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  • scottrades: Hearing that Michael Burry has purchased some Regional Bank stocks: 1) FIRST REPUBLIC $FRC 2) PACWEST BANK $PACW 3) NEW YORK BANK $NYCB 4) WESTERN ALLIANCE $WAL 5) HUNTINGTON BANK $HBAN 6) CAPITAL ONE $COF 7) WELLS FARGO $WFC This was reported in 13F as of the end of Q1
  • vcondry: @scottrades $FRC $PACW $NYCB $WAL $HBAN $COF $WFC Talk about the shotgun approach...hopefully for him $FRC was puts
  • vitoB: @vcondry $FRC $PACW $NYCB $WAL $HBAN $COF $WFC ..these were buys but doesn't account for any potential shorts on the same names. This was also as of the end of march. Could have and probably did change.
  • Forexpro: Re: $ZION Hi, Friends, Should have mentioned earlier that $JPM's lead bank analyst Steven Alexopolous gave a double upgrade to $ZION this morning ("underweight" to "overweight") on valuation. I've owned this from time to time, never successfully, but that isn't really the stock's fault. He also upgraded, again on price, $WAL and $CMA from "neutral" to "overweight". $ZION and $WAL are off to very good starts (up 4%2B percent), while $CMA is green, but unimpressively. Banks of course are a sizable brick in the current Wall of Worry, so any additional strength in the sector, especially for the regionals, could have ripple effects in the broader market. All the best!
  • champ: $USB....this Bank is HOD...and I'm in Trading Banks today....$CMA $ZION and $WAL....and I posted on these Banks targets before.....and I started trading $SCHW and posted yesterday.
  • scottrades: $WAL Halted
  • DAN: @scottrades $WAL Read about last night. Get a body bag for the Fed's most recent murder. Powell is a serial killer...of banks.
  • scottrades: $WAL Halted for a 10th time. News pending.
  • champ: @scottrades $WAL at $19.00 ...This is was a #Bounce-Candidate at $12 this morning and the company said that they are #Not for sale...and Short-sellers are spreading false narratives.
  • DougL: @champ $ZION $SCHW - $WAL down 30 percent = 9 pts
  • DougL: Banks selling - $PACW, $WAL, $MCB et al
  • Docoof: $WAL Bank problem here (Bloomberg). Trading halted.
  • phgruver: @Docoof $WAL $KRE $XLF I'm sure glad that there is no banking crisis, and that all this has been contained....
  • joelsg1: @Docoof $WAL More bank problems killing markets, sell first mentality, but bargains surface as tide rolls out.(Sounds like fortune cookie :)
  • shoredriver: $PACW $WAL.....and so it continues....
  • Moxie: @PACW Bank play in action, this ticker has been trading with $WAL who reported positive earnings. Took a position on @PACW this morning and it is working well. PACW reports on 4/25 and I plan on closing out the position prior to earnings.
  • champ: @Moxie $WAL ...OK...will do....$PACW
  • Moxie: @champ $WAL $PACW Would say the move is confirmed on $PACW
  • champ: @Moxie $WAL $PACW .....and both of these, $ZION and $FRC just might be #Top-picks.
  • champ: @Moxie $WAL $PACW.....$ZION $FRC.....it sure looks like these Banks... are all real nice gifts....for Traders....and $SCHW..... ~~~~~ Entry-Timings are in Play...........
  • champ: $FRC $ZION $SCHW $PACW $WAL.......$WW $CRZ $GTLS $EXP....#both Traders and Investors are sure #active in these stocks today...... ....and the reason must be.....because they sure look like, that they all have real nice Risk-rewards........ ....All are Working...... ....and they are doing that #Happy-zig-zag-Dance.
