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  • woodman: $CNMD - uptrending stock undergoing a pullback.
  • woodman: $AXGN $CNMD - very nice charts.
  • woodman: More #MedicalDevices - $ALGN $GMED $DXCM $EW $HAE $TNDM $ACRX $LIVN $NVTR $CRY $IRMD $AXGN $TCMD $INGN $OFIX $CNMD $IART $PEN $POD $XENT $INSP $SYK (big pull back, may be opportunity)
  • mopick: @woodman $ALGN $GMED $DXCM $EW $HAE $TNDM $ACRX $LIVN $NVTR $CRY $IRMD $AXGN $TCMD $INGN $OFIX $CNMD $IART $PEN $POD $XENT $INSP $SYK #MedicalDevices , I like the etf, $IHI, which incorporates many of these same names without the individual stock risk. Great chart, up almost 20% YTD.
  • riskmanager: @woodman $ALGN $GMED $DXCM $EW $TNDM $ACRX $LIVN $NVTR $CRY $IRMD $AXGN $TCMD $INGN $OFIX $CNMD $IART $PEN $POD $XENT $INSP $SYK #MedicalDevices That pullback in ALGN to 334 the other day was a missed opportunity. Should have pounced on that.
  • woodman: @mopick $ALGN $GMED $DXCM $EW $HAE $TNDM $ACRX $LIVN $NVTR $CRY $IRMD $AXGN $TCMD $INGN $OFIX $CNMD $IART $PEN $POD $XENT $INSP $SYK $IHI #MedicalDevices Nothing wrong with 20%, for sure. And that would be a safe route to go. But many of these stocks have such great long term charts that if you can get one or a few at a good spot, or take a plunge higher than you like but with the idea of adding on a pullback, then you could greatly outperform IHI. If these were biotechs, with huge risk in any individual stock (and all small/mid sized biotechs have a lot of risk), I'd be more inclined to buy the index. JMHO.
  • spmeyers: @woodman $ALGN $GMED $DXCM $EW $HAE $TNDM $ACRX $LIVN $NVTR $CRY $IRMD $AXGN $TCMD $INGN $OFIX $CNMD $IART $PEN $POD $XENT $INSP $SYK #MedicalDevices thanks; this group is rockin' big time
  • Tricia: Health Related Tickers reporting before the Bell : $ZMH,BSX,$ALXN CELG,$UTHR,MGLN,$CNMD,IVC,$BABY , $MDSO good luck to all.
  • jojo1480: $MAKO ISRG- the way these two device makers are behaving, I may have to start looking @others in the space ie $BDX TMO $CNMD SYK etc., or the insurers again $HUM UNH $CI ATH etc.
  • jojo1480: Tough Market to trade in, fewest positions and biggest cash position in quite sometime, rotated out of healthcare, $HUM and $CNMD lone remaining positions. $HON ETN $EMR TCK $FCX AAPL $GS ABV added to position this morning. Looking to sell more into the rips, and buying a little on the dips. Long Cash ~80%.
  • jojo1480: $TMO BDX- stocks are working nicely, forum probably sick of me pounding the table on these medical device makers, long $BDX TMO $HGR STJ $CNMD ARAY and $MAKO (still getting short squeezed).
  • jojo1480: $HGR STJ- starter position this am, tight stops 4% stop loss@bid. Long $ISRG MAKO $CNMD ARAY $BDX TMO, in the medical device makers, seeya have a great day.
  • jojo1480: $MHP ESRX- new 52wk highs, gotta take a little off the table. $MED PAY- knocking the socks off, both stocks are heavily shorted. Long $PVH SNDK $CNMD - adding to positon now overweight in these 3stocks.
  • jojo1480: ...
    MAKO- sold out last week, went back in as it bounced off the previous day's closed, short position ~16%, corporate insiders have been selling stocks not a huge % of their total holdings. Q1 earnings were good. $CNMD TMO $BDX wkly chart is the time f ...
  • jojo1480: $TMO MAKO CNMD- continue their BB expansion, $BDX the only laggard. It appears most medical device makers are getting a boost from $JNJ acquisition this am, even $ISRG is getting a boost this am. Long $TMO BDX $CNMD MAKO.
  • jojo1480: GLNG- closing out trade a nice 2X+, taking profits in $BDX TMO $MAKO and $CNMD, bought many energy names this morning, maintaining 72% cash position.
