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NVDA Weekly Chart

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  • joelsg1: $ANET Rosenblatt double downgrade to sell target drop to $210 from $330 is based on most of the AI "spoils" going to $NVDA.
  • scottrades: ...
    $NVDA found support near the 50 Day and could be swingable above 876.
    $AXON Mentioned Tuesday, nice volume yesterday, watch 325
    $AMZN Upside reversal off the 8EMA yesterday, watch 187
    $MSTR Broke out of a wedge pattern I’ve been posting about ...
  • champ: $NVDA $SMCI.....still early however could see the Markets turn today, need a drop and then watch for a turn.
  • champ: $SMCI $NVDA...both are HOD...had the turn on these money trees, Now we will see what happens.....
  • KenB0707: $NVDA well out of the downward channel - see chart from KenB0707
  • champ: $NVDA....HOD....looks really positive off of all of that positive News-flow that keeps coming out daily......new Upgrade by Raymond James, they raised their price target to $1100.00 from $850..... ....Plus #Barron's came out on 4/11...with real Positive reasons/views....... ....Plus Cantor Fitzgerald...has this stock as their #Top-pick in semis..... and as long as the Markets are working, the #Tech-sector, the $COMPX, it will keep on zigzagging higher...... ....and the $COMPX is HOD.
  • champ: $NVDA...the #next short term price target is $967 and that was the March 25th high, plus the 52-week high.
  • woodman: $NVDA added to this long term holding today.
  • djgustoso: @KenB0707 $NVDA Wish I had bought more when it was down at 850, but it was so hard to buy there, especially with all the yellow flags but it looks like the weak hands have folded and now it's giddy up time again.
  • champ: Buy high or Buy low...and as we all know, it work better for our profits if we try to Buy low, however it seem that many just don't have the Patiences or the Working-capitol to Hold and then just Wait to be Rewarded. $NVDA $SMIC .....however it is always Fun to chase stocks like these, with nice Day-trades, off of there Low turns........ ....on a Days when it becomes obvious, that the #odds are positive for a Market turn, like what happened today and I was posting about that early today, on both of these stocks, however I my took profits, so I'm Out-for-Now.
  • RD: @woodman $NVDA Just saw this now, $NVDA broke out today from a falling wedge similar to $MSTR yesterday.
  • champ: @woodman $NVDA...Yes sir ...and for me...I keep making $1,000's of new $$$ by Trading these type of stocks, when they start to #turn-back-up off of their most recent lows....and these type of real nice stocks, only fall back because the Markets turns lower. However I'm back-out for now. Good Luck!
  • billyzeke: @champ $NVDA $SMIC #odds I bought back into $NVDA yesterday at 836, added a tad more around 870 today, and plan on riding this horse until it bucks me off. Yee-haw! :) I expect some resistance here around 900-905
  • champ: $NVDA...HOD and could close on a new HOD....strong and it broke thur $900.......I did get back-in, for a swing. ...$COMPX...HOD and is also strong.
  • champ: $NVDA...huge volume going into the close, in the last 15 minutes, over 4m shares, even the Day-traders taking profits, couldn't drop this stock....now even strong in the AH.
  • champ: $NVDA...many times these #nice-momentum-stocks will continue in the AH and could even continue in the PM, in the morning,....going into the open...........I thought that maybe the Day-traders would drop this stock going into the close and I was wrong about that........because it only dropped a little....and then moved right back-up......... .....over-thinking, #over-trading can cost traders some profits, however I'm holding a swing now, after losing around $4 a share in profits because I moved off........ .....I should have only took profits on 1/2...and then moved that 1/2 back-in, when I saw... that I was #wrong.
  • scottrades: My notes: COTD: Here’s why you should be bullish on India $INDA $SPY / $QQQ 50 Day Support $IWM Near the 50 Day $SMH In trend $DXY Still a headwind $TNX Does this matter? $GLD Goes doesn’t care about rates $GDX 8 EMA Support $USO Flag $XME Handle $URA In trend $IBIT Tightening up $AMZN Working $GOOGL Working $NVDA Back above the MAs $MSFT Near the highs $AXON Support at the 8 and 21 EMA $ANET Holding the 8/21 $COIN Support at yesterdays low $MSTR Out of the wedge $HOOD Power Bar $CLSK Maybe finding a floor $DXCM Watch 142 $HUBS Working $NET At the 50 Day $TOST Good volume
  • DAN: ...