  • scottrades: Some Earnings to be aware of for next week: $TSLA $SCHW $BAC $NFLX $JNJ $GS $MTB $STT $TSM $ASML $LMT $MS $UAL $AXP $RAD $T $BK $PLD $GNTY $IBM $USB $NOK $PG $ERIC $ISRG $NDAQ $BKR $ABT $ALK $SLB $ALLY $MBWM $WAL $FCX $BX $JBHT $UNP $CBSH $DHI $PM $ELV $AA $TFC $LRCX $KEY $FITB $CFG $SYF $NUE $TRV
  • vitoB: should have went back to the $WAL well.. np
  • vitoB: $WAL regional bank. believed to be 'one of the good ones' before the robes open. people are sighting a concern on deposits above $250K threshold is 68%...BREAKING NEWS, this will be everyone...which is why its down 10% today, but I think this will last and it was brave/fortunate/unfortunate to be one of the first banks sharing this information. in any case its coming close within the LOD so I'll be watching for a retest and then dtrade opportunity later today.
  • vitoB: @vitoB $WAL didnt pass the retest, did not enter.
  • vitoB: @vitoB $WAL cant help its, dtrade starter 28.45, stop LOD
  • vitoB: @vitoB $WAL stop hunter algo clipped me, but it recovered, in again
  • vitoB: @vitoB $WAL damn brutal... $FAZ looks good after 0-2 on this name today
  • vitoB: $WAL regional bank, looks finally to have stabalized, been chopped twice today but in now in the green 28.38...I dont anticipate holding any of this after the close..but $TW back to the 50dma looks good, $C if mexico is growing this mega bank is positioned there, $FITB another regional i like, $MS 1.5x book seems like a good base...all on the top of the list for next week's World Cup of bank earnings next week
  • vitoB: @vitoB $WAL $TW $C $FITB $MS ...darn really jynxed myself on $WAL turned red quick
  • phgruver: @DavidK $WMT I hate $WAL, but there are a few items that they carry that are a far better value than you can get anywhere else, so, periodically, I'll hold my nose and go in. My wife usually opts for a live cashier, if the line isn't ridiculously long. I just tag along with her....
  • vitoB: $WAL SPIKE!
  • scottrades: @vitoB $WAL And halted: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1212545/000121254523000113/selectedunauditedfinancial.htm
  • vitoB: @scottrades $WAL out half at 30....that was released early, this looks like buyout offer rumor..and while im typing this im out the rest near 30.88...what luck
  • vitoB: @vitoB $WAL what a day!
  • issues: ...
    Yet $WAL is on the IBD 50 this week and it's a submarine plunging the depths...

    Charts are a better tool than IBD but I like to find which sectors are leading the market. So I use their industry group rating but that too is becoming questionable. ...
  • Docoof: @issues Some general themes/sectors encompassing the IBD 50: Semis/Semiconductor-Related and Data Storage: $AOSL, $SGH, $ONTO, $KLAC, $TER, $SIMO, $STX, $LCRX, $AVGO, $MRVL Real Estate/REITs: $CBRE, $LSI, $EXR, $EPRT, $SPG, $REXR, $NMRK, $PSA, $MPW Financials: $CUBI, $WAL, $JEF, $SF, $SIVB, $BX Medical/Bio/Healthcare-related: $AMN, $EW, $PFE, $IQV, $VRTX, $STE Builders and Lumber: $BLDR, $CCS, $GRBK, $LPX, $WFG Insurance-Property/Casualty/Title industry group: $KNSL, $FNF, $BRO (Insurance Brokers) Transportation/Transport-Related: $ZIM, $AAWW, $JBHT
  • Docoof: $KRE nice breakout today. Top holdings: 1 $SI 2 $SIVB 3 $WAL 4 $RF 5 $SBNY 6 $CMA 7 $KEY
  • lauralynnee: $WAL easy movement within the BBs, pick up at low/sell at upper, rinse and repeat the past few month, at some point once it's tired of playing Pong it'll make a move up again, average analyst price target is $120.42 ($110-$135 Range) and ended the day at $98.06 today, room to grow
  • Docoof: Banks up pm: $BAC $WFC $C $WAL $GS $JPM $MS $SCHW
  • Forexpro: @Docoof $BAC $WFC $C $WAL $GS $JPM $MS $SCHW Thanks, Docoof, Yeah, the curve is steepening - the yield on the 10-year is up to 1.29 percent from 1.25 when I started watching this morning, a very big move - while the short end, where banks borrow, has barely budged. Good for the banks, other things being equal. The WSJ noted yesterday that $JPM and $BAC between them have $1 trn in untapped credit lines out to corporations. Those aren't worth much until they're actually drawn down. Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • Ajax4Hire: @jetace If anyone needs a list of Regional Banks from the $KRE ETF: Hold% $KRE SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF - Top 15 holdings 2.27% $CMA Comerica Incorporated 2.26% $FRC First Republic Bank 2.26% $KEY KeyCorp 2.25% $CFG Citizens Financial Group, Inc. 2.24% $FITB Fifth Third Bancorp 2.23% $FHN First Horizon Corporation 2.22% $PNC PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. 2.18% $STL Sterling Bancorp 2.17% $RF Regions Financial Corporation 2.15% $PBCT People\'s United Financial, Inc. 2.15% $MTB M&T Bank Corporation 2.14% $SIVB SVB Financial Group 2.12% $TFC Truist Financial Corporation 2.10% $WAL Western Alliance Bancorp 2.06% $SBNY Signature Bank Data from: https://ETFdB.com/etf/KRE/#holdings Mainly 'cause I wrote a program to pull data from ETFdB.com and format nicely for viewing.