  • jojo1480: BDX- BB expansion taking place, may just be the beginning. Long $MAKO BDX $CNMD and looking @SNN.
  • jojo1480: $MAKO CNMD- i wouldn' t call it a cheap version, received big order from $HMA last week. Stock is overextended might want to wait for a pullback. $CNMD an expensive small cap stock ~$750 mkt cap, only trades 80K+ shares a day, chart is constructive. Long $MAKO and CNMD.
  • jojo1480: $BDX MAKO $CNMD ISRG- all device makers, $BDX chart is looking interesting, have an uptrend form 77 to 81, now sitting above the 50dma,might be good for a quick trade. Am long $MAKO continues BB expansion, and $CNMD just started the BB expansion to the upside, long. $BDX taking a starter positon with tight stops.
  • jojo1480: GLNG- jkricha, ur still in this? am looking fwd to the 2X. $CNMD this small cap medical device maker been basing since the end of Dec. I believe short interest is ~6.5%, PE 25 with a $PEG 2.77, kinda pricey maybe the shorts are right. Been in this for about 4mos, will see what will happens. Still long $MAKO, $GLNG and CNMD. am having a terrific day so far.
  • jojo1480: $MAKO MDT- adding to these two medical device makers, now overweight in position, FD- long $MAKO MDT $CNMD TMO.
  • jojo1480: ABV- wacholder, i caveat that with stating that the daily is banging against the 50dma, and that the slope is leveling off. Whether it punches through or rejected remains to be seen. I am the first to admit that i am in early, and i do so knowingly t ...
  • jojo1480: MAKO- continues BB expansion on above avg volume. another 52wk hi, others in the space i am long $CNMD and $TMO (pu today). GNW- continues upward movement, keep it on the radar, this is a multi year recovery, been long for a while and gone nowhere. FD- long $GNW and PRU.
  • jojo1480: ISRG- shredex3, so far enjoying the 4+ pt gain, might close out trade at end of day, and carry 1/2 into tomorrow. Hey if you have a longer term horizon take a look at MAKO. $TMO and $CNMD, same space medical devices. I am long $MAKO and $CNMD and recently sold TMO.
  • jojo1480: jkricha, trimming some of my very profitable positions to finance the addition of my purchases, reduced cash position to ~45%. Looking at my Fid ATP screen, i can almost see all of holdings without having to scroll down. Added to $PRU BAC $WFC GS (common and calls), $PNC AXP. In the natural resource added to $ANR BG $FCX TCK $SQM, healtcare added to $MAKO and $CNMD, and lastly increased position size in $JCI and ABV. i am done for the week. I sold out of my aerospace holdings the only one i kept is ATI.
  • jojo1480: FNSR- blowing out the upper BB, adding more to $OVTI and OCLR. these optical plays in mobile device units continue to do well. FD-long MAKO- trading above upper BB, and $CNMD continue its Vsqueeze. Both of these are medical device makers, $MAKO has new robotics similar to ISRG. ck them out. FD-long
  • jojo1480: $MAKO CNMD TMO- medical device makers, all have similar charts, consolidating above the 50dma, do your due diligence, in general the fundies are very good. I sold $TMO yesterday after a nice run. FD- long $CNMD and MAKO.
  • jojo1480: CNMD- small cap medical device maker, Vsqueeze and BB expansion to the upside, thanks to $DHR buying out BEC. I mentioned several weeks ago that the medical device makers are interesting, due to the Obama Care draconian taxing of this group. $TMO presenting a possible entry point the last several days as it sits on the 50dma. FD- long $CNMD and TMO. edit- long $MAKO as well.
  • jojo1480: BMY- jkricha, used to have it, was dead money for a long time. More of a defensive stock (was going to buy $K, last wk, lost track), good divd payer. What is in the pipeline? Anything promising in clinical phase 3? I have been buying $CNMD MAKO and been long MHS HUM $WLP for quite a while.
  • jojo1480: $CNMD, line added new to position, working on a Vsqueeze to the upside after a month long consolidation.
  • Boo: @Dan and Team, Thank you for your help and patience during my first week.Have a fun and restful weekend.2 tickers that were mentioned on another blog that might be worth a look. $CNMD and $IVC
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Stock Price $USD 73.10
Change 1.02%
Volume 228,537

Conmed Corporation is a medical technology company with an emphasis on surgical devices and equipment for minimally invasive procedures and monitoring.

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  • October 31st, 2018 - 2018 Q3 Earnings
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