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  • champ: $ENPH....@ $253....this turn could continue, Day-Trade......other boring positions that I'm working.....$OC $CMC $LLY $AZO $FREY $XPER $HNST $AXON $PENN.... .......also Watching $PLL $MRK $GUSH $GBTC and #others..... because the guess is....the markets might turn, at some point...... so for Now....the daily zig-zags are on going....however just about everything seems to be spring-loaded, for a bounce...... and if it happens.... I'm Ready and Waiting. $QQQ....if the tech sector turns, stocks in that sector will have the largest bounce.....and I have a Watch Lists. However for now.....everything is all screwed-up.
  • champ: $XPER..@ $16...#New-IPO on 10/3...and is now #Top-Pick by BWS Financial, they initiated this morning, with a price target at $30. ~~~ #Great business summary..... New Spec position,..trailing and direction is unknown.
  • champ: $XPER.....More info....before the #spin-off they reported #earnings on 5/9 and they beat by $0.29 and revenues were $257.42 million and that was also a beat by 16.2%.
  • champ: $XPER....a little more journal info....on 6/23, they raised revenue guidance for FY22, above the S&P consensus .... 7/5.... they acquired #Vewd-Software for $109m. 8/31...they launched their independent media platform, TIVO OS. 9/9 ....they launched their Vewd Opx for Android TV Operator Tier. 9/12....their subsidiary DTS, joined with Sense Media Group, the producer of AutoSens conferences. 9/22....Xperi (XPER)...was added to the #S&P-SmallCap-600, effective on Monday 10/3. 10/3....new IPO...Xperi Inc. was listed on the New York Exchange. #XPERI-Brands.....IMAX Enhanced.....HD Radio.....TiVo.....dts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • scottto_2: @Yuls - Thanks for the list! Converting tickers to drag over for easier investigation: $FLGT, $APPS, $ETSY, $FUTU, $DQ, $GRWG, $COWN, $QDEL, $AEIS, $EXPI, $FVRR, $FBC, $SWBI, $LOB, $CELH, $ZM, $CRWD, $HOME, $PTON, $IIVI, $MBIN, $TSLA, $HALO, $LMPX, $CRSR, $XPEL, $LOGI, $HOLX, $CROX, $UCTT, $MTSI, $FCX, $AHCO, $IPHI, $JD, $HTH, $PFSI, $XPER, $PINS, $HZNP, $LRCX, $SHOP, $MED, $EDIT, $HZO, $APT, $AOSL, $MELI, $LAKE, $LOVE
  • scottto_2: Wanted to bring the guts of @Yuls nice post to the top since it might have gotten lost from yesterday: @Yuls - Thanks for the list! Converting tickers to drag over for easier investigation: $FLGT, $APPS, $ETSY, $FUTU, $DQ, $GRWG, $COWN, $QDEL, $AEIS, $EXPI, $FVRR, $FBC, $SWBI, $LOB, $CELH, $ZM, $CRWD, $HOME, $PTON, $IIVI, $MBIN, $TSLA, $HALO, $LMPX, $CRSR, $XPEL, $LOGI, $HOLX, $CROX, $UCTT, $MTSI, $FCX, $AHCO, $IPHI, $JD, $HTH, $PFSI, $XPER, $PINS, $HZNP, $LRCX, $SHOP, $MED, $EDIT, $HZO, $APT, $AOSL, $MELI, $LAKE, $LOVE I've already found a new member of the #WhaleClub in there. Added a spot for $HOME
  • scottto_2: @Yuls - You bet. Thanks for your contributions! $FLGT, $APPS, $ETSY, $FUTU, $DQ, $GRWG, $COWN, $QDEL, $AEIS, $EXPI, $FVRR, $FBC, $SWBI, $LOB, $CELH, $ZM, $CRWD, $HOME, $PTON, $IIVI, $MBIN, $TSLA, $HALO, $LMPX, $CRSR, $XPEL, $LOGI, $HOLX, $CROX, $UCTT, $MTSI, $FCX, $AHCO, $IPHI, $JD, $HTH, $PFSI, $XPER, $PINS, $HZNP, $LRCX, $SHOP, $MED, $EDIT, $HZO, $APT, $AOSL, $MELI, $LAKE, $LOVE
  • scottrades: $XPER Pulled back Friday but on low volume. I think a break of the black line could be a nice swing to it's next weekly resistance (28.33)
  • spmeyers: $XPER nice breakout, decent base
  • DrScience: ...

    Some ETF’s with exposure to 5G
  • greenpatrol: @DrScience $AAPL $AMD $AMT $CEVA $CCI $CDNS $ERIC $GOOGL $HLIT $INTC $JNPR $KEYS $LITE $MSFT $MXIM $MXL $NATI $NOK $NVDA $OIIM $ORCL $QCOM $QRVO $SQNS $SWKS $T $TSM $TXN $VIAV $VOD $VZ $XLNX $XPER $SMH $FTXL $IYZ $XKII $XLK $XLC $XSD #Smartphone #5G #IOT Add $AKTS to that #5G list. They make the RF wafers that go in the new handsets. Many more required than for 4G.
  • issues: Looking over semis ($SMH) and seeing $MXL up 22% in 10 days, followed by these all up 5% in 10 days: $NXPI $IPHI $XPER and $XLNX. The accumulation/distribution order is $MRVL 1st (down 2% in 10 days) then $MXL $NXPI $IPHI etc... We currently hold SMH and $AVGO.
  • spmeyers: @Kasey $BIG $NTRI $TVTY $UNFI $GIII $XPER $MGNX $JP shorting strength and buying weakness is risky even though it often looks good in hindsight; best to wait for a sign that the direction is changing (which depends on your time frame)
  • Kasey: I'm thinking, since this market is volatile, maybe I should switch my concentration to stocks with a little volatility. "If you can't beat them, join them" mentality. Basically I'll be simulating trading / shorting the rebounds of stocks that are outside the third Bollinger band for various reasons. Here's a watchlist for tomorrow if anyone is interested in the same. $BIG, $NTRI, $TVTY, $UNFI, $GIII, $XPER, $MGNX, $JP. I'm not sure yet of which ones are available to short, but this is a start. Day trades or first hour trading only.
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Stock Price $8.22
Change -0.36%
Volume 366,637

Xperi Corp is a provider of semiconductor packaging and interconnect solutions and intellectual property products to original equipment manufacturers. Its technologies include proprietary mobile and computational imaging.

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