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Strategy Session November 20th, 2019

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November 20th, 2019
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  • utex72: @Bridget $XLU $SMH $IYR $NKE $DK $CVX $LEN $BX $X $TIF $IR $CRZO $APC $PXD $CLR $LNG $PTEN $XEC $CXO $CTXS $LEA $CCL $RCL $ACN $DQ $DOV $PCG $EWW $KMX $TTD $SOI $GOOS $HOME $GDI $WTTR #Notes Thx you Bridget; hope you have a great weekend.
  • Allen: @Dan I recently discovered a feature in ThinkorSwim...having it show your trades on the chart...and this is has been very informative going back and looking at trades in perspective to multiple year charts. It has been eye opening to see the big pic ...
  • shoredriver: @Allen $TTD ...So what you are saying is to buy high quality stocks at the right point and HOLD small around core and sell options.....been doing it for years......
  • Allen: @shoredriver $TTD Yes, but also an encouragement for those of us that haven't attained to your level of expertise that this TOS function is a good way to track past trades on one chart and gain more self-awareness of where we tend to trade in relation to the last couple of trainings @dan has done.
  • BellaVino: @Allen $TTD I just turned this on as well and wow, yes that is great! I do quite a bit of analyzing in my trade journal as well but it is nice to see in the chart. I wish I could see the trades from my other account at Fidelity like this too. But I'll take what I can get and use this as another learning tool. Wow, TDD at $25 - bravo on the profitable trades regardless of not holding. Looking back on the chart is always so much easier.
  • stairm01: @BellaVino $TTD Can you tell me what this is under to turn on?
  • success: @DAN $TTD . . is this a good example of the composite man driving up the stock then dumping , , want to see when to get back on for the next ride up
  • champ: @success $TTD ---- This is only a trading stock...and I have been posting that from the beginning. I had one of the first post on this stock back in October of 2016, at $33.16, also other posts by @Aragon. Watch forum posts for stock idea's...I don't even know who composite man is, is this a real person..?
  • success: @champ $TTD thought that was the name of the character Dan had in his pitch . . maybe I got that wrong got that wrong . .
  • Mpower27: @success $TTD I believe you have it right with the name.
  • DAN: @success $TTD I think you are trying to read too much into this. Remember, that's just a concept for assessing where a stock is in the chart. If you want to interpret the runup from Jan to July as the markup, that's fine. And the July to Sept selloff as mark down, that's fine too. But trying to understand whether it's right to get in right now? I wouldn't look at it that way.
  • DAN: @Allen $TTD Allen, that's really great to hear. I'm glad you're seeing the value of tracking and reviewing your trades. makes all the difference!!
  • success: @DAN $TTD as always, thank you for your help
  • Allen: @stairm01 $TTD Open the chart you want to see the trades on, then click on the settings icon and under the General tab, one of the buttons to click is "show trades".
  • Ajax4Hire: @DAN $TTD I will note that $TTD 2019-10Oct-18Fri Call Options: $3.60 for $200.00 strike $2.55 for $202.50 strike That is nearly 2% profit to expiration in 52hrs. $TTD daily chart indicates a bottom may be in at $197.19. I would expect the Near-in-the-Money Call Options to be much less if $TTD were "expected" to continue down.
  • jaganjohn: @Ajax4Hire $ROKU Same with $TTD. Very expensive calls
  • champ: $TTD....really nice.
  • jaganjohn: @champ $TTD I was looking at that. Higher than average volume too
  • champ: @jaganjohn $TTD--- Great timing, before the open, on that upgrade..
  • DAN: ...
    $TTD -- CO sucked in the bulls.
    $RP -- Supply at $65 overwhelmed demand.
    $TPX -- not looking good. Close to breaking down.
    $COUP -- Top of the box.
    Requested Videos
    $QD -- don’t know this company. Going in the wrong direction. I would not co ...
  • Robert1965: $TTD up 4% near HOD same with $WDAY
  • cgendro1: @Robert1965 $TTD $WDAY thanks for mentioning $WDAY. I've been stalking it. Seems to be putting in a base, RSI improving but vol on up days doesn't eclipse vol on down days, on 3rd up day and 50dma only a couple points out. I want to see how it reacts at the 50dma and vol before stepping a toe in. I follow your posts. Am I missing anything? Are you in?
