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  • wijimmy: $DELL, $APPL, $HPQ, $HPE... Any computer savvy people here ? I need to buy a new Laptop for trading.... What would be the minimum requirements when building the computer ? { brand, processor, memory etc...} I make 2-3 day trades a day, I use $SCHW and Thinkorswim .. I like to see L2 and the live action... Thanks for any Help...
  • scottrades: @wijimmy $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW I'm actually a Lenovo fan. They have a bunch of pre-build Gaming computers that are decent for what you're doing. The main thing is the graphics card for multiple monitors. I use the Ideapad for most of my work, it has HDMI Out.
  • DAN: @scottrades $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW My Lenovo laptop is a monster. Two solid state hard drives and so powerful that it makes me espressos in the morning. Love Lenovo.
  • Samir: @wijimmy $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW I would stay away from all laptops except the Mac Pro. Apple laptops are very expensive but in the long run no windows,minimum hangups, and all operating system updates are free and it is more reliable than all other computers. Get fastest processor and best video card. Remember Think or Swim is very power hungry and if you have it open all day any laptop will get hot. I run all macs and use a desktop windows based computer with an 8gig nvideo card which is expensive but will run high resolution of 4 different monitors and the mother bd will have the 5th monitor display. you can buy a high end desktop at Costco for around $2000 and the mac 15 in will be around 3000. Wait until Apple releases 16in mac which they might have already
  • phgruver: @Samir $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW ...Spoken like a true Apple-onian....
  • rclaus: @wijimmy $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW I am in IT and use to build gaming machines. Easiest thing to do is get a machine designed for gaming. Particularly for TOS which can be bit of a resource hog. To me brand is not so important as most machines have similar if not the same components. Just don't go for the cheapest as all manufacturers have their cheap product lines but often you get what you pay for. For example there is a big difference between the Dell latitude and the Dell XPS lines. I like XPS machines. Just make sure you get 16 GB RAM, at least a 256 GB SSD drive and at least an I5 processor but I7 would be better. Most of these machines will include a good graphics card.
  • phgruver: @Samir @wijimmy $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW ... I should add that part of your advise is very valid. Get the fastest processor and the best video card that you can afford. There are several brands that will give you excellent service. I'm retired, and my former employer sold their PC business, so I no longer have a brand to support. I would also add get the most memory and the largest, fastest hard drive that you can afford as well. For TOS you have to be running MS Windows or iOS.
  • snowbound: @rclaus $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW My knowledge and experience in building is limited to PCs . Recently we had a FORUM discussion on TOS and as a result I did some very informal testing on resource management . Results on my machine were that TOS appears to use very little processor but consistently and almost CONTINUOUSLY eats up 2 GB RAM on even my relatively simple platform set-up .
  • Vegan56: @rclaus $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW The only problem is the computer BUS Speed - which cannot be optimized no matter what the speed of the Chip or how much RAM you have - it all has to go through the BUS chipset..
  • wijimmy: @Vegan56 $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW ......AWESOME !!!! Thank you ALL ...for the input and ADVICE .....
  • wijimmy: @scottrades $DELL $APPL $HPQ $HPE $SCHW ........AWESOME !!!! Thank you ALL ...for the input and ADVICE .....
  • grcjr: @jan2138 #SC19 :-) For those interested see supercomputing.org. This is an annual conference that started in 1988. Was some interesting items from $INTC, $ARM, $AMD, $HPE, $DELL and others. $NVDA's CEO gave a two hour talk on Monday (I had to register to get in), prior to the official opening where he was mixing drinks for attendees during the opening Monday Evening session. Crazy. No big surprises.
  • grcjr: #Supercomputing #ISCconference $IBM $HPE #Cray, $NVDA and more.

    This year's ISC (International Super Computing) conference is over and as usual Tabor Communications does their usual synopsis.

