Everspin Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:MRAM)

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  • issues: Lurking over Semis: IBD $MRAM (bot 100) $TSM (bot small), $QCOM (own) $SWKS NP $MCHP (looking hard at it). I did buy $QRVO (encouraged by $QDEL doing so well today.)
  • que_chimba: $MRAM moving
  • drmike54: $MRAM breaking out of a long term squeeze: built a full position.
  • spmeyers: $MRAM moving through 200-day, likely heading up to test Jan high; nice long base
  • justinp: $MRAM Nice short run, let's see if this is a flag for more.
  • justinp: $MRAM Out of monthly congestion. Not technically a squeeze but the bollingers had pulled together.
  • justinp: $MRAM Perking up.
  • tjv821: $mram glad I got out
  • tjv821: $mram still behind the wood shed
  • tjv821: @bRobert $espr ty for setting my nerves still beating.myself up for not dumping $mram quick enough
  • tjv821: $mram so much for my profits
  • tjv821: $mram anyone else in this and why getting crushed can't find anything at work and don't know where support is?? Still dropping like a rock
  • DAN: @tjv821 $mram I'm not really following this stock, tjv821. Just don't let a profit turn into a loss. Many many times I've bought a stock, then sold it pretty quickly if it reversed on me. Commissions are cheap. Holding a stock that goes against you is expensive. Don't be committed to a stock; be committed to your money.
  • tjv821: $mram working
  • Bridget: $MRAM still working #ipo
  • Bridget: $MRAM @Dan mentioned this one last week. #ipo hitting a new high on good volume.
  • Bridget: Notes: $XRT getting crushed. $M $LB $COST $WMT $FIVE $KSS Breakouts that are working: $BZUN, $DLPH, $DHI $FIZZ $CX $OSUR New Breakouts: $PYPL $ATHM $KRO $EWW $CF $BWA $MOMO $EDU $TAL $JD - nice bounce off the 50dma $LMT $NOC $RTN - still working $VALE - moving higher, ER on 7/27 $PKG - nice bullish engulfing candle after flag $MRAM - #ipo new high on volume
  • tjv821: $true and $mram killing it today
  • DAN: @tjv821 $true $mram MRAM -- IPO. Noticed that too. All time high. 8-)
  • justinp: $MRAM Despite a pullback, this still bounced. Horribly extended but strong as death. I have a stop in if it finally decides to roll over.
  • spmeyers: @justinp $MRAM sold mine yesterday
  • justinp: $MRAM Also a beast today. Bumping up against $20.00 tho.
  • jwstich: @maxabella $PI Really like this stock. Hoping for a pull back to add to position. Also like $MRAM which is in same IBD group but is very volatile and not for the faint of heart.
  • maxabella: @jwstich $PI $MRAM Thanks! I'll keep a watch on it! :)
  • justinp: @infocus $PI $MRAM just jumped. Starter posn.
  • justinp: $MRAM Poppety pop.
  • jwstich: @justinp $PI $MRAM Yes, up about .80 in the last 20 minutes today. Up 1.38 today (7.9%).
  • justinp: $MRAM Positive on the day.
  • justinp: $MRAM Over the edge after an almost vertical runup.
  • bwcarnation1: $MRAM been getting alerts on this one for days and just ignored them cuz of all the other alerts going off...so yesterday gave in and bought a tiny amt (extended) ....today I'm up 22% go figure....make that 25%
  • woodman: $MRAM - holding up surprisingly well today. Not that I am buying it here, but I'm surprised after it gave back half of its big pop yesterday.
  • justinp: $MRAM broke out above recent congestion.
  • justinp: $MRAM Bullish engulfing (at least on prev day's open/close) and I like the way the BBs are edging together. LT hold here.
  • vfr777: $MRAM @woodman I'm looking at $MRAM and noticed that you posted on 1/27 about it. It declined since then but is now at the same level that you were looking at. Are you in it? Any comments?
  • woodman: @vfr777 $MRAM - Thanks for refocusing my attention to this one. I am not in this, and I didn't see the action today. This one fell off my radar, unfortunately. Nice breakout on volume and a close above resistance/consolidation. MACD flipped to positive and stochastics jumped out of oversold. That's a big move already, but it could continue up tomorrow. I probably won't be taking a position, however, due to my cash levels at the moment and other things I am focusing on. But I will keep an open mind tomorrow.
  • woodman: $MRAM - ipo that hit its bottom five days after it started trade. It looks like it is done basing now, and is now in an uptrend. It's got about 20%, at this point, to get back to its opening/all-time high.
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Stock Price $USD 5.80
Change 0.69%
Volume 116,923

Everspin Technologies Inc is a provider of Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) products. Its portfolio of MRAM technologies, including Toggle MRAM and Spin-transfer Torque MRAM (STT-MRAM), delivers superior performance, persistence, and reliability in non-volatile memories that transform how mission-critical data is protected against power loss. The company derives revenue from the sale of MRAM-based products in discrete unit form, licenses of and royalties on MRAM and magnetic sensor technology, the sale of backend foundry services, and design services to third parties. It recognizes revenue in three primary geographic regions; North America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ); out of which APJ is the majority revenue driver.

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  • March 11th, 2021 - 2020 Q4 Earnings
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