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Stock Watch December 21st, 2018

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  • bRobert: $COST . Watching for a phase 3 type move . $240 . MMT . reversal Neckline $215 . Head . $190 . Long calls . from Dec . bottom after white candle $195.
  • bRobert: $COST . phase 2. $BURL . Found in the bargain bin $TJX $ulta slow ooze $LULU . Looking for add/entry if green candle prints with stop just below yesterday LOD .
  • bRobert: $COST watching for follow through after squeeze breakout. . Reversal mm target $210
  • bRobert: $COST Strong follow through
  • bRobert: $COST ooze out with a small position from below. will add on the .............pb/bounces outside the channel $225/$235 mm targets from two reversal patterns in motion $215 neckline for both
  • bRobert: $BURL pulling back to a buy zone . Watching. This breakout failed miserably. $TJX bears watching. $COST squeezing ( <3%) Now >50d. Watching with starter. We are looking a double bottom retest or top of range retest $235 $20 10% move . Most likely it will be over very quickly coming out of this very tight squeeze.
  • champ: @bRobert $BURL $TJX $COST --- On $BURL, great stock....but this happened because of a downgrade by Wedbush. The stock dropped on the open but only in the first 20 minutes...and this stock has always been a zig-zigger. I would wait before they report earnings, on their Holiday sales. That would be a positive reason because they are going to have a great beat on earnings, entry-timing was off...IMO....and the downgrade did not help. I always trade this stock.
  • barajelda: this one too...dam really like this set up $cost
  • bRobert: $TGT . . $85 measured move reversal pattern. Long $TJX . Nice reversal set up . Flag triggered . $56 .$COST Same . $240 $BURL . $195+ .
  • bRobert: $COST coiling . Alerts
  • bRobert: $COST . 2 . reversal patterns . First measures to $220 . A move >215 will trigger the 2nd with $240 measured move. I like the sideways consolidation . watching np
  • Hans_Schultz1: @bRobert $COST 50 and 200 MA are just overhead. Do you think those are relevant?
  • bRobert: l@Hans_Schultz1 $COST NO is the short answer. One little shove will clear 200d easily. Just >50d now . Tight consolidation. I like the set up. Premier retailer. Many to choose . $TGT great set up (85 target). $BURL(190 target). Many others $DG . $135+ with more consolidation at top of range
  • Hans_Schultz1: @bRobert $COST $TGT $BURL $DG Thanks. Appreciate the additional thoughts
  • bRobert: $COST Setting up slowly for a nice reversal
  • bRobert: $XRT and related names . tradable low $TGT $BURL $ROST $DG $COST . etc
  • bRobert: $TGT$COST $ROST Low risk trades with stop. Cheap gas. More $$ for purchases. Look at fast food also eg $MCD
  • shoredriver: $ bounce for you.....
  • traderbren: @shoredriver $COST - nope. Stay clear and set alerts on the way up so you can be pulled back to it and pounce when the money-flow changes direction.
  • captron: @traderbren $COST Was in Costco yesterday and the store was not busy at all. Strange for this time of the season. Cashier said it had been a little slow. NP
  • issues: I got a case of the "can't help its." I bought $UAA $YETI and added to $COST $XPO and $AVAV! stops on most but not COST. FL looks good but didn't buy yet. Yet? Yeti? Of course.
  • issues: Sold $AVGO at this altitude I get a nose bleed. Will buy after it comes back to earth. Remember tonight $COST and $ADBE report!
  • veghead: Thanks@issues $AVGO $COST $ADBE
  • issues: Earnings alert: this coming Thurs 12/13: $ADBE $COST & $CIEN
  • issues: @champ $XRT $WMT Did you see Cramer's piece last night on how during the past 33 years if you buy retail $XRT or any other, on the 5th day before Thanksgiving (Thurs) and hold it for 10 days (with a stop $5 below where you buy it) you make money 33% of the time? He mentioned even $HD, $COST, $TGT, $KSS, etc. We hold $GOOS and $FL.