    For the complete coverage see https://tci.taborcommuni ...
  • grcjr: $CRAY (being bought by $HPE) $INTC $AMD - In the recent decade, $CRAY has at times led with $INTC cpus and at other times $AMD cpus. A new post by $CRAY indicatess that $CRAY also supports the use of the #ARM cpu.
  • debeers: $HPE/$CRAY-HPE buying CRAY for 1.3B
  • shoredriver: @debeers $HPE $CRAY ...$35 seems a bit low ....maybe not....
  • debeers: @shoredriver $HPE $CRAY -On Bloomberg this am.4:35 Pacific.
  • debeers: @shoredriver $HPE $CRAY -About what? a 30% premium to yesterday's close.
  • grcjr: $HPE $Cray #SGI $IBM #Supercomputing - $HPE is buying $Cray. They previously bought #SGI. End of an era is in sight. $IBM previously has been divesting its hardware business. My career has been mostly in this business area. The annual conference is the week before Thanksgiving, this year in Denver. The first one was in 1988. $AMZN is but one example of commodity Supercomputing.
  • 1winkie: Stock futures mixed with $BA continuing to drag on the Dow industrials, and $HPE helped put a dent in early trade, after an analyst downgrade. $AAPL climbed, looking to add a third straight advance.
  • 1winkie: ...
    $HPE was downgraded to Equal Weight from Overweight with a $15 target price versus a $14.44 prior close at Morgan Stanley.

    $INCY was downgraded to Neutral from Buy with an $82 price target (versus a $78.76 close, after a 7.1% gain) at UBS. The stoc ...
  • tjv821: @1winkie $APA $CPE $XEC $CZR $COLM $DELL $DVN $HPE $INCY $NTAP $JWN $MET $PCG $PTC $SC $SM $SNAP $VBIV $WFC ty for the list
  • rachel: ...
    $HPE – looking for a gap fill here? No. The longer the stock trades at a certain level, the weaker the rubber band is. One leads to the other.
    $NEWR – last video was 2 years ago. (Hope I said to buy it and hold it for 2 years). Work ...
  • ab3250: $HPE is moving up off the bottom.
  • cb: $HPE been holding this one showing some life RHRN
  • cb: $HPE took profits
  • cb: $HPE Long Term up nice today holding new position from last week @ 15.77
  • Ajax4Hire: Bought $HPE - HP Enterprises, Inc. Trying out the bounce strategy today.
  • greenpatrol: @Ajax4Hire $HPE Has not triggered yet. Yesterday's high was 15.81.
  • PJMR11: @Ajax4Hire $HPE Wait until $15.81. It may not get there.
  • PJMR11: $HPE Jumped the gun a little. In at $15.75. Very tight stop.
  • cb: $HPE New Position 15.79
  • cb: $HPE should test and push through16
  • PJMR11: @cb $HPE Would be nice
  • greenpatrol: @cb $HPE In at 15.82
  • PJMR11: $HPE Out at 10:30am unless stock is over the open significantly. I have more success using that parameter.
  • greenpatrol: @PJMR11 $HPE Nice tip. Thanks PJMR11
  • PJMR11: @greenpatrol $HPE This looks like it doesn't have legs. Volume is good but relative strength is not good.
  • greenpatrol: @PJMR11 $HPE Yep, I see what you mean. I have my stop just below yesterday's opening print.
  • PJMR11: $HPE I am out. If it goes up, it will have to do so without me.
  • greenpatrol: @PJMR11 $HPE Can't say I blame you. Having looked at yesterday's action I am giving it until 11:15 EST to make a move, unless my stop takes me out before. While I'm waiting, I'll have a tipple in the SMM bar of the $AMZN train.
  • PJMR11: @greenpatrol $HPE $AMZN I csan't do the AMZN train. The price has gotten beyond my parameters for trading.
  • PJMR11: @greenpatrol $HPE $AMZN Looks like there are no buyers for HPE right now.
  • greenpatrol: @PJMR11 $HPE $AMZN Nope, nothing much doing. I closed my position earlier. Got a couple of alerts set just in case it comes back next week.
  • Gary: ...
    COTD: $HPE – dead cat bounce on this stock. BTO at $15.85. Stop at $15.15. Alert $15.82
    $SPX – not looking for anything tomorrow.
    $DJI – nothing much.
    $DJT – mild pullback
    $DJUSRR – pushing to new highs. ...
  • sierramp: $PRLB I bought yesterday on break above D50 but after today's pullback and very low volume I'm thinking this might be more of a zig-zag play. I thought there might be less red and more green after $HPE Innovation Summit announcing it's fusion 3D printing with $PRLB and others.
  • steve71: @Suz $MSFT $AAPL $GOOG $ORCL $C $JPM #1 Right, $C def on the list. Barron's had a slightly different angle a few weeks ago. They mentioned $HPE $GILD $TDC $HPQ as repatriation plays. Their absolute $ overseas were not as high. But the amount of overseas funds is the highest % of each company's market cap. I'm sure an English major could have said that more clearly.
  • lecoqsportif61: $HPE. I am trying to make sense of this. Never ever saw a pattern like this. Still the big question is why HPE is not red today like the rest of the tech? is this enough to keep it afloat : "01:14 PM EST, 11/28/2017 (MT Newswires) -- Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company(HPE) and ABB disclosed Tuesday a global partnership that combines digital offering ABB Ability with HPE's hybrid information technology solutions."
  • CHOFF: @lecoqsportif61 $HPE - twin cobra kai pattern
  • tri2insite: @CHOFF $HPE I'm not familiar with single cobra Kia pattern, let alone the twin. Sounds wild!
  • CHOFF: @tri2insite $HPE - it was a joke...minus the gap between the cobras (anomaly?), it looks closest to a head and shoulders to me
  • bigbartabs: @CHOFF $HPE ... double cobra... now that there's something I haven't see before. Are you sure that isn't the Play It Again Sam pattern?
  • grcjr: ...
    The company name "Cray" has been around since 1972 when Seymour left Control Data Corporation to go on his own. Operating under a number of names as one Cray company failed, split, changed, merged, and/or sold. Merged with $SGI in 1996. In ...
  • Bridget: Earnings after the close: $CRM $HPQ $HPE Earnings tomorrow before the open: $TIF $DE
  • issues: @Bridget $CRM $HPQ $HPE $TIF $DE Thanks for this notice. I will hope for a drop in any to buy.
  • grcjr: From Supercomputing 2017 (SC17): simple summary (more later) Huge amount of coverage of Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence by vendors and users. Including a bit about the dangers, particularly hacking and spoofing these systems. Bullish: $NVDA, $INTC, $NVDA $MU, ... and did I mention $NVDA (they had over 250 employees at the conference) ? Semi bullish to neutral side note: $AAPL, $AVGO, $QCOM, $NXPI ... Although none of these were present, there was a lot of 1 on 1 and small group discussion about these. Neutral: $AMD (although the collaboration with $INTC using the $AMD graphics chip may work out), Bearish: $IBM, $HPE I'll post a bit more over the next week as I finish my notes.
  • DAN: @grcjr $NVDA $INTC $MU $AAPL $AVGO $QCOM $NXPI $AMD $IBM $HPE Great information, grcjr. Really appreciate you sharing this with us, and I look forward to your notes. $-)
  • AndStars: @vblegacy @Mojomoney $DXC 2nd Q 2017 $HPE spun off much of it's services group to $CSC in exchange for cash. The two entities ($CSC and enterprise services of $HPE) immediately formed a new company, $DXC, a much larger, focused endeavor. The $CSC ticker was retired. So $HPE got funds, and the new company ($CSC -> $DXC) received specialized expertise in the form of human capital, as well as a very full book of mature business HPE services possessed.
  • AndStars: @Wolf @vblegacy @Mojomoney $DXC $HPE $CSC $CSRA