    In fact, look at Taiwan Semi ($TSM). The chip supplier to $NVDA and $AAPL reported a 17% jump in quarterly sales versus last year. The stock initially popped on the news, but it's now down around .4%. In and of itself that is not a big deal, but ...
  • DAN: ...
    $NVDA was just put on the list a week ago for a trade. But the stop was at 848.95 and that was hit yesterday. While the stock is up off the open this morning, this isn't something that's worth opening a new position on. I think there is more down ...
  • PTinME: $NVDA Trying to firm up. 837 to 870 in less than half an hour
  • Bert953: $MSTR may have found support at yesterday's low around $1371. Interesting to me is that the Chalkin money flow indicator is turning up and stochastics are flattening out at the 20% line. Not enough for me to re-enter (YET) but indications to take note of. $NVDA is similar.
  • champ: $NVDA...was a nice Day-trade off of the open....at around $840, now it has to hold $865.
  • KenB0707: Here is my cross section chart on $NVDA, hopefully it shows up from KenB0707
  • scottrades: ...
    It feels to me that we’re moving into a bit of a traders market which means we want to hold our winners but be open to trading around a core position as we get into some potential bumpy roads ahead. That said, there are some strong stocks that ...
  • PTinME: @scottrades $DBC $GBTC $MSTR $NFLX $META $AMZN $NVDA $NET $SNPS Good morning Scott.......On $NVDA. I'm seeing the 21day just shy of 900 and the 50 all the way down at 800. I'm new to charting and still using free software though. I'm confused as what you might be seeing as a swing trade unless this goes above 900?
  • Wolf: @PTinME $NVDA very Small starter @857. Added yesterday @ 871. Keeping a tight leash on it until the markets establish a new trend.
  • curtis: $NVDA stopped out. Sold $CYBR at break even.
  • Mckirdie12: $NVDA $NVDA ...Anyone have thoughts on the action $NVDA today?
  • curtis: @Mckirdie12 $NVDA ( accidently shorted for 100 shares instead of closing my position.) Yikes. .... I closed short at 840.
  • Henry: @Mckirdie12 $NVDA Money is leaving the chips today. Could this be the end of their run, I doubt it, but it might be
  • Nepenthe: @Mckirdie12 $NVDA DJ Nvidia Stock Is Stuttering. A Bear Makes the Case for a Steeper Fall. -- Barrons.com This may be the reason.
  • joelsg1: @Mckirdie12 $NVDA I'll share Larry Williams' cycle work: down through late May with E 5/22.
  • Mckirdie12: @Mckirdie12 $NVDA Thanks guys...
  • phgruver: @billyzeke $SMH $NVDA is over 20% of $SMH, so keep that in mind. Chips, as a whole, seem to be in consolidation. Some chips, such as $AVGO, $TSM and $TXN are holding up pretty well. Others are doing a bit worse. $AMD has pulled back 27% from it's high, as has $INTC. That's correction territory! If the economy doesn't tank, though, I think semi's, and technology as a whole, are going to do OK. In fact, I would expect technology to lead any new surge higher, I just don't know when that will be.
  • PTinME: $NVDA Terranova says the data like CPI does not mattah. If semi's don't start participating, the market goes down.
  • traderbren: @PTinME $NVDA - none of these talking Heads know anything more than you, nor do they have a crystal ball that works. Continue to watch price and volume along with key moving averages and you will beat all these "TV pundits and money managers".
  • billyzeke: @phgruver $SMH $NVDA $AVGO $TSM $TXN $AMD $INTC Yep, NVDA was the one I really had my eye on and it was falling off a cliff. The SMH is still okay and in it's sideways trend but I was beginning to get worried there when it looked like it was going break below that 219 level . Semis usually seem to lead the market both up and down so I keep a pretty close watch on them.
  • bill52: @PTinME $NVDA Not sure what Joe T is talking about. Despite $NVDA having another down day, I'd suggest the semi's in general by looking at the $SMH and $SOXL show them just taking a break and continued consolidation after a very good run over the last number of months. Seems like a healthy break and set up for a future run at some point.
