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  • CraigReynolds: $RAD Way down after big earnings miss, then come $AMZN. $RAD has almost recovered price at yesterday close.
  • Bob E: @CraigReynolds $RAD $AMZN Do you know of any reason for the snap back after the big earnings miss? To see a stock come back in pre-market is unusual!
  • CraigReynolds: @Bob E $RAD $AMZN Amazon will use for delivery/shopping. Do not know details.
  • Wolf: $RAD $PIR Kicking myself for taking profits too quickly.
  • indigo1948: @mradams0621 $CLDX - been there with $RAD -finally dumped it. Sometimes it is easier when you cannot see the ticker anymore.
  • mvdenapoles: $AVX looking like it can set up for long term success. Just took some profit on $TDOC up 93%. $RAD had high volume of Jan, '19 calls purchased - could be a move coming by years end.
  • stevef214: @Cheryl_in_FL $BBBY $DIA $DJX $EWW $FAS $FFIV $KSU $LUV $MA $MMM $OEX $RAD $SPX $SSYS $TXN $UAL $V $XEO $XSP $Z $ZG Hi what is TTM? Is that the criteria that John Carter uses to determine a VS?
  • mvdenapoles: anyone have a long term view on $RAD ?
  • Squid: @mvdenapoles $RAD unfortunately yes.
  • mvdenapoles: @Squid $RAD care to elaborate?
  • tigerjohn8: @mvdenapoles $RAD I'm sure everyone interested has found the following. It's my best performing ticker today (apart from $GBTC) , unfortunately it's my smallest position :; Such a small position I'm just going to watch it a while longer before dumping it Rite Aid's stock rockets on heavy volume for a 2nd-straight day Shares of Rite Aid Corp. (RAD) rocketed on heavy volume Wednesday for a second-straight session, after the drugstore chain said it had completed the "pilot closing" of its amended asset purchase deal with Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. (WBA).
  • Squid: @mvdenapoles $RAD have held for several years. ave. cost $5.20 Also own $1 strike calls Jan 19 exp. which are up but not enough to offset my losses. I will probably sell the stock on Dec. 15th to take my LT loss (tax harvesting and to avoid the wash sale rule) when I exercise the calls in Jan. to recover some of my loss. Earnings on RAD are 12/19.
  • tri2insite: $RAD rally for last 2 days off beaten up low. I'm long.
  • Cheryl_in_FL: These are all making a move out of TTM daily squeeze: $BBBY $DIA $DJX $EWW $FAS $FFIV $KSU $LUV $MA $MMM $OEX $RAD $SPX $SSYS $TXN $UAL $V $XEO $XSP $Z $ZG
  • TRICIA: Drug stocks geting hit on report Amazon has won pharmacy licenses across several states (58.98 -2.18) Pharmacies: $CVS -4.5%, $WBA -3.6%, $RAD -6% Drug distribution/PBMs: $MDCO - 10% , $ABC -3%, $ESRX -3%, $CAH -1% ---- also the Opiod Crises is affecting these stocks . please note I copied this from someone I respect, it is good summary
  • traderbren: @TRICIA $CVS $WBA $RAD $MDCO $ABC $ESRX $CAH - yep, the power of the 800 lbs gorilla - $AMZN
  • champ: $WBA @ $67.75 #Walgreen Flu and Holiday season.... New Holiday Retail Position, for me, this is a Hold not a Trade. This stock, is now trying to bounce... this stock is almost, at a 3 year low. The #Low is $66.92... I don't think a bounce here... would really surprise anyone, really can't go any lower and earnings are confirmed for Wednesday 10/25, anything that they say or report should bounce this stock. #Schwab has this stock rated at a strong B....this is a strong growth stock now. This stock really loss its way because of M&A with $RAD. This is the largest Retail Pharmacy and Health store company, with 13,200 locations.
  • PhilHarmonic: @gilbertdbg $RAD Would need to see a reversal pattern with confirming high volume. Looks like a lot of institutional selling
  • MtChet: $RAD - Nice bounce off a very low bottom.
  • Henry: $WBA $RAD called off their merger. Don't know why
  • audrina0904: @Henry $WBA $RAD would it have gained regulatory approval? It looks like Walgreens is still spending well over $5B on a good number of stores. Fred's looks to be the real loser here as they now get nothing.
  • Vehid: @audrina0904 $RAD Sold mine for $3.63 a couple of days ago.
  • Bridget: $RAD and $CVS both bouncing. $RAD has earnings tomorrow.
  • Bridget: $RAD is breaking out on buyout rumors which is causing a short squeeze.
  • Vehid: @Bridget $RAD l have been holding this for a long time. Glad kept it.
