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  • Seemaaziz: $LOVE tried to breakout the 50 MVA with 3x volume and today gapping up 15% coming out of a volatility squeeze. Is it a good entry?
  • TeslaCoil: @Seemaaziz $LOVE This is not a volatility squeeze. It is also downtrending.
  • que_chimba: @Seemaaziz $LOVE loveshack is working... thank you for the post.. I'm not trading it but good work on your part!
  • Ajax4Hire: @Wolf #Earnings Thanks for the review. Today I Learned(TIL) about: $LOVE - Lovesac is an Omni-channel company that designs and manufactures modular couches and bean bags. Whatever Omni-channel means(Yes, I know latin, Omni means "All"). Capitalization: $89M, less than the PowerBall lottery. Expect a 35%-to-50% gain today, wow! Probably due to 1st profitable quarter ever. I did not know that bean bag chairs were still "a thing". Bean bag chairs are the 1st thing you ditch when you can afford real furniture(move out of dorm room). This is a Dollar Store($DLTR) company with a Blue Apron($APRN) future. Aweful lotta negative(-) signs on the Fundamentals report. I am going with the Consensus Analysis.
  • efrain007: $LOVE wish it was down more but down 12% in pm on bad earnings, 30% short, low float, thin, watch for gap reversal.
  • efrain007: @efrain007 $LOVE I'm in 12.95 stop day low.
  • efrain007: @efrain007 $LOVE Didn't work, stopped out.
  • bRobert: $LOVE . bounced off the 50d Breakout /retest . bounce . Short squeeze material
  • bRobert: $LOVE Short squeeze 20d bounce Partial $PI short squeeze flag. $SAM Short squeeze/flag $400+ Longer term hold Trade around a core
  • bRobert: $LOVE up over 8% on 1.5x volume short squeeze continuation. Long the sack
  • bRobert: $PI . $LOVE .Flags/ Short squeezes still very much alive. Long partials
  • bRobert: $SAM $PI $LOVE Short squeezes holding up well. Partial profits taken already. Stops in place
  • bRobert: $LOVE . short squeeze /flag . $55+ . with trigger
  • issues: @bRobert $LOVE Looks like the easy money has already been made. LOVE is number one in IBD acc/distrbution and RS. Good pick. But could this be a topping pattern?
  • bRobert: @issues $LOVE I hav taken partial profits and have place a stop under the flag. It's a short squeeze with no overhead resistance. Where it stops.....nobody knows. If the flags triggers, more to go. If the flag breaks, vacation time. I don't have to guess.
  • bRobert: $SMG flag Long $LOVE flag Short squeeze Long Add on trigger $PI Flag Short squeeze Add on trigger $SAM Short squeeze C&H breakout Retest $320 area. Can add on bounce
  • bRobert: $LOVE nh $47.5 WEEKLY target acquired. Another slice sold
  • bRobert: $LOVE Short squeeze continuation Long $PI short squeeze flag Long
  • bRobert: $LOVE Very close to $47 target Peeling back a litle with tighten stops Good short squeeze $SAM nh $400 WEEKLY reversal target Long this short squeeze.
  • tjv821: @bRobert $LOVE $SAM to late to buy calls on Sam??
  • bRobert: $LOVE this short squeeze. Still long with partial
  • bRobert: $LOVE higher high/short squeeze Higher stops
  • bRobert: $LOVE $PI Nice moves on high volume. Short squeeze still working
  • bRobert: $PI $LOVE Short squeezes
  • bRobert: $PI $LOVE Trailing stops.
  • bRobert: $LOVE . Nice message. Good spec.Took partial profits . 17% . short. Could run more. Trailing stops $38 . reversal target acquired. (32 -26) . + . 32 . = . $38 .
  • bRobert: $LOVE . a day trading amusement park. Partial left . Added on pb/bounce Short squeeze 17% . short 15d to cover
  • bRobert: $LOVE . climbing back to HOD. added below . Stops raised > break even on add.
  • bRobert: $LOVE . HOD
  • bRobert: $LOVE . is in the air . Helium . short squeeze
  • bRobert: @Wolf $PI . Over 20% . short . This may go a little further a la $LOVE
  • bRobert: $LOVE WEEKLY nh . high / IPO high . C&H like $50 . target . (34 - 18) + 34 = . $50 . Holding full with stops
  • bRobert: $LOVE up . over 27% . Short squeeze still in motion. This sac is filled with $$$
  • bRobert: $LOVE Spec hold. Spicy company name.
  • bRobert: $LOVE For those romantics out there. $36 target SPEC
  • issues: @bRobert $LOVE Yes but remember love means "nothing" in tennis!
  • bRobert: $LOVE . the power of the squeeze out/short squeeze . 24% . 16d wow IPO high. Very odd name .Great price action. What's in a name. ? np .
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Volume 480,566

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  • September 10th, 2020 - 2021 Q2 Earnings
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