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  • skategirl: $TTD watching for 59 minute trade
  • Kharrison67:
  • Motorman: $TTD 59'er
  • SamHunter09: @Motorman $TTD I took some at 292 what do you think my stop should be?
  • Motorman: @SamHunter09 $TTD Depends ion position size and your tolerance, I have a LT position, so trading around a core.
  • Bsielingtx: @Motorman $TTD -so how do we handle this as it keeps going up, should I have already placed a stop? keep raising stops? newbie to 59
  • shoredriver: $TTD...Maybe back to ATH by earnings Thursday after.....
  • Cokeman1959: @scottrades $SHOP $ROKU $DIS $TSN $CVS $BYND $PYPL $SQ $ATVI $W $UBER $SRC $PINS $MRNA $REGN $L $JBLU $GOLD $ENPH $SWKS $SPCE $RACE $TTD $WAB $GM $PTON $ALK $ZNGA $TEVA $SYY $OXY $WYNN $NEM $PLUG $TWLO $TREE $LYFT $TMUS $WING $INSG $CHGG #Earnings I thought $PZZA was sometime this week too.
  • shoredriver: @Cokeman1959 $SHOP $ROKU $DIS $TSN $CVS $BYND $PYPL $SQ $ATVI $W $UBER $SRC $PINS $MRNA $REGN $L $JBLU $GOLD $ENPH $SWKS $SPCE $RACE $TTD $WAB $GM $PTON $ALK $ZNGA $TEVA $SYY $OXY $WYNN $NEM $PLUG $TWLO $TREE $LYFT .....$TMUS $WING $INSG $CHGG $PZZA #Earnings ..... $PZZA......Pre market 5/12........
  • jonwest88: @debeers $BX $ENPH $INMD $NAIL $PEcheapo $PVH $RH $TMHC Very glad for your support for $INMD and $ENPH. I was grabbing more ENPH when it started seriously underperforming $SEDG, another one of my faves. $ENPH since the announcement of it replacing ...
  • jjohn: @scotttades Too late to start $TTD ? Broke out today and running along 8day ema on 5 min chart
  • scottrades: @jjohn $TTD Look for a pullback to VWAP
  • raed25948: @scottrades $TTD what is the value of the VWAP?
  • jjohn: @raed25948 $TTD around 259
  • raed25948: @jjohn $TTD thanks!
  • jonwest88: $TTD anyone following this one? I sold about 16 % of my position yesterday, which had gained 13% in a few weeks. Volume trend in the mid afternoon looked like a bounce on lighter volume, compared to previous down day's selling. When I came back in ...
  • jonwest88: $TTD hmm, $DISH news release would cause $TTD to pop 18 % in 2 days?
  • chunlow: @jonwest88 $TTD $RNG $DXCM $PLMR $NFLX Been in $TTD for 2 years. Trading around a core. Great ad platform that has room to run in expanding OTT space. Been watching RUBI and TLRA too. Esp interesting in the merger--creating both buy and sell platform. Advertising has taken a hit during the covid crisis but viewer ship has increased. Expect the ad dollars to come back LT. Thx for your link.
  • traderbren: $CRM & $TTD - both back above the 50 dma, and looking constructive given the tape.
  • issues: @traderbren $CRM $TTD Thank you for your post. Its been over 30 days since I sold TTD! So I bought a position! Thanks for reminding me.
  • shoredriver: $TTD....inching.....
  • jonwest88: $TZA crazy crazy! Stock drops from $49.53 to 49.29 right past my limit @49.29 at 3:50 EDT pm without hitting any other prices on the way to 49.29! It craters to 48.19 in a few seconds. 5 minutes later it came up and my stop limit went filled @49.3 ...
  • jonwest88: $TTD looks good on the 2nd day, higher low @153.5, W formation, pivot above 215 top of the middle V of the W.
  • champ: @AlexH $DJI $SPY ---- For me....No I'm just watching ....the zig-zags, the highs and lows...for example $ HOD, along with many other stocks that I'm trading. ......The words, over-extended, might in play for some but for me, the market are far from over extended...but I thought $BABA, was over-intended, so I took profits off around that last HOD, this morning.
  • snowbound: @champ $DJI $SPY $TTD $BABA Hello , I've been day trading and swinging $TTD for several days with good success , tubed in the VWAP . Its been generally well behaved in up-trend with decent sell signals on the 5 minute chart . For an example of its recent forgiving nature , yesterday I blew my last exit into the closing bell flush but today it has recovered and its put me back in the trade . Its predictable . I am watching for a phase 2 type pullback and the 20DSMA looks near overhead as R1 on the DAILY chart , not sure of its true relevance in relation to generally high market volatility .