  • bigbartabs: @issues $XRT $WMT $HD $COST $TGT $KSS $GOOS $FL ... Cramer... did you send him an email, asking how you are supposed to buy XRT on Saturday?
  • grcjr: $COST doing well this morning. Kind of late if just looking at it now
  • rachel: ...
    $COST – Good short entry at $230. Watch for Short Selling course next week (Tuesday I think)
    $TSLA – FBI investigation heating up. This is big headline risk either way.
    $AMZN – 20% retracement from high. Biggest volume day of ...
  • fishing777: $COST...failing @ 50 ma... may be setting up for short
  • issues: @fishing777 $COST Not for me. I was just in our local Costco and I couldn't believe how crowded it was. I have never seen so many people in there. All registers working, lines, huge crowds... what's going on? And this prior to Christmas? Prior to black Fri after Thanksgiving! absolutely amazing. I rushed home and added to my holding on COST. I wouldn't short this locomotive steaming down the tracts. There virtually no money to short this beast! This tiny dip is something to consider buying not shorting.
  • DAN: @fishing777 $COST Careful on this fishing777. Don't try to manufacture a trade. I'm not saying that COST won't work as a short. But a bull would see the chart differently. It's made a series of higher intraday lows, and it's now trading at the top of the intraday range. Again, I'm not saying that COST is going higher, or that it's not going lower. But I'm saying that the stock isn't yet giving us a signal that it's doine. Maybe wait until it falls below $227, with a stop above $230? But for me, I wouldn't make that trade. If you disagree, at least keep a tight stop and a small position. Hope this helps. Dan
  • CHOFF: @issues $COST - that said, the traffic appeared just as heavy when it dropped into the $150's in Q4 last year. (As a long time Costco member, I couldn't believe it was dropping then either.) The market is erratic at the moment. I'd tread lightly in either direction.
  • DrScience: $COST JICYMI This is OPEX week, and not wanting to put a damper on today's action, but there is usually one day during the week when the market give us a big slice of humble pie. I'm seeing this pattern in a number of stocks: Bearish wedge forming just below breakdown levels and/or key moving average resistance. The IWMMB crowd could be lurking and looking for the exit, waiting for tomorrow -- WackyWillieWednesday -- when options players traditionally roll their options for next month.
  • Gary: ...
    COTD: $COST – potential short setup. Buy stop above 50-day MA ($230ish).
    $SPX – cat at the end of its rope pattern.
    $DJI – not strong.
    $DJT – Charles Dow would be trembling.
    $MDY – 200 day moving average test
    $IWM &nda ...
  • etmagic: Has $COST seen a bottom after declining post earnings? Is this a good buy point? Thouights please
  • bRobert: @etmagic $COST Too early to tell. At the very least . wait for a white candle close and then buy small with a stop just below Friday close. It has some work to do. with further pullback/bounces before it thinks about reentering the channel.
  • rachel: ...
    $COST – down big after earnings.  Do NOT be in retail.

    $DJUSBK – Look at 200-day and 50-day MA.  


    $GS – In technical downtrend (200 > 50 > 20 > price)

    $MS – these should not be falling.

    $ITB &ndas ...
  • bRobert: Aerospace, defense ($BA $LMT $HON $IR $SPR etc, Energy (integrated oils . $CVX $HES $COP, $XOP $WLL $FANG etc , healthcare (large cap biotech, HMOs, major drug companies eg $JNJ ,$NVS $MRK medical equip eg $TMO Select tech eg $AAPL, $CRM $GOOGL ., select heavy equip /$XLI. $CAT $DE $MMM Select reatail eg $LULU $COST . These themes will continue to work. Bullish charts. High upside targets . Look for weakness/bounces to enter/add to full positions. If you can't find something to put in your shopping cart, you're not shopping in the right store.