  • jetace: @Ajax4Hire $KRE $CMA $FRC $KEY $CFG $FITB $FHN $PNC $STL $RF $PBCT $MTB $SIVB $TFC $WAL $SBNY #holdings Thanks, Great tool in the toolbox. I used a BB Squeeze scan of stocks squeezing right on the 21EMA. Got a lot of hits on Regional Banks, many are setting up.
  • Ajax4Hire: @jetace $KRE $CMA $FRC $KEY $CFG $FITB $FHN $PNC $STL $RF $PBCT $MTB $SIVB $TFC $WAL $SBNY #holdings I had a handful of screeners, mainly on ScotTrade system but they stopped working when TD-Ameritrade consumed ScotTrade. For me, $AMTD desktop software was a step down from ScotTrade. I am still not happy with $AMTD "Think-or-Swim" platform because I had something better. I kept going to the ETFdB.com holdings tab to view the specifics. So I wrote commandline(Perl because I was teaching myself Perl) program to accept an ETF name; download the ETF.db.com/etf/{ETF}/#holdings webpage then do a list of text edits to reduce to what I personally wanted to post. Also creates a spreadsheet for detailed analysis. Perl is good for text processing. What I do for fun.
  • Pokersmith: @jetace $KRE $CMA $FRC $KEY $CFG $FITB $FHN $PNC $STL $RF $PBCT $MTB $SIVB $TFC $WAL $SBNY #holdings I like MTB, fwiw, Long from below
  • Amisure: Weekend Study List - out late today due to travel, Ideas to watch for possible entries- $CROX $WAL $COWN $DLTH $HZO $SNX $EVR $MGA $FOXF $ASML $CG $GLW $FTNT $FEYE $DHR
  • teebone53: $wal---breaking out on daily and weekly. An IBD pick.
  • Pokersmith: @teebone53 $wal What a run !!
  • champ: ...
    ...Thursday....will be $BAC, $MS, $SCHW, $SBNY, after is $FFIN and $WAL.....
    ...Friday....will be $AALY, $CFG, $FHN, $RF, $STT.....
    However the bottom line is, all investors and traders will know more or less what is going on, by Tuesday morning. ...
  • scottrades: My video notes today: $SPY New Highs on low volume. Closed below VWAP $QQQ Closed just above VWAP $GDX Breaking out. Welcome back old friend. $SIRI Looked good all day, slapped back down near the close. $PAGS IBD 50 Stock Squeezing. Watch for a move above the 200 Day MA. $WPM Too extended to buy, but looks good on the weekly and monthly. $PING IPO Stock Squeezing $WAL In a Squeeze, you’ll want to see this hold the 50 day. $PNFP Just under the 50 Day MA. $CPRT High Squeeze $PZZA Squeezing higher $EPAM High dollar squeeze $BIP High Squeeze
  • scottrades: $WAL Trying to Squeeze higher here.
  • scottrades: FYI: $INTC $SWKS $TEAM $ISRG $DFS $ETFC $WAL Reporting Earnings After the Close today.