  • woodman: @bill52 $NVDA $SMH $SOXL - Fwiw, $NVDA has broken the daily chart trend by falling through the 20d. And, the 3/25 intraday high didn't reach back as high as the 3/8 intraday high. That's either a lower high or one might say close enough to call it a double top. Either way, these are cautionary flags. On the weekly chart, this is Week 3 red after 11 green weeks. So, perhaps this is a weekly flag with possible support here at the 8wEMA. And, it could end up being fine if it can hold 50d support (currently $40 lower). So, a couple ways to look at it, but, currently, this is a change in complexion and raises at least a yellow cautionary flag.
  • DAN: ...
    $NVDA -- The suggested entry was 897.08, with a stop at 848.95. This trade is still in play, though it should be watched carefully. The stock is in a resting phase now and yesterday's action doesn't fill me with confidence. Frankly, I think the sell ...
  • kenb: @DAN $SPY $QQQ $VIX $AMD $NVDA $UBER $CYBR $MSFT $AMZN $NTNX $DKNG $HUBS $ANET $IBIT $COIN $META $MSTR I agree with this, the market mood has changed as you point out. "Take notice that the breakouts aren't working well, and the "pinch and pops" are pinching, but not popping. They're more like pinch and plops." You have given us pearls with this.
  • DAN: @kenb $SPY $QQQ $VIX $AMD $NVDA $UBER $CYBR $MSFT $AMZN $NTNX $DKNG $HUBS $ANET $IBIT $COIN $META $MSTR Thanks Ken. I'm glad that this makes sense to you.
  • Cjauger: Took @Dan AT ideas, $MSFT, $NVDA, $NTNX. And bought $META. Long $VRT and $APP
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Markets are up overnight following remarks from Fed Chair Powell yesterday where he basically said the same things he had been saying. We just went through a modest correction that brought $SPY down near the 21 EMA but held in tren ...
  • bill52: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $TSM $NVDA $MSTR $FBTC $PENN $META Scott - outstanding morning note. I've been working on the same concept around maintaining a core position to ride a longer trend and trade around it for the zig zags. I agree that it can really test your nerves at times when you get the mild pullbacks as you never know if its something larger is looming especially after the last couple years. However, leaning on key technical landmarks definitely helps a bunch. I continue to make my fair share of dumb mistakes, but the are getting smaller and less costly. Thanks for the insight as you do a great job of articulating it.
  • Bert953: Interesting Volatility squeezes I saw this morn just banging thru charts. $MLM $AXON $CRM $CRWD $ISRG $LLY $MA $META $NFLX $NOW $NVDA $SMH $SOXX $FROG
  • billyzeke: C'mon $NVDA wake up and join the party...
  • Cjauger: $META doing $NVDA impression
  • Wolf: $NVDA Started very small placeholder @ 857.
  • dfowler: Rough day. Took my beating on $EFTR. Fortunately, I only had a partial position. Stop hit on a small piece of $NVDA just to take stake a win. The biggest lesson learned today - stick to my trading strategy. ALWAYS. Risky biotechs usually don't fit, but I did well with $ARDX, got the FOMO and didn't follow my trading rules. Lesson learned.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ Non Farm PayRolls tomorrow. $IWM Downside Reversal $DXY Above the 50 Day $TNX Did not move up on Fed Comments $SMH Stopped at resistance $GLD Buyers into the close $SLV Big breakout $GDX Near the highs $USO Big move up $XLE Watch for a pullback $XME Metals catching up $IBIT Strong amid the weakness $TSLA Wedge $NVDA Under the 21 EMA $NFLX Still above the 21 EMA $HUBS Take over talk $LMT Watch this slope $LZ Pinching $GOLD Extended $AEM High Base $AG Watch for a Pullback $FNV Watch 122.30 $RGLD Watch 124.80
  • marklesparkle: @dfowler $EFTR $NVDA $ARDX Listen man good job
  • Ben2020: @dfowler $EFTR $NVDA $ARDX This one lesson will serve you well in the future, glad you are taking it in a good stride!