  • success: $KTOS . . only short term position open at this point with a small loss . . long term holds on $LABU and $TTD w/losses in both at this point and 72% in cash . . . not living up to my handle but always a new day every day . . .
  • issues: I put in stops on my top dog losers: $TTD $TWLO $OLED $PAYC $W. Anyone else have any of these? What are you doing with them?
  • bRobert: $TTD $180 bear Flag target acquisition close
  • bRobert: $DG looks a little precarious here Watching $TTD Possible double bottom bounce candidate. Shorts closed
  • issues: @bRobert $DG $TTD DG has an upward bias. I added. Pulled stop on TTD. It's a turn-around candidate.
  • Henry: @arthur $STNE The have been a number of stocks on the GSL that have pulled back and just kept going down, $TTD and $SHOP being two examples that I am now gun shy At best the box is from 32 to 38, and I don't want to buy in the middle, while it's still headed down.
  • bRobert: @Henry $STNE $TTD $SHOP they need to complete their bearish patterns. Settle and start demonstrating positive price action with higher lows/highs
  • bRobert: $TTD Flag breakdown $180 h&s top target Long puts I will be looking for long set ups to develop post completion of h&s targets in $TTD $SHOP $MELI Still short all
  • champ: $STNE and $OLED, are the % winner's over $TTD and many others.
  • champ: $, fell back off of HOD, to LOD.
  • shoredriver: $TTD... more ugliness.....looking at 200-205 ......
  • champ: @shoredriver $TTD ------ $GUSH.....$$$'s running into the energy sector.
  • success: $TTD down over 3 std dev . .should bounce here pretty soon
  • RedLeaf1: @success $TTD Thanks for calling attention back to this ticker.
  • issues: @success $TTD $TEAM is bouncing for the "team". HOlding not yet adding. Waiting for tomorrow. If it's green it's team.
  • cb: $TTD Added yesterday
  • jonwest88: @Robert1965 $VEEV unloaded most recent add for a st loss of 4%, and unloaded 50% of my LT portfolio holding of VEEV too. Also sold all LT holding of $TEAM and $TTD earlier this am on the rebound
  • cb: $TTD Bounced
  • champ: @cb $ULTA $BLUE ---- $TTD, @ $245.50...this trading stock, might be one to watch.
  • cb: @champ $ULTA $BLUE $TTD Looking and watching
  • cb: @cb $ULTA $BLUE $TTD Bought a Core $TTD
  • DAN: ...
    $TTD -- No reason to be long here.
    $AUDC -- If the pattern continues, buy now with a stop at $16.75
    $EDU -- popping out from squeeze. Small position. Watching for pullback to $110
    $CMG -- wait for 20-day MA test.
    $PAYC -- Hold this. It’s wo ...
  • champ: $SSO $UWT $LULU $TTD, a few of my swing positions that are working...but all swings are up.
  • Sluggo: $TTD $TW Beware of the Capital Market stocks right now beyond the standard $ICE $CME $CBOE. I have $ICE but got stopped out on $TW last week.
  • DAN: ...
    $TTD -- very close to an entry on a starter position (very small). A bit sloppy, but it’s holding above the 50-day MA and near term support is about 6% lower. Not yet right for me. And you shouldn’t rationalize buying now by saying, & ...
  • ajlpbwhipp4: Is $TTD breaking/falling out of trend or in the lower part of its trend? What would be good confirmation that it is rebounding into a continuing uptrend? No position here, just watching and tracking since it came up on the list a few weeks ago. Thanks
  • champ: $TTD, also started, I have it parked right next to $OLED, but you can clearly see who is winning, for now. $TTD, has about double volume.
  • Ern: $PLAN $TEAM $TTD $ADBE $SBUX all actionable with very short leaches. $SPX is at the top of consolidation just under 20dma and 50dma, FOMC AT 2:pm Dan has got it right, take the week off.
