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NVDA Weekly Chart

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  • Docoof: Excerpt from BofA’s June 27 post-close research note on #News (media reports) impacting $NVDA:

    *New China license requirement unwelcome but likely manageable like last time.*

    —Potentially 7% total and 10% data center sales impact:

    Post ...
  • Docoof: @Docoof $NVDA #News Link to the relevant #News in BofA’s research note on $NVDA: (Bloomberg) Nvidia Drops on Report US Plans More AI Chip Curbs for China. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nvidia-leads-selloff-report-more-025715966.html
  • BarryC: @Docoof $NVDA #News Im sure China will just give The Bidens another 5-10MM and all will be fine, lol....
  • lance1161: @BarryC $NVDA #News Funny but kinda of true and will be more difficult nowadays with current scrutiny. np
  • Boone.ruth: $NVDA. Hasn’t NVDA been here before and worked around this “chip ban”?
  • sierramp: @Boone.ruth $NVDA Yes, it can be difficult to trade / invest when so many react emotionally. Trade the chart as Scott would say.
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Lower open on the Chip news. $SMH $AMD and $NVDA. $MSTR has purchased more Bitcoin, which usually triggers what I call the "Saylor Selloff" as it always seems to come off the highs after news that the ultimate Bitcoin Bull has stacked more Sats to his pile. They now have 152,333 BTC at a value of 4.5 Billion Dollars. Also, a reminder that I'm away tomorrow and Friday.
  • BarryC: @scottrades $SMH $AMD $NVDA $MSTR BS that ur taking days off...
  • DAN: @BarryC $SMH $AMD $NVDA $MSTR Ha! ;-) LOL. Well, he's covering for me for most of next week. I'll be gone Wednesday and Thursday, and will be posting a Strategy Session over the weekend rather than on the typical Friday night. Every so often, you've gotta recharge the batteries.
  • scottrades: @BarryC $SMH $AMD $NVDA $MSTR Ha! I haven't had an actual "vacation" since July of last year. Only took a few days here and there. My wife reminds me of that on a weekly basis...lol
  • debeers: @Boone.ruth $NVDA - 1. what they do commercial biz needs 2. Instead of guessing, wjhy npot spend 30 minutes hearing from the CEO today at their investor meeting.
  • debeers: $NVDA-from the seminar today there is nuthin exclusive about the SHARPS technology. It added a tool that lotsa others already have. Moved $$$ into $SNOW which will derive beaucoup bucks from the government money pouring into security government backing.
  • BarryC: Hello everyone! I put on a few new positions yesterday (called them out here) AND have them on tight leashes.... I went home long# $AZEK, $BILL, $BLCO, $EXPI, $MARA, $NVDA $TSLA & $UPST
  • debeers: $NVDA-investor Day at piper sandler tomorrow 9 am Pacific. Probably more about really powerful chips than you need to know EXCEPT the upgrades will follow because Piper and Nvidia have smoochiefests when they get together https: //investor.nvdia.com. In case you actually care about where the next up is likely to be. You can learn a lot from Jensen and he explains things really well.
  • debeers: $LRCX/$NVDA- the firsdt was an easy Moore's Law to say in like a lion for June but out like a $LRCX The second is the constant re-invention that jensen does. Lookin' forward to the slobberfest tomorrow and i'll be wearin' a bib!
  • BarryC: Hope everyone had a good weekend... Im currently #long: $EXPI, $MARA, $NVDA, $TSLA & UPST....
  • Cjauger: sold all my $NVDA earlier this morning
  • Cjauger: $NVDA and $META being sold
  • BarryC: Hello Ladies and Gents... I went home #long: $EXPI, $FLNC, $MARA, $NVDA, $TSLA & $UPST Got stopped out $AFRM and $GOOG yesterday... They arent broken necessarly, just had them on a TIGHT leash. Im STILL watching.
  • DavidK: $NVDA - bought calls . Won’t stay long long !!
  • BarryC: ok, $TSLA and $NVDA correction is over, lol....
  • DavidK: @DavidK $NVDA calls at 4.5 out of 60 % at 6.30 . Gonna rride the rest but a tight leash .
  • DavidK: @DavidK $NVDA stopped out on rest at 6.20 37 % gain in about 30 min. Looking to get short this market in a big way soon .
