a 4% gain.
  • Bret:
  • scottrades: @Bret $CIEN If it can pop up on Volume then there's likely more upside potential. Momentum and volume are dropping right now, so I just locked in the gain and now I'll keep it on my watchlist. I like that it's just grinding sideways on the hourly chart but, we want to see Increasing daily volume as more buyers are coming to play.
  • scottrades: $CIEN Hourly Flag
  • woodman: #5G / #IoT stocks are working, though some are too hot to touch rhrn - $VIAV $TSEM $CEVA $LSCC $GLW $CIEN $HLIT $KEYS $XLNX
  • scottrades: $CIEN is moving
  • scottrades: $CIEN Peaking it's head just above resistance.
  • indigo1948: @scottrades $CIEN - IBD is big on this one for potential breakout.
  • Cokeman1959: @scottrades $CIEN Looking st the daily, would you hope for a little pullback to form a handle, a higher low, and an entry closer to the 50 day?
  • scottrades: @Cokeman1959 $CIEN Ideally yes a pullback to support is a great entry. But this stock is only 10 cents off it's 52 Week High, so with little price history above it could just pop.
  • DrScience: $CIEN new 52-week high for third day in a row. Stock moving from a flag. Stock could see $48 over the next year.
  • Gary: ...
    10. $CIEN – very high RS. Volatile, and you should be able to buy near the bottom of the channel if you are patient.
    11. $EVTC – tightening. I have small position here, and will keep as long as it’s on trend.
    12. $LFVN – Smal ...
  • rachel: ...
    3. $CIEN – Looks like solid uptrend and trading above 50-day MA. Yes, but gapped and corrected. Uptrend is ok and you can hold if you own. But buying now? Needs to tighten a lot.
    4. $LOCO – broke a downtrending tops line on volume. Not s ...
  • Reif99: @efrain007 $TLRD $QD also $CIEN
  • efrain007: @Reif99 $TLRD $QD $CIEN Thanks, yes saw that too, just don't think that one has as much profit % potential, but I'll keep an eye out. Edit; for a day trade.
  • bsafriet: $cien entered premkt, trade working nicely
  • Reif99: @efrain007 $TLRD $QD $CIEN You were right
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Ciena Corporation is a provider of equipment, software and service solutions that support the transport, switching, aggregation and management of voice, video and data traffic on communications networks.

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