    Wolf, here are the details of the "Reverse Morris Trust" merger announced today by $DXC. They are spinning off all of their U.S. Government non-healthcare related business. Healthcare relate ...
  • Bridget: $HPE breakout on the daily
  • steve71: @Bridget $HPE Mentioned in Barron's. High % of overseas cash relative to market capitalization. Potentially more upside from Repatriation than companies with bigger overseas cash positions but smaller % of market cap. Others are $HPQ $TDC $GILD.
  • Bridget: #Notes: earnings: $NKE $DRI $CCL In a Squeeze: $GOGL $EXPE $HCA $ALXN $LQD $ADP Breaking out: $CL $OEC $EMN $FISV $TWX $VAC $GES $HPE $CLDX $ANET - bearish engulfing after new high $BMA - phase 2 $EA $ATVI - breaking down from squeeze $XAR - defense stocks seeing pullback, even with N Korea issues $MCO - working $MON - working $ABT $HD - new high after flag New lows - $DGX $INCY CHinese stocks taking a hit - $FXI $BABA BIDU SINA EDU TAL $PYPL $SQ $V - getting sold today $XLK - tech stocks took a big hit $MSFT $AVGO $LRCX $XLI - extended $EEM - dropped $GDX - finding support Oil stocks still running $MOD $LEA $DAN - auto parts working IPOs $AKCA $SOI
  • vfr777: @DAN $HPE Thanks Dan. It's a short term trade. gap to fill to $23.00 . and 200day at $21. I plan to hold till then and see what happens.
  • vfr777: @dan $HPE Dan looks like $HPE has made a comeback after the fall in June. at 50day now. Is it a good time to buy?
  • DAN: @vfr777 $HPE It's certainly popping out of the squeeze from June into July. I haven't been paying attention to that stock. I think it's going higher...but the 200-day moving average is right overhead. So not sure how much additional upside it would have from here. If you buy...buy lightly. Hope that helps (at least a little)
  • Bridget: is $HPQ about to follow $HPE?
  • AndStars: Anyone know what's going on with $HPE?
  • Forexpro: @AndStars $HPE

