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TWLO Weekly Chart

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  • scottrades: Busy week for #Earnings ahead. Here some to watch for: $AAPL $AMZN $MSFT $AMD $UPS $FB $SHOP $BA $HAS $PFE $SMPL $MMM $TWLO $GE $FSLY $PINS $NOK $TWTR $MRNA $CHGG $ETSY $SAP $CAT $LGND $FVRR $SPOT $GOOGL $LLY $GILD $RTX $TDOC $OSTK $V $ATVI $MA $XOM $ABBV $HCA $SHW $F $NVS $NRZ $MRK
  • issues: $TWLO I'm trying to decide to buy or not before earnings on Mon AH. NP now but think it may surprise to the upside.
  • Babutters: @issues $TWLO so go small? Be happy you gambled right or be happy you didn’t lose much on loss.
  • issues: @Babutters $TWLO Yes I like that advice. Thank you! Will do!
  • traderbren: $TWLO - looks like it could be in for a earnings run. Above the 20d and 8 ema
  • champ: @BocaRick $FSLY $NET $Ddog $Twlo #Alert-News #reasons #IBD ----- #Thanks for that info....I'm not holding any of these positions, for now...NP's... but I have Alerts-set, with these also on a watch-list.
  • issues: AH gap down $FSLY and $TWLO. I took out my stops. $DDOG also!
  • Allen: @issues $FSLY $TWLO $DDOG Well, this sucks. Glad I only have 15 shares of $FSLY, but still hurts. $DDOG still up from my buy point.
  • Jim88: @Allen $FSLY $TWLO $DDOG CNBC just mentioned that $FSLY's biggest customer is TikTok.
  • BocaRick: @champ $FSLY #Alert-News #reasons #IBD points out that $NET,$Ddog and $Twlo followed it down
  • traderbren: #Weekend_research: Based on Weekly charts these may be of interest, but drill down and do your research of the daily: $FSLR, $NOVA, $WSM, $LAD, $POOL, $SHOP, $FIVN, $TWLO, $FSLY, $PAYC, $UPLD, $NET, $AZPN, $DHI, $PHM, $KBH, $BBY, $AMZN, $BABA, $ETSY, $NVDA, $QCOM, $NIU, $ROL, $PYPL, $FOUR, $TSCO, $SITE, $HDS, $HD, $VEEV, $SLP, $WST, $PODD, $CTSH, $CALT, $FIX, $SCPL, $TTEC, $CTAS, $MDB, $AEM, $CDNS, $SNPS, $TEAM, $TSM, $QRVO, $MCHP, $ROCK, $TFII, $CTLT, $A, $IDXX, $RPM, $STRL, $RBA, $CPRT, $LHCG, $KLAC, $ASML, $CSGP, $SLGN, $CLW, $TGT, $COST, $FRPT, $KNSL
  • Hawaiianmaxx: $TWLO Not sure if anyone is watching this. Maybe im to late.
  • bwcarnation1: $TWLO breaking out
  • Trader_X: $TWLO on weekly looks like it is taking off although volume today is questionable
  • kycol: 5-minutes into the opening rotation, my Menervini scan (Danscan) shows $TWLO, $ZM, $QDEL, $CLX, $RNG, $CLDX, $PGR, $KR, and $AZN green
  • sniper: gsl doing good,holding alot of cash waiting,got a sweat one $twlo have two trailing stops set,$len working,$penn,$snap,$zm,$tgt,$pins,some working some not , thanks to all, I read it everyday @ 400 in the morning
  • sniper: out 1/2 $twlo vol drying up,hit 15 min vwap
  • jbuc5222: $TWLO stock up 3% after hours based on 3rd Qtr Revenues
  • jonwest88: @jbuc5222 $TWLO closed $251.9 a.h. quote @ $282.5
  • Brock: @jonwest88 $TWLO news on sales beating expectations
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are pretty flat this morning, with the S&P slated to open down about 4 points. Buy the time you read this, futures will probably be up a bit.

    Here are a few things that I'm thinking about and monitoring.

    1. We're in a ...
  • beachndog: @DAN $SMH $QCOM $CLOU $BABA $AKAM $COUP $TWLO $AMZN $MSFT $GOOGL $NFLX $COR As a noobie, I've gotta ask, what is the smart/dumb money confidence index and where do I find it?
  • Forexpro: @beachndog $SMH $QCOM $CLOU $BABA $AKAM $COUP $TWLO $AMZN $MSFT $GOOGL $NFLX $COR Hi, Beachndog, You can get a sense of the (very useful, if macro) stuff that Jason Goepfert and Co. look at via Twitter (@SentimenTrader). All the best!
  • beachndog: @Forexpro $SMH $QCOM $CLOU $BABA $AKAM $COUP $TWLO $AMZN $MSFT $GOOGL $NFLX $COR Thank you, not ready to purchase the package, but will take Dan's advice at face value for now and take a look at your Twitter suggestion.
  • DAN: @beachndog $SMH $QCOM $CLOU $BABA $AKAM $COUP $TWLO $AMZN $MSFT $GOOGL $NFLX $COR Yep. Scotty posted the link. Jason Geopfert is a math head -- lots of great stuff. It's a subscription website -- but I don't think it's too expensive. I forget what I''m paying for it. He told me he's fine with me posting his stuff whenever I feel the urge. ;-)
  • Samik: @DAN $APPS It's all learnings from you over the years. If you can spare some time, pls advice me on these. Should I continue to take profits and sit on cash or put it back in the market ? Some of my stocks (thanks to your sound advice) have been doing well. $MSFT (58% profit), $BABA (61% profit), $LSCC (43% profit), $MRVL (67% profit), $NFLX (38% profit), $SPLK (33% profit), $TWLO (62% profit), $CRM (22% profit), $LULU (60% profit), $TNDM (67% profit). Would you suggest that I should take some profits from these or invest more in some of them ?
  • Wykeman: $TWLO Getting close..NH
  • Samik: @Dan Dear Dan. Presume all is good at your end incl yr family and loved ones. Desire to seek yr advice & be the good surfer (ref to yr email this morning). Despite no signs of COVID subsiding, the market seems to be consistently rising. Based on yr previous advice, I had taken some profits and am sitting on cash. Should I continue to do so or put it back in the market ? Would you suggest that I should take some more profits ? Some of my stocks (thanks to your sound advice) have been doing well. $MSFT (84% profit), $APPS (207% profit), $BABA (67% profit), $LSCC (46% profit), $PING (25% profit), $MRVL (68% profit), $NFLX (49% profit), $SPLK (61% profit), $TWLO (87% profit), $CRM (49% profit), $MA (23% profit), $LULU (95% profit), $TNDM (74% profit).
  • Wykeman: $TWLO Moving Long from below
  • Trendrider: @scottrades $TWLO $CRSP Good Morning Scott. I listened to the podcast. Very interesting Technology. I bought a little of each stock she mentioned. Edit,crsp,ntla,nvta. Crsp and nvta are in the arkk etf. A list of disruptor technology. Can you talk about these stocks in tonight's strategy session.? Thanks for all your help in helping us to be great traders.
  • scottrades: @Trendrider $TWLO $CRSP Hey Trendrider, I'm sorry I missed this message. I'll try and cover them tomorrow.
  • vatradergreg: $TWLO popping big today. Closed /ZB short for a small winner.
  • vatradergreg: Putting some starters on the board with $TWLO and $CRSP. Both good low risk entry candidates.
  • scottrades: @vatradergreg $TWLO $CRSP I heard a lady talk about CRSP on the IBD Podcast this weekend. Pretty interesting technology! Here's the link:
  • vatradergreg: @scottrades $TWLO $CRSP thanks for sending that Scott! I have to admit, I know nothing about the story, just trading the chart. I need to start listening to that.
  • vatradergreg: Adding to $TWLO. Same initial stop
  • tnt: $TWLO gapped higher in May after monster earnings and has not looked back rewarding dip buyers on the way up. Right now is one such dip & I am buying stock and calls. Trendline shown.
  • Wykeman: $TWLO trying to get off the mat. NP
  • champ: @Auto $CYBR, also see $PANW, $TWLO, $CRM, and $COUP....
  • bRobert: $VEEV. $TWLO. $ZS. Some that I'm watching as they come in towards the 50d. Excetional stocks. Stalking. for possible reentry near term.
  • Wykeman: Nibbling at $TWLO Rhrn
  • shoredriver: $ bounce for you....yet
  • Motorman: $TWLO bounce
  • bla00109: $TWLO Even though 2Q reported top and bottom line beat, the stock is up 189% this year, with a 150% surge coming in the past three months. Obviously, Mr. Mkt thinks earnings not good enough??? I have a large postion with a nice profit cushion, and am going to hold. I really like their business model concept.
  • Kimberley: $TWLO is anyone holding over earnings without selling 1/2
  • Kimberley: @scottrades $TWLO Report tonight would you hold through earnings or sell half
  • scottrades: @Kimberley $TWLO If they reported tonight or tomorrow morning, based on where the stock is now, I likely would not hold through. If I had a cushion, I would but it was a new trade and I wasn't up much on it.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $TWLO oh sorry, I thought you were asking about SQ. It depends on your price on TWLO. If you were up 10% on the stock, I'd keep half.
  • Kimberley: @scottrades $TWLO I do have a $60 cushion
  • scottrades: @Kimberley $TWLO I'd keep half if I were you.
  • Kimberley: @scottrades $TWLO thank you for your advice Scott
  • shoredriver: $TWLO...looks to be a probable 59'er........
  • ikkyu000: @scottrades $CLX $BYND $SQ $MRNA $ROKU $FSLY $TSN $ATVI $CHGG $CVS $W $DIS $MELI $GPN $SPCE $TWLO $CMS $LVGO $MCK $AMRN $ETSY $PLUG $NET $BMY $RACE $TTWO $MPC $MPLX $ZNGA $DBX $DDOG $UBER $WIX $KOS $TTD $ENPH $CRON $BP $TEVA $PENN $FVRR $RNG #Earnings Thanks so much for the list. If you could post a list every week during earnings season, that would be great. I plug the symbols into a watchlist to watch for intraday snap-back reversals (my favorite kind of trade).
  • MtChet: $TWLO - ATH...running into earnings tomorrow.
  • spmeyers: $TWLO looks like running toward new high; earnings aug 4
  • bRobert: $TWLO. 20d. bounce. Sale likely. over like $ZS.
  • Bridget: $TWLo contines to hold up very well here near the ATHs
  • bla00109: $TWLO - over last two trading sessions moving higher after pulling back last week to 20d MA
  • 1winkie: @bla00109 $TWLO On Friday Cowen raised its $230 target price to a Wall Street high of $260
  • babas: Still holding $TWLO from our last trade
  • jonwest88: $TWLO, $ISRG, $NET, growth is back in favor for today :-)
  • Kimberley: $TTD $TWLO $FVRR starting to move up, liking the weekly chart on all 3
  • Kimberley: $FVRR $TWLO $TTD $BABA as with most Tech stocks 50 DMA moving above 200 DMA on 1 MIN Chart bullish sign
  • scottto_2: @JFD - The intraday charts have caused me to hop out of so many trades that would have been massive. $TWLO $WIX $BABA just to name a couple recent ones. I have to force myself to focus on the daily and weekly chart to see the bigger picture.
  • DAN: Twilio ($TWLO) -- Closing this down at $234.54. We entered this trade at $212.30 and the stock is pretty extended, so I want to book profits and look for some opportunities that are lower risk. Dan
  • bogiedog1: @DAN $TWLO Would be interested to hear more context on your thought process on this one during the strategy session. Are you looking at reducing risk in relation to the overall market? This breakout looks early, unless you're using the context of the May breakout.
  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO -- Removing at $234.54. Bought at $212. Stock is just a bit tired and we need to reduce some risk.

