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  • Bridget: ...
    $PVG - down big on cutting dividend
    $XPO - up big on $HD acquisition news

    $XBI - breaking out of a squeeze. I think we will see a further rally here next.
    $IMMU - moving higher out of a great pattern. $16 is the 100% fib extension
    $EXEL - breakout ...
  • Aragorn: @woodman $NUGT $PVG Woodman her is my chart on PVG nice buy my friend . I do see a broadening pattern but it broke thru that already and then barely pulled in now above it sweet
  • Remington: @woodman $NUGT $PVG $JNUG FYI $EXK nice strong breakout today, my PM guys think silver is the real mover but NUGT certainly gets it done too
  • woodman: @Aragorn $NUGT $PVG - thanks, buddy. It stopped right dead at that July/August top. I suspect it needs to pullback short term after that kind of move.
  • woodman: @Remington $NUGT $PVG $JNUG $EXK - $EXK had been on my watchlist, and I bought it yesterday when it moved above the 2/2 intraday high.
  • woodman: $PVG $EXK - PVG is the big silver winner today. I'm still long from last week, but it's run a lot and getting closer to some recent highs. EXK is moving up through some resistance. I bought some of that today.
  • woodman: @Nick $NUGT - check out $PVG!
  • kcar21966: @woodman $NUGT $PVG $JNUG, too!
  • Nick: @woodman $NUGT $PVG Broadening (megaphone) top on the daily and weekly charts perhaps? This is a tough one.
  • woodman: @Nick $NUGT $PVG -- yes $PVG is a tough one *now*, LOL! No, wouldn't buy it now. But I posted about it on 2/1(when I bought it) as it was testing resistance, and again on 2/3 as it was pulling back just a bit to the 8dEMA. But I sure didn't anticipate a one day move like today's. Better to be lucky than good!
  • woodman: @kcar21966 $NUGT $PVG $JNUG - Holy Moly, you're right about $JNUG! I hope you got some. (I didn't.)
  • woodman: #Silver stocks, on the whole, doing well, making their way upward for the most part. Some to pick among: $SVMLF $HL $PAAS $MUX $GPL $AXU $AG $CDE $EXK $SIL $SLW $SSRI $MAG $PVG
  • woodman: $PVG testing resistance.
  • mikepbss: $PVG reports tomorrow AMC. Nice mover in the metals.
  • woodman: #Silver Miners & Producers. Many, not surprisingly, are pulling back today. They seem due for a short term rest/pullback. Keep them on your radar for entries, though. Here's a watch list (in no particular order) for you to plug into your software, Finviz, etc.: $AXU $SVLC $EXK $FSM $MUX $GPL $CDE $PZG $PPP $HL $SSRI $SIL $PAAS $AG $SLW $PVG $SVM $MVG $TAHO $LODE
  • taylor: $GLD, Gold - Gold adds to earlier gains, +2.7% at $1578.60 and bouncing off 10-month lows on technical buying and as shorts get squeezed. Big miners rally on heavy volume: $NEM +6.1%, $ABX +6.4%, $GG +7.9%, $KGC +7.5%, $IAG +6.4%, $AEM +6.1%, $AUQ +10.8%. Smaller miners jump too: $MUX +14.7%, $BAA +13.7%, $PVG +11.1%, AZK +10.6%.
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs: MLP's and LLC's; in a private e-mail, I was asked what I thought about the recent post regarding this administration's signaling an elimination of the tax benfits afforded MLP's and LLC's in order to raise revenue. My guess is it might ha ...
  • jan2138: PVR: both $PVR and $PVG were "hoglets" before the combination and when the yields were really attractive. I sold them both, prior to the merger, when the yields got much lower, took a nice profit and reinvested proceeds in higher yielding names.
  • jan2138: $PVR was a high yielder and performed beautifully along with $PVG with whom they have merged. Was a great holding.
  • docsch: $PVR - Yield Hog, LP, 7.5%, Coal Royalty play. They get the greater of $/ton or market based royalty. Did just merge with a $PVG, so price is just/still? settling. Anyone traded this one before? Opinion?
  • karkn: $PVG along the lines of coal, the $PVG chart is setting up a nice ascending triangle. This is an $MLP (k1 tax forms)with a current yield of 5.9%. Its closing in on its 5th try at breaking through a ceiling. On the weekly, its in a #squeeze and looking ready to go. I looked at this a couple of days ago and for some reason proceeded to forget about it. I'd sure like to get it at the ascending line.
  • WishinFishin: @JAN2138 - Thanks for the postings on the "#Yieldhogs" !! I remember @Dan doing analysis on the "#Yieldhogs" last year. Have you updated your list in a recent post? The symbols I have from @Dan's video analysis: $AOD, $PSEC, $FSC, $BKCC, $VGR, $TCAP, $PVG, $PVR, $VNR, $MAIN, LINE, $EVEP, $WIN, $PNNT, $AGNC, $CYS, $NLY, $HTS, $ANH Looking forward to a great year!
