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  • vpsmack555: @DAN Bought $SUPV at 17.02 added more at's now at 18.78 and approaching the mid bollinger band how would you be pulling some off at this point ? The 8 dma has been resistance for the last couple months but has broken thru now.
  • DrScience: @vpsmack555 $SUPV MACD crossover today, just starting to move to the upside. What was your plan when you took the trade? Looks like stock could be getting into the $18.80-19.00 resistance area that was prior support. There could be a bit more in the stock, but, for sure, you might want to tighten your stop up to below today's low.
  • vpsmack555: @DrScience $SUPV Frankly I thought it would be a low risk trade that if it broke the 8 dma it might make 20-21 before previous resistance takes hold...but the 20 dma has me anxious?!?
  • DrScience: @vpsmack555 $SUPV Stock is testing the pre-earnings levels, so a move above the 20 DMA says that investors are continuing to warm up to the stock. Watch volume to see if your anxiety level brings out the buyers. I think that if the stock falls below $18.75ish, the current move will rest until the 50 DMA has had time to adjust.
  • vpsmack555: @DrScience $SUPV Thx for the suggestions!
  • DAN: $SUPV -- thin...but it's back above the 50 day MA and still squeezing. I have a small position. You might want to set an alert at $31.50. If the stock hits that level, it just might pop out of the squeeze.
  • rachel: ...
    15. $SUPV – Alert $31.50
    1. $BABA – This is broken. Jack Ma had a fit over tariffs.
    2. $REGI – Not buyable here. Extended energy stock.
    3. $MLCO – Macao casino properties. Revs slowing down. Actually contracting ...
  • Gary: ...
    7. $SUPV -- squeeze continuing…but stock looks very weak.
    8. $OLLI -- still consolidating. Hold this one.
    9. $FIVE -- Cup w/ handle. Nothing to do but hold it. Earnings in June.
    10. $AMTD -- holding at support.
    11. $ETFC ...
  • Gary: ...
    12. $SUPV – barely made the screen. Alert $31.50
    13. $VNOM – Snap hook reversal. Looking for a double top.
    14. $APRN/$SPOT – Are you in early? No, you’re in late…paying off the investors who were truly in early.
    15. ...
  • DAN: $SUPV -- looking good this afternoon.
  • DAN: $VEEV $NVMI $SUPV $SQ -- Best gainers on the SMM list, though $ALGN is working really well and I've added to my position this morning. Also grabbing $GWRE.
  • issues: @Bridget $TRU Yes it's gone from the IBD 50, and so is $RP. They are replaced with $TEAM & $SUPV. I didn't know IBD changed their 50 list on Mon. Sat TRU was still on. Thats a surprise to me.
  • Bridget: $SUPV # ipo breaking out higher
  • Bridget: Notes: $WMT - working $BABA - coming out of consolidation $NVDA - continues to push higher, good news from AAPL $GNC - short squeeze $ON - new high $ICHR - new high #ipo $OLED - breakout $ALRM - breakout $XPO - breakout $SUPV - breakout $TRUE - breakout of squeeze $GRMN - cup and handle breakout $BMY - breaking down $VMW - needs to hold here $INVH - false breakout, now pushing lower.
  • Bridget: $SUPV breakout continues. Phase 3. Saw some big volume on friday.
  • Bridget: Notes: $JNJ - huge breakout, BTO Jun $125 Calls $AMAT - still climbing into earnings. $V - breaking out of an upward triangle $BOX at a new 52 week high. ER on 5/31 $GEO at a good buy point. $BBRY new 52 week high $QLYS - hit $42 and ran higher quickly, extended $SUPV - breakout continues today. Phase 3 $FEYE - my favorite of the cyber security stocks. Gap and run. $NETS - #ipo new all time high $FND - #ipo, new all time high $ADBE - working, still $EW breaking higher after consolidation, $MDT also looks good here $KMX and $TRU - both moving higher $MGM - new 52 week high $CALA - continuing to breakout
  • Bridget: $SUPV breaking out of squeeze.
  • Bridget: $SUPV is breaking out on earnings. Almost to its all time high. #ipo But this is a very thinly traded stock.
  • Bridget: Notes: IPOs at or new all time highs - $IRTC, $BL, $TTD, $ASIX, $TRVG, $BATS, $TWNK, $INVH, $TUSK, $SUPV Many stocks coming out of high bases - $CC $GRPN $AMGN $OCLR $XLP - some safety stocks way up $CLX $KMB $CL $PG Storage up - $CUBE $PSA $EXR Garbage collection up - $WM $WCN $RSG Solar Strong and coming off a base- $TAN $JASO $JKS $CSIQ Sin stocks: PM MO - moving higher Also with $BUD $STZ and $TAP $BWA - nice cup pattern, at 52 week high $XLNX - also working on cup and handle pattern $CHRW - nice cup and handle on weekly Breakouts $DVA , $SWKS, Squeezing: $KR, $TWX, $JNK, $COR, $ALXN
  • Bridget: Notes: $PRU $LNC $MET - all moving up big today except $AIG $CAR - huge upward momentum $COHR - break out on volume $SUPV - still in a squeeze but starting to turn over $PBPB - breaking lower $MAR - earnings run 11/7 $FIVN - breaking lower after huge reverse $THS - back down at previous support, could see dead cat bounce $FSLR - new 52 week low $WYNN - breaking out of trading range after earnings on big volume. Bearish $Z - continuing out of squeeze and breaking downtrend $LAMR - shortable $WFM - another failed breakout $D - looks like phase 2 might be over AGN - broken stock, sell into any strength $CELG - right up at resistance. Bio stocks aren't doing well $FTAI - trying to breakout $CAH - bearish engulfing, ready to move lower $PKG - breaking down, shortable
  • Bridget: $SUPV still is a squeeze with a rising 50MA. Watch for a breakout above $15.25
  • Bridget: $SUPV #ipo seeing some nice momentum today
  • Bridget: $SUPV #ipo hitting a new all time high on big volume.
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Grupo Supervielle SA offers financial products and services and its operating segments include retail banking, corporate banking, treasury, consumer finance, insurance and asset management.

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