  • PTinME: What a market! Was down about 1 percent around the open and was thinking of closing most of my positions and waiting the price action we saw in the first quarter. Now i'm up 2 percent so a 3 percent move in my account in about half an hour. Think I will just the stocks work.........$MSTR, $COIN, $AMD, $NVDA. Still at support and as Dan said earlier, a lot of support IF we pull back 2 percent.
  • DAN: Active Trade Update I'm adding 4 stocks to the ATI List. I'll go over them in an early Strategy Session...but I want to emphasize that it's not advisable to take every single trading idea. That's too much! If one appeals to you, great. If not, that's also great because you are making your own decisions. And if you do take a trade, you are actually not trading if you do not manage your risk by building failure into the trade. What's the maximum loss that you will tolerate? $NVDA -- Entry 897.08. Stop 848.95 $MSFT -- Entry 422.20 Stop 409.90 $NTNX -- Entry 63.09. Stop 58.90 $UBER -- Entry 77.79 Stop 73.90 I will explain the rationale behind these trades in a Strategy Session, which I am going to be doing right now. --Dan For a complete list of all Active Trades, click here: https://stockmarketmentor.com/active-trades-list/
  • joelsg1: @bigbartabs $DNUT $MCD #a-down-the-road-position Don't think most fast food workers are teenagers anymore, except at In N Out. But will accelerate AI-based ordering and even robotic food prep, good for $NVDA and soon $AMD.
  • jonwest88: @joelsg1 $DNUT $MCD $NVDA $AMD #a-down-the-road-position Yeah here in Md and Va I have heard people would rather work in Mikey D's than Kroger or another grocery, because they get better pay and hours! Hmm so that is why the deli is closed by 4, if even opened today, and the seafood counter is closed by 5. Thank God here in California Maryland, just south of Hollywood Md, the Harris Teeter and GiantFood stores have adequate staff in both the deli and seafood....love the way the steam the shrimp and crab legs for us Yum
  • scottrades: $NVDA at the 21 EMA
  • rnrdallas1939: @scottrades $NVDA Hope you agree that it is heathy for $NVDA to churn around here for awhile.. Build a new base?
  • scottrades: @rnrdallas1939 $NVDA Bases are good.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY At the 21 EMA $QQQ Under the 21 EMA $IWM At the 21 EMA $DXY Close to a pivot $TNX Above resistance $GLD Higher High $GDX Out of the triangle. $XLE Still going. $SMH Basing $XLK At the 50 Day $IBIT The halving is April 19 (est.) $DELL Still in trend $UBER at the 50 Day $NVDA at the 21 EMA $HUBS At the 50 Day $ANET at the 21 EMA $SNPS At the 50 Day $WING At the 21 EMA $CRWD At the 50 Day $NVO Good volume above the 50 $IOT Near the 50 Day $NET Good volume near the 50 Day $DKNG At the 21 EMA
  • phgruver: @PTinME $MSTR $MSTR is a whole lot more speculative than $NVDA! There's nothing wrong with $NVDA, they just got a little bit ahead of themselves. I would hang onto the 100 shares as a core investment. In the long haul, I don't think you will regret it.
  • scottrades: $NVDA also building a base
  • curtis: @scottrades $NVDA (adding small, just above 5 EMA)
  • joelsg1: $NVDA Took 20% profit on 4/12 call spreads at vwap.
  • debeers: $ANF/$C/$DELL$FANG/$MMM/$MSFT/$MTDR/$NUE/$TOL-Diversification and IMO best of class. Waiting for $NVDA to go to 850ish then will rebuy.
  • PTinME: $NVDA bounced off 21 yesterday. Up one percent on a flat day.
  • joelsg1: $NVDA Out of remnants of this week's long calls. Bears repeating (pun intended), markets closed Friday.
  • TraderGeekSam: My clients and me owned two of the top S&P 500 Index $SPX performers for the quarter: $NVDA and $MU. To be fair, we also owned two of the worst performers: $TSLA and $BA. Which goes to show, that even if you bat .500 in this business, as long as your winners outperform your losers by a wide margin, then the batting average doesn't matter much. We also added to $DIS during the quarter in the $80's, and that was the top performer in the $DJIA. I'm also proud to announce that our assets under management exceeded $100,000,000 for the first time in our firm's history this quarter. #braggart
  • Cjauger: @TraderGeekSam $SPX $NVDA $MU $TSLA $BA $DIS $DJIA #braggart Congratulations!!