  • danoptic: PVG: Question to @Jan2138; Stock price on $PVG reacting down in respinse to details of merger. Are you treating this as an opportunity to add? My cost basis is quite favorable on this issue, and it has been a great performer for me. Any comments? Thanks
  • jan2138: @danoptic: PVG; I posted some time ago, shortly after the merger was announced, that I was selling my $PVG and PVR. I sold because I had a huge profit and the yield was not as attractive as it was when I was scaling in. That said, I had sold too soon. If I owned it now and had missed the high of the other day, I would definitely consider selling as the yield is 6.13% and additional price appreciation may come only after a longer term holding period.
  • Hedged: $PVG, $UTG - closing out these former #yieldhogs. Because of a 30-40% cap gain, the yields have gone down to ~5.7% & 6.30%. Treasuries, Munis and corporate bonds continue to sell off so I am thinning out my hogs, only keeping the ones with the fattest dividends. For now.
  • trihan: MENTOR LISTS (With Yield Hogs) = Here we go again... 1) So Mentor 13 = $CMG NFLX $POT CRM $NTAP MICC $FFIV RVBD $AKAM EMC $VMW CAT $DE + $AAPL (recently) 2) Mentor High Growth = $PAY $BBD $HLF $ABV AMT $HMIN $CTRP $MELI $NTAP CRUS 3) Mentor Recent Recommended Sectors = Housing $XHB TOL Defense = $RTN LLL Sector-Oil = $OIH XLE $BP RIG PGN Agriculture/Commodities= $AGU MOO $ADM Health Care = $XLV HUM MHS 4) Yield Hogs = $AOD PSEC $FSC BKCC $VGR TCAP $PVG PVR $VNR MAIN LINE EVEP $WIN PNNT $AGNC CYS $NLY HTS $ANH 5) Other Mentor Stocks = $CRUS $CREE CSIQ $TSL $WFT BIDU $GLD SLV PGN ORLY Edited on Oct 01, 2010 09:52 Edited on Oct 01, 2010 09:52 Edited on Oct 01, 2010 09:53 Edited on Oct 01, 2010 09:53
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs: $PVR and $PVG are merging. If you still are long either or both of these, you might want to take a look at the press release. As posted, I sold these back on 9/14/10, a bit too soon as they ran up a bit from there. Not sure whether the merger is anything more than ho-hum #rhrn, but after the merger is completed and the distribution aspect is worked out, the surviving entity, $PVR, may be interesting.
  • fishpatience: @jan2138 Thanks for your PVR/PVG update earlier today. was able to sell the $PVG for a nice, quick gain and will hold the PVR. Is there another metals type hog than you have? I only have one in that category. thanks again for all your guidance. bill
  • jan2138: @fishpatience: $PVG and $PVR are in the coal sector. I don't have any others to recommend. You can go to the latest post listing the high yield issues and see if there's one that fits. Look in 9/2/10 forum.
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs: $PVG & PVR; sold my positions in these 2 this a.m. Yields have dropped in to the 7's, and they appeared overbougt to me. I expect to be able to buy back at some point at better levels. Also, took nice profit. I do sell from time to time and fwiw, it's usually too soon. We shall see. $PMM,MHI,& BTA: have been scaling back in.
  • dlylis: $PVG - @jan2138, Are you moving out of CanRoys? I still have positions in $PGH and ERF. Both have a decent story for 2011.
  • EricDesk: Yield Hogs Studied the weekend video and select the 9 stocks with 1 spare to equal dollar basket. #REITs: $AGNC $NLY FINANCING: $FSC $PNNT ENERGY MLP $EVEP $PVG TELECOMM $WIN CONSUMER $VGR SPARE can not decide now.
  • Miki: NDX down -.5% $SPY DOW starting back or neutral - seems the market giving us a new direction - my new interests are working today incl high yields plays also & export/BRIC oriented : $NRP BIP $PVG PM $YUM .....long those & $NLY $BRF GLD $POT MOS $MON MELA PGN UA $FOSL CDNS $MO MELI $OKS also our specials $NTAP FFIV MICC VMW also SFSF in lieu of $CRM which i missed .letting go: $DE CAT $EBIX NDSN
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs: WIN; declares another .25c dist.. Yld. #rhrn is 8.70%. Earnings off a bit with increased revs.. Div. looks quite safe. Raises guidance. Will be intereting to see how results are affected as they digest addition of IWA. Also, $PVG, $FSC, $TCAP, $PNNT all reported yesterday.
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs: PVG; more good news; $PVG ups the cash distribution by 2.6%, .01c, ex date 8/16/10. Distributable cash flow increased by 3%.
  • gamiller: $PVG - Loving the volatility expansion, the virtual analogue to catching a wave. :)
  • gamiller: $PVG - Up 3%. My only green!
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs:fwiw, $PVG & $PVR started out as buys by Wunderlich Securities. Both up nicely today.
  • tinman8197: Jan As always thanks for your post. I was able to act on your $PVG call earlier this month and have added. Up a tidy 11% Thank You Sir. By the way a hog I have stalked for some time, $BKCC announced a secondary today are you familiar with this one? I started a position this am @ 10.06