    Hi, AndStars,

    Not in any epistemologically profound sense, but this snippet from Reuters seems to sum it up:

    ** Hewlett Packard Enterprise shares down 6 pct at $17.67 - among the top pct losers on the NYSE
    ** Barclays cuts PT to $1 ...
  • debeers: $HPE-someone asked why this was down--well, when you disappoint in earnings and give disappointing guidance, that's sorta what happens. Blaming everyone else but yourself is only the frosting on this half-baked cake.
  • Wolf: @bigbartabs $HPQ $DXC You are right, HPQ is the HW business (Printers, PC and supplies). I would rate $HPE right up there with $IBM, which is not a compliment.
  • Raos: @Bridget $DXC #ipo For what its worth .. just as an FYI .. $DXC is not an IPO. $CSC merged with the HPES division of $HPE and they gave it a new name. So basically, $DXC is the new symbol for the old $CSC
  • Bridget: @Raos $DXC $CSC $HPE #ipo Thanks for that insight.
  • cmaxwel1: @Bridget $COST $CMG $PRAH $MTSI $WYNN $FCAU $GM $F $HLT $SYY $KBH $HPE $WIX (I added $PRAH)
  • Bridget: Notes: $COST - announced a special dividend $CMG - inverted hammer, this move may be exhausted $PRAH - bearish engulfing, but is it now at a good buy price at the 50DMA? $MTSI - big hammer, oversold bounce. bought some at $50. $WYNN - big jump on earnings but I think this has room to run $FCAU - new high, $GM and $F also seeing a bounce $HLT - breakout $SYY - breakout $KBH - breakout $HPE - new high, coming out of squeeze on the weekly $WIX - hit a new high today then pulled back. IV is very high due to CSCO buyout rumors. 10% premium on the ATM options
  • spmeyers: @Bridget $COST $CMG $PRAH $MTSI $WYNN $FCAU $GM $F $HLT $SYY $KBH $HPE $WIX $MAR also nice; good day for hotels
  • BocaRick: $DXC upgraded to Overweight by $MS. This is the spin off from $HPE and $CSC. Up 4% yesterday. Added to my position
  • Bridget: Notes: $QRVO $SWKS - nice breakouts $DXC - spin off from $HPE, now in a nice uptrend $AKRX - shares have spiked higher due to M&A hopes, IV is still really high. I'd stay away for now $WU - breaking down out of consolidation, almost surpassing the Jan low. Options liquidity is good for buying puts $DLR- new high and looking ready to break out of consolidation $CY $MDCO - at a low risk buy point on the 50DMA $PAH - also about to break higher off the 50DMA $BIVV - IPO working
  • AndStars: $DXC, recent spinoff-merger from $HPE up over 3% today. Continues trend higher. What is the best way to approach new tickers such as this that have a limited chart to analyze. Should they be looked at in a similar fashion to IPOs, even though they are mature businesses with solid balance sheets and a large enterprise customer base? [Side Note: Not sure why I'm getting a "No Chart Available" for $DXC when I hover over the ticker symbol. Other tickers are showing charts without error…]
  • BocaRick: $HPE -5 -24% after lowering forecast earnings
  • Forexpro: @BocaRick $HPE Thanks Much, BocaRick, Yeah, nice daily bar. There is some competition in $HPE's space, I suppose. Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • BocaRick: @Forexpro $HPE #Yahoo Finance story incomplete. HPE also spin off shares of $DXC, joint venture with $CSC. Spin off 8 shares of DXC per 100 shares of HPE. With DXC trading @ $70, this should be a breakeven (Section 355 spinoff)
  • Bridget: Notes: $FTNT - breakout after a flag, $HACK is also doing well $BA - at a good buy point if you have been wanting to buy this $ATVI - still working,new all time high $HAWK - breakout on sideways consolidation, on volume $SFM - moving higher after some consolidation, this has room for growth $POST - still looking strong on this breakout $ECA - rising on increasing volume, recovered the 50DMA $HPE - starting to fill the gap from earnings Oil and energy is seeing a large bounce: $MRO $HES $XOP $APA $CHK $SWN Is retail making a comeback? $BBY $TJX $TGT $WMT $ANF $RL $COH $UA
  • cmac: Shorting $HPE here. It had a nice dead cat bounce off horrible earnings when it sold off on huge volume. Right at 50sma resistance which is flattening out. I don't think the gap gets filled.
  • hockeyfan5110:
  • cmac: @hockeyfan5110 $HPE We will soon see. For a short entry, its relatively low risk. Stop loss cover just over 50sma. I see huge institutional selling and then several days of lighter retail buying. Good luck.
  • DrScience: $HPE Hotdog pattern
  • DrScience: ...
    Shares of Hewlett Packard Enterprise ($HPE) slumped 6.7% premarket after the IT company late Thursday reported lower sales than expected and cut its earnings projections for the fiscal year.

