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  • Herb: $GO ipo up again.
  • Sluggo: $GO Working again today. Looking to start a position. Just watching.
  • Herb: $GO ipo still strong.
  • Danzguy: Way to go $GO! @JBed turned us on to this one and it's breaking out!
  • Sluggo: $GO For those that want a nice performing low beta grocery stock, this thing popped on E AH yesterday and looks really healthy. I know the company, and they have a great long time history although they just IPO'd recently. Ceiling appears to be $42 right now.
  • Herb: $GO $TPTX good ipo charts.
  • Sluggo: $GO Reports today. If you like $VFF, you should like $GO. They have been around a long time and just IPO'd recently. Waiting to see how they do.
  • Sluggo: $GO up at $42 AH after earnings. I don't own this now, but I think it beats the snot out of $VFF
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $VFF $TSN I mean, look at $GO in the same industry and they are doing well and I sold them for now after a profit. Just sayin'
  • sierramp: @Sluggo $VFF $TSN I don't play AH. I have no idea what $VFF is going to do but I can see it pulling back to the 8EMA at a minimum. $GO looks interesting, quite sensible. What's the soundtrack for $GO?
  • Sluggo: @sierramp $VFF $TSN $GO Go Your Own Way, of course. Fleetwood Mac. I have it on now. Appropriate.
  • Sluggo: @sierramp $VFF $TSN $GO $GO reports tomorrow so watch it. I will...
  • sierramp: @Sluggo $VFF $TSN $GO Good choice!
  • Herb: Some decent-acting IPOs: $CRWD $LK $TPTX $PSN $ARVN $ZS $PINS $HHR $PLAN $ZM $GO $GH
  • JBed: $GO back to hod.Still long from $34 level.
  • Herb: Some good-acting recent IPO's: $CRWD $PLMR $LK $HHR $ARVN $PLAN $ZS $PSN $GO $YETI
  • Sluggo: @Bridget $GIS Good call. My wife works for $GIS and she has plenty of it. She was the one that told me about $GO and gave me the skimmy on it. That appears to be working.
  • Sluggo: $GO You can always tell on an illiquid stock when an institution is building a position by looking at the minute chart. $GO is showing that this morning. I like the business model on this stock. It is in the consumer defensive sector like $DG or something of that ilk.
  • Sluggo: $GO Just reaffirming...see my earlier post. This thing is being bought around $38 by an institution today. Every time it hits $38 it goes back up. Check out the minute chart.
  • bigbartabs: @JBed $GO ... IPO ears perked up... as Warren B always says... "buy what you know". Good luck!
  • CraigReynolds: @bigbartabs $GO Watched the posts yesterday and just watched and watched, no position. I determined, I know nothing. Need to look at some IPO's. Several seem to be doing this but watch out, I will buy something. Then we will see.
  • bigbartabs: @CraigReynolds $GO ... for the most part, IPOs are too fast moving for me... with the schedule I keep, and so many irons in the fire. Best of luck buddy... keep at it!
  • CraigReynolds: @bigbartabs $GO When I enter, will let you folks know, so you can stay away. Been watching Rev Shark Monday free picks. Bridget's trades looks like they do well. Good luck/trading today.
  • JBed: $GO making new ATHs today.
  • DAN: @JBed $GO Hi Jbed. Nice move in GO. Not a stock that I follow, so I have nothing to add...but thanks for pointing it out! 8-) Dan
  • JBed: @DAN $GO It's my fave grocery store so of course when it had an IPO my ears perked up.
  • DAN: @JBed $GO Nice, JBed.
  • captron: @JBed $GO Was trying to take my profits but it was moving up so I ended up adding to position. Thanks for bring that to my attention.
  • bRobert: @JBed $GO You're a real $GO getter
  • Bridget: $GO making a new high
  • bRobert:
  • JBed: $GO ath above $36. Long from $31.
  • Bridget: $GO is breaking out #ipo
  • JBed: $GO My favorite IPO pick, picked up an outperform rating this morning and is up nearly 4%. This will be a long-term hold. Grocery Outlet = the Home Goods of grocery stores. Fabulous deals, lots of organics, almost everyone I know shops there.
  • joesimba: @JBed $GO I live in a small town in western NC....and GO is my favorite store. I thought this chain was only in NC.
  • JBed: $GO another IPO that's forming a nice, rounded cup and moving back up towards initial high of $36.70. I shop at Grocery Outlet all the time. It's one of my primary entertainments.
  • Herb: Best-acting ipo's: $TUFN $TW $AXNX $ARVN $RTLR $IPO $TPTX $PLAN $GO $PLMR $PSN
  • Herb: Some recent ipo's that have acted well: $TUFN $TW $GO $PSN $AXNX $TPTX
  • spmeyers: @Herb $TUFN $TW $GO $PSN $AXNX $TPTX I like how TUFN is walking up the 8-day EMA; watching to see if it holds this breakout into the close
  • JBed: $CHWY Nice gain today on this IPO. For those of you with pets, this company has great selection, price and service and a very loyal customer base. It's been keeping my cats in kibble for a while now. Another IPO fave of mine is Grocery Outlet $GO in which I have no position but it's the Marshall's of grocery stores and I"m looking to get in.
  • Herb: $GO another good-acting ipo
  • Herb: $GO ipo breakout
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  • March 5th, 2020 - 2019 Q4 Earnings
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