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  • 86944T: @Ringo Here’s my 59 min watch list for this morning. $ULTA $TTD $DOCU $AMZN $CMG $VEEV $CRWD $SAGE $RTN $YEXT $PD $RH $FTNT $ZM. They could be shorts or bounces. Just keep scrolling thru them an see if anything works in either direction.
  • kt4000: Holding small positions in $BX, $BXMT, $PFE, $MGI and $VIAB..... I would love to get back into $BL, $PD, $PCAR and others but it feels like a pending storm is on the horizon.....
  • Forexpro: Re: Gold, Russell Additions Good Morning, Friends, Gold futures are up almost a percent this morning (GCQ9 is at 1356, plus 12.30). I'm long some $GLD. Equity futures (the E-minis) are down slightly, oil futures are basically flat. One tidbit I came across; the WSJ notes that several recent IPO stocks will be added to Russell indexes at the end of this month, which will necessitate buying by index funds benchmarked accordingly and others that more or less closely mimic the Russell products. An analyst at $JPM calculates the associated demand at $326 mio for $UBER, $93 mio for $LYFT, $67 mio for $BYND and $26 mio for $PD. All of these stocks will be included in the Russell 1000. Passive funds won't be adding until the end of the month, but the anticipated additional interest can't hurt, and might help. Best of luck today!
  • phgruver: @Forexpro $GLD $JPM $UBER $LYFT $BYND $PD ...Interesting, but this begs the question, what's coming off the Russel 1000?
  • Forexpro: @phgruver $GLD $JPM $UBER $LYFT $BYND $PD Good Question, Phgruver, I don't know for sure what's coming off apart from $NXPI, which has been reclassified as non-U.S. Other possible deletions are $MBCN and $AC, according to Barron's. There are, typically, quite a few additions and deletions; the ones I mentioned are just the larger-cap IPOs that will definitely be receiving some attention. I'm not a Russell FTSE subscriber and, sadly, the college friend who was a senior guy at Russell has retired, another of the perils of growing older (and in his case, at least, of becoming a lot wealthier). Sorry not to be of more help; all the best!
  • kt4000: added $IFRX back today - looking for a better entry on $PD after yesterdays gain and Pop, sold $GUSH on the rise have options and stock in $EHTH all long positions, looking to add $OMC if it gets over 80 and $VIAB is going up in anticipation of both the Div tomorrow and $CBS board Meeting tomorrow..... Doubled my positions in $VIAB and will add more today if I can get it around 29.25.
  • kt4000: Loving $PD up 6.75% in a down market - will add more should it retrace to 52
  • Herb: $PD ipo strong today
  • Bridget: $PD consolidated over the last 3 trading days and now moving higher. After ER. #ipo Classic inside day and up move
  • traderbren: #IPO_strategy -- keep an eye on $PD surpass prior high in the near future.
  • kt4000: Took profits on $PD too high too soon! will buy back if it returns to earth - Just kept a small position.
  • bRobert: @kt4000 $PD I can think of worse situations ;) Buy in scales, sell in scales
  • kt4000: @bRobert $PD Absolutely.... Still tracking your $BX missed a good entry last week
  • Greendayguy: @Bridget $PD #ipo @Bridgett, thanks for the tip - I took it and made some serious money on this today. This trend should continue for at least a few days, don't you think?
  • kt4000: added more $EHTH but keeping my stop at 68 - looking at adding $PD at 49 if it gets there
  • kt4000: adding more $PD
  • kt4000: started a small position in $PD - added more $GUSH, $LABU
  • Herb: Two newer ipo's: $FSLY and $PD
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PagerDuty Inc is a United States based software company that offers on-call management. Its platform harnesses digital signals from virtually any software-enabled system or device, combines it with human response data, and orchestrates teams to take the right actions in real time. The product offerings of the company include Analytics, Visibility, Event Intelligence and Modern Incident Response among others.

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  • September 2nd, 2020 - 2021 Q2 Earnings
  • September 3rd, 2020 - 2021 Q2 Earnings
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