    Shares of $RH, the company formerly known as Restoration ...
  • bigbartabs: @Henry $HPE $HPQ ... sorry, just now catching up on the forum... Here's what I sent to Dan yesterday... @DAN $HPQ $HPE ... HPE is HP Enterprise, which is the IT services side (after consuming EDS, where I spent most of my career). HPQ is the remainder (old business line... like printers, etc.)
  • Bridget: @bigbartabs $HPE $HPQ thank you for your reply yesterday.
  • Henry: @bigbartabs $HPE $HPQ Thanks
  • DrScience: $HPE Big Bets: 10K APR 24 Calls @ .40 DB.
  • Bridget: @DAN $HPQ gapped and ran big this morning after earnings. Does that gives us any indication of what $HPE will do?
  • DAN: @Bridget $HPQ $HPE I really don't know. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what the relationship between HPE and HPQ is. I'm pretty sure that they are two entirely different businesses...which was the reason why Meg spun off HPE. But I really haven't looked at them...so I'm not a guy to ask. 8-\
  • bigbartabs: @DAN $HPQ $HPE ... HPE is HP Enterprises, which is the IT services side (after consuming EDS, where I spent most of my career). HPQ is the remainder (old business line... like printers, etc.)
  • DAN: @bigbartabs $HPQ $HPE Ah! Thanks BBT.
  • Bridget: $HPE $HPQ guess they don't follow each other. $HPE down big on earnings AH.
  • bigbartabs: @Bridget $HPE $HPQ ... I sent Dan a note this morning about the difference between E and Q. FYI...
  • Henry: @bigbartabs $HPE $HPQ How about a Cliff notes summary for the rest of us? Deeply ingrained standards make me say please and somehow it looks snarky. I do not not mean it that way.
  • phgruver: @issues $LRCX $WDC This is hard to gauge. $WDC has a nice looking chart, but direct competitor $STX doesn't. EDS was taken private by Dell, so we can't gauge that way. $HPE was reorgainzed, and re-tickered, so there's not much history there. $IBM is doing OK, but it's just now getting back to where it was 2 years ago, and $INTC is at the top of a 3 year trading channel. If I wanted to play it into earnings, I think I'd be inclined to play it with options.
  • issues: @phgruver $LRCX $WDC $STX $HPE $IBM $INTC Thank you kind sir! I really appreciate a clear thinking person giving me some unbiased feedback. That really helps. For me there's nothing like getting into a position only to see it stay the same or drop and I am stuck holding it.
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co provides servers, storage, networking and technology services. The Company's business segments are Enterprise Group, Software, Enterprise Services, Financial Services, and Corporate Investments.

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