  • Bridget: Notes: $XLF - some financials showing bullish movement. I like $ALLY here. Also bought calls in $XLF. FAANG - got a bounce this morning but have since pulled back, seems like buyers are less enthusiastic at these levels. Many other good performers saw a bounce off their 50dma, but since have pulled back ($TAL). $EEM - gap up and holding at the top of the consolidation range $VMC - breaking out. 52 week high at $138.18. Moving averages turning up on daily $HCA - moving higher out of cup and handle $MRCY - phase 2 $OI - breakout $BC - new 52 week high $GLW - breakout $FN - short squeeze $RAD - short squeeze Stocks that look toppy: $W $TSM $MCD $AMAT $NVDA $LRCX $WTW $SWKS $TSLA
  • tri2insite: $RAD up 15% on big volume today. Stock has been beaten since buyout by WBA was not approved. Anyone think $AMZN might grab this for their move into pharmacy business?
  • tri2insite: @tri2insite $RAD $AMZN #Dan #Bridget ?
  • Mpower27: @tri2insite $RAD $AMZN #Dan #Bridget my guess would be no. I would think $RAD was be too much real estate. I swear I read somewhere that $WFM gives them a pharmacy angle.
  • bwcarnation1: @Danzguy $FRED $DG $FRED moves on $WBA selling assets to Fred so they can get approval to buy $RAD
  • Danzguy: @Danzguy $FRED $DG Thanks All! Long $RAD so would like to see WBA buy them.
  • DrScience: $WBA "renegotiating" Bad (?) merger deal with $RAD. New date: Jul 27. $RAD down 17% -- Sad. $CVS flat, $FRED up a buck in the PM. [120 chars] ;-)
  • jwstich: @DrScience $WBA $RAD $CVS $FRED from Market Watch:

    Shares of Rite Aid Corp. RAD, -17.17% plummeted 17% in active premarket trade Monday, after the drugstore chain and its buyer, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. WBA, +0.28% agreed to lower the per-shar ...
  • woodman: @DrScience $CVS $WAB $RAD I hope you meant $WBA rather than $WAB. :-)
  • champ: $WBA and $RAD --- Don't know if everyone is award of the News this morning.... that they both have agreed to lower the merger value.
  • DrScience: $CVS buyers liking the $WBA/$RAD merger delay. Stock is trading up 1.5% ($1.20), testing the 50 DMA.
  • dunsek: $RAD the NYP is reporting that merger approval is only days away and that soon-to-be intermin FTC commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen won't block the deal. This one has been longer in coming than I would have wished, but a very nice return assuming it does go ahead at 9.00. Long.
  • DrScience: $RAD big bets in JAN and APR 7 Calls.
  • Bridget: Notes: IPOs - $PI, $RETA $YIN $CRBP Breakouts: $FOMX, $NTES, $LAD, $CVI, $CVRR, $GKOS $PZZA, $CONN, $BUFF (down) Holding up pretty well: $INO, $V, $TCK, $APC, $MET, $YY, $RAD, $NEWT, $NVAX, Moving Further Down: $EBIX, $CENT, $PAYX, $STZ, $ETE
  • stevef214: @Forexpro $WBA I posted about WBA selling stores as required by FTC to close the deal with RAD back on 7/20. I guess they are finalizing the number of stores and which ones so $RAD is moving up.
  • Forexpro: @stevef214 $WBA $RAD Thanks, Stevef214, Yes, indeed. If I'm not mistaken, the companies are hosting/have just hosted an analysts' meeting, and apparently the tone is/was "upbeat". Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • dunsek: $RAD nice close back above the 200 for the first time in a couple of months. The market still seems unconvinced that $WBA 's acquisition goes through, but it's getting less skeptical! Long $RAD
  • dunsek: $RAD nice pop in $RAD today, back above the 50 for the first time in a while
  • barbjim12: @dunsek $RAD Can't find any news for this pop. Anyone know what's is behind this move?
  • rj7150: @barbjim12 $RAD Isn't Rite Aid being taken out by $WBA or $CVS?
  • dunsek: @barbjim12 $RAD no, all I see is a CFO appt at a subsidiary, hardly the stuff of a 5% move in a takeover target!
  • barbjim12: @rj7150 $RAD $WBA $CVS I thought I read the deal is off. Again no new information to the contrary on the busted deal.
  • dunsek: @barbjim12 $RAD $WBA $CVS No, there was some speculation in the press in June that it wasn't being looked at favorably by the FTC, but apparently DealReporter is out saying the FTC now says that with enough divestiture of overlap, they would approve the deal. That's still rumor, as far as I know. But, $WBA has been prepared to divest like mad for the deal to go ahead, so looks potentially promising.
