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Strategy Session July 1st, 2020

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  • BocaRick: $TEAM up 8 ??? $NOW up 16
  • bwcarnation1: @BocaRick $TEAM $NOW $NOW ceo on cnbc rn
  • Bert953: #MrMarket - some really good looking reversals today, from $AMZN to $TEAM and others, but my trust was tested so I'M not rushing back in even though the coast looks clear (for now). Ive seen others get their heads blown off when they jumped out of the foxhole too early and I've heard the sound of bullets smacking into objects all around me. The question remains, is this an actual reversal or a bull trap..... only time will tell. Im mostly watching from the sidelines.
  • Bwhitty: $TEAM supply above but nice recovery to 50 day with break of downward trendline.
  • Bwhitty: $DDOG watching at the open. All losers churned out. $TEAM looks sling shoty. Very technical. $ABNB above 184 with high volume could take off. $RKT break of 20.20 on high volume easy day trade to 50 day. $GOEV support on low volume. Big move if you want to trade but stay on the right side of it. It will hurt you. $JETS will it hold at 50 day support? $FTCH probably early but earned the right to have alerts set 65.20
  • Bwhitty: @Bwhitty $DDOG $TEAM $ABNB $RKT $GOEV $JETS $FTCH $FTCH just go to the end of Scotts video, what he said 😁
  • Yuls: $TEAM peeking out of the wedge, notable call volume yesterday
  • Yuls: $TEAM nice volume
  • Hemal: 011221 Current Ideas Update via @YouTube $AAPL, $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $BJ, $BMY, $HON, $LULU, $LUV, $MAR, $PINS, $PNR, $ROK, $RTX, $SCI, $TEAM, $VEEV, $XLNX
  • Hemal: 011121 Current and new ideas via @YouTube $AAPL, $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $BJ, $BMY, $HON, $LULU, $LUV, $MAR, $PINS, $PNR, $ROK, $RTX, $SCI, $TEAM, $VEEV, $XLNX  

    $AAPL: Tightening up here near its 10/21 ema,  ...
  • mopick: $OKTA, $MVRL, $TEAM together with $PTON, $MTCH & $AEP, all joining the Nasdaq 100 index by Friday close. Wondering if any of these can be further propelled higher from this looming development?
  • RiccardoB: $TEAM one of the Fools’ Team favorite.
  • bRobert: @Ern $TWLO $TEAM $KSU $GOOS $FSLR $AMED $TWLO Like this long term BULLISH WEEKLY pullback to 20 and bounce $460/$500 LONG TERM
  • sniper: @bRobert $TWLO $TEAM $KSU $GOOS $FSLR $AMED thanks
  • gig1: $TEAM Big buying coming in rhrn. Lower position.
  • HGIGuy: @gig1 $TEAM Big surge starting at 1pm, reason unknown.
  • traderbren: #Weekend_research: Based on Weekly charts these may be of interest, but drill down and do your research of the daily: $FSLR, $NOVA, $WSM, $LAD, $POOL, $SHOP, $FIVN, $TWLO, $FSLY, $PAYC, $UPLD, $NET, $AZPN, $DHI, $PHM, $KBH, $BBY, $AMZN, $BABA, $ETSY, $NVDA, $QCOM, $NIU, $ROL, $PYPL, $FOUR, $TSCO, $SITE, $HDS, $HD, $VEEV, $SLP, $WST, $PODD, $CTSH, $CALT, $FIX, $SCPL, $TTEC, $CTAS, $MDB, $AEM, $CDNS, $SNPS, $TEAM, $TSM, $QRVO, $MCHP, $ROCK, $TFII, $CTLT, $A, $IDXX, $RPM, $STRL, $RBA, $CPRT, $LHCG, $KLAC, $ASML, $CSGP, $SLGN, $CLW, $TGT, $COST, $FRPT, $KNSL
  • mradams0621: $TEAM trying to make a new high but its had a good run already.
  • HGIGuy: $CLOU Some of the cloud computing stocks $COUP $TEAM ,etc. are selling off today in the face of a rising market. Group rotation?
  • kbrowe: @HGIGuy $CLOU $COUP $TEAM Hope so. The cloud and software stocks are up near ATH and maybe a little profit taking. They all have done this before and rebounded to new highs after rotation back into them at some near point in the future. Can't really say that this time is different. Or not.
  • Bwhitty: $TEAM starting to look like a rejected break out from 190. Will watch how it opens.
  • Bwhitty: Good morning all. $TEAM which performed surprisingly well on a low volume day on Thursday is getting a little attention premarket. Will look for volume at open.
  • Bwhitty: I hope someone else is on my $TEAM :)
  • traderdl: @Bwhitty $TEAM Yes
  • Bwhitty: $LITE $TEAM both stocks moving higher on lower volume. Keeping an eye on them 👀
  • Bwhitty: $TEAM $ZS step away for a few hours and someone broke these for the day. who was it??