  • Wykeman: @bRobert $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO $ABMD $ALGN $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC $ILMN $TMO $XLI $BA $LMT $GD $AVAV $CAT $URI $XLK $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT $CRM $NOW $TTD $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD $MCD $DPZ $DIN $XME $CF $CLF $HACK $FTNT $PANW $FDX $UAL $UNP $NSC $ODFL $XPO $XLF $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ $C $JPM $DIS $DISCA $SNE $TTWO $MTCH ? My eyes are wide open. And I do have positions in other sectors. I choose not to publish every position, or trade I have in this forum. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO $ABMD $ALGN $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC $ILMN $TMO $XLI $BA $LMT $GD $AVAV $CAT $URI $XLK $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT $CRM $NOW $TTD $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD $MCD $DPZ $DIN $XME $CF $CLF $HACK $FTNT $PANW $FDX $UAL $UNP $NSC $ODFL $XPO $XLF $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ $C $JPM $DIS $DISCA $SNE $TTWO $MTCH Neither do I. But when I hear other influential members take an overly cautious attitude and say there's nothing to invest in RHRN , I feel a bit obliged .
  • issues: @bRobert $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO $ABMD $ALGN $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC $ILMN $TMO $XLI $BA $LMT $GD $AVAV $CAT $URI $XLK $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT $CRM $NOW $TTD $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD $MCD $DPZ $DIN $XME $CF $CLF $HACK $FTNT $PANW $FDX $UAL $UNP $NSC $ODFL $XPO $XLF $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ $C $JPM $DIS $DISCA $SNE $TTWO $MTCH Everything seems so pricey! Stocks are so expensive. I remember when stocks where under $40 or $50 /share. Now they're all over $100 and $200 and some go into the stratosphere where they fetch $400 on up. Wow. I think it's inflation, don't you?
  • bRobert: @Wykeman $SPY $TQQQ $UPRO $QLD $SSO You have energy, healthcare IBB XLV . devices $ABMD $ALGN ,HMOs $HIIQ $WCG $ANTM $CNC . etc . $ILMN $TMO $XLI industrials eg $BA $LMT $$GD $AVAV .$CAT .$URI etc, $XLK still works . $ROKU $NFLX $GOOGL $AAPL $AMZN $IBM $CSCO $TWLO $ACIA . $NVDA $QCOM $MSFT Clouds . $CRM $NOW . $TTD . Retail $XRT $ULTA $EL $HELE $LULU $W $TSCO $IRBT $WTW $AAN $ROST $TGT $COST $LOW $HD . Food $MCD $DPZ $DIN . etc . $XME $CF . $CLF . $HACK . $FTNT $PANW . Transports $FDX $UAL RAILS $UNP $NSC etc Trucking $ODFL $XPO $XLF . $BX $KKR $FLT $SQ . Down the road $C $JPM I'm leaving things out but this is a good snapshot of what is working. Entertainment . $DIS $NFLX $DISCA $SNE $TTWO Romance $MTCH . A lot is working if you open your eyes. That's why the averages are printing nh's
  • vfr777: $COST stabilizing around the 20day the last 8 days after the drop. good low risk area with a stop just below $231.50. Earnings on Oct 4th. Could be a good earnings run.
  • bRobert: $COST Historically , good entries around 20d stop a little below
  • issues: @bRobert $COST Thank you Rob for the reminder. I added here! A BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOU FROM ALL OF US THANKS!
  • bRobert: $COST . This will start to work again after a bit of consolidation following a healthy pullback.
  • bRobert: $COST Looking for starter.
  • captron: $COST - Pulling back for one of those rare times it lets you in. Put it on your watch list.
  • Greendayguy: Many stocks that were in beautiful uptrends got slammed today, some for 2 or 3 days. This could be setting up ideal "buy the dip" opportunities. Check out $TNDM, $NEOG, $COST, $VRSN, $HAE, $EPAY, $TREX, $BEAT, $INGN, $XENE, $SGEN. And there are probably many others. Good luck and Happy Hunting!