  • issues: @issues $CHGG $CVBF $HEI $JPM $OLED $PAYC $PCTY $SSNT $TKR $URI $WH Here's what stocks are eliminated from the IBD 50 this week: $ACGL $FHN $GLOB $NMIH $NOW $PAGS $QIWI $SYF $TEAM $WAL $WDAY. We hold positions in JPM OLED ACGL GLOB PAGS TEAM and many many more. Looking at these charts I would have thought IBD would have added some of the ones they eliminated and taken off some of the ones they added. I guess they are right to eliminate $FHN $NOW $PAGS $QIXI $WDAY $WAL But that's why I subscribe to SMM. The IBD's $FFTY isn't doing that good at all. $SSO is better by far.
  • 1993dean: $STM $WAL $MMM all buys
  • issues: ...
    $WAL $WTFC and $ZION (we own small).

    All of these are highly rated and on the IBD 50 THIS WEEK! Why not go with some volume? If you can't decide and want regional banks there's $KRE (We hold some shares).

    Just comparing all these on a 10 day char ...
  • issues: I can see rotation out of financials and am thinking of shorting some of them. I am wondering what they are rotating into. Consumer staples, metals, oils... Dana's Hogs... As look for clues as to where the big money is going I look at the IBD 50. Here's what I see in this weeks list. The following financials are in this weeks IBD 50: $BOFI $CFG $FRC $GS $HOMB $MBFI $MS $OZRK $SCHW $SIVB $STL $WAL. As you look at these charts you can see most are dropping. At some point they will be good buys. How low before that? Wait to see the green day, ok? The new additions in this weeks IBD 50 include $ALGN $CRTO $FCB $FRC $MCHP $MIDD $MXL (Gone are $EWBC $FFIV $LOGM $LOPE $URI $UVE). That's my research for today.
  • issues: @Rasta I will have to ask IBD, ok? I will need some sort of remuneration from you, right? Ok ok, just kidding. Don't tell IBD but here it is: $NVDA $UBNT $EVR $THO $HQY $TREX $ANET $IDCC $CPE $BOFI $AEIS $CFG $ESNT $EXP $VEEV $WAL $PRI $AMAT $SIVB $PLAY $SCHW $STMP $GRUB $FCB $HOMB $STL $MS $CGNX $MSCC $GATX $CRTO $COMM $OZRK $MXL $NTES $UTHR $GIMO $MPWR $GNTX $FRC $RDN $MASI $ALGN $JCOM $WNC $MBFI $GS $CARB $MIDD $MCHP
  • issues: Looking at financials, I like the following: $SIVB $AMTD $STI $BOFI ( up 17% in 10 days?) The best on the 10 day chart shows $AMTD $STI $FITB. PE's AMTD 27 (their own web says Reduce) STI pe15 FITB pe 11. But earnings increase goes to $SIVB (SIVB is on the IBD 50 this week as well as $BOFI $CFG $EVR $EWBC $STL $WAL). My favorite would be FITB, STI and SIVB (SIVB has been on the IBD 50 for weeks)
  • issues: Look at the IBD list of stocks up TODAY! Many many are banks/financials; $CUBI $IBTX $NFBK $FRC $UCBI $WAL $ZION $FNGN $UMBF. We bought $KBE but there are many that sure look good (although they are hitting a top.) Maybe DAN will cover the banks/regional/national etc this weekend SS.
  • gwenzee: @issues $INCR $AOS $CRL $CRTO $EFX $MHK $MSCI $PLAY $SNI $PSA $UBNT $WBMD $ZBH $NCLH $RCL $CCL $NCL $AMSG $AVGO $BUFF $CDNS $FLT $HW $KORS $MAA $NTSI $RYAAY $SFM $WAL Thank you for the helpful research. Saves me from having to do it.