  • debeers: $NVDA-Will lead the AI chip uiniverse according to B of A analyst. The best thing about the Magnificent 7 is that each excels in their fields. My only exception is $EXAS because the insurers will push hard in most cases to push this test for 2 reasons: 1. Helluva lot cheaper than them paying for colonoscopies 2. Catching colon cancer early better for them AND way better for their patients. I've had other biotechs from time to time but always come back to this one as a stock that has tremendous profit potential and ability to mitigate suffering.
  • Sanelan: @Scott what is the significance of the bollinger bands converging as in daily $NVDA please?
  • scottrades: @Sanelan $NVDA Just means tightening price action.
  • debeers: @debeers $NVDA $EXAS -need the supersqueeze for $NVDA to pop like a pimple up. Wait for it.
  • daphnepalmer1: Scott $NVDA 8 day looks strange...Any meaning to the sharp scoop?(technical term ;)
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY / $QQQ Trend is intact $IWM At the 21 EMA $MDY Same $DIA Same $SMH Coming back to life? $BLOK Working $BITO 2nd Day above the 50 Day $AMZN Breaking out $AAPL Working $GOOGL Upside Reversal $TSLA Upside Reversal $NVDA In Trend $MA At the 50 Day $META Working $MSFT Back above the 8EMA $MSTR Gap Filled $RIOT Gap Filled $MARA Gap Filled $RBLX Off the 200 Day $DKNG Holding the 21 EMA $MNST Moving out on low volume $HUBS Just under resistance $LSCC Off the 50 Day (low volume) $RMBS Trying to firm up $AEHR Flag
  • haroldzero: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $IWM $MDY $DIA $SMH $BLOK $BITO $AMZN $AAPL $GOOGL $TSLA $NVDA $MA $META $MSFT $MSTR $RIOT $MARA $RBLX $DKNG $MNST $HUBS $LSCC $RMBS $AEHR hi Scott, has the video upload yet? Thx
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone... I added some positions yesterday and keeping them fairly tight. #long: $EXPI, $FLNC, $AFRM & $MARA I also STILL have #long balances on: $GOOG, $$NVDA, $TSLA & $UPST Ohh and BTW LFG $MARA!!!!!!!! :-)
  • BarryC: @BarryC $EXPI $FLNC $AFRM $MARA $GOOG $NVDA $TSLA $UPST #long #long Just as a matter of reference.... My stop on $EXPI is $18.60 Stop on $FLNC is 24.60 & Stop on $AFRM 15.50 My other longs are up and just managing things accordingly BECAUSE Managing Risk is EVERYTHING in this game, DON'T FORGET!!
  • BarryC: @BarryC $EXPI $FLNC $AFRM $MARA $GOOG $NVDA $TSLA $UPST #long #long Sorry, One last thing... Just trying to be as transparent as possible. I added $GOOG last week (around here) and my stop on the add is 121.50.... I have room on the other portion and will attempt to hold that as long as it cooperates.
  • champ: $NVDA...at $422....Watch for a Trade......
  • champ: @champ $NVDA....looks like #Entry-timing for a Spec-trade......
  • champ: $NVDA...$422...looks to be holding, Spec forming....Watch for Entry.......
  • Cjauger: QQQs have had a nice run since breaking out in mid May, my account is at a post [FED rate raise] bear market high. About 8% above the 50 day and looking like a top, Powell speaking to congress. Red days in my tech holdings $NVDA, $ARKK, $META, $QLD yesterday and today have been offset by green days in my crypto holdings $BITO, $MARA. Yesterday started moving into cash. With the exception of the $MARA and $BITO trades that I initiated yesterday, I am in cash
  • champ: $NVDA...In at $422 and #Out at $427...for a Quick trade, 200 shares = $1,000. profit.
  • DougL: @champ $NVDA #Out - nice trade!
  • Nepenthe: @champ $NVDA #Out Looks like next round is on you. Cheers.
  • champ: @DougL $NVDA #Out ......Thanks....however could Watch this #target for another Back-in Trade.... ......because this In and Out trade is always #on-going...Good Luck!
  • champ: $NVDA...now at $431....another trade going on.....
  • champ: $NVDA...now up around $12, off of LOD.
  • champ: $NVDA....Out ...I took the $$$ again.
  • champ: $NVDA...however I will be getting Back-in, is my guess....just wanted to Bank the profits again.