  • champ: @Greendayguy $TNDM $NEOG $COST $VRSN $HAE $EPAY $TREX $BEAT $INGN $XENE $SGEN ---- Yes, could be ....but be-aware of the news on these stocks because this stock $TNDM, had a major reason to drop today, don't really know about the others.
  • Greendayguy: @champ $TNDM $NEOG $COST $VRSN $HAE $EPAY $TREX $BEAT $INGN $XENE $SGEN Point well taken, thanks!
  • Sluggo: @Greendayguy $TNDM $NEOG $COST $VRSN $HAE $EPAY $TREX $BEAT $INGN $XENE $SGEN I sold $NEOG today in front of earnings tomorrow (wish I would have sold it Friday!) $TNDM had one downgrade to neutral on Friday and I thought the stock oversold on that. Today it totally broke trend and I got out. Don't know why. $BEAT I also own, but sold half my position. This one is still in trend. Could be a good buy point. I will add when it bumps up a bit.
  • champ: @Sluggo $TNDM $NEOG $COST $VRSN $HAE $EPAY $TREX $BEAT $INGN $XENE $SGEN ---- On $TNDM, you have the reason why, right in front of you, in the forum.... just click on the the stock symbol and see @Gmoore post at 9:58 this morning....there were others also....and if you had this old news, you would have sold on Thursday. If your looking for news, check the forum first, it is quicker, many times. There is #alway-a-reson-why a stock drops or bounces.... always...for profits you always need to check out the news daily, before the open or after the close, on your positions, so you don't miss anything. Just money investors, always check out the news on there helps for add-ons and also.. for saving profits. Making profits and saving profits, is all about the news.
  • bRobert: What I'm looking at.......$XLV (HMOS ($ANTM $UNH $HIIQ $IBB etc), med devices ($ABMD,$ALGN, drugs $JNJ, $IBB $MDT $TMO $EXAS) , retail($ULTA,$COST $DG $HD $LOW $EL $LULU .$HELE,) $XLI ($LMT $BA $HON) $IYT ($UNP $NSC $UAL $DAL $ODFL $CAI) F ...
  • CraigReynolds:
  • bRobert: @champ $DIN #Good-Work I do have a list ' $DIN went towards the top after it broke above $83. I missed the last run up Grabbed it from the double bottom bounce in the $60's. Overweight >$83 WEEKLY inv h&s trigger. Super high targets , ...
  • champ: @bRobert $DIN $ULTA $HIIQ $BA $HD $LOWS $LII $IRBT $TTC $TGT $ROST $COST $DG $W #Good-Work ---- Thanks, for the post and also for taking the time. I'm looking for names for #bounce-trades, that could be actionable, at some point. Not necessarily stocks that have already made nice moves but ones that have turned a little but are not yet at their highs, with room left to move, for when the markets shows positive signs, for the next new leg higher. However, I do understand that stocks can continue their move higher, past their ATH's. The bottom line is... I guess I'm looking for #lagger, that could make a move, at some point. I know that banks and names in the energy sector, are lagging. Just looking for a few names, that might work, if you have any. Know hurry, just whenever you have time. Thanks!
  • bRobert: @champ $DIN $ULTA $HIIQ $BA $HD $LOWS $LII $IRBT $TTC $TGT $ROST $COST $DG $W #Good-Work #bounce-trades #lagger $LMT . early. Huge upside. Still a lot of upside in several of these. Strong stocks tend to be nh printing machines. $ULTA $DIN have a lot left in the tank. $DIN targets $102/$125 . Look for pb/bounces. The pullback in cloud kings is interesting. $CRM $NOW $RHT . $MCD has high targets $170/210. $BA Weekly squeeze. It will work eventually and make your year. Just wait for it. $ED $D . Still have good % moves . Many short squeezes in motion. $FIZZ $SSTK . on bounce $70 target . $UDOW $120 target . $HON . $180 Look for pb. $MMM . early
  • rachel: ...
    $COST – same pattern. Just use trailing stops on this type of pattern. You will never get out at the top...just focus on nudging up your “worst case profit.”
    $LULU – coming back down.