    $FB -- BAck at $245 top. This is not where you should be buying. You can choose to hold an existing position here, but not the right time t ...
  • Aragorn: $TWLO $PTON this month is higher than last month high, so aggressively some can be taken or added to a position with a stop if it comes back into the range. This is aggressive $TWLO - once the signal triggered last week at 222.38 a new signal this week is a move above last weeks high and it has done that today for an add and another winning signal. I always try when I speak about a setup to follow up here and let you all see if it worked or not.
  • DAN: I have added $CIEN to the Growth Stock List and have also adjusted all of the stops on our open positions. I've specified the stop adjustments below and will use the following notes tonight for my Strategy Session.

    $CIEN -- Added $55.75. Stop belo ...
  • HGIGuy: $COUP $DT $DOCU $TWLO Bottom falling out on the entire enterprise group. Don't know why.
  • GMac10: @HGIGuy $COUP $DT $DOCU $TWLO Yes, big pullback. Can add $SQ, $AYX and $OKTA to that list as well
  • ReneeH: @GMac10 $COUP $DT $DOCU $TWLO $SQ $AYX $OKTA + $MDB $SPLK a few of these with bearish divergence. Might consider some quickie puts.
  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO -- Stock is walking along the upper BBand, which is really bullish. We had a good entry on this -- just below the stock started popping out of a squeeze. We want to stay long, but protect our numbers. Basis is 212.30. I’m adjusting t ...
  • Aragorn: @scottto_2 $TWLO $PTON $SPY #Late2Party #BlueSky OK I just wanted to follow up on these stocks. TWLO once it triggered above the weekly high of 222.38 it never looked back and went as high as 236.50. That signal has now exhausted but it paid and paid darn well. We have an outside week and one can take some stock above the high of Thursday of 236.50. $PTON - on the monthly signal it did go higher and triggered and worked but now has fallen below the trigger price. Still a valid signal all month if it breaks last months high again. It is a good signal as you have a great reference for a stop
  • CraigReynolds: $TWLO Keybanc raised target from $208 to $248.
  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO -- Riding along the upper BBand.

  • Bwhitty: $TWLO Added
  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO - Last Friday saw a new high on heavy volume. Yesterday was a BEP, but lower volume. Today it’s stable at $210.
    $LITE -- Basis $81. Stop $75.95.

    $WING -- Breaking above the tight flag pattern. Watching volume. Yesterday was a bit li ...
  • Ashash: why are $TWLO and $RNG down? are these thought of as COVID plays? I feel like their offerings are beyond that
  • CraigReynolds: @Ashash $TWLO $RNG Florida, South Carolina, and Nevada have reported record numbers of daily coronavirus cases in recent days, but the Street has largely shrugged off the news on hopes the spikes will ease. Remote work tech stocks are seeing red today after hitting new highs last week. On the move: Zoom Video (ZM -4.6%), Twilio (TWLO -4.5%), Wix (WIX -0.3%), Fastly (FSLY -7.6%), Five9 (FIVN -1.1%), and DocuSign (DOCU -4.1%).
  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO -- $210-220 range. Stop not threatened. Hold this and be patient. Note the light volume relative to Friday’s.
    $WING -- 2nd “inside day.” Looking for higher prices. I would keep a stop below $13 ...
  • scottto_2: #Late2Party - I'm looking at entries into $TWLO and $PTON. Both #BlueSky stocks with controllable risk. Both worked on a $SPY down 3% day.

    $TWLO - Have to give it a bit of room, but I think if it's going to work here, the stop can be as high as Fr ...
  • Aragorn: @scottto_2 $TWLO $PTON $SPY #Late2Party #BlueSky This is how I would play $TWLO and $PTON

    Hi Scotto I hope you are well and life is treating you right.

    TWLO we are late to the party here for sure, using the weekly chart you can take some stock in a ...
  • scottto_2: @Aragorn $TWLO $PTON $SPY #Late2Party #BlueSky - Thank you for the fine analysis, Sir! Hope you are well too!
  • romanalexk: $TWLO really wants to go above $220. Nice volume so far.
  • zimzala: $WFH #workfromhome ETF just listed yesterday. Top 10 holdings: $TWLO $CRWD $AVYA $ZM $INSG $OKTA $ESTC $PING $BOX $FTNT Others: $AMZN $PANW $VMW $RNG $PLT $WORK $FB $ADBE $TEAM $DBX $NTNX $VG $WDAY $MSFT $AVGO
  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO -- High volume today. New high. Raised to $199.50