  • Danzguy: @phgruver $PAYS I surely can't argue with your point. Today was a great day to pull money out of it on the two minute chart. I've been doing that a lot with $TWLO but it seems tired now, so today I focused on $PAYS. However, when market opened I was focused on $TTD. I wish that I would have stayed with it. The 2min chart has been my tool of choice lately. Wishing you the best! Cheers!
  • traderbren: $TTD -- finding its footing after falling through the 50d again this morning. Now back above although below the 20d. Could provide a low risk entry with stop below the 50d.
  • michaelH: @traderbren $TTD like the trade but I will put my ss just under 241if I get filled
  • champ: $TTD....Nice.
  • DAN: ...
    11. $TTD – Holding the 50-day MA.
    12. $PINS – might be in trading range for a while. Breakout above $35 fails.
    13. $FTNT – was a GSL stock, but reversed and we exited.’s a candidate.
    14. $PAYS – great fundame ...
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are up this morning, which is expected after yesterday's route by sellers exiting the market. Stocks are oversold to levels that just about match the August 5th low, which led to a rally such as the one we are setting up for t ...
  • DAN: StoneCo ($STNE) reported pretty solid earnings last night. But the stock is down nearly 5%. However, it did hold at the 50-day moving average -- at least, so far. This has been a stock that I'd like to have active on the Growth Stock List, but coul ...
  • shoredriver:
  • brett_anderson: @DAN $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP

    this is wonderful advice. one of the (many) mistakes i've made in the past is attempting to anticipate what a stock will do, rather than reading the chart and waiting so have what i'm looking for a ...
  • DAN: @brett_anderson $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP That's great to hear, Brett. My unsolicited advice would be to not manage your dad's money. You'll trade differently. Just focus on your own stuff. You'll trade better. Dan
  • peppercorn: @shoredriver $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP I'm thinking the reason $TWTR is blue in the GSL is because of the obvious space after the dollar sign ie. $ TWTR @DAN @GARY. hope this helps.
  • bogiedog1: @DAN $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Thanks for this! I have been around for a little while, but not super active or involved, but have been more so of late. I for one, have noticed your increased activity this year in the thread. The Growth Stock List, Webinars, even posting when you are taking positions. I am benefitting most from you constant instruction on how to trade. It has happened a number of times recently where I have set alerts on stocks we are watching, and then later hear you in the Strategy Session or forum reference a similar price threshold on the same stock. Today, it happened on $STNE. I realize rebounding above $32 is not a "Rocket Science" number with the 50 Day MA, But still, I feel like I'm improving. Enjoy some well deserved time off next week.
  • DAN: @bogiedog1 $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Bogie, that's great to hear. Thanks buddy. I think you're on the right track. Changing habits and developing sound trading skills takes a while. It's not something you learn. It's something that you develop and ultimately just do. It's active learning, through guided trial and error. Great job! Dan
  • DAN: @peppercorn $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Pepper, I think you're right. I just sent your post to Gary. That makes sense. Not gonna pick it up if there's a space. You're the best. Thank you! Dan
  • DAN: Here is an updated list of stocks on the Growth Stock List. I've pared it down considerably to avoid any confusion in my absence next week. $COUP -- entered at $128.18. Stop is at $127.80. $OLED -- Entered at 188.0 on July 8th. Stop is at $199.50. $SHOP -- Entered at $321.39 on August 5th. Stop is at $340.85 $WING -- Bought at $68.10 on Feb 4th. Stop is at $93.75 Any other stock that I have mentioned is no longer on the GSL. It doesn't mean that I'm not watching stocks like $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $COUP. I'm just not tracking them as if they are active trades...because they are not. I apologize for any confusion, but I'm just drawing the line here. These four are stocks that are still working in my book. I've provided you with suggested stop levels, though each trader makes his/her own decision. Thanks Dan
  • Sluggo: @DAN $COUP $OLED $SHOP $WING $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE My goodness, the GLS is shrinking. But, to a testament of @Dan, he is entirely correct in this market. Still munching on my $HSY bar.
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $COUP $OLED $SHOP $WING $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $HSY Sorry, my initials are GLS. GSL is what I meant. Dyslexia? Maybe.
  • DAN: @Sluggo $COUP $OLED $SHOP $WING $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $HSY IT's a function of risk management. The most common mistake that traders make is that they insist on trading the same way, even as the market changes. They make good money when the market is ...