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs: FSC; as an example of what often happens with the announcement of a new stock offering, take a look at $PVG which announced on 6/1/10 and priced on 6/2/10. It gapped down 10%. An obvious overreaction and a great entry. Look where it is today relative to the close on 6/2/10 or even the high on that date.
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs:PVG; on 6/2/10, $PVG gapped down when the news of a secondary offering was announced. The immediate reaction is usually caused by fears of dilution. In this case, $PVA was selling the balance of its holdings so there will be no dilution, just different unit holders. The yield #rhrn is 9.54%. Since the gap down, it has been trading sideways for the last 3 sessions. You might want to watch for an entry that appeals to you if you are looking for some yield and are willing to take a long term view.
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs: $PVG prices secondary which I posted on yesterday, Priced @ 16.08 per unit. Now trading @ 16.29 or 9.56 yld.. It has gapped down with the offering and is sitting on the lower bb which looks like support to me. Have added some here.
  • Bobo: $PVG Thanks for the update Jan, Looks like a low risk oppotunity that pays a good div. @Bob
  • gamiller: Hogs - CPNO & $PVG are down again today for the fourth day in a row. Today it's big > 5%.
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs:PVG; @cmac posted yesterday about $PVG trading at a possible entry level. If you want to see a classic vol. #squeeze, take a look at this chart. It did pop to 19.06 but has backed off a bit. Yld #rhrn is 8.51%. Price of stock was not rally affected by the 4/29/10 ex date. I am adding some @ 18.35.
  • Doug1: @Jan2138 Bought $PVG @18.27 and $PSEC @ 11.60 I hold a couple of others as well with good entries. Thanks for all the help!!! @Doug
  • cmac: $PVG Nice entry point today on $PVG, another yield hog holding. Stop under 17.85, so risk is clearly defined. And who knows, maybe #Cramer mentions this one next ? I've added to my position here, and am currently holding a full position. I think today's nat gas weakness is creating this opportunity.
  • gamiller: $PVG - Today is ex-div. I added yesterday. Tight #squeeze. Here's hoping for a pop!
  • cmac: $PVG gamiller, thanks for pointing ex-divy date out. Don't know how I missed but like buying CPNO the other day, I think now is a good time.
  • gamiller: #yieldhogs (Jan) - $PVG goes ex-div tomorrow and is currently in a tight volatility #squeeze. You've mentioned other hogs but not this one... Is there are reason this doesn't look good to you? Thanks...
  • jan2138: gamiller: $PVG is one of my coveted hoglets, and I love what it has done for me, i.e. great yield based on my cost and nice cap. gains. At the current yield of 8.37, it has become marginal from a yield standpoint. I did add some recently when it was yldg. 8.50 but 8.37 is getting skimpy for a hoglet. But, the vol. #squeeze makes it very interesting for other reasons. I would be inclined to miss the div. and wait to see if it drops off. If I did not own any and the yield was only part of my plan for buying, I'd take a starter position today in advance of the ex date and take further action based on how it reacts on the ex date.
  • gamiller: $PVG - #Yieldhog. Tight #squeeze. Ex-Div on Thursday.
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs:I am alive and well although overwhelmed by my recent move and all that goes with it. Have not had any time to pop in let alone come up with something relevant to post in the way of new ideas. Am staying in the market because I have cash t ...
  • gamiller: $PVG - so the secondary doesn't bother you? doesn't it dilute the #dividend?
  • gamiller: $PVG - @Jan2138, thanks for your thoughts. Have a good one!
  • snakedriver: ...
    $PVG 16.88 9.01 J
    $PSE 23.52 8.5 J
    $PVR 23.11 8.14 J
    $CTL 34.43 8.13 J
    PVX 8 8.02 J
    $UTG 18.51 7.61
    $VMO 13.44 6.86 J
    $VPV 13.1 6.28 J
    $EVP 13.18 6.21
    $UTF 15.59 6.16
    $EIP 14.1 5.62 J
    FCZ 4.65 2.16 J
    PYA 10.29 ...
  • jan2138: PVR: for anyone who cares, $PVR declares qtly div. at the same level as the last 5 qtrs., i.e .47c. Ex date 1/29/10. edit: $PVG declares .38c, same level as last 5 qtrs. Ex date 1/29/10.
  • scpanel: $PVG Tempting here already.
  • maddenmg: ...
    $PVG 17.47 8.70%
    $VNR 23.19 8.62%
    $PVR 23.67 7.94%
    $CTL 35.28 7.94%
    $UTG 19.15 7.21%
    $EVP 13.28 6.53%
    $UTF 16.33 5.88%