  • rj7150: @dunsek $RAD $WBA - What is the timeline and the offer for the takeover?
  • dunsek: @rj7150 $RAD $WBA $9.00/share, expected to close 'second half of calendar 2016'. The deal was announced in Oct 2015.
  • rj7150: @dunsek $RAD $WBA Thanks for info! That is quite a spread from where it is right now.
  • dunsek: @rj7150 $RAD $WBA Yeah, the mkt remains skeptical ;)
  • stevef214: $WBA $RAD Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co is selling 15million of its $WBA shares which leaves it with 22mm. Just wondering what this means for the $RAD merger.
  • barbjim12: @stevef214 $RAD $WBA I also don't understand the decline in $RAD either. I will hold tight with my shares in $RAD and try to get some info on the deal. Does anyone have any news?
  • dunsek: @barbjim12 $RAD $WBA There's no news other than the Bloomie report suggesting the FTC decision isn't going to occur any time soon. On the chart, the moving averages aren't looking so robust. But, there's some possible support around 6.80 and a 'probably don't want to keep holding this if it goes lower' at the evil 6.66 level.
  • stevef214: $RAD down today as FTC has been investigating the deal with $WBA and Bloomberg reports its views are negative. I don't get it. Last week WBA was selling stores in areas where the FTC thought the overlap would be to great and this was suppose to facilitate the deal.
  • champ: @cmaxwel1 $WBA $RAD $WBC - $RAD ...OUT ....@ $6.90 don't really like the way this is acting and I'm not going to babysit this. I think you had a Good Call on this stock and Cramer on CNBC agrees with you...so I'm out.
  • stevef214: @champ $WBA $RAD Thx for the info. I am long also but was considering adding to my position. As of last week the only news I could find was that WBA would have to divest some stores for the FTC to approve the deal and there was speculation on who would/could buy these stores.
  • champ: $WBA and $RAD closed yesterday @ $7.02 - I had a post on this M&A yesterday. I have been adding to $RAD because the buy-out agreement for $RAD is $9. It now looks like the deal is going to go thru because the New York Times is reporting in an article this morning that Walgreens is now quietly auctioning off storers in areas where the combined chains would have too much overlap...Again this is now being reported by the NY Times this morning. I'm Spec long
  • dunsek: @champ $WBA $RAD Excellent news- been adding as well :)
  • agent99: @champ $WBA $RAD Do you own $WBA also?
  • champ: @agent99 $WBA $RAD - NP at this time ....the buyers stock could drop. If the deal does not go thru I would buy it. As a matter of fact I'm watching it for direction but I'm only guessing...maybe this is great for $WAB right out of the gate.
  • agent99: @champ $WBA $RAD $WAB Thanks
  • Motorman: @agent99 @champ $RAD started $Rad, thanks for NYT input
  • indigo1948: @champ $WBA $RAD - long RAD for some time and adding.
  • agent99: @champ $WBA $RAD Long $RAD. Thanks for bringing this you our attention.
  • GOOSE: @champ $WBA $RAD $WBA, bearish engulfing forming on the Daily chart.
  • champ: @GOOSE $WBA $RAD - Bearish...? I'm thinking it's on it's way to around $9. Thats what the buy out price is. However, their is always the chance the deal will not be approved but the FTC is in talks with $WBC about divestitures and that is always a good sign that the regulators are open to approving the merger. Some holders were spooked that the merger would not take place and sold. 7/12 was the best entry at around $6.70. Even at $7.30 this stock still has legs....is my guess.
  • cmaxwel1: @champ $WBA $RAD $WBC (I would want to be more confident on this deal, however after Pfizer AGN deal imploded, the risk level is that much higher now. I would be a buyer of $WBA on weakness.
  • orpheusredux: @indigo1948 $WBA $RAD While the $RAD long idea is enticing in theory, it's the indefinite wait that keeps me on the sidelines, unwilling to tie up my money for perhaps a long time.
  • champ: @cmaxwel1 $WBA $RAD $WBC - Every M&A deal is different. The lower $WBA goes the higher $RAD should climb...is my guess. If this deal falls thru and I see the news...I will buy $WBA. If I had to pick one... I would pick $RAD at this point because ...
  • champ: @Bridget $WBA - The $RAD acquisition is expected to close in the second half of 2016. If regulators don't block it. $RAD is down about 30% from it's but-out agreement price of $9.
  • agent99: @champ $WBA $RAD "but-out"... Is that a financial term? LOL
  • champ: @agent99 $WBA $RAD Yes...I think it is.
  • dunsek: $RAD seems to be hanging in there. Brexit is clearly doing a number on intl M+A, but hopefully the $WBA acquisition doesn't get messed up. Long, got a little longer.