  • djgustoso: @TraderGeekSam $SPX $NVDA $MU $TSLA $BA $DIS $DJIA #braggart Wow congrats! What are you guys eyeing for the next quarter ;)
  • curtis: $NVDA added small
  • bb_b: $NVDA heading toward 20MA at 888.39
  • bigbartabs: $NVDA ... might have bottomed, coming off the 20dma
  • rnrdallas1939: @bb_b $NVDA It needs the rest. I know it wore me out. Oh, and I'm partly to blame since I took profits. again. The moral of the story is it never hurts to take a little profit.
  • scottrades: ...
    $NVDA Extended but working
    $GS Watch for it to firm up
    $PLTR Dan mentioned adding it to the ATL, support at the 21 EMA
    $SQ 87.70 Breakout alert
    $UBER Watch 81.30

    Let's have a fun day!

  • billyzeke: @scottrades $MSTR $COIN $AMZN $GOOGL $META $NFLX $NVDA $GS $PLTR $SQ $UBER "The Price of Cocoa more than doubled since January and that price impact has not been passed onto consumers yet." As a chocoholic, I find this news very disturbing!
  • Henry: @billyzeke $MSTR $COIN $AMZN $GOOGL $META $NFLX $NVDA $GS $PLTR $SQ $UBER As a fellow Chocoholic, how does that have anything to do with any of those tickers?
  • billyzeke: @Henry $MSTR $COIN $AMZN $GOOGL $META $NFLX $NVDA $GS $PLTR $SQ $UBER I just quoted from and replied to @Scott's post so it stuck them in there.
  • djgustoso: $NVDA Another good looking day. Seems to always dip at the open and then reverse and go up the rest of the day, until the last hour as day traders lock in profit. Great stock to hold, curious to see if the previous $974 level acts as resistance. Sold the $1000 strike calls that expire in 3 days against my long calls.
  • joelsg1: @djgustoso $NVDA I may join you with that cap. BTW everyone, remember no trading Good Friday.
  • djgustoso: @joelsg1 $NVDA it's been outperforming the last couple of sessions when the market has been down. Logical place for a rest even if the markets are up the rest of the week. But I guess if it goes through $974 there's no telling how high it can go. I feel like that's going to be big resistance though since we had a shot across the bow at that level....
  • joelsg1: $NVDA Tweezer to upside on 10 min, add above vwap. If it goes there.
  • joelsg1: $NVDA Add, through the vwap.
  • debeers: SOLD $ANF- when it violated th 8 day LONGS now- $C $COP, $DIS, $FANG, $NVDA, $TOL, $UTHR,$SMCI
  • woodman: $NVDA keeps on keepin' on.
  • vitoB: $SPY Powell presser close gap at 520.62, low of 515.80 , avwap from $NVDA selloff day, 514.49, that 515 level looks like a logical place for a retest next week imo
  • Cjauger: $NVDA at HOD above yesterday’s high
  • vitoB: @Cjauger $NVDA yea anything above 927 would be a new closing high...and I'm struggling to find a way $AMD can ourperform $NVDA
  • Cjauger: $NVDA going
  • djgustoso: @Cjauger $NVDA powerful move! Glad to be overweight here 🚀
  • billyzeke: @Cjauger $NVDA BIGLY!
  • KenB0707: $NVDA - I have been in LEAPs Calls since 2/22 and am very happy, better than owning the stock when it's trending.
  • Cjauger: @KenB0707 $NVDA Nice!!
  • Cjauger: @djgustoso $NVDA me too, got 1/3 of my account in this one
  • KenB0707: @Cjauger $NVDA BEAUTIFUL.
  • lance1161: @KenB0707 $NVDA Patient man you are holding that long. Good for you!
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $NVDA Nice move
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $NVDA, learned it from you, it is a trademark @scottrades flag
  • curtis: Took profits on a number of items today, as I see a trend back to inside the Bollinger bands. $DKNG $NVDA $ELF $APO 1/2 $KKR
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Change 1.44%
Volume 252,073,000

NVIDIA Corporation is engaged in creating the graphics chips used in personal computers that bring games and home movies to life. Its has two reporting segments: the GPU business and the Tegra Processor business.

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