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  • bRobert: $ETHE $37+ with move > 200d Higher longer $GBTC same $40/$55 $COST general EASY HOLD Extended $670 longer term $SQ small h&s top 50d $115 target Many like this may pull back a bit after high % moves off the floor $SHOP same small H&S top potential under 50d ceiling Stop < 20d $XOP Nh extended pb Doing nothing wrong OBVIOUSLY WHY I AM OVERWEIGHT for a few years Pullbacks $170/$300
  • bRobert: $XRT Failed bounce to 50d from below H&S top potential WEEKLY has been bearish for a long time Failure at the 20w pullback 200w Potential if bear flag trigger General $COST best in show $LULU extended Just below 200d ceiling $460 potential IF cleared Anyone running to buy $LGIH ? $MTH bear flag For whom the bell $TOL bear flag
  • bRobert: $COST GENERAL best in show $600 with flag trigger for holders not a great entry ...extended $PENN $CZR $MGM Others Lots of chatter WAIT until they finish the work and can get back above the 20W for easier Not good gambles here sailing $SMH $245 H&S target daily $NVDA general testing support below $240 target
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $COST $PENN $CZR $MGM $SMH $NVDA see also : $BYD Winner winner chicken dinner
  • jpoko13: Blue sