Caseys General Stores Inc. (NASDAQ:CASY)

Strategy Session May 20th, 2019

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  • utex72: @Bridget $CASY Stopped out yesterday on 4+% p/b with small loss. Bouncing of 50 dma this morning. Is this a good re-entry point, or wait until price moves above ~$173?
  • Bridget: @utex72 $CASY I'd want to see it back above the 21dMA
  • utex72: @Bridget $CASY Thx you.
  • Bridget: Adding to my position in $CASY
  • Bridget: @utex72 $CASY I have my stop set at yesterday's low, just below the 50dMA
  • utex72: @Bridget $CASY Would you add a stop just below Tue or Wed intraday low?
  • champ: $CASY, investors are happy...retailer, just more positive news in the sector. $SPY, a few investors are little nervous, at this level, need to be in the right positions. The retail sector has many positive reasons to stay on track. Real nice news fro ...
  • Bridget: $CASY squeeze, bounce off the 50dMA and now back above the 21dMA. Post earnings. Great bullish sign that this is likely to break out.
  • Bridget: $CASY havent really looked at this one before, but I like the pattern. Strong uptrend, pullback to the mean, regaining the 21dMA, earnings on 9/10
  • champ: $TSCO @ $108.00 this Rural Retailer, with huge farming/ranching exposer, ER, is down the road, not until 7/25. However, you saw what this convenience store, rural retailer, $CASY, did on their ER report, think ahead, that was a set-up for $TSCO, holding, just waiting to add. Disaster Funds Bill passed.....Plus....the huge Tariff relief $$$'s, $16 billion $$$'s, are on the way RHRN, these $$$'s are already being spend ahead of the release, Bankers are making loans, ahead of the checks.
  • Herb: $CASY way up
  • rachel: ...
    $CASY – consolidation...thin. Wouldn’t buy here...but I would watch it.
    $POST – this is what you DON’T want to see happen. It’s red flag.
    $LULU – still consolidating. No rush to buy this. Earnings 5/30.
    $AYX & ...
  • Kasey: $CASY, Moved above the symmetrical triangle today on the daily and weekly charts.
  • issues: @Kasey $CASY You have the same name as the stock, interesting. Do you hold the stock?
  • Kasey: @issues $CASY I couldn't resist a starter position an hour ago. I usually only post info that I hope will help someone else's trade. I don't mention my positions because I wouldn't want anyone to follow me, as I'm still not consistently profitable.
  • issues: @Kasey $CASY OK thank you.
  • Kasey: $CASY Looks like it continues to consolidate in a symmetrical triangle on both the daily and the weekly charts
  • spmeyers: @Cokeman1959 $CASY "good" was probably an overstatement, as the pullback has been steeper than we like; still, the pullback has been on lower volume than was the breakout, even when the overall market has tanked on high volume; the recent breakout was an all-time high (see 3 year weekly chart); this is more of a 3-6 month investment than a swing trade
  • spmeyers: $CASY looks good here
  • Cokeman1959: @spmeyers $CASY why does it look good here?
  • spmeyers: $CASY on the other hand looks good here; has pulled back to support on lower volume after strong breakout; for sure one to watch
  • DrScience: $CASY investors breathing a sigh of relief as stock regains the 50 DMA. Stock fell out of a volatility squeeze into earnings; rising since the open. Conference call ongoing. Guess we could call this phase 2 rebound rather remarkable -- alliteratively!
  • greenpatrol: $CASY Triggered an inside month and up yesterday at $130.29. Just pulled back near to that price.
  • bRobert: $CASY Short squeeze continues $AAN $60 target
  • bRobert: $AAN Breakout continues Shorts 7d to cover. $60 target. High margins leasing furniture, appliances,electronics. Double digit revenue growth. Cheap. $CASY short squeeze. continues. Look for pb/bounces. Extended $CONN Another retailer with strong growth and a short squeeze potential.
  • bRobert: $CASY short squeeze continues
  • bRobert: $CASY short squeeze. Looking for flag trigger. $137+
  • bRobert: $CASY Looking for flag trigger $142+ target Shorts 11d to cover
  • bRobert: $CASY day 2 breakout Shorts 15d to cover
  • Paddleboard: ...
  • Aragorn: @hunter2 $SPX $AFSI $APD $CMI $DBD $GS $IRBT $NTRS $PG $SBNY $SDRL $SEDG $ANGI $EARS $CASY $CEMP #T2108 #Thoughts Hunter I meant to mention to you Dan in his note this AM and tonight's vid he mentions the 61.8 fib and that corresponds with the November pivot high. So Dan answered my Question J
  • hunter2: @Aragorn $SPX $AFSI $APD $CMI $DBD $GS $IRBT $NTRS $PG $SBNY $SDRL $SEDG $ANGI $EARS $CASY $CEMP #T2108 #Thoughts
    Hey J: Thanks, that makes it more clear for me as well. I wasn't so sure that I had the Fib placed correctly.

    Forexpro has taught me ...
  • Aragorn: ...
    The only weekly rev strats in play are $CASY and $CEMP

    I look forward to yours and others response on the fib question. Have a great rest of the weekend and I leave you and anyone else reading this with some weekend tunes ...
  • Tr8dr: @Aragorn $SPX $AFSI $APD $CMI $DBD $GS $IRBT $NTRS $PG $SBNY $SDRL $SEDG $ANGI $EARS $CASY $CEMP #T2108 #Thoughts --- Thanks for the list and thoughts Aragorn!
  • hunter2: @Aragorn $SPX $AFSI $APD $CMI $DBD $GS $IRBT $NTRS $PG $SBNY $SDRL $SEDG $ANGI $EARS $CASY $CEMP #T2108 #Thoughts - That's crappy losing a long post. It's happened to me, so now I highlight and copy the text, especially if it is a long post.

    Re Fib ...
  • champ: @hunter2 $SPX $AFSI $APD $CMI $DBD $GS $IRBT $NTRS $PG $SBNY $SDRL $SEDG $ANGI $EARS $CASY $CEMP #T2108 #Thoughts - Well thats OK the way you said it ....the Generals are moving the privates forward and are battling it out every day now for the past 16 trading days and have been winning....but you always HAVE to remembered the market is moving higher because of the News Flow the dollar falling which is moving all commodities higher. The Saudis could say something and drop the market....and that would be new news. I'm a trader who trades on news but always with an eye on chart levels for risk management. LOL
  • tri2insite: @Aragorn $SPX $AFSI $APD $CMI $DBD $GS $IRBT $NTRS $PG $SBNY $SDRL $SEDG $ANGI $EARS $CASY $CEMP #T2108 #Thoughts I don't know about the Fib question but that was a excellent choice of Who music.
  • mradams0621: morning 17.17% $UVXY ProShares Ultra VI 33.22 878230 16.93% $TVIX VelocityShares Dai 7.32 1530000 14.32% $SILC Silicom Ltd. 34.64 6730 11.98% $GRFS Grifols SA Barcelo 18.14 200 10.76% $GRVY GRAVITY Co Ltd ADR 3.50 2 10.53% $YANG Direxion Daily FTS 109.55 13060 10.11% $CHAD Direxion Shares Ex 46.40 567 8.41% $VXX Barclays Bank PLC 21.79 1500000 8.18% $VIXY ProShares VIX Shor 14.42 25830 7.91% $NUGT Direxion Daily Gol 26.20 424730 7.71% $EDZ Direxion Daily Emr 50.60 5990 -35.95% $FCAU Fiat Chrysler Auto 8.96 97890 -18.33% $LIOX Lionbridge Technol 4.01 500 -17.52% $INDL Direxion Daily Ind 11.11 3800 -17.12% $ALJ Alon USA Energy Inc 12.30 100 -16.09% $CHAU Direxion Shares Ex 19.48 10470 -13.82% $GLAD Gladstone Capital 6.30 226 -13.70% $LEI Lucas Energy Inc 6.30 37650 -12.31% $DQ Daqo New Energy ADR 14.60 200 -11.84% $RTIX RTI Biologics Inc 3.50 500 -10.20% $YINN Direxion Daily FTS 15.93 14930 -10.15% $INB Cohen & Steers Glo 8.50 4000 -9.83% $INCR INC Research Holdi 43.74 400 -9.78% $NTGR NETGEAR Inc. 37.81 550 -9.77% $ASGN On Assignment Inc. 40.56 325 -9.69% $JKS JinkoSolar Holding 24.99 44850 -8.68% $CASY Casey"s General St 110.00 115 -4.64% $ATNM ACTINIUM PHARMS INC 3.08 29670
  • heflingw: has anyone taken a look at $CASY
  • champ: @heflingw $CASY - I have it on my watch- list ...great earnings but might be kinda hard to buy at this level. I really like this company ...would be a long term hold....but NP.
  • GreenGhost: ...
    What's not working: Department stores ($DDS, $M, $SSI, $BONT, $SHLD, $JCP, $KSS, $JWN) went backwards with sales off 1.1% from a year ago. No surprise, but sales at gas stations ($CASY, $KR, $PTRY) also fell off from a year ago.

    Retail ETFs: $XLY, ...
  • :
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Monday's close $CASY, $MTN, $PBY, PVH
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Monday's close $CASY, $FIVE, $FLOW, $HDS, $IRET, $PANW, $PBY, $PPHM, PVH
  • Mike72: 59 Min Trader - Stocks that just reported earnings and gap up or down give ideas for trades that day. It works better if you know something about the stock or have been following it but it is not necessary. I accidentally found a 59 minute trade wednesday, unfortunately was working and didnt have time to be trading and didn't realize it until 11:00 that morning when I checked back in. $CASY was the ticker you can read the post and look at the 4 min chart.
  • Henry: $CASY They reported last night and went down in a.h.
  • Mike72: $CASY - Yeah didn't check that. Well was looking good now not so much. sorry for wasting your time on this one.
  • hwyflier: $CASY : @Mike72 , Not at all, look at the 5 minute price action. You probably found the trade of the day.
  • jimann: #Squeeze candidates - $TGT, $ZION, NETL, $KSS, $GLW, $COST, $IBM, $UNM, $ADI, $CASY, $CMI, LINE. Comments welcome, I'm a newbie still learning! Trying to get my E*Trade Level II candlestick chart to look like @Dan's....set on weekly - 3 year. Can anyone say what @Dan's is set on? Thx much
  • dr.orangejuicer: Arb plays - $GGP, $CASY, OSIP, ACL Any thoughts on the above arb plays? I own both stock and #options in $GGP, just watching the others at the moment. $CASY in particular is compelling to me; they were recently offered $36/share by a Canadian company, a 14-percent premium at the time and an all-time high for the stock, but the offer was rejected was "opportunistic." The stock is currently trading at around $39.25 and had been in a 29-32 range for months. If you're running $CASY and you receive a bid this high, how do you turn it down as opportunistic? From what I can tell, management is either stupid (unlikely), believes the long-term growth of the company to be worth more than the offer, or truly believes it can get more for the company right now. Any thoughts here?
  • landm19: Earnings Preview for the week of Mar 8th-12th : Companies reporting earnings the week of Mar 8th-12th include: Monday: COMV, DGW, $EBIX, $FREE, PARD, $YGE, $CAP, $CPE, $CASY, FRPT, $HRB, $MAKO, $NCMI, RSCR, $SNHY, $TIVO, and VVUS... Tuesday: BRNC, CALP, CRIC, $CODI, $DKS, $EJ, $EXEL, $GPOR, $KR, $LMIA, NXG, $SSI, SWSI, TSTY, AONE, $AVAV, $ALOG, BIDZ, $SAM, $PSS, $DXCM, $EXLS, $FLOW, $ICFI, JCG, $NAV, $SLXP, $VRSK, and ZIPR... Wednesday: $CAS, $AEO, $BONT, BF.B, $CRZO, $PLCE, $CWEI, $CPIX, $ESLT, ELMG, FSIN, HRBN, HWK, $QLTI, $SOL, $TRK, RMIX, $MTN, $AACC, $BLDP, $CLNE, $FCEL, GYMB, $HIL, $HOTT, $IDSY, $IPAR, JAS, $MW, $MBLX, VITA, $PRSC, $SMTC, $STAN, $TTGT, and WES... Thursday: CPC, $CSUN, $DK, $IMAX, JTX, $MEA, $NGPC, $PNY, $SFD, $STEI, $SUI, $BKE, $ARO, $AIRM, $CCO, $GG, HQS, $KOG, $NSM, $NPSP, OMPI, $OPTR, $PSUN, $PLL, $POWR, $ZQK, $SEAC, $SHFL, $SWHC, $ULTA, and ZUMZ... Friday: $ANN, $CTRN, $HIBB, $KIRK, $NVAX, and PEI.
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Volume 206,990

Casey's General Stores, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries operate convenience stores under the name 'Casey's General Store', 'HandiMart' and 'Just Diesel' in nine Midwestern states, mainly Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois.

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