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AKS Weekly Chart

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  • tnt: $ARCH If you missed the run in steel names like $X $AKS you can buy $ARCH here which is the largest met coal producer in America and hasn't really run yet. I see $100 in next couple months
  • Robert1965: $X anyone adding to this and $AKS, $Vale, $CLF
  • mvdenapoles: Too late to enter $AKS ? I've been wanting to enter but now it seems like I would be chasing. Any suggestions on entry points?
  • champ: @mvdenapoles $AKS - I have been watching it all morning....and $SLX.... this is the 4th day and now it's holding.
  • Bridget: @mvdenapoles $AKS You would most definitely be chasing. Either start with only a VERY small position just to keep your attention but then wait for a pullback.
  • stevef214: $XME $X $AKS $FCX metals all up at or above 3 std dev BB. Conventional play would be to wait for pull back but this market is certainly not conventional. I have been wanting to get into this space but as of now I just can't pull the trigger and then again I have FOMO.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $AKS AK Steel Holding Corporation. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=AKS&clip=77555
  • Bridget: $AKS also making a solid move higher
  • eaglEye: @Bridget $AKS Yes, metals you are right. I have been hiding out in $NUGT and $JNUG, Everything else just chop and I have burned my fingers, shouda just been satisfied with metal trade and studied charts., But $LABD was the one today, missed it altogether
  • indigo1948: @eaglEye $AKS $NUGT $JNUG $LABD - also take a look at STLD
  • janner0814: ...
    $FCX / $X / $AKS - steel holding up
    $NKE - starting to form a base
    $AMGN - big fall to previous support

    $ANIP - breaking down
    $WB - starting to turn over, toppy
    $PBH- breaking lower
    $FXI - break down, pullback, now moving lower
    $LLY ...
  • Bridget: $AKS opened at $5 today and is holding. Thinking about adding here.
  • stairm01: @Bridget $AKS $CLF gapped down as well and I added this morning, but too early.
  • FHS: @Bridget $AKS I had wondered at the steep decline this morning, especially after favorable earnings and an upgrade. Then I read of a 65 million share offering at 4.90. I have no position and will wait for confirmation tomorrow, which makes me perhaps a bit late but so it goes.. What do you think about the offering? Cheers.
  • EasyOut: $AKS had Earnings report before market. TOS reports 0.129(est) with 0.21(actual). Currently up 9+%. Finviz says short float is 29.2%. CC at 10am
  • Bridget: Some metal stocks are moving $AKS, $FCX, $CLF, $X. I started a small position in $AKS. Will look to add on a pullback and sell calls against it if it rises.
  • GaVaHokie: @Bridget $AKS $FCX $CLF $X Would buying $X, hoping for an earnings run, make sense with $AKS and $SCHN beats?
  • Bridget: @GaVaHokie $AKS $FCX $CLF $X $SCHN I never advise buying a stock right before earnings "hoping" for it to pop. You can, but know that it is just speculation.
  • mepcc1: @Bridget $AKS $FCX $CLF $X $SCHN Thanks @Bridget - answers my question re EW!!
  • traderbren: $X - nice pop on $X this morning on the back of $AKS and $SCHN reports, but $X has since fallen back.
  • Bridget: Notes: $AKS, $FCX, $CLF, $X, $XME - Steel stocks made a move today but then pulled back. False breakout or just giving us a better entry? Not sure yet. $CLVS - right at support $GHL - bullish engulfing candle and reversal $CWEI - huge reversal and new high $EDU - gap and run to new high $PG - gap but right back into resistance $RTN - rising going into earnings after LMT's big jump, I'm playing a quick earnings trade $STX - still looking toppy $ABMD - breaking down $PVH - breaking down $EW - breaking down $S - breaking down $GBX - shot across the bow $JPEP and $MON - both are trading below the expected buyout prices $GLW, $SHW, $MMM, $HD - all these well performing stocks are showing weakness today Falling knife - $SONC , $JACK, $MHK, $CYNO, $STS, $MAS
  • stevef214: $AKS $X Out of $AKS for small loss. Holding $X and watching small gain and watching to add.
  • barabros: hey guys any thoughts on $BBRY, $AKS, $BMY??? thx
  • DAN: @barabros $BBRY $AKS $BMY

    BMY -- likely going lower. I think it's a risky buy right now. You'd be buying a falling knife.
    AKS -- no real trend here, but if the stock breaks above $5.20 or so, that would be great. But I think it is very very ambi ...
  • barabros: Thank you!!!@DAN $BBRY $AKS $BMY
  • Rasta: Watching metals $X $CLF $AKS for recovery. $AKS bounced nicely off 200DMA
  • lostsheep: $DXY - critical level for the dollar. If we lose this level I could see this falling back 3 pts to retest the 91.5 level. Draghi helping the Feds inability to raise rates keep the pressure on. #oil, commodities worth watching if the weakness continues. #steel- not exactly the place to be but the sector looks ripe for a short term bounce.$CLF, $X, $AKS etc. $SWN - is today the breakthrough day? Just thinking, Have a great day
  • stevef214: @lostsheep $DXY $CLF $X $AKS $SWN #oil #steel- I have been bidding for SWN for two days. It is a Dan Dicker recommendation.
  • debeers: $AKS/$X/$STLD-Halftime report: AKS + 1.09%, $X -.48%, $STLD 2.42%. $STLD-Think steel used for appliances. Long $STLD
  • Bilbo: $AKS $X Steel not doing well today. $AKS broken below 50MA and $X testing 50MA
  • debeers: $AKS-what we learned from the $HD call is that their top selling segment is appliances.$AKS-Produces high strength, low carbon flat-rolled steel and aluminum coated stainless steel for the automotive, appliance, construction and manufacturing markets. What we learned from the $HD call was that their very top market was appliances and that's for what flat rolled steel is used. Before heavy infra and roads are housing and cars. That is the natural progression.
  • debeers: $AKS-the sheet steel used in appliances seems like a good value to me and the stock is cooperating by reversing to the upside. Financial problems are now behind it as they already had their "come to Jesus" quarter last year and decided to take their financial structure seriously.
  • stevef214: @debeers $AKS $CLF also had a nice bounce of the 50DMA today and $X is now up for the day. Maybe $XME is coming back to life.
  • lostsheep: $AKS - bounced within a penny of the 7/18 breakout level.phase 3? Wish it were closer to their 50 day
  • EasyOut: @DAN $DJUSST $X $VALE $STLD $CLF Also $AKS is doing well. Earnings were before market today with .08 (actual) with -0.043(est).
  • stairm01: $X $STLD $AKS $STLD - I haven't seen any post on the steel stocks today. Many are showing a Hammer candlestick after a two or three day reversal from the top. Good place to start a position again, or add.
  • woodman: @stairm01 $X $STLD $AKS - Add $TMST to your list. Recently broke out of consolidation, now pulled back to test that breakout with a big hammer right off the old resistance line which looks like new support now.
  • olveoyl: @stairm01 $X $STLD $AKS Another stock to add ...$ZEUS
  • PhilHarmonic: @stairm01 $X $STLD $AKS $XME The metals ETF is down for a few days. My copper, gold, and platinums stocks following suit. Healthy pullback prior to new gains.
  • Trixie: @PhilHarmonic $X $STLD $AKS $XME Yeah was just looking at this hammer ont he $XME thinking this could be close to add territory.. Or does it come closer to the base it b/o of a little bit ago.. say 25ish..
  • DAN: Precious metals are doing well. Metals in general, actually. $AKS $AG $CDE $SLW $NEM -- all hitting new highs. $CYNO (not a metal...but one that we've been holding) is breaking out, as dickensg just mentioned.
  • stevef214: @Bridget $XME $FCX $AA $GLD $SLV $X You can add $AKS to the list
  • mvdenapoles: Does anyone believe the #steel stocks are in a rollover? Specifically $AKS $CLF $X?
  • inthesticks: @arthur IMHO @DAN is right ... $CLF held the 50MA yesterday and now is below the 100MA after its 14%+ dive ... look at action on $STLD, $POT, $MON, $AKS ... among others..
  • FHS: @Chris_P $AKS Offering 52 million shares caught me also. I have no position. Still extended above the 50ma. But now might be...? Cogitating. Cheers.
  • woodman: $AKS pulled back this morning on its announced secondary offering. The 5% is a blip given this one's overall rise. The drop simply brings it back to support around the 21dEMA. I added to mine.
  • Aragorn: $XME the place to be - $ FCX $AKS $SLV
  • DAN: $CLF $AKS $DJUSST -- Gang, the steel stocks are still working.
  • DrScience: ...
    On March 2, the US threw the red flag and hit China with a 266% Anti-dumping penalty. Score one for "Made In USA" as US Steel jumped 55%, $AKS popped 42%, and $NUE rose 9% -- over the next three days. Steel bears jumped on the run-up, thin ...
  • mvdenapoles: Whats going on in the Steel Stocks? $AKS $CLF $X?
  • glens13: @mvdenapoles $AKS $CLF $X - profit taking with opex tomorrow - probably
  • woodman: @mvdenapoles $AKS $CLF $X Catching their breath I think.
  • inthesticks: @mvdenapoles $AKS $CLF $X Gold, materials, and mining taking a breather too ... ex. $AUY $TCK $NUGT $NEM ... yada yada
  • woodman: $AKS - out of weekly flag. 200 week ma looms above.
  • woodman: @woodman $AKS I meant "up" and out of weekly flag. I'm still long but this move above the top BB at 3 standard deviations on the daily "shouldn't" last.
  • woodman: $AKS - Long this, using the weekly chart as my focus. Coming out of pennant on the weekly view. 200 week looms above though.
  • SADL: @woodman $AKS Also long in $AKS since yesterday. Stop at entry price
  • Kid2old: $aks @mvdenapoles see woodman's comment
  • mvdenapoles: @Kid2old $aks Thank you, currently have a nice position going to let it ride.
  • mvdenapoles: Does anyone have any advice on $AKS
  • Kid2old: @mvdenapoles $AKS Looking at the daily chart, the stock has been moving sideways for the last 14 days. Range of 4.00 to 4.35. If you want to start a position I would buy a 10% position at 4.12, the 20 period moving average with a stop in the range of 3.95 to 4.00. Then add when the stock starts moving up. If adding to an existing position I would buy at 4.00 to 4.05 or above 4.35 if the stock breaks out above 4.35. Stop on an existing position for now would be 3.80. The stop on a break out above 4.35 would be a 5% trailing stop. My take for what it is worth.
  • mvdenapoles: @Kid2old $AKS Thank you for the insight, I have a position already and I will see to continue its ride
  • woodman: #Metals #Mining #Steel - some resting/coiling stocks in these sectors could present nice opportunities. See, e.g., $ATI $FCX $X $AKS
  • steve71: $X $AKS $VALE The steel stock mania may be overdone. A friend is CEO of a major highrise construction firm. He says that structural steel prices continue to decline, as recently as this week. For example: Go to http://nucoryamato.com/ and click on Price List. A counter argument is that the market anticipates economic turns by six months. So maybe buyers are looking for an uptick in the U.S. To me the steel run looks like a potential short setup. $AKS and $X are still green, but reversed from their highs today.

    From a technical perspective, the steel stocks look like they've gotten a bit too hot. Look at $STLD. It was up big the last couple of days, but is now down more than 2% today. US Steel (X) is still going stron ...
  • woodman: @steve71 $X $AKS $VALE - But isn't the run in steel stock prices occurring, at least in part, because of the recent tariffs that the U.S. has slapped on metals imported from China and certain other foreign countries, which is allowing U.S. companies to boost prices? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-01/u-s-said-to-impose-266-tariff-on-imports-of-steel-from-china http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2016/03/02/steel-stock-soar-after-the-us-slaps-anti-dumping-t.aspx
  • woodman: @steve71 $X $AKS $VALE - But isn't the run in steel stock prices occurring, at least in part, because of the recent tariffs that the U.S. has slapped on metals imported from China and certain other foreign countries, which is allowing U.S. companies to boost prices? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-01/u-s-said-to-impose-266-tariff-on-imports-of-steel-from-china http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2016/03/02/steel-stock-soar-after-the-us-slaps-anti-dumping-t.aspx
  • woodman: #Metals - $TMST, $ATI, $X, $AKS, $FCX, etc.
  • geotheo: @woodman $TMST $ATI $X $AKS $FCX #Metals Thanks for posting the $TMST symbol yesterday. Drew my attention to the stock and I kind of liked the semi-squeeze of the chart and took a position yesterday. Working well today.
  • woodman: @geotheo $TMST $ATI $X $AKS $FCX #Metals Wonderful to hear. Best of luck with it.
  • bbw223: FYI #Steel $AKS @Dan has mentioned this one a few times recently. It is holding well today; similar stocks $CLF $X off more than 5%. NP
  • Bridget: Here are some of my end of day notes: $KORS - price alert at $52.63 for continuation of breakout $AKS - inverse head and shoulders $AKAM - still looking strong $SKX - volatility squeeze breakout $RATE - vol squeeze breakout $ZBRA - same, but the 200MA is overhead and downtrending $BABA - double bottom on the weekly $C - bullish divergence on the MACD $ROST & $PNRA - look ready to break higher out of sideways consolidation
  • FHS: @Bridget $KORS $AKS $AKAM $SKX $RATE $ZBRA $BABA $C $ROST $PNRA Thank you for those notes. I find them informative, with the prospect of profitability should I use the information prudently, properly and perspicaciously. Cheers.
  • FHS: @GOOSE $WLL Greetings Arthur! You can see I still stalk your posts. We're well, happy to be back in the Sierra and to be done--I"d hope--with niggling surgeries. I hope this finds you in good health and prosperous as well. I didn't follow tnt into this one--yet--but I have others. $AA might be one, and also $AKS (which I sold today, perhaps early, but that's okay, I'll take the 13%), but with any of his trades one must have very nimble fingers. What are we, 4 plus years now in SMM? Ah, time's winged chariot...Hope Florida is treating you well. Happy trading.
  • PhilHarmonic: $AKS This stock has been consolidating since June. It is now at the bottom of it consolidation rectangle. Buy with a tight stop hoping to ride this baby back to the top of the rectangle.
  • GreenGhost: $AKS down 12% CDS spreads blowing out here ; think it got a credit downgrade too ( not sure chicken or egg came first) suggest avoidance from long side.
  • teeka99: @Dan - $AKS - Steel stock. Beatin' down but, would like to hear some thoughts on this / building material companies. Obviously at the present moment they are not moving higher but at some point when things pick up, would it be advantageous to pick these up now and reap the rewards later? AKS price low over the last 5 years is $2.37 which just so happened to have occurred on Monday - imagine that. Thanks ahead of time to anyone who wants to comment.
  • Forexpro: @teeka99, $AKS

    Hi, Teeka99,

    Well, as you point out, there's fairly limited downside here. The weekly chart continues to look more or less like death, with possible bottoming action around the upper 2.30ish area that you referenced:

    http://schrts. ...
  • teeka99: @Forexpro $AKS - Thank you very much for you analysis/comments! With the current price at $2.55, you are correct that the downside is limited. Unlike coal, I don't see there being a replacement for steel or environmental issues that might make this sector totally implode. With that said, the only way it moves higher is when buildings start popping up and construction resumes/increases. Resistance above $3, agreed. Institutional buying above $5, agreed. So, some positive levels need to be reached but if they are, it should bode well for the stock. Thanks again for replying!
  • dunsek: @dkoran $AKS even steel is doing well today! I'm still long this one, despite the chart's overall woofiness.
  • dkoran: @dunsek $AKS- As Dan stated last night, buy the trends and make more money than being a fundie junkie. That is my issue. i have a hard time buying something you know is gonna crash one day (right thru your overnight stop)These $IBB stocks are gonna crack hard sooner or later but until then, party on. Reminds me of a local boy from my hometown who worked for a consulting firm .He was stolen away by a software company and made him CEO. Not gonna mention the name, but i do not think the company ever turned a profit. (maybe one quarter) Well, he finally quit, came home a multi,multi millionaire . I said Damn, i can do that! Lose money and get rich . Only in America. Just like these over hyped stocks.
  • :
  • debeers: $AKS/$ZEUS/$RS- Really fekked up! So very sorry-steels in a raising rate environment?? I am punishing myself by (gasp!) venturing out sans mascara. Get yourself an auto parts dealer. I like $DLPH but $LEA is nice. I am avoiding MG/A on purpose. Too much tweet drama and$DLPH and $LEA don't need Carl the Tweet---they make their nut just fine, thanks very much. $CBRL-Carl gives all activists a bad name: Biglari is responsible for all the great #'s at CBRL--increasing dividends increasing buybacks doing all the smart buying. $LAD-on a pb. Its a bitpricey now but still my fave dealer although the parts guys are raising rate plays
  • debeers: $AKS/$RS/$ZEUS- Why were they mentioned yesterday in the forum? Here's why: I believe that the Congress will pass anti-dumping legislation. What the so called Dept. of Commerce and the D's believe isn't important here. There is precious little for infra and construction that hasn't had to be replaced after using Chinese steel. Its one thing to buy a cheaper fry pan: its quite another to have rusty bridge bolts. I live in the BayArea and the legislature here is learning the error of their low bid ways.
  • stairm01: $AKS $X $STLD What announcement came out at 1:00 PM today that set the steel stocks moving higher? Long AKS stock.
  • greberalan: $X $AKS Steels X AKS something happened with the steels a little after noon today. There was some word on the American Trade Enforcement Effectiveness Act....I think is has passed both Congress & Senate now....but not 100% sure. More info on Trade Bill........This looks like a 'half-measure'??? Or Half -as$%##ed Bill...... WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Friday voted for a compromise on currency manipulation rules in a key trade bill, avoiding a clash with the Obama administration and U.S. trade partners. The Senate voted 70 to 29 in favor of an amendment that beefs up existing rules but stops short of allowing sanctions against countries that deliberately weaken their currencies to make their exports cheaper. Steels are up big on whatever happened here. But will they continue up on 'half-measure' Congressional Bills?????? Not sure
  • hwyflier: $XME $CLF $AKS $X : Strong across the board reversal today.
  • philharmonic: @hwyflier $AKS Seems that the volume was not large enough to label this reversal strong.
  • philharmonic: $AKS Round trip.
  • prockow: $AKS- entered a position today
  • prockow: @philharmonic $AKS- what do you mean by round trip ?
  • 69PAS: @prockow $AKS Unfortunately I entered last week. :(
  • greberalan: @philharmonic $AKS I see the trip down...But not the 'round' as yet...I think the 'round/up' depends a lot on the dollar....ie dollar up/steels down
  • philharmonic: @prockow $AKS I made two purchases at an average price of $5.11. The stock was up a nice percent but then came back down, close to $5.11. ROUND TRIP!!
  • dunsek: $AKS still working. I think you can buy it with defined risk here.. just under today's LOD and/or just under the 8ema might be a place to get out if you did though. I'm taking a longer view and have the advantage of being in lower. FD Long common ps @janner0814 #AscensionDay is less July 4th and more the 40th day of Easter. Fewer (ie none) fireworks, more church. Or in my case, golf course :)
  • dunsek: $AKS reasonably well behaved in a weak market. Long tail, nothing over head until the 200, about $0.60 north of here. Long, got a little longer this morning.
  • dunsek: @traderbren $X I like $AKS better, but then I'm long, so I guess I would.
  • stairm01: $CLF $AKS Holding near their highs for the day. Long stock and not scaling out this trip higher.
  • hwyflier: @philharmonic $AKS : It tends to settle for a few days after big up days like yesterday. We've got a support zone coming up. It may bounce in the next couple of days if it gets there. I think she's got 6 in her.
  • philharmonic: @dann055 $X $AKS $AKS also bouncing
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AK Steel Holding Corporation is a producer of flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steels, and tubular products through its wholly owned subsidiary, AK Steel Corporation.

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