  • issues: We bought a starter position in $INCR today. Like the chart it's an IBD 50 stock. The new additions to the IBD list this week are; $AOS $CRL $CRTO $EFX $MHK $MSCI $PLAY $SNI $PSA $UBNT $WBMD $ZBH. $NCLH reports tomorrow. With oil going up this is a question mark. Cramer says sell the cruise lines. All of these look the same on the charts; $RCL $CCL $NCLH. We hold $CCL & $NCLH. Off the ibd 50 list this week are: $AMSG $AVGO $BUFF $CDNS $FLT $HW $KORS $MAA $MTSI $RYAAY $SFM $WAL. Thank you for this helpful research! You're welcome!
  • issues: @gwenzee $INCR $AOS $CRL $CRTO $EFX $MHK $MSCI $PLAY $SNI $PSA $UBNT $WBMD $ZBH $NCLH $RCL $CCL $NCL $AMSG $AVGO $BUFF $CDNS $FLT $HW $KORS $MAA $NTSI $RYAAY $SFM $WAL OK But I get a commission on anything you buy, right? Just kidding. As you look over these charts which looks ripe to you? $SFM $HW look good.
  • Bridget: $WAL entering phase 3, at the high of the day
  • Bridget: $WAL nice breakout, now above the 200 and 50DMA
  • Bridget: Lots of breakouts today, will be watching tomorrow to see if any give us a pullback or a decent entry. $CHKP $COST $CCL $DPG $AVG $LULU $FPF $MAT $COH $KTWO $WAL $INFY
  • ryanj: @Bridget $CHKP $COST $CCL $DPG $AVG $LULU $FPF $MAT $COH $KTWO $WAL $INFY Nice list Bridget! I kinda like COST from Dan's Alert. I might take a little but the whole list is showing good.
  • Aragorn: ...
    $WAL below the 50

  • issues: IBD 50 new additions this week $AKRX $ALXN $ENDP $HRTG $ICLR $NKE $PGTI $SBNY $SSNC $TMH $WETF. Discards $CRI $ELLI $NLNK $OUTR $RYAAY $SCI $SPR$TASR $TSCO $VDSI $WAL. It's curious that some good stocks are discarded and others that aren't so good are added. I wonder how they IBD determines which to add and which to discard...
  • issues: @Photiosm @Photiosm Thanks for your reply/ question. If you run your cursor over the symbols you will see these are certainly not going down: $ELLI $RYAAY $SCI $SPR $WAL. But $ALXN & $SBNY don't look they're headed up... It's curious to me how they judge discards from new additions. Maybe it's the whole week/ up or down or volume or who knows (maybe ones they own or rate highly???)
  • Bridget: $WAL looking strong today, at all time high
  • EasyOut: @Aragorn IBD 50 inside days - $AMBA $CRTO $LCI $NOAH $PAYC $SYNA IBD50 stocks making new highs $AOS $CBM $ELLI $EPAM $GILD $HZNP $ILMN $MTSI $ORLY $OUTR $OZRK $PZZA $VDSI $WAL $ZBRA Aragorn, Thanks for the list. EasyOut
  • EasyOut: @Aragorn #IBD 50 inside day and week Inside Day $ABC $AMCX $ANET $CBM $CRTO $GILD $ILMN $LCI $MANH Inside Week - $CRTO $NSR $PNK $TASR $WAL $ZBRA IBD50 New Highs - $CNC $ELLI $ORLY $OUTR $OZRK $PZZA $SC $SWKS $UHS $VDSI Thanks for all your help and instruction in the SMM Forum. EasyOut(Kathy)
  • janner0814: ...
    Inside Week $CRTO $NSR $PNK $TASR $WAL $ZBRA


  • SierraJW: @Jadee #IBD50 w/$ FWIW Alpha sorted list $AMBA,$AKRX,$AOS,$ATHM,$AVGO,$BSFT,$CBM,$CNC,$CRTO,$CRUS,$CYBR,$ELLI, $FLTX,$GILD,$GTN,$ILMN,$MANH,$MEI,$MTSI,$NOAH,$NSR,$ORLY,$OZRK,$PAYC, $PNK,$REGN,$SC,$SWKS,$SYNA,$TASR,$TES,$THRM,$ULTA,$UTHR,$UVE,$VDSI, $VRX,$WAL,$YY,$ZBRA @ginny Premkt Gappers w/$ Gapping up $AERI 53.7%,$ ACUR 44.6%,$ FREE 27.7%,$ COTY 12.9%,$ AYA 6%,$ SLF 5.3%,$ AEHR 3.2%,$ CHK 3.2%,$ NOK 1.9%,$ PBY 1.8%,$ ZINC 1.6%,$ FDS 1.5%,$ NVS 1.3%,$ GPS 1.3%,$ GSK 1.1%,$ GG 0.8% Gapping down: AAVL -49.1%,$ CPST -15.1%,$ PFIE -10.8%,$ TAHO -9.4%,$ CAPL -6.8%,$ NBG -4.3%,$ KEYW -4%,$ HUM -3.2%,$ SAN -2.2%,$ NVO -2.2%,$ MT -2.1%,$ ING -2%,$ TS -1.9%,$ TOT -1.6%,$ DB -1.5%,$ LAKE -1.5%,$ ARMH -1.3%,$ SAP -1.2%,$ PHG -1.2%,$ RIO -1.1%,$ ASML -1%,$ BP -1%,$ RCL -0.9%,$ RDS.A -0.9%,$ RIG -0.9%,$ UN -0.9%,$ HSBC -0.7%,$ GOLD -0.7%
  • janner0814: ...

    @jadee $JD (0 ...
  • 1Boston330: $WAL. Added to long common position at 34.54 rhrn on 111K rhrn v. 10-da avg vol of 423K (somewhat thinly traded); other regionals are moving up as well $RF, $WF, $STT, $ZION, $STI, $BBT, $MTB, etc.; of these, $WAL is moving up the best for the past week to 30 days imho.
  • 1Boston330: $ZION Added to my long common position at 31.90. This and other regional banks are starting to move. See $RF (previously reported by Jadee earlier), $WAL, $NTRS, $KEY, $STI, $FITB, $BBT, etc. Long $WAL, $RF, $ZION, $BAC, $GS & $C--all working, $ZION the best so far.
  • 1Boston330: $C $BAC. Financial sector is catching a bid today. Took long common entry position in $C at 55.91 on abv avg vol of 16.4M rhrn v. Avg Vol 1 Mon. of 15.M. Also, added to $BAC at 16.90 on abv avg vol of 69.6M rhrn v. 69.2M avg vol 1 mo. Also, took small entry long common positions in $ZION at 30.97 and $WAL at 32.45. $AIG is also catching many bids, but np.
  • ginny: @Aragorn $AAPL $ILMN $OUTR $PNK $REGN $SC $TSS $WAL
  • Auto: $WAL formed a megaphone pattern is at the top of the pattern will watch for a down day to short it into the middle of the pattern $27ish.... :>)
  • Auto: $WAL on the weekly phase one and two are done and now she is working on three and real close to a all time high... :>)
  • Neil375: LPLA- Hello all. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I did some searching for stocks that look interesting and profitable. Maybe someone could place them in a group or sector? All I can say is they're financial, up-trending and seem to be under accumulation. Here's a list of what I'm looking at: LAPA, $TCBI,FNF, $NRF,BXS,$ISBC,MHFI,$NBCB,NTRS,$SIVB,UMPQ,$WAL and WBS. I'm thinking perhaps this is money rotating into a sector? Wonder how others might view this?
  • BuffaloBill: SCANS -Tolling the Top Stream (C / MAXH260) >= .97 returns stocks within 3% of Al ltime Yearly High Symbols from TC2000 $PFE $HBHC $CYS $KO $VRSN $USB $MO $TMK $EL BEBE $EAT $ASML $MWE $WAL $WCC $CPRT MHS $EBAY SIVB $AWI $SSNC $LOW $CHL $NTES $AEO TSLA $TISA PCBC - @Dan would probably perfer you looking at these for these then at good buy points. and (C / minc260) <= 1.02 Bottom of The Barrel within 2% of Lowest Lows - from TC2000 $TIE RMBS $ACI PCX WFR $NIHD HEK a just to 1.03 for 3%ers $WWE and you might find a stock turning higher NOTE its easy to run a scan than $HOLD PCX and $ACI, wait for the turn up.
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