  • bRobert: @Bwhitty $TEAM $ZS Lots of profit taking about the space. You should too Some
  • Bwhitty: @bRobert $TEAM $ZS I was away and these were starter for me today. So I would be taking some nice break evens.
  • bRobert: @Bwhitty $TEAM $ZS These will work out long term. Short term pullbacks. likely
  • mradams0621: $TEAM moving on up
  • Bwhitty: $TEAM OK volume. Watching around 190
  • Bwhitty: $TEAM added and if It wants to break 191.72 i won't fight it either.
  • scottrades: My video notes: $COTD Let’s see if this can $SWCH into high gear! Watch above 18.66 $SPY Up on the day but a weak close. $QQQ Stronger, tapped the ATH. $CLOU Boom. $GDX/$GLD Still working. #Miners to keep watch of: $KL / $FNV / $SSRM / $AEM / $GOLD $TSLA ATH $TEAM Nice Triangle. $PING Looking for more. $BJ Watch for a break tomorrow. $OKTA ATH $NVDA Small base going across $DT Needs some volume. $JD Watch 61.31 $NET Added to my position today. $LITE A GSL Stock. Not doing anything wrong. Request: $PEP Just can’t get over the 200. I think there’s better opportunities out there right now.
  • nnkumar13: $TEAM is moving well.
  • nnkumar13: @scottrades $BOX Thanks Scott for the trade. I am also swinging this along with $TEAM
  • HGIGuy: @scottrades $BOX Scott, $TEAM $OSTK $BOX all moved together today. attributed it to a connection to $WORK, but that stock didn't move the same way. Do you know what's going on?
  • bRobert: $CRWD. VERY steady walk up WEEKLY breakout continuation testing IPO high , Longer term. $150+. from the nice WEEKLY cup base $$$ were flowing into the CLOUD space and many of our favorites saw nice moves $ADBE. nh print. Very steady climber. Great employee $VEEV nh print. after long consolidation a high base breakout with a target $240 $TEAM $RNG $AYX W s. awaiting triggers $CRM. It sells off on earnings. then bores you to death via consolidation then pinches/breakout $195. target 1. $TTD. $400. flag target still in motion. Flag from $320 - $360 Many others. Look around They always come back to the clouds. Indispensable to business in our new economy.
  • mradams0621: $TEAM good trade- followed @Bridget in back in April and took the risk over E's which worked out nicely but now it's not acting well. Tight stop here, needs to hold. Is it just "resting" or reversing? Double top? Or good place to add? Looks both bullish and bearish to me.
  • debpatel: @scottrades do you think $TEAM is in double top formation on daily chart?
  • scottrades: @debpatel $TEAM Maybe at 189. That chart just looks a little sloppy.
  • debpatel: @scottrades $TEAM thank you
  • Reif99: @coldevinc $CRM $COUP $TEAM, $WORK all the same space, I think
  • Reif99: @teacher5 $CRWD $COUP and $TEAM as well
  • Reif99: With the $QQQ up 2% you'd think $WORK, $TEAM, $COUP would be playing along ... nope.
  • champ: $NET....the bad News that I read is because of the positive News in the markets, that is causing #Rotation, investors are rotating out of names is this sector, figure that out. Right or Wrong, that News forced me Out. .....Take a look at other names also like....$ZS, $WORK, $TEAM $CHGG, $RNG and others.
  • bsafriet: @champ $NET $ZS $WORK $TEAM $CHGG $RNG #Rotation I agree, saw the same. Rotation out of the COVID-19 stocks and into other groups, like the energy patch, solar, home builders. Health care, consumer staples, and technology were the laggards today. Energy, home builders, solar, and financials all had buyers today. If this trend holds, I’ve got to make some adjustments in my portfolios.
  • mustardman: @bRobert $TEAM $COUP $WIX really sound analysis on #wix
  • Reif99: Like both $TEAM and $COUP here. Extended, but flagging on low volume. Added to both today.
  • bRobert: @Reif99 $TEAM $COUP $WIX flag payed off. Stop under flag
  • zman: $TEAM is anyone still in $TEAM? Holding thru what appears to be consolidation?
  • DAN: ...
    $TEAM -- How to add to a position like this.
    $WORK -- Just about to break out? Alert $30.25

    $PTON -- 40% of float is short. Alert $45.70

  • DAN: @GMac10 $AYX I wouldn't steer clear for the reasons you mention. I'd avoid it because (1) it reports earnings tomorrow and there's no telling which way the stock will go (2) the Relative Strength is at 77, and that's not great for this market. I'd rather be in other software stocks like $MSFT $ADBE $COUP $TEAM $NOW. Those make more sense to me.
