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  • issues: @JohnStockNewb I agree and as I look back at an old Yhoo portfolio of past sells I see the ones I missed include: $NVCR $VSLR $RNG ... but I also see there are plenty of losers that went way down!
  • JohnStockNewb: @issues $NVCR $VSLR $RNG I remember a lesson I learned years ago at one of my first tradeshows in Vegas (when meals were cheap), I won big on the slots - +2000. I played with it all this free money. Next day at breakfast I quickly realized that was now my money that I turned around and gave back to the house. From then on all winnings got stuffed in my pocket or socks and I only played with the money that I had allotted for that entire trip., which was never much. With stocks, I find at times I can give it back before I have a chance to stick it in my pocket.
  • Jeff3: $RNG up 14% on volume beating by $.05, beating on revenue, guiding Q3 EPS and revenue above consensus. Low volume of profit taking
  • debeers: @Jeff3 $RNG -posted on this winner yesterday.
  • Henry: @debeers $RNG Where is MY spelling police badge? :-) You posted on $RING a gold miner etf
  • Jeff3: $RNG Breakout. ATH.
  • rachel: ...
    $RNG – is the pullback right to buy? When you take position?” Basing. Needs to churn for a while and be back above 50-day MA. Hard to buy before earnings.
    $FTNT – Didn’t keep up with software sector. Needs to rebuild and ...
  • rachel: ...
    $RNG – popping from squeeze.
    $HEXO – active in forum with Scott and other traders. Nice job!
    $AMZN – look for higher prices from here.
  • rachel: STRATEGY SESSION NOTES 032619 COTD: $KL – stop below $32.00. $SPX – rangebound. Don’t overtrade. $DJT – still holding at 10,000. Barely. $FFTY – tightening below 200-day MA $T – buy here? $GLUU – still working. $VNOM – Alert $34.20 $CPRT – Alert $60.30 $ANTM – GSL stock. Remove from list. Should not be long. Taking this off b/c of DOJ argument. $WCG – health care plans going lower. $UNH – sell $JD – holding nicely here. $YY – stop beneath yesterday’s low. $TAL – still consolidating. Alert $36.50 $SQ – holding at 200-day MA. $RNG – Alert $110.50 $GG – request. Good volume here. You could buy it. $ADBE – request. Resistance at $270.
  • scottrades: $RNG They don't report Earnings for 26 days. Resistance in Red. Also not a PotStock.
  • bRobert: @scottrades $RNG $OKTA . No resistance. Pullback/bounce Blue sky . $87+ . measured move Report in March. No t players in the cloud/software space with similarly great charts and upside targets .Watching for pb/bounces eg . $WDAY . $PAYC . $HUBS . $AYX $GLOB $ZEN . $CRM of course . $DOCU Great base No shortage of good stuff to watch. $MDB . Swing trade . more Gift pullback % wise . I think the HMO group . has more upside. after a severe correction. $UNH $MOH . have had nice moves that have quickly corrected broken charts Blue print for the rest. $ANTM $CNC $HUM etc . $HIIQ . Small cap high beta play Medical equip/devices with upside . $ABMD . $ILMN . (TMO still a little in the tank),$ALGN . $MDT . others
  • rachel: ...
    $RNG – building a base at $75. Would be careful here. Needs more work before buying.
    $GMED – earnings selloff. Representative of this market.
  • tigerjohn8: $RNG don't know where I found this. But it looks like it's at a good buy point (50DMA). I'm giving it an initial position with a snug stop
  • JBed: @tigerjohn8 $RNG Sometimes you stumble upon setups. A couple weeks ago I typed the wrong symbol for Ross Stores and got RST (Rosetta Stone). The entry looked good, I bought a bunch, and it ended up gaining almost 20% in a week. Good luck with RNG. It has a good chart and it's a good, low-risk entry. In fact, I bought some myself just now. :-D
  • Wykeman: $RNG NH. Good volume. 100
  • Wykeman: $RNG great numbers..many upgrades, lower left upper right. Set it and forget it. $100.
  • Wykeman: $RNG lower left upper right.
  • bsafriet: $NVDA $SHOP $RNG $OLED $WDC awesome today! Was out most of day so I didn't take profits on $NVDA. Hope for a repeat soon. Long stock and call options.
  • DAN: $ETSY $RNG $CARB -- Good afternoon. Just a quick note about a few stocks to keep on your watch list.

    Carbonite -- rah asked about this yesterday, but I missed the post. Sorry. It is up agan today, but this is a horrible time to buy it. It's up 4 ...
  • captron: $RNG - Continues its breakout. NP
  • gpburdell: $RNG Broke out today. I have been watching it but missed this move. Will see if it comes back in.
  • Gary: ...
    $RNG – 50-day MA is support. Up 6% today. Regret can’t be soothed by a late entry.
    $PH – squeezing.
    Growth Stocks (selected ones):

    $ALGN – steep drop à Overhead supply.
    $OLLI – earnings selloff. But still above ...
  • JBed: $RNG, $CARS, $EXTR showing relative strength in this massacre. Long stock.
  • issues: @JBed $RNG $CARS $EXTR Thanks for these. I looked at the IBD ratings and see $CARS is rated 58 cumulative and C for accuml. $RNG is better with a 98 B rating (cum/accum). Also in this group is wild rocket - $CHUBA. What a chart! But $EXTR is a real winner with a 99/A- rating. It is also in group 14 (computer networking). So of the three I would choose EXTR as a LTH. NP but seriously considering it. Thank you JBed - you done good! Real good!
  • JBed: $RNG breaking out RHRN.
  • JBed: #smallcaps Opened positions today (starter) in $GDDY, $RNG, $GDOT, $ENV. All had breakouts this week and (except for $GDDY) are holding their gaps and showing relative strength.
  • Shopaholic526: @JBed $GDDY $RNG $GDOT $ENV #smallcaps $VNTV is the best performing out of the Breakout group.
  • JBed: @Shopaholic526 $GDDY $RNG $GDOT $ENV $VNTV #smallcaps Wow, that's for sure. Thanks!
  • Bridget: This one just caught my eye. $RNG is coming out of consolidation on the weekly chart. It is also breaking to a new all time high, check out the 5yr chart. I have never heard of them before so I looked them up http://www.marketwatch.com/story/ringcentral-provides-healthcare-organizations-with-powerful-secure-communication-collaboration-capabilities-for-greater-patient-workforce-engagement-2017-02-17. They are expecting growth in the healthcare sector.
  • spmeyers: @Bridget $RNG yeah, nice on a pullback
  • DrScience: ...
    $RGR, $RNG, $RVNC, $SKX, $STMP, $TREE, $TYL, $W
  • gphelps: $RNG - IPO strategy, trading at all time high. Extended above the 50DMA, but worth watching. @Dan, your thoughts? Thx.
  • DrChucky: $RNG - looks like it is breaking out. anyone familiar with this ticker? nice move up off the 50 day. A bit extended but at recent high and climbing out of the penalty box.
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RingCentral Inc., is a provider of software-as-a-service, or SaaS, solutions for business communications. Its solutions can be used in multiple devices including Smartphones, Tablets, PC's and Desk Phones wich allow communication across multiple channels.

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