    Good patterns to consider:
    $HIIQ &ndash ...
  • bRobert: $BURL $ROST $TGT $COST . $TJX . $DG . Many nh's . Long term holds . Look at the weekly charts. $TGT $ROST $100 target 1 . $DG target $113.
  • wijimmy: @Henry $BJ ....could be ... i also have a long position in $BJ they are just as BIG as $COST in NY.. {Long Island} NYC area. The warehouses are just as big and clean as Costco.. The membership for BJ's is a little cheaper then costco and BJ's offer discounted membership fee's to most civil service jobs and most unions
  • phgruver: @BocaRick $BJ #IBD $BJ is hardly a new company! They've been in business for years, so there should be no real surprises. Sams Clubs and $COST should give a good indication of the health of the sector, as well. NP at this time....
  • champ: @CHOFF $BJ @ $29.00 ---- I'm seeing reports that they should beat, on their first earnings report as a pubic company and if they have a nice beat, this stock could have a major move because that would be a major reason, for the larger players to take new position or add...and #Institutions already own 63%, of this company. That is a positive sign that they are holding 63% of the stock .....flip a coin...but I might hold a small part of my position...into risk, on this one. Long and short term this could be a buy......but their is know real way, to know that. 215 locations ...134 Gas locations ...6- distributing centers, they are in 16 states ...other operators are ...$COST and Sam's Club
  • CHOFF: @champ $BJ $COST #Institutions - retail has been the place to be...$BJ is riding that momo along with $COST, $OLLI, and others. However, holding over a company's 1st ER is always a big gamble. Inexperienced reporting can go either way for even the most promising new IPO's. The market thinks it will beat as well. Holding a small position or no position over this ER is my take. Profit cushion is the stop loss at minimum. If it were its 2nd qtr reporting, I'd hold it over ER in this environment. It's definitely a name many of the popular trading pundits have mentioned over the last couple weeks. Good luck!
  • champ: @CHOFF $BJ $COST $OLLI #Institutions --- They always think that their position is going to beat on earnings ....but yes, that is very high risk...#Extremely-High-Risk.....and the reason is because of #Sell-the-News-and-Guidance....even if they do beat. The one that I like to beat on earnings is ....$ the number one stock to beat...the odds are....However, there is know real way to know that either.....but it is a very #strong-buy RHRN....but only as long as the markets are working ...the $ on....for $LULU.
  • CHOFF: @champ $BJ $COST $OLLI $LULU $DJI #Institutions #Extremely-High-Risk #Sell-the-News-and-Guidance #strong-buy - yep, $LULU is one I've been watching. I've had an alert set to buy below $135. Historically it has a few dollar draw down 2-3 days before earnings. Time will tell if I'm stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime on entry.
  • scottrades: $COST looks great. News out about them now accepting Apple Pay.
  • Ajax4Hire: $AMZN - Amazon; bought more; at the bottom of my channel lines. $BP - British Petroleum; $RDS/A - Royal Dutch Shell; I lust after the dividend and oil seems to enjoy a resurgence. $MA - MasterCard; finished my position in MasterCard. If retail is good then $V-Visa, $MA-MasterCard and $DFS-Discover should also do well. These are for long term holds. Still waiting for $COST to return to 20day-MA.
  • Raos: $BJ recent IPO doing well .. going along with $COST
  • Ajax4Hire: $COST - Costco @Dan, can you comment on: $COST, is a good buy, right here, right now? Just now dropped below the VWAP. I like Costco, I am a member. But worried that I am jumping at a balloon. See that $COST seems to bounce of the 20day-MA/Bollingerband reference. Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda bought Thu,Aug 9 thru Thu Aug 15 when $COST last touched 20day-MA.
  • rachel: ...
    $COST – 10/4 earnings. Hitting all-time highs. Should buy any pullbacks close to 20-day MA.
    $NVDA – not a good sign. Beat earnings...but guidance a bit weak b/c of bitcoin. Bitcoin was the bubble canary. Crypto special co ...