  • champ: @snowbound $DJI $SPY $TTD $BABA ---- Yes...$TTD is a great trading stock, but I'm not really swinging very many positions...only $MOS $DHR and $RHHBY and I don't really even look at these.....but I trading many Stocks and ETF's, positions. LOL
  • snowbound: @champ $DJI $SPY $TTD $BABA $MOS $DHR $RHHBY I have lots of dry powder as well even long-term . I have been actively selling the rips the last three days . This week's volatility swings are hard to resist trading but I sense some downside in the charts . It would make for a good chance to reload but there's no tellin' what the market will decide . Best of luck . (typos)
  • champ: $TTD, is still up also...
  • champ: $TTD...had entry.
  • Auto: $TTD working added
  • champ: @Mikev200 --- $SSO...but they can give you... new low #back-in-entries, if traders look for them.....$TTD and others, #maybe the game starts over again...I'm a player, wait for entries.
  • DAN: ...
    $TTD -- BuEP
    $IIPR -- Inside day. Very high yielder. Risky...but this is a good entry for a yield hog.
    $ZM -- Failed breakout
    $NVDA -- Good growth. 35% estimated growth in 2021.
    $TSLA -- Rebound off 200-day MA.
    $THC -- reversal off $10. ...
  • Herb:
  • Ruthboone: Just curious as to why $TTD is moving up so much and $ZM not doing the same.
  • shoredriver: @Ruthboone $TTD $ZM ...Um... because they are two separate companies in two separate biz....
  • Ruthboone: @shoredriver $TTD $ZM thanks. I realize that just felt like they could both do better than other in this environment
  • issues: @Herb $EBS $CI $CONE $CRUS $DPX $DQ $ENVA $ICHR $FOCS $GDDY $GO $GSX $KBH $LAKE $MDC $NSIT $PCRS $POWI $QDEL $SIMO $TNK $XP $ZM $AMN $AYX $BAH $BLK $BRBR $BRO $BSX $CHGG $COLD $CTRE $DXCM $ENV $FND $PFSI $RNG $RP $EPAY $SITE $STAG $TEAM $TTD $VAR $AMZN $GOOGL $CABO Herb! Thanks for bringing that typo to my attention. The correct symbols would be DPZ (always had trouble typing that Z.) and PCRX (trouble with my little finger typing the X also.) I didn't think anyone read it. At least you did. Thanks!
  • issues: On the IBD 50 list is $EBS - develops vaccines against biological agents that are potential weapons. New this week on IBD 50: $CI $CONE $CRUS $DPZ $DQ $ENVA $ICHR $FOCS $GDDY $GO $GSX $KBH $LAKE $MDC $NSIT $PCRX $POWI $QDEL $SIMO $TNK $XP $ZM Many seem related to the overblown Corona panic... Off the IBD 50: $AMN $AYX $BAH $BLK $BRBR $BRO $BSX $CHGG $COLD $CTRE $DXCM $ENV $FND $PFSI $RNG $RP $EPAY $SITE $STAG $TEAM $TTD $VAR Cramer said he expects another down draft this week sometime that will drop below the low on Thursday. I put in low limit orders (small number of shares) on $AMZN $GOOGL and $CABO
  • issues: Buying $OKE in the morning. Has a pe of 12 and a dividend of 9.8%. This oil is a hog! I like the tail of today's chart. Looks like buyers coming in. Holding $USO and $GUSH. We are putting in some buy orders (some limit some market): $ABBV $AYX $BCYC $CABO $COST $EHTH $FB $GPN $MA $NVCR $PYPL $RGEN $TEAM $TTC $TTD and $RNG. All small positions for a "relative speaking" LTH.
  • Robert1965: @issues $OKE $USO $GUSH $ABBV $AYX $BCYC $CABO $COST $EHTH $FB $GPN $MA $NVCR $PYPL $RGEN $TEAM $TTC $TTD Did you do it in AH or for tomorrow?
  • issues: @Robert1965 $OKE $USO $GUSH $ABBV $AYX $BCYC $CABO $COST $EHTH $FB $GPN $MA $NVCR $PYPL $RGEN $TEAM $TTC $TTD They market orders go into tomorrow morning. The limit order are also for tomorrow but they may not get triggered!
  • Robert1965: $TTD down 3% near LOD
  • traderbren: @Robert1965 $TTD - its been weak all day....pull up the 15 min intra-day chart. I got out yesterday on the break of the 50 dma. Set an alert at $282.82 and check the volume and confirmation of it clearing the 20 dma on the upside. They had great ER which resulted in the pop, but has rolled over again.
