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  • iamchaoticcoder: $SNBR still running today after earnings. Scooching up my stop
  • iamchaoticcoder: Anyone adding to $snbr with the pullback? Earnings on the 19th -pulling back to the 20 EMA
  • Bridget: $SNBR continues to move higher, still has momentum, about to make a new high
  • Priyae123: @Bridget $SNBR buyable at this level?
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $SNBR Sleep Number Corporation. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • MrCrandy: Are you guys going to buy $snbr when it hits around 52.50?
  • spmeyers: @MrCrandy $snbr if it gets past resistance at 52 it will have come a long way, not a good setup; better it gets to resistance, pulls back a bit, and then tries to charge through
  • iamchaoticcoder: @spmeyers $snbr But with that level of short interest would it run away? (22.8%)
  • scottrades: Nice base on $SNBR and close to the 50 Day. Watch at 50.00
  • scottrades: My notes for today: COTD: 11 Days of Short interest? Yes please. Here’s your trade on $KRNT. $SPY Gap up and sell off. Trend is in tact but as I’ve been saying Don’t be afraid to take profits. $QQQ Ditto $GDX Watch this next week. $AMZN Look for a test of the breakout. $RH Watch for this closer to the 50 Day $KO Trending higher. Look for this on a pullback. $PEP Firming up at the 50 Day. Watch above 138 $SNBR At the 50 Day. Up on a Red Day! $APPS Out of this. $LSCC Out of this. $FFTY Going sideways. $SMPL Trying to Squeeze higher. $CWEN Watch above 20.35 $CIO on @Dan’s Code 33 List. Back at the 50 Day. Pays a 7% Divy. $TDY Long base, support at the 50. Needs volume above 351
  • scottrades: $SNBR Just sitting on the 8EMA right now. Watch for a move above 50.50
  • scottrades: $SNBR Trying to move higher out of a base.
  • scottrades: $SNBR trying to move above resistance.
  • DAN: ...
    $SNBR - Alert $51.00
  • gwenzee: @DAN $BOOT $SPY $DJI $DJT $MDY $IWM $COMPQX $GSX $FLT $INMD $PAYC $DAVA $PLMR $EDU $CPRT $RGEN $PRFT $APPS $VEEV $FND $INCY $SPLK $RH $ALLK $SNBR Correction: RH reports Dec. 4 AMC. You have it reporting on the 2nd which is what TC2000 has. They are wrong. Pays to double check.
  • jlutzkanin: @scottrades $INTC Hey Scott. Would you put $SNBR in the same category?
  • scottrades: @jlutzkanin $INTC $SNBR Sleep Number is still going sideways and it's building a base, which we like. I have my alert at 49.75.
  • jlutzkanin: @scottrades $INTC $SNBR TY
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes for today: $SSO - Still chugging along $QLD - Really good Volume today $GDX Tightening up but no breakout yet. $KL - Holding above the wedge $SLP - Back above the 50 Day, look at the Volume on Thursday! $SNPS - Holding above the 8EMA and close to resistance. Watch above 140.30 $SNBR - Tightening up. Watch above 49.80 $LZB - Trying to squeeze higher. Good pickup in Volume. $ALLK - Watch above 77.50 $CPB - Watch above 48.15 $APPS - Back in APPS today. Looking for continuation tomorrow. $AUDC - Pulled back a bit off the high, but still really good volume today.
  • mradams0621: #twitter $SNBR $AMAT @scottrades $SNBR squeeze starting. Still on your list or once tried, forgetaboutit? I'm still watching it. $AMAT almost got to the break out level today. Is this one on your short list for tomarrow? Lastly, I asked a while back if you could include a short segment in some future video on how and why you use twitter in your trading. I think many members could learn something from your comments. Or not. I'm sure curious if it serves some purpose I can't find when it comes to our trading. Thanks for all you do.
  • scottrades: @mradams0621 $SNBR $AMAT Hi! I haven't forgotten about Sleep Number, it's just a little floppy right now so I haven't been involved in it. I could totally do a Twitter bit in a video in the future. There's a lot of great follows, but a lot of it can be noise as well. I like $AMAT here. You could have taken a starter today. Want to see it break 57.50.
  • spmeyers: @scottrades $SNBR $AMAT AMAT earnings thursday after
  • scottrades: Taken out of $SNBR today with a small gain.
  • bRobert: @scottrades $SNBR you snooze you lose. Better not to sleep on it.
  • scottrades: @bRobert $SNBR We have a Tempur-Pedic bed, so no hard feelings here. :)
  • bRobert: @scottrades $SNBR Good to know that I can bounce a few things off of you . Long Tempur-Pedic well before it was popular Can be "interesting" with adult amusement park activities
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes: $SSO Good action today. Had a reason to fall (A Tweet or something) and it closed strong. $QLD Nice close at the top of the range. $GLD Continues Lower $SNBR Stopped out today. $AMAT A little choppy but holding the trend. Watch above 56.50 $COHU A little Flag forming. Watch above 20 $CURO Kind of a cup and Handle. Popped out of a squeeze. Watch above 15 $TILE High Base, but tightening up. $CRUS Alerted this one today. Watch for continuation next week. $CGC Biggest Bull volume we’ve had since May. Let’s see where this goes. Earnings Thursday $CRON Looks like it wants higher, but I don’t think it’ll get there in a straight line. Earnings Tuesday. $ACB Nice volume, and close near the High. Earnings Thursday $TLRY My least favorite stock. Could move higher, but remember the supply overhead. Earnings Tuesday.
  • scottrades: $SNBR is close here.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $SNBR Moving above.
  • mariemicheles: @scottrades $SNBR are you waiting for it to move when it hits a new 52 wk high?
  • scottrades: @mariemicheles $SNBR No, I was waiting for it to do what it did, break above the 50 level on volume.
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes: $SSO Resistance at the Top BB. $QLD Same, not getting aggressive here. $GLD Looks like it could squirt lower. $GDX Back to the bottom of the Channel $KL This is a little whippy, but holding above the 50 Day $SNBR Got that break out today, a little pull back but nice break on good volume. $NX Would like to see this go sideways, watch above 19.55. Weekly Looks good, but no trigger. $THO Close to resistance, good volume today. Watch for a pull back to the 8EMA $SAH In a tight range Watch above 33.50 $AMAT Alert at 56.50 $TER The Uptrend is in tact. Watch above 64.60 $ZUMZ Tightening up. $CROX Watch above 36.80 $FIVE Getting tighter. Holding right at the 50 Day $GFF Covered this a few times. Earnings Next Week.
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes today: $SSO Inside Day. Consolidating short term. $QLD Sideways in an hourly range, but look at the red. $GDX Still Grinding Around $KL Nice move today, good volume. Still want to see it tighten up. $UCTT Congrats if you’re still holding this. Watch the declining volume. $C Sold into this today. $BAC Hit a 52 Week High, holding up well. $LCI Earnings Tomorrow, it’s either going to work or not. $CORT Earnings coming up, Watch above 15 $APPS Nice bounce today, but hoped for a stronger close. $SNBR Building a base, still on watch. $AUDC Smaller base, no trigger yet. $FLY Creeping closer, watch above 21.50 $CRM Posted about this earlier in the day. Support at 154. $ACB Earnings Next week 10 Days of Short Interest. $VFF Nice volume today, looking for it to continue tomorrow.
  • bRobert: @DavidM $TPX . Money under the mattresses Old school . savings. np . Long $SNBR
  • scottrades: ...
    $SNBR Building a base, watch above 49