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are down quite a bit this morning after the 2/10 year treasury yield curve inverted. This inversion pattern has been going on for a while now, with the 3 month/5-year curve first inverting last March. The last time the 2/10 ...
  • Wolf: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP I am so sorry. They are members of the family.
  • zycouna: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Sorry to hear about your dog. It sucks that their lives are so short compared to ours.
  • mickimaus: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP From the bottom of my heart, I'm so sorry about your Tonya.
  • alfred1939: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Just put some tears in my eyes. I suffer from chronic pain. Tonya is in a better place.
  • HGIGuy: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Beautifully said!
  • billfumick: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Awe man, I'm so sorry :-( Losing a pet is rough. Sometimes rougher than losing "people", lol... Hang in there pal, time will help heal the wound.
  • Michael_L: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP so sorry for your loss. I have an English Bulldog that's getting close as well and reading this was very difficult. They are family.
  • DAN: $TTD looking like a rebound off $255. New entry here could work, though you should be trading VERY small in this environment.
  • jeffslm: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP -Beautifully expressed emotions and deepest extended sympathies on your loss. My heart aches for you,
  • Rjeletrik: @Dan $TTD small position buy ok?
  • debeers: @Rjeletrik $TTD --how about 248-250
  • tkcoretrader: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Very hard to lose your best friend when that time arrives. All 3 of mine passed away in my arms. " A friend in need is a friend indeed". So now I have another friend names Snoopy. A true loyal friend indeed.
  • Rjeletrik: @debeers $TTD l guess no response from Dan means no.
  • champ: @Rjeletrik $TTD --- You saw entry at $250, did you miss-it.
  • DAN: @Rjeletrik $SHOP $TTD I wouldn't. Not today. There's always tomorrow.
  • Rjeletrik: @champ $TTD haven’t bought yet. Did you? I’m actually at work
  • champ: @Rjeletrik $TTD --- Just for a trade, but I'm trailing, with a stop at entry.
  • champ: @Rjeletrik $TTD --- I know you are a part-timer but trading is never easy and it really doesn't mix very well with work, I'm out at $251.01...but there will be a next time.
  • traderbren: $TTD -- getting close to testing the 50d.
  • debeers: $TTD-took a half position at 248. Another half another 7% or so down. Not recommended for those with heart problems.
  • DAN: $TTD -- I'm activating this on the Growth Stock List. It's rebounded nicely off $250 without actually testing it. So I'm comfortable adding it, with a stop at around $244.50 (just below last Monday's low).
  • Kristine: @DAN $TTD - 1/4 starter position this morning at 259.
  • shoredriver: @DAN $TTD ..Thought it was already"ON"....Activate?...How about separate tabs for GSL,past GSL.candidates, performance and move them between the tabs..Not everyone sees every post....@GARY Is $TWTR"ON"...or waiting to be activated.....
  • DAN: @shoredriver $TTD No. I'm not gonna do that, Ned. I suggest that you watch the videos rather than just reading my notes.
  • snowbound: $TTD I'm in ... 1/2 p
  • Robert1965: $TTD looks like the entry was yesterday 253.50
  • DAN: StoneCo ($STNE) reports tomorrow. This is on the growth stock list and I'll keep it on for tracking purposes. However, you should not assume that I'm keeping it on because I think the stock will move higher. I have no idea. The options market has ...
  • Rjeletrik: @Robert1965 $TTD yes it does
  • champ: @Robert1965 $TTD ---- Yes it was, but this was just way-to hard to swing.
  • DAN: Coupa ($COUP) was a very good trade for us, having bought on 5/17 for $106.30 and closed at $144 for a 35% gain. But the stock is holding up nicely after pulling back to the 50-day MA. I think it's still a bit early to commit a lot of money to this stock because it still needs to build the right side of a new base before forming a reliable support level. But, I'm not against starting a small position at what's looking like solid support. So that's what I'm doing. I'll take a small "starter" at $138 with a stop below $129, which is last Monday's intraday low. ============================= Currently, the active stocks on the list are: $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP ============================= --Dan
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