  • rck89: @dunsek $WBA No comment(s) on the $RAD merger? Any idea where that stands rhrn? Thanks
  • dunsek: @rck89 $WBA $RAD Only a passing reference in this morning's note, under Risks, and Key Risk: Risks (1) Reductions in reimbursement levels from private/governmental agency plans and other third parties (2) changes in industry pricing benchmarks for prescription drugs, (3) generic drug inflation, (4) inability to successfully or timely complete the pending acquisition of Rite Aid, (5) failure to achieve synergy targets with regards to Alliance Boots acquisition, (6) operational, financial or regulatory difficulties at AmerisourceBergen could interrupt wholesale supply of drugs, (7) elevated debt levels could reduce financial flexibility, (8) unfavourable fluctuations in foreign currencies. Key Risks: Acquisition integration; achievement of synergies and execution on restructuring program; changes to U.S. drug reimbursement model
  • champ: $WBA - Looks like they could get FTC approval on the M&A with $RAD....both climbing....I'm Spec long this morning.
  • champ: $WBC at $82 HOD - If this deal goes thru...this would be a big deal for Rural America....$RAD has a Market Cap of $7.9b...Walgreens could shoot up like a rocket....added at $82... stop at entry....risk reward is good.
  • Aragorn: @champ $WBA $RAD Nice Champ there was a nice inside 5 AT 80.98 That worked great
  • dunsek: @champ $WBA $RAD in there with you on both. I decided not to wait for a close over the 50 day on $WBA per an earlier post, after seeing the strength this morning. Hopped in shortly after the cross.
  • agent99: @champ $WBC $RAD Do you mean $WBA?
  • stevef214: @champ $WBC $RAD I guess you mean WBA, but I am long RAD, it should go up to $9 on the deal. Have you heard or read anything about it closing or are you just going by the price movements?
  • champ: @stevef214 $WBC $RAD - Yes.. the New York Post this morning on the open...$WBA. ....On $WAB I sold on Tuesday I think it was.
  • dunsek: $WBA looking a little weak. I pulled the trigger and out for a couple of bucks. Still riding the $RAD in anticipation of deal approval, and looking to be out closer to 9.
  • champ: @dunsek $WBA $RAD - I'm going to swing 1/3 of $WBA and my full position in $RAD....like you said $9. On approval they will probably have them sell off the RAD stores in most all of the larger cities and maybe even the mid size cities.
  • DrScience: ...
    At 14:27 EDT, somebody was targeting the NOV 100 Calls @ .15. Volume of 821 vs. OI of 31 says these were opening positions and looks like a buyer spread the action around. They paid the asking price (against a zero bid), but it could have been an op ...
  • Aragorn: @DrScience $ABC $WBA $WAG $RAD YW, Thanks for the analysis. It is always a pleasure to read your stuff. I had been surprised by the weakness in this stock and MCK as well which is in the same area though that one has recovered sooner than ABC.
  • rck89: $RAD Anyone still following this stock? And whatever became of their merger? Any thoughts?
  • abridg: $RAD. Nice volatility squeeze.
  • woodman: @abridg $RAD The squeeze is because Walgreens is buying Rite Aid.
  • Paddleboard: ...
  • champ: $STZ at $152.50 Constellation Brands - $WBA at $86.80 Walgreens - Don't really know whats going on here...could be making an earnings run. Maybe they had a good flu season or some good news on the M&M with $RAD....earning on Tuesday 4/5/am - $STZ - Maybe an earnings run here also...a lot of drinking during the Holidays....earnings on Wednesday 4/7/am. -- I'm long both and I'm chasing this morning.
  • Bridget: $RAD breaking higher rhrn, not seeing a lot of volume though.
  • rck89: $RAD This stock continues to "inch" toward $9.0, which is the $WBA acquisition bid price. Anyone have info on how this deal is going? Target close date? Any news? Thanks.
  • rck89: $RAD This stock continues to "inch" toward $9.0, which is the $WBA acquisition bid price. Anyone have info on how this deal is going? Target close date? Any news? Thanks.
  • rck89: $RAD Anyone have an update on the $RAD / WBA merger? Is it going through?
  • pilotski: $RAD does $RAD have any upside potential?
  • rck89: @pilotski $RAD Yes...it goes to $9.00 IF its merger with $WBA is allowed to close by our government! Should be close, but no news of late.
  • pilotski: @rck89 $RAD $WBA thx
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Stock Price $USD 9.93
Change 3.39%
Volume 1,188,700

Rite Aid Corp operates retail drugstore chains in the United States. As of February 28, 2015, the Company operated 4,570 stores in 31 states across the country and in the District of Columbia.

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