    $UCTT Swinging some momo into tomorrow.
  • scottrades: $SNBR Trying to pop out of a flag pattern.
  • scottrades: My notes for today: $SSO Moved Higher on increasing volume, this is good for the overall market. $QLD Nice move above, note the increase in volume. $GDX Pop and Drop, want to see this go sideways. $SEDG This was a very bullish move today and I missed it. Lesson learned. $C Love the weekly chart. Looking for a bull break next week. $LCI Half the float is short, looking for a move above 12.31 $COTY Watch above 12 $FLY Pulled back today. Support at 20.79 $AMAT Riding the Top BB, Looking for a move to 62 $ZUMZ Double Bottom at 32. That’s support. $SNBR Watch above 48 $CMPR Trying to Squeeze Higher, watch above 135 $TSM Still in a strong uptrend. $DIOD Weekly Resistance at 44.30 $HMC @bRobert posted about this, watch above 27.20 $FSS Flag pattern, EARNINGS next week.
  • JonathanTrades: @DAN Thoughts on $SNBR $APO $IMKTA $NMIH ?
  • JohnStockNewb: $SNBR stocking heading south after @DAN's tweet last night!!
  • DAN: @JohnStockNewb $SNBR I killed the stock! Yikes! ;-)
  • bRobert: $RH poking out $155 Short squeeze kicker $SNBR nh Short squeeze np $TPX nh Money under the mattress. Old school
  • Wolf: $SNBR Beat earnings, made revenue, sales missed analysts expectations, OK guidance, down 14% pre-market. Watching for a bounce.
  • Bridget: $SNBR is coming out of a squeeze to a new high #ipo
  • Bridget: $SNBR still working
  • Bridget: ...
    $CIFS - in a squeeze
  • Bridget: $SNBR #ipo new high.
  • Ajax4Hire: @Bridget $SNBR #ipo Today, everyone is a winner; People like to keep hold of their winners (they hold onto their losers also but that is another psychological dynamic) Putting a toe into this one also; bought $34 2017-12Dec calls for $3.33(break even at $37.33?!?, should be profitable if Sleep Number, $SNBR continues to break out of its Bollinger band trumpet)
  • Bridget: IPOs that are working $HOME $LW $GDI $FNKO $SNBR $BXG $BAND $TSG $JHG $VREX $SFIX - still in uptrend
  • Bridget: $SNBR #ipo new high
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Stock Price $USD 31.17
Change -3.05%
Volume 357,941

Sleep Number Corp offer consumers with individualized sleep solutions and services, which include a complete line of SLEEP NUMBER beds and bedding accessories.

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  • July 22nd, 2020 - 2020 Q2 Earnings
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