  • joelsg1: @Docoof $TSLA #News If you think of $tsla as a giant data suck aspiring for more, and their ability to commercialize mining of that data through AI, the robot a product of that ability, and the fact that they too design chips to facilitate that AI, they are the premier AI company, even more than fave $NVDA. And there's a rumor of them acquiring a European wireless charging company. Biding time until perhaps 7/3, which is a half trading day before Independence Day holiday, if gap filled.
  • Docoof: @joelsg1 $TSLA $tsla $NVDA #News Awesome—Thanks for your response!
  • BarryC: Hope everyone had a good long weekend!! I'm down to only a few longs: $NVDA $TSLA $GOOG & $UPST One thing I do (in particular to help me sit with winners) is sometimes buy cheap out of the money PUTS on the particular stocks that I'm long. They act as " just in case" Insurance. So, as an example heading in to the long weekend, on Friday I bot this weeks: $NVDA 420 PUTS, $TSLA, 250 PUTS $GOOG 124 PUTS & $UPST 35 PUTS Hopefully the options ALL go to zero which would indicate the stocks keep climbing. Hope I explained this correctly.
  • Henry: $NVDA pt increase to $550 by Evercore
  • woodman: $NVDA another new high.
  • woodman: Funny, all you've really needed in this hot market is to have and hold about 5 stocks - $TSLA $NVDA $AMZN $NFLX $MSFT - then go do anything else.
  • Docoof: @woodman $TSLA $NVDA $AMZN $NFLX $MSFT . . . and $META
  • woodman: @Docoof $TSLA $NVDA $AMZN $NFLX $MSFT $META - Yeah.
  • debeers: There's no place like home and i had $LEN and now have $TOL and $DHI however, if you only wantg 2, IMO get the 2 that do not miss on earnings: $TOL and $LEN. $TSLA is now the charging station for Rivian as well and not letting go of $ARDX which, in all probaqbility has e3nough cash now to propel even more scrips and approvals or so the kidney expert here says and yes i do believe him and its the only biotech i need.$NVDA still have some but have pared it back a bit.
  • debeers: @debeers $LEN $TOL $DHI $TSLA $ARDX $NVDA -meant to say scripts-geez!-and my expert is @Woodman.
  • DavidK: @debeers $LEN $TOL $DHI $TSLA $ARDX $NVDA side note . DR HORTON bought or partnered with St Joe Company in Windmark Beach Hwy 98 pan handle of Fl . This development originally were million $$ lots and multi million homes . At Joe then screwed original home owners and sold / partnered with Horton to put in cookie cutter 400-450 k homes stacked on top of each other that look like a double wide trailer . It’s at the beach so these snowbirds are buying them up . Horton stated another mass build of cookie cutter homes outside Atl in a great old southern town known for their old beautiful homes . building these homes in a swamp area . Not sure how they got it approved. Point is they bought this land and have to build . Betting that they can sell all these pos
  • debeers: @DavidK $LEN $TOL $DHI $TSLA $ARDX $NVDA @DavidK-lennar took full advantageof its situation as well they should.
  • BarryC: So, I put on 4 new positions today IF ya missed my posts... $FLNC, $EXPI, AFRM & $MARA I'm going home #long: $AFRM, $EXPI, $FLNC, $GOOG, $MARA, $NVDA, $TSLA, & $UPST
  • joelsg1: @Docoof $TSLA Good for you, and yes applies to all trading, with one exception, but especially to options, particularly st options where you're paying for time which depreciates daily. Exception for a temporary rule waiver is a strong technical or fundamental or news-based breakout which can have legs and go farther then anyone suspects, see $NVDA, but then have to put rule back into effect.
  • Cjauger: $NVDA new ATH
  • debeers: $NVDA-it is ironic that if you look up the meaning of invidious in the dictionary or Google, you'll find the words "incurring resentment." i can only imagine how much resentment those who aren't in it have. Y'know what i mean??LOL
  • debeers: @Cjauger $NVDA -see the above
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone, Im so sorry that sometimes I miss posting positions. I get caught up with running my business and just miss. So sorry!!! My current #longs: $EXPI, $FLNG, $GOOG, $MNDY, $NVDA, $TSLA, & $UPST. I was lightening things up into strength & dumped $CELH BUT still watching closely. I also didn't stick around with $FRSH and $GTLB. Just #FYI, $GOOG is VERY tight...