  • jonwest88: @Robert1965 $TTD Just logged on and saw this one down but above the VWAP and 50 dma.
  • Ruthboone: @shoredriver $TSLA I was pleasantly surprised to see all four of my positions in green this am. $NVDA. $TSLA $aMZN and $TTD. I was feeling foolish for holding them yesterday so now feel like I need to take this as a gift and unload before more bad news!
  • success: #CRAMER $TTD, #NVDA, #ADBE, #MRNA, #TDOC, #RNG, #SQ, #SHOP, #ESTY . . . He identified 10 stocks (I missed one) that could perform well in this environment. Going to watch them . .
  • 1winkie: @success $TTD #CRAMER #NVDA #ADBE #MRNA #TDOC #RNG #SQ #SHOP #ESTY $ZM is the 10th
  • success: @1winkie $TTD $ZM #CRAMER #NVDA #ADBE #MRNA #TDOC #RNG #SQ #SHOP #ESTY . . thank you
  • debeers: @Robert1965 $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $LVMUY $AAXN -$RCL $JNUG $TTD There is an index that has never, to my knowledge, been discussed in SMM and i think it can be added to the toolbox. It isn't nearly as precise as yours but generally works just fine--- it ...
  • Robert1965: @debeers $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $LVMUY $AAXN $RCL $JNUG $TTD $BX Great information Thanks
    $JNUG -seasoning only not even an appetizer/$LVMUY/$NVDA/$RCL/$SHOP/$TTD--
    $AAPL---You buy when the CEO' s are buying-Tim Cooke bought
    . I wanted it but didn't buy till Tim Cooke did.
    Same with $ ...
  • Ruthboone: Only have a few long term positions in my small personal growth account. $SQ and $TTD are two of them. Could anyone give me insight into why $TTD would be impacted long term by this correction. I understand that most things are down but would like some Perspective on $TTD
  • shoredriver: @Ruthboone $SQ $TTD ...$TTD...y'all holding thru tonight?
  • shoredriver: ..$TTD....up nicely after great report..
  • woodman: @Rjeletrik $PCTY $FIVN $BEAT - And $TWLO $TTD $SMAR $CRWD $AYX $PAYC - but as I said elsewhere, I'm not buying at the moment.
  • bRobert: $TTD. WEEKLY. $180. cup. $280 handle. $380. measured move Look for pb closer to the 50d./bounce Extended for best entry
  • Titanguy: $TTD looks like it wants to breakout today. Holding from a lower level.
  • CraigReynolds: @Titanguy $TTD Have a position that has worked well so far.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $TTD The Trade Desk Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • bRobert: $IYT Daily reversal in place WEEKLY wedge breakout/throwback/bounce $208 measured move target 1 Look around top down approach $ODFL nhs $235+ $JETS Reversal $DAL others $GM >50d $37 w target $CAR Breakout continuation posted the set up $50 WEEKLY $HTZ Doesn"t HTZ anym,ore WEEKLY breakout Adopt a cloud $MDB look for pb/bounces $190/$150 $CRM $220 WEEKLY cup $ZS $85 with move > 50 WEEK DOCU just hold it $100 LONG daily consolidation breakout Look for pb/b $TTD $380 reversal
  • Motorman: $TTD Up almost 3% on down day, appears to be phase 3, ER Feb 27 unconfirmed.
  • bRobert: @Motorman $TTD Still early in the day But Long term bullish $380 Weekly high base target Plenty of upside with a confirmed lift off
  • DAN: ...
    $TTD -- Breakout on Tuesday. Needs to reset, but one to watch.
    $SPLK -- Phase 2 complete? Wait.
    $PCTY -- higher base building. Lots of work to do.
    $TEAM -- tightening at $150. We need some sideways movement.
    $PLAN -- gradual uptrend. Watch middl ...
  • Reif99: I am absolutely getting pummeled today. $DDOG, $TTD, $SMAR, $TWLO, $ZEN ....
  • Motorman: $TTD @bRobert Looks like a good add point.
  • RedLeaf1: @Motorman $TTD Thanks for the heads up here. Got a few shares at $285.25 and will look to add for long term portfolio.
  • Pcdentist: @Motorman $TTD Good call,,,that’s the way this ticker trades
  • bRobert: @Motorman $TTD I love the pb/bounce Low risk with stop $360 reversal target
  • DAN: Some of my notes for today...about software stocks: Lots of gap and crap today. $IGV -- looks like a climax to me. Stick with software today. You’ll see that the leading sector is starting to act differently. $TTD -- huge reversal. $SPLK -- gap and reverse. $MSFT -- parabolic moves aren’t permanent. $AVLR - bearish engulfing pattern. $DDOG -- bearish engulfing pattern $SHOP -- Looking at resistance at $500. $SNPS -- gap and reverse...but good fundamentals on this. I would watch it, but not own it. $IPHI -- gap and crap
  • DAN: ...
