NAPCO Security Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:NSSC)

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  • ZMan2: Any opinions on $AXON & $NSSC?
  • woodman: @ZMan2 $AXON $NSSC - You're unlikely to get a meaningful response if you don't take a stab at revealing your thoughts and why you are looking at those tickers.
  • woodman: $AXON $NSSC - Moreover, by doing what I mentioned, you'll will help folks weigh in on your thinking - help us help you, so to speak - and help the learning process for everyone here.
  • Henry: @ZMan2 $AXON $NSSC @shoredriver is right. It is more educational for all if you tell us why you like those stocks. NSSC stochastics are just starting to turn up and the 50 ema looks like support. I would not buy on a Friday. See what it looks like on Monday. AXON, it where it was in January on the weekly. On the daily it's stuck in a lower range since earnings. I don't see a reason to buy.
  • ZMan2: @shoredriver $AXON $NSSC Both top rated by IBD. I own both & up in both but over the last 6 weeks they appear to be dead $.
  • Henry: @ZMan2 $AXON $NSSC I once owned the #3 IBD stock (can't remember the name) The following week it was no where to be found in their list. You've made money, there is no catalyst in the short term, time to move on.
  • woodman: @ZMan2 $AXON $NSSC - I agree with @Henry that for NSsC 50d (he uses EMA, I use SMA, for the 50) may be serving as support. No real urgency in buying it rhrn (right here, right now), though worth watching. As for $AXON, the 50dSMA looks like resistance currently. On the daily and weekly, it's kind of consolidating. Again, I agree with Henry in that I don't see it as a compelling buy right now.
  • bill52: $NSSC curling upwards
  • bill52: $NSSC this is tagging the 50 ema again intraday. I picked up another add from my initial start when it did this the other day. For what its worth, this is a solid company that was featured in IBD's Stock Spotlight a couple weeks back. I've watching for a decent lower risk pull back to start a position which seems to be occurring at the 50ema. If it can't hold the 50 then I'm out and will re-assess.
  • bill52: $NSSC found this one on the IBD stock spotlight and have been watching it the last couple weeks. has very high IBD ratings and bouncing today off the 50 ema. taking a starter position.
  • Sluggo: Stocks on my list for Monday AM stalking (yeah, Dorothy and her house are flying around my head, but barring that) : $ORCC $ESNT $BLD $INMD $RNG $NSSC $KRUS $FSLY
  • Gary: ...
    $NSSC - Nice Weekly Uptrend. Wait for a pullback to support.
    $IQV - Holding at the 50SMA Want to see a break above 160 with volume.
    $KAR - Holding at the 50SMA - Looking for a break above 26.
    $SOLY - NIce tight pattern. Looking for a break above ...
  • PopsB: $NSSC Taking a position at this time. Looks good, bounce at my trendline from Jan. Expect at least 18% return.
  • spmeyers: $NSSC moving higher
  • Spotdog: @spmeyers $NSSC Huge volume increase and up after hours. something up?
  • spmeyers: $NSSC phase 3 move on good volume; bodes well for taking out the recent high; my stop is 26.6; starter position, will add if breaks out; I like how every rally since Feb has been on super strong volume, clearly under accumulation
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Stock Price $38.77
Change -0.89%
Volume 170,744

Napco Security Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of security products, encompassing intrusion and fire alarms, building access control systems and electronic locking devices.

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