  • BarryC: Ya ever see the movie, The Jerk? When he says all I need is this lamp and this chair... Well all I need is $NVDA and $TSLA
  • cecil: @BarryC $NVDA $TSLA lolololol
  • Cjauger: @BarryC $NVDA $TSLA monsters
  • BarryC: @Cjauger $NVDA $TSLA lol
  • Docoof: @BarryC $NVDA $TSLA Get away from the oil cans! He hates the oil cans!
  • DougL: $NVDA strong
  • DougL: @DougL $NVDA - long 0623C500
  • DougL: @DougL $NVDA - correction 0623C450
  • Docoof: @BarryC $NVDA $TSLA Lol. He hates these cans: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Tcwz8-EfFYE
  • BarryC: @Docoof $NVDA $TSLA lolololololo
  • DougL: $NVDA held PDH (demand)
  • Cjauger: @DougL $NVDA Holding up well, my largest position
  • champ: $NVDA at $432...Watch for Entry.....
  • Cjauger: $NVDA new HOD
  • DougL: @Cjauger $NVDA - $1.3M July 480 call sweep
  • BarryC: Hope everyone has a great Fathers Day weekend!! I lightened things up into the weekend... I'm down to: $GOOG, $NVDA, $TSLA & $UPST
  • bigbartabs: @curtis $AI $PLTR $U $BA $NVDA $TSLA #Typical-Fed-day #Hope-spec-Trades #TGIFriday #Risk-on ... really glad to hear you are doing well Curtis... great work with options.
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $NFLX $NVDA Great work my friend!!
  • Auto: $TSLA $AI $NVDA added early staying late
  • debeers: @DAN-really helpful yesterday giving us a stop premium on $NFLX- would you be so kind as to do the samde for $NVDA. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  • Auto: $NVDA added again long
  • BarryC: $NVDA really slacking... it took more than two hours to go green, smh... lol....
  • joelsg1: @woodman $NOW On last $NVDA E call, $NOW first collaboration mentioned by CEO, $MSFT was second.
  • woodman: @joelsg1 $NOW $NVDA $MSFT - Thanks for that info.
  • DAN: $NVDA -- I set a buy-stop just above yesterday's intraday high to take a small stock position. It got hit a few minutes ago -- and it's the only one that did get hit. The others I am watching have not run above yesterday's high. That signals--to me--that there is not aggressive buying pressure this morning. This makes sense to me as we all wait to gauge the market's reaction to the Fed decision. Remember that the decision itself is secondary to the market's reaction to that decision. That's how we make money. The Fed will do that the Fed does. And the market will do what it does. Unless you are on the FOMC, you can't control the former. You can not control the latter either. But you CAN control your reaction to the latter. --Dan
  • DAN: @DAN $NVDA Actually, $SWAV just got hit too. Great call, Scotty!
  • Cjauger: $NFLX and $NVDA continue to make new highs
  • debeers: $NVDA- So you saw Zuck and $MSFT standing with SU yesterday? Wake up! This was a bargaining ploy to get the cost of the $NVDA chip down. Will it work? Is jensen stupid? NO on both IMO. Lisa's chipis a year or more away.
  • debeers: @DAN-$FCX/$NVDA/$STLD/$TSLA/$PANW and $LEN at close for earnings in pretio veritas!
  • Cjauger: $NFLX $NVDA relentless $ MSFT closing in on yesterday’s high
  • joelsg1: @debeers $TSLA $NVDA.
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $NVDA new HOD
  • bigbartabs: @Cjauger $SPY $QQQ $NVDA ... just NVDA new day high
  • Cjauger: $NVDA new ATH and HOD
  • traderbren: $NVDA - continues to run...with good volume.
  • DavidK: @traderbren $NVDA Qualcomm days are here again. U have to be out of your mind to not sell into this madness .
  • traderbren: @DavidK $NVDA - lol...that's what I've been saying for a while, but I just keep rolling my calls out & up. It's nuts, but you just have to continue riding the wave until it crashes on the shore! ;-)
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Volume 40,145,000

NVIDIA Corporation is engaged in creating the graphics chips used in personal computers that bring games and home movies to life. Its has two reporting segments: the GPU business and the Tegra Processor business.

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