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  • cb: $DOMO 9 days later, Still giving the bears a Hug Squeezing up
  • cb: $DOMO somebody buying this pullback
  • cb: $RACE $DOMO RACE making a pit stop trying to get back on the lead lap. DOMO looks like it's getting back into the race as it appears it's picked up sponsors as it is stepping up from the lows about to go green for the day
  • cb: $DOMO through 16 watch for break through 17 then onto 18 and 20 by next week
  • cb: $DOMO giving the bears a nice big hug with this short term squeeze
  • cb: $DOMO HOD the squeeze continues
  • cb: $DOMO flag trigger, continuing to 17
  • cb: $DOMO new HOD
  • cb: $DOMO reduced pos size locked in profits (which was my best today) here.... Will look for more tomorrow
  • rverkamp: $DOMO looking at this stock to move above $16.15 to add to my over sold bounce trade
  • rverkamp: $domo interday high
  • cb: @rverkamp $domo $18 should come into play near term
  • efrain007: $DOMO watching for a move over day high
  • cb: @efrain007 $DOMO Picked up some
  • efrain007: $DOMO I'm in 16.90
  • cb: @efrain007 $DOMO Looking to break 18.56
  • efrain007: @cb $DOMO What's 18.56?
  • cb: @efrain007 $DOMO a pivot that could become support
  • cb: @efrain007 $DOMO i have a buy stop inplace at 18.50 to add
  • efrain007: @cb $DOMO I have stops at 16.30 and 15.70. IF it starts working and takes out day high I will look to add on pullback.
  • cb: $DOMO Several test and confirmations today in the current range . Swinging today's position into monday, with current market cond. $18.50 first target & Alert set.
  • efrain007: @efrain007 $DOMO Stopped out half 16.30
  • cb: @efrain007 $DOMO will hold small and add when alert triggers. I think it will test $20 short term...
  • efrain007: @cb $DOMO I'm only in it for a day trade, though I may hold if I don't get stopped and it closes well.
  • efrain007: @efrain007 $DOMO Stopped out.
  • cb: $DOMO down 33% possible 59er in the morning???
  • Sluggo: @cb $DOMO My personal response...why are you in this thing? Don't mean to be cavalier, but that was my reaction. I cant resist. Domo Arigato by STYX
  • champ: @cb $DOMO --- However, on this stock, they lower #full-year forecast, this is set an alert and maybe just walk away. Too many other positive trades going on. This type of negative guidance, is really hard to take for investors, the ones that are still holding, my guess is, they will walk, on all upside moves.
  • cb: $DOMO Reports after mkt THURSDAY.... possible run into earnings...
  • cb: $DOMO @DAN Looks to be consolidating for a push to test the $28 area any thoughts here??
  • DAN: @cb $DOMO Moving the wrong way. Still trending lower. Until that changes, the stock is dead to me.
  • cb: $DOMO Gapping
  • Herb: $DOMO has recovered Friday's rippage and then a bunch. What was that about?
  • Wolf: $DOMO $MIK $DOCU Down after earnings, watching for a bounce.
  • gvianello: $DOMO stopped out
  • Bridget: $DOMO made new highs recently and is now pulling back. Weekly uptrend is still intact. Watching for the next move higher. #ipo
  • Sher: $DOMO – Up 6.9%, today, reversing “slow bleed” decline after hitting $47.08 high on 3-28-19 – Currently trading @ $39.96 – Botched call position looking less "god-awful" - Credit Suisse upped PT to $45, last week – Earnings are a non-issue.
  • Sher: ...
    $DOMO – Initiated new position on the 27th, following Morgan Stanley’s PT increase to $52 from $41– Stock’s immediate response was to PB to 20-day MA, of course – Down, again, today (low volume), though back above VWAP& ...
  • issues: I was doing a little research and wanted to share my work with you folks since you are so generous to share your insights with me. These are low cost stocks I'm watching for a pull back or green day to buy: $ATOS $DOMO $CATS $AVCO $NBRV $NVTA $SMAR $AKTS $EMIS $DYAI $CREE $AKTS and $AEZS. I don't know why the chart doesn't show for EMIS or DYAI. We are holding $JYNT $RUBI $AFMD and $AXSM. Many of these are biomed stocks so caution is wise since they can be very volitile. Not for the faint in heart but for those who like excitement and are watching a chart or use tight stops. Cramer did a piece on $ZS that looked interesting. Good trading to you all!
  • champ: @issues $ATOS $DOMO $CATS $AVCO $NBRV $NVTA $SMAR $AKTS $EMIS $DYAI $CREE $AEZS $ZS ---- #Thanks, for the heads up... on these stocks, I will take a look. However, the markets might not have, very much of any type of a market...pull-back...without some type of negative news. LOL
  • tjv821: @issues $ATOS $DOMO $CATS $AVCO $NBRV $NVTA $SMAR $AKTS $EMIS $DYAI $CREE $AEZS $JYNT $RUBI $AFMD $AXSM $ZS ty great stuff
  • Sher: @issues $ATOS $DOMO $CATS $AVCO $NBRV $NVTA $SMAR $AKTS $EMIS $DYAI $CREE $AEZS $JYNT $RUBI $AFMD $AXSM $ZS - Really appreciate all you contribute...Thanks!
  • bRobert: $DOMO arigato Shorts 14%
  • CHOFF: $DOMO - been on this one for a while. Doubled. $OKTA - been day trading for profits the last couple weeks after it peaked. Tight stops at entries for me as it could roll over or just be consolidating. The fundies are solid and user growth increasing. Pattern looks like it's toping but who knows. It could just as easily break out. Posted a ton on this one already. $LABU - day trading this one. I got out yesterday. I want to go long but $SPY has yet to show me it can clear 281/282 resistance level definitively. If it does, I'll go in heavier on $LABU as it is poised to scream higher. However, it won't do it without the broader market support.
  • CHOFF: $OKTA , $PS, $DOMO still working. #IPOFavs $OKTA has the double in the rearview mirror and is now close to a triple. Long. #SiliconSlopes Earnings this month.
  • CHOFF: Update on some #IPOFavs $OKTA - new high. I'm long. Traded some yesterday for $, added this morning. I'm long a core position. $PS - still climbing into earnings $DOMO - gaining momo and chasing its high $SQ - nice move back above 50 and 200ma. Broke the downtrend and volume is increasing. I'm close to breakeven after riding it down a bit. I'm long and remain bullish on the company. We'll see if the stock follows, but looking good for now.
  • CHOFF: $DOMO - this IPO reported -$3.44 p/s last quarter and just reported +$1.06 on 12/6. Stock has jumped 25%. Major break above the down trendline. Watch this one.
  • traderbren: $DOMO - nice pop following ER. NP unfortunately.
  • TradeOn: @traderbren $DOMO I sold before ER.
  • tri2insite: $DOMO #DAN buy here?
  • tri2insite: $DOMO Bounce
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Stock Price $USD 24.11
Change -3.44%
Volume 380,933

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