  • darrylcm: $TEAM ATH. Thanks @Bridget
  • sierramp: @darrylcm $TEAM Software is doing well. Also $DDOG.
  • DAN: ...
    $TEAM -- Really strong breakout today on high volume. Weekly chart gives you a better perspective of the stock.
    $PODD -- Stalling here and looking like a double top. Earnings on Thursday, and that will trump whatever this chart says.
  • rob27: $TEAM going positive today
  • Bert953: @Dan Good morning, what do you think of $TEAM here? reported this morning.
  • DAN: @Bert953 $TEAM I like it, but I don't have a position.
  • DRNGO: $TEAM moving up ahead of earnings after some consolidation
  • sniper: @champ $NVDA $MSFT $TEAM $ZM #News thanks
  • Shopaholic526: @scottrades I'm with you Scott. I cant hold in this market. I'm trying to hold on longer. I have some stocks that in a a buy range for me $NVDA, $MSFT, $TEAM. I'm going to try to hold on longer.
  • Cokeman1959: @Shopaholic526 $NVDA $MSFT $TEAM I need to be more like what @Brock describes, as far as focusing on fewer things. I find my watch list gets so large that I find myself jumping from one chart to another, which has led to paralysis by analysis.
  • Brock: @Cokeman1959 $NVDA $MSFT $TEAM exactly - I had to start a new watchlist just for the next day called "Today". If it gets too big I'm just scattered. I have the larger list I scroll through the night before and first ting in the morning. I try to stick to the smaller focused list during the day and occasionally looking things people are posting. Well, that's my plan anyway... I try to make all kinds of notes during the day then narrow them down in the evening for tomorrow's list with entry points or how I want to approach the focused list items.
  • Mikev200: @Brock $NVDA $MSFT $TEAM SAME.....I add or start a new priority list for next day.
  • champ: @Cokeman1959 $NVDA $MSFT $TEAM --- Watch-list are by sector and then set in order...1 2 3...and on the chart, the trader should already know the entry-price and the trader is waiting for. Entry-timing, off of News alerts and also on the stocks price ...
  • mradams0621: @champ $NVDA $MSFT $TEAM $ZM #News Thanks Champ. You are full of it! And that's a good thing! (great info)
  • Auto: $TEAM working added
  • Bridget: I like $TEAM here. Trading near its highs and in a nice uptrend. ER expected on 4/30.
  • mradams0621: @Bridget $TEAM I'll have a little of that please and thank you for pointing it out.
  • joelsg1: @Bridget $TEAM Which option you in?
  • Bridget: @joelsg1 $TEAM Unfortunately the options aren't very liquid so I don't have a good options trade for you.
  • joelsg1: @Bridget $TEAM And those premiums, Yikes
  • DRNGO: @Bridget $TEAM It's one of my long term positions, but added to for a short term, likely multi day trade. Stop @ 145 sound reasonable?
  • Bridget: @DRNGO $TEAM That is fine for a short term trade stop. I would use a ~$9 trailing stop.
  • DRNGO: @Bridget $TEAM Many thanks..
  • GolfGeek: @scottrades $SPXL $ZS $WORK $PZZA $TEAM $AKAM $CNC $SPCE Help please......I am trying to understand what I do when I see a stock up 2% in PM knowing the first hour of trading is most profitable and looks to be sporadic to me. Do I buy PM or do I wait to see what happens at open and chose a buy price and wait on it or is this a personal preference?
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPXL/$SPXL Thnks fr th Mmrs $ZS New weekly high. Looks like it wants higher $WORK Looking for 30. Nice Pump on CNBC today. $PZZA Still in trend, building a base. $TEAM Watch above 149 $AKAM Back at the highs. Watch 101.50 $CNC New Weekly High $SPCE Day 3?
  • scottrades: My notes for today: $SPXS Nice trader today. $SPXL Good for the first hour or so. $GDX/$NUGT/$JNUG Watch for a potential follow through $PZZA Back above the 200 Day $BGS Could this be the turn around? $GO Lots of wicks, needs tighter price action, but one to watch. $MEET Watch for it to base around the 50 Day $ZYXI Watch for this to base around the 50 day. $KR - Mentioned in this Live session today. Worked until it didn’t. $TEAM - Watch for this to hold the 200 Day
  • Brice: @scottrades $SPXS $SPXL $GDX $NUGT $JNUG $PZZA $BGS $GO $MEET $ZYXI $KR $TEAM Great job on tonight's Swing Trade video!!