    $TTD -- huge reversal.
    $SPLK -- gap and reverse.
    $MSFT -- parabolic moves aren’t permanent.
    $AVLR - bearish engulfing pattern. Might still work...but better to watch than to own.
    $DDOG -- bearish engulfing pattern
    $SHOP -- Looking at resistan ...
  • woodman: All time highs aplenty among #software stocks: $PAYC $PCTY $CDAY $PEGA $FIVN $DOCU $CRM $RNG $PLAN $SPLK (and almost $SHOP $TTD $TEAM $STNE $COUP)
  • snowbound: $TTD is through the roof, Alice ... partial
  • bRobert: $TTD $360+ ($380 WEEKLY c&h like) reversal target in motion ...... retetest/bounce off $270 neckline $180 head Great entry yesterday on bounce off 50d Long
  • bRobert: @snowbound $TTD I believe it's To the moon Alice Bang zoom ;) Long this moon shot
  • snowbound: @bRobert $TTD hmmm , could be (grin) ! Its not to the moon yet however .
  • Amykris: Was able to start a position in $TTD yesterday. So thankful. Raising stops
  • bRobert: $TTD . 50d . bounce .Retest of $270 . neckline in reversal WEEKLY high base consolidation/cup $360+ . target . NOT straight up . I like these technical set ups . Close to support
  • issues: @bRobert $TTD Good holding stock. We continue holding 1/2 a position and would like to add but this is a "Market with uptrend under pressure (IBD term for "caution!") So we will wait and watch for lower price or a break out.
  • woodman: $TTD - Still forming a handle to the cup, and more or less maintaining rising support since beginning of December. But be careful.
  • CraigReynolds: @bRobert $TWLO What about $TTD?, and thanks
  • bRobert: @CraigReynolds $TWLO $TTD . Great chart. $380 . measured move . Daily/WEEKLY C&h like . reversal .
  • woodman: @bRobert $TWLO $TTD - Bought some $TTD today, within the handle.
  • bRobert: @woodman $TWLO $TTD I know you can handle it
  • yongli: @scottrades $CDLX This remind me of $TTD position last year. No. 1 pick foundamental sound stock. Was in it @40ish, great story great product.
  • woodman: $TTD pushing up against all time high.
  • jonwest88: $ttd taking a 20 % profit on 25% of my position from last quarter 2019. Trading around a core LT position.
  • woodman: @Cgress70 $COUP - I'm seeing good action generally in the #Software-Application & #Software-Infrastructure stocks, and have a few in my suitcase. Some that I follow: $COUP $RPD $APPS $CYBR $TWLO $AVLR $WDAY $PAYC $AYX $TTD $TEAM $OKTA $SMAR $AZPN $RNG $WK $PCTY $SNPS $PEGA $PANW $FTNT $PFPT
  • Wykeman: $TTD moving on vol. Close to breaking out. High shorts. Looks like 300 in play.
  • woodman: @Wykeman $TTD - I bought it today. Another phase 3 type move for this one.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $SEDG $TEAM $AYX $ISRG - like the software-application stocks generally and I think they are coming back. I have a list of them that I watch (along with some software-infrastructure stocks). AYX and TEAM are on my list. I like AYX in this area. Look at the weekly. $RPD is interesting. And $WK is basing here. $OKTA interesting on the weekly too. $COUP also coiling on the weekly. I have $TTD and $SMAR at the moment but may add one or two.
  • Pcdentist: @woodman $SEDG $TEAM $AYX $ISRG $RPD $WK $OKTA $TTD $SMAR I too have been following $AYX, has big upside potential. Started a small position today
  • 86944T: $TTD moving up
  • champ: @sierramp $MIK $OLED --- I also trade $OLED and $TTD. .....Not really a big deal, just a fast... In and Out trade off of that CEO-News, that type of News works for trades. .....A perfect example was $CMG, when they pick-up their CEO, from Taco Bell, that was also a great investment position and a Bounce Trade, off of that News.
  • champ: $TTD, hey Trade Desk, where are going in such a hurry.
  • beachnorwegian: $TLRA Strong follow-through day thus far after merger announcement yesterday. Taking out the Nov 26 high. The merger would make it a behemoth in the Connected TV (CTV) ad space. Think $TTD.
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The Trade Desk Inc provides technology platform for ad buyers. It provides a self-service platform that enables clients to purchase and manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns using their own teams.

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