  • bRobert: @Reif99 $CNC $XLV $UNH I've been more active this year because of the increased market volatility. Having said that, the bulk of my returns have come from long term holds in stocks like the HMO s . select retail eg $COST . $TGT , select tech . $CRM . $AAPL . $GOOGL . via leap calls. , Med equip . $ILMN . $TMO . and a few others. I throw out a buffet of trading ideas with good risk/rewards I prefer charts to Sudoku
  • bRobert: $COST . Sale likely over.
  • champ: $COST ---- Taking a major hit today because of their monthly sales report for the month..#July....I was about this upcoming news....because any negative news, when a stock is on their ATH....can really turn, just like a earnings miss..
  • bRobert: @champ $COST #July Was due for a pullback/zag. Will look for lower risk entry below.
  • champ: @bRobert $COST #July ---- always must wait for #Entry-Timing, if you want to make $$$$.
  • rachel: ...
    13. $COST – I would use $218 as a reference for stops.
    Requested Videos
    14. $CGNX – I would sell into this. The move has been made. Strength is impressive, but what makes it go higher?
    15. $NVDA – holding at/above 50-day MA. But ...
  • Greendayguy: $COST, has bounced off 20 dma several times since early May. Just about touched it today after 4 down days. Setting up nicely for "buy the dip".
  • champ: @Greendayguy $COST @ $217.13 ---- Just remember, that they report their monthly sales numbers for July, on 8/8. Their last report was on 7/11 and the stock was at around $210 and then bounced on that report, you can see that on the chart. However, you could get #Market-entry-timing soon or maybe the markets will keep falling...this is also #Day-4 on this $DJI drop. Need to wait for the turn and or maybe the sales number date...just of that date, on a negative number, you know what will happen. LOL
  • Greendayguy: @champ $COST $DJI #Market-entry-timing #Day-4 Thanks very much, I would be looking for a 2 or 3 day trade, maybe go up 4 or 5 points - assuming it bounces. I learned the hard way to always get out before earnings!
  • champ: @Greendayguy $COST $DJI #Market-entry-timing #Day-4 --- They already reported. that date is just their monthly sales report.
  • bRobert: $COST took some profits
  • bRobert: $COST nh raised trailing stops
  • bRobert: $COST Target 1 $200 achieved. . Long
  • bRobert: $COST closing in on $220 target 1
  • grcjr: @bRobert $COST - been watching this one. Been a good one. Breaking $218.90 would be a new high.
  • champ: @grcjr $COST ---- The markets could move this stock up even higher ....but the next #news-event for then is on 8/8 ....then they will be reporting their #Monthly-Sales-results-for-July. That will be like a earnings the bottom line is... this stock could rum into that date...but only #if the markets my guess. Just saying...I'm watching this stock also.
  • Gary: ...
    3. $COST – drifting higher. Trending…not consolidating. Buy this on any pullback, with a trailing stop below the 20-day MA.
    4. $URBN – still in consolidation. Need to be patient. It’s a potential breakout, not an “ ...
  • DAN: $XRT $ROST $COST $TJX -- these stocks are breaking out today. They've been bucking the volatility in the market, but are now moving higher.
  • bRobert: $COST Target $220 next
  • Gary: ...
    4. $ROST – Same dynamic. Tight squeeze. Breaking out. Volume could be better. Note the relationship to the 50-day moving average. The stock was at $86 in early June…but was too high to have any further potential. It had run for ne ...
  • bRobert: $COST flag. $220 target
  • bRobert: $COST nh closing in on $220 target
  • bRobert: $COST $220 target
  • bRobert: $COST $220 target in play
  • grcjr: $COST hit a new all time high earlier today.
  • bRobert: $COST Target 1 $220 Long
  • bRobert: $COST $220 target Long
  • bRobert: $COST looking for zig Target $220
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Costco Wholesale Corp and its subsidiaries operate membership warehouses. It offers its members low prices on a limited selection of nationally branded and select private-label products in merchandise categories.

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