  • issues: @Herb $EBS $CI $CONE $CRUS $DPX $DQ $ENVA $ICHR $FOCS $GDDY $GO $GSX $KBH $LAKE $MDC $NSIT $PCRS $POWI $QDEL $SIMO $TNK $XP $ZM $AMN $AYX $BAH $BLK $BRBR $BRO $BSX $CHGG $COLD $CTRE $DXCM $ENV $FND $PFSI $RNG $RP $EPAY $SITE $STAG $TEAM $TTD $VAR $AMZN $GOOGL $CABO Herb! Thanks for bringing that typo to my attention. The correct symbols would be DPZ (always had trouble typing that Z.) and PCRX (trouble with my little finger typing the X also.) I didn't think anyone read it. At least you did. Thanks!
  • issues: On the IBD 50 list is $EBS - develops vaccines against biological agents that are potential weapons. New this week on IBD 50: $CI $CONE $CRUS $DPZ $DQ $ENVA $ICHR $FOCS $GDDY $GO $GSX $KBH $LAKE $MDC $NSIT $PCRX $POWI $QDEL $SIMO $TNK $XP $ZM Many seem related to the overblown Corona panic... Off the IBD 50: $AMN $AYX $BAH $BLK $BRBR $BRO $BSX $CHGG $COLD $CTRE $DXCM $ENV $FND $PFSI $RNG $RP $EPAY $SITE $STAG $TEAM $TTD $VAR Cramer said he expects another down draft this week sometime that will drop below the low on Thursday. I put in low limit orders (small number of shares) on $AMZN $GOOGL and $CABO
  • issues: Buying $OKE in the morning. Has a pe of 12 and a dividend of 9.8%. This oil is a hog! I like the tail of today's chart. Looks like buyers coming in. Holding $USO and $GUSH. We are putting in some buy orders (some limit some market): $ABBV $AYX $BCYC $CABO $COST $EHTH $FB $GPN $MA $NVCR $PYPL $RGEN $TEAM $TTC $TTD and $RNG. All small positions for a "relative speaking" LTH.
  • Robert1965: @issues $OKE $USO $GUSH $ABBV $AYX $BCYC $CABO $COST $EHTH $FB $GPN $MA $NVCR $PYPL $RGEN $TEAM $TTC $TTD Did you do it in AH or for tomorrow?
  • issues: @Robert1965 $OKE $USO $GUSH $ABBV $AYX $BCYC $CABO $COST $EHTH $FB $GPN $MA $NVCR $PYPL $RGEN $TEAM $TTC $TTD They market orders go into tomorrow morning. The limit order are also for tomorrow but they may not get triggered!
  • Bruceavd: $AYX and $TEAM bouncing off 50dma - does that mean anything in these markets?
  • Tinker97: $team holding well just watching for now
  • Bridget: $TEAM is in a high squeeze
  • RedLeaf1: @Bridget $TEAM The CEO is scheduled to appear tonight on Mad Money.
  • sniper: out $crm,$rng,$team,$sq,$shop,$payc,$mdb,out second 1/2 of $spy,was looking for bull trap not seeing it,cash is a postion,Im a trend trader that WAS a good run for me [happy]is the emotion
  • woodman: $TEAM bounce to green off 50 day.
  • issues: Trying to decide what to do with the 1/2 position on $PANW that reports Mon PM. I have a stop at $237 (50 day is $238) but I see almost every time they report the stock drops. I could sell with a market order on half or hold on and hope this time will be $TEAM and $ENPH... when it's expected but the opposite happens, the stock jumps... Dan's schooling says take profits. So which is it? Sell with a Market order or stop market order?
  • DAN: ...
    $TEAM -- tightening at $150. We need some sideways movement.
    $PLAN -- gradual uptrend. Watch middle BBand. Good movement since August...but it would be best for a rest.
    $MSFT -- weekly parabolic move.
    $SPNS -- Holding a 50-day MA. Still needs mor ...
  • woodman: All time highs aplenty among #software stocks: $PAYC $PCTY $CDAY $PEGA $FIVN $DOCU $CRM $RNG $PLAN $SPLK (and almost $SHOP $TTD $TEAM $STNE $COUP)
  • issues: IBD 50 new this week: $ASML $EDU $HEI $ISRG $PRGS $SAFE $SRC $TEAM $TER off the list $ACGL $CBRE $CMCSA $HDB $JCOM $MRK $PAGS $PYPL $VAR $YNDX.
  • Bogeyboy: @issues $ASML $EDU $HEI $ISRG $PRGS $SAFE $SRC $TEAM $TER $ACGL $CBRE $CMCSA $HDB $JCOM $MRK $PAGS $PYPL $VAR $YNDX Thanks for sharing the IBD added list. Appreciate it.
  • Reif99: $DFS down about 8% before the open $INTC up 5% on top of about a 5% run up into earnings $TEAM Up about 9% $VFC and $YUMC possible snapback trade today
  • MtChet: $TEAM - All time high. Up 13%...long
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