    $AKAM -- Breakout today. Alert $106.
    $DELL -- This could be an opportunity to buy DELL...but it really needs some rebuilding of a base. It bears watching. Alert $53.
    $ETSY -- Still going. ...
  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO -- Holding up well in consolidation. Trending higher...steadily.
    $DXCM -- Still tightening up. Looks like RNG...only this has a lower high.
    $ZS -- holding up well. But not appropriate to buy here.
    $COUP -- Hard to buy...b ...
  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO -- Held up really well.
    $STMP -- Placing a "buy-stop" on this stock at $187.05 -- just a nickel above yesterday's intraday high. Until that buy-stop is hit, this is NOT an active trade. If filled, stop is at $174.90.

  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO -- Holding up well. Higher high today. Stop at $179.70

    Other stocks to note:
    $DELL -- spinning off it’s 81% ($50 billion) stake in VMW? Or...just buy the whole company. AH breakout above $55 on big volume. This has the potential to ...
  • Cheezit: @DAN $CODX $SPX $COMPQX $NDX $BYND $DXCM $RNG $TDOC $TWLO $DELL $VMW $SPOT $XBI $KDMN $ALEC $NVAX $BCYC $INVA $NLTX $RMD $UPS $AMZN $GSX $LULU $CMG $QDEL $VIPS Recording sounded much better. If you wondering..:)
  • chrisdundas: @Cheezit $CODX $SPX $COMPQX $NDX $BYND $DXCM $RNG $TDOC $TWLO $DELL $VMW $SPOT $XBI $KDMN $ALEC $NVAX $BCYC $INVA $NLTX $RMD $UPS $AMZN $GSX $LULU $CMG $QDEL $VIPS I second that. Sound was great! Thx Dan!
  • Herb: @RuDu $TWLO Quadruple witching hour?
  • Danzguy: @RuDu $TWLO What Herb said plus, I've been day trading this stock for several years because it can make $4-5-6 moves in a matter of minutes and so I get immediate reward. Regarding the end-of-market selloff, I think that is the nature of this stock and fueled by displaced gamblers who are now day trading. I believe they have come in to this stock and they like immediate reward, also. Now, that's just my intuition from playing in this sandbox awhile... Have a great weekend, my friend! Also, this stock can drop $12 faster than you can get an order in!
  • DAN: Here's a quick update on our 5 Growth Stock List holdings ($DXCM $TDOC $BYND $RNG $TWLO). I've raised the suggested stops for $DXCM and $TDOC. The other three stocks are unchanged:

    $DXCM -- Working really well. The stop was 349.08, which gave us ...
  • DAN: ...
    $TWLO -- Entry was $212. No change.

    $NLTX -- high volume breakout. Stop below $15.45. Alert $15.45
    $APLT -- Stpo below $44.80. Alert $44.80
    $TTD -- Closed this too soon.
    $NET -- This is your exit.
    $SHOP -- Use trailing stops on this.
    $V ...
  • RuDu: $TWLO any thoughts on why this stock sold off so hard in the last 10 minutes? On super heavy volume? Still holding it.
  • Ajax4Hire: Hold% $CLOU Global X Cloud Computing ETF - Top 15 holdings 6.25% $TWLO Twilio Inc 5.82% $ZM Zoom Video Communications Inc 5.26% $ZS Zscaler Inc 4.77% $COUP Coupa Software Inc 4.27% $SHOP Shopify Inc 3.99% $EVBG Everbridge Inc 3.95% $PAYC Paycom Software Inc 3.94% $WDAY Workday Inc 3.90% $PCTY Paylocity Holding Corp 3.89% $XRO Xero Ltd 3.83% $PLAN Anaplan Inc 3.72% $CRM Salesforce.Com Inc 3.59% $DBX Dropbox Inc 3.55% $NFLX Netflix Inc 3.48% $RP RealPage Inc Data from:
  • scottrades: $TWLO hitting ATH
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Volume 1,164,850

Twilio Inc provides a cloud communications platform that enables developers to build, scale and operate communications within software applications through the cloud as a pay-as-you-go service.

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