    This is the format that suits the list above better:
    (Symbol before Name or other data and a space or a comma)

    $GS Go ...
  • snakedriver: ...
    $PVG 17.47 8.70%
    $VNR 23.19 8.62%
    $PVR 23.67 7.94%
    $CTL 35.28 7.94%
    $UTG 19.15 7.21%
    $EVP 13.28 6.53%
    $UTF 16.33 5.88%

    I am long $AGNC, $ANH, $BGY, $BOE stopped out of $HTS today, $IGA, $MFA, $NLY and TCAP.

    My goal is to own the "top-ten ...
  • snakedriver: Yield Hogs Here is how the yield hogs stack up (starting mid- afternoon picking off data): $ANH 7.1 20.28% $AGNC 28.44 17.41% $BGY 11.55 15.76% $HTS 28.76 15.60% $NCZ 8.54 15.55% $EXG 12.45 15.27% $NLY 17.65 14.36% $TCAP 11.95 13.56% $CQP 12.81 13.27% $PSEC 12.22 13.23% $IGA 14.22 13.08% $IGA 14.22 13.07% $ETW 14.18 12.69% $QQQX 15.16 12.19% $MFA 7.65 12.17% $BOE 18.91 12.03% $EOS 14.55 11.88% $EOI 14.31 11.49% OTT 14.82 11.35% $STON 19.85 11.18% $PWE 18.01 10.67% $EVEP 30.57 9.86% PVX 6.81 9.61% $VNR 21.71 9.13% LINE 27.8 9.05% $PVG 17.17 8.87% $MAIN 16 8.59% $PVR 21.9 8.53% $EVP 13.23 6.07% $UTF 16.09 5.96% $TAX FREE $CMU 4.33 7.69% $BTA 10.15 6.62% I used for example; note that they change... Any one have any I missed, sing out, @Jim
  • snakedriver: Yield Hogs OK here they are again: Yield Hogs $ANH 7.1 20.28% $AGNC 28.44 17.41% $BGY 11.55 15.76% $HTS 28.76 15.60% $NCZ 8.54 15.55% $EXG 12.45 15.27% $NLY 17.65 14.36% $TCAP 11.95 13.56% $CQP 12.67 13.42% $PSEC 12.22 13.23% $IGA 14.22 13.08% $ETW 14.18 12.69% HCF 6.35 12.36% $QQQX 15.16 12.19% $MFA 7.65 12.17% $BOE 18.91 12.03% $EOS 14.55 11.88% $EOI 14.31 11.49% OTT 14.82 11.35% $STON 19.85 11.18% $PWE 18.01 10.67% $EVEP 30.57 9.86% PVX 6.81 9.61% $VNR 21.71 9.13% LINE 27.8 9.05% $PVG 17.17 8.87% $MAIN 16 8.59% $PVR 21.9 8.53% $CTL 36.49 7.69% $UTG 18.95 7.63% $EVP 13.23 6.07% $UTF 16.09 5.96% $TAX FREE $CMU 4.33 7.69% $BTA 10.15 6.62% $CQP was updated for CallaLilly at the close (the others' price/% are as I pulled them off the site at the time. HCF, $UTG & $CTL were added using data from mkt close. I could not find anything for the symbol FCJ??? Lastly, $KMR does not show any #dividend yield; but does show a 1-yr return of 52.7% @ Note: others also show a return yield in addition to #dividend yield; I did not include those data for this yield sort. @Jim
  • gamiller: $PVG - new high following breakout on Dec 10.
  • gamiller: Coal: PCX, $PVG, BUCY, JOYG, How are people playing today's action? Too late to buy the $PVG breakout? Looks to be falling back to Earth. BUCY looks to be prepping to breakout.
  • jan2138: stevied: $PVG and PVR: long both, more of PVR. #Rhrn, $PVG yields more. I have owned $PVR longer, from when it was yielding more but it has run up, happily. They are affiliated via a partnership set-up
  • gamiller: $PVG just tagged its recent high at $14.75. Now up 2.65% for the day. $14.90 is the next high and possible resistance. $PEG < 1 and P/E is below avg as well. I think I talked myself into buying this one. :)
  • jan2138: ...
    WIN: yes, I have looked at it but have not focused because the yield currently is under 10%. So is $PVR, but I entered when it was yldg. well over 10%. You might take a look at $PVG too. Yldg. 11.47%.

    Hope this helps.
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs:PVG; I first posted on this one back on 10/12/09. Here is that post:

    #yieldhogs:PVR is one we have discussed in previous posts. @Dan mentioned $PVA in his weekend recap which is not a yielder but is affiliated with PVR. $PVG is also a p ...
  • jan2138: PVA:started at "Buy" today by Stifel Nicolaus; must have seen @Dan's video. Also, $PVA has a general partner interest in $PVR, a hoglet, and is also affiliated with $PVG which I just noticed is yielding 11.28%. Am going to check this out.
  • jan2138: #yieldhogs:PVR is one we have discussed in previous posts. @Dan mentioned $PVA in his weekend recap which is not a yielder but is affiliated with PVR. $PVG is also a part of these partnerships and looks like a decent hoglet candidate. Dividends have been increasing since inception with the last 4 quarters leveling out at .38c each producing a yield of 11.17. The next div. should be declared pretty soon with an ex date around 10/30/09. Unfortunately, it broke out of a volatility #squeeze 5 or 6 sessions ago,right through the upper bb and the 50 day ema. Today, it hit the 50 sma and fell off a bit. My sharp chart shows the 200 ema @ 13.65 and the 200 sma @ 12.08, so the ema is more relevant currently and was also penetrated today. Not the best time for an entry today but worth watching.
  • Tradervic: @TDAdams: I noticed the pop in selling in $PVG on the Sept 17 J3SG Selling report which I review quickly for heavy buying and selling as an indicator of buying or selling into strength and weakness of stocks. Sometimes gives me good insight on an early move. I will be looking at $PVG next week to see what happens with the stock. Would have brought it up but did not want to get to speculative and start promoting early buying from some of the members. Would like some comments on the subject from @Dan with respect to contributing this info to the forum. @Tradervic
  • Ross_Q: Here's a list COAL STOCKS: individual stocks funde's as per weekend video: SYMBOL EPS GRT/ PE : ARLP 32/8 $YZC 32/5 $AHGP 32/9 $PVR 20/9 $NRP 22/11 $PVG 22/9 $BTU 24/10 $SSL 17/8 $ACI 19/9 $ANR 23/14 ICO 45/43 PUDC 19/3 $CNX 32/11 FCL 30/14 MEE 31/12 $JRCC 45/105 PCX -3 Sorry i messed this up yesterday
  • Ross_Q: Here's a list COAL STOCKS: individual stocks funde's as per weekend video: SYMBOL $EPS GRT/ PE : ARLP 32/8 $YZC 32/5 $AHGP 32/9 $PVR 20/9 $NRP 22/11 $PVG 22/9 $BTU 24/10 $SSL 17/8 $ACI 19/9 $ANR 23/14 ICO 45/43 PUDC 19/3 $CNX 32/11 FCL 30/14 MEE 31/12 $JRCC 45/105 PCX -3
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Stock Price $USD 8.50
Change 3.03%
Volume 2,696,840

Pretium Resources Inc engages in the acquisition and exploration of precious metals projects and gold resources. The company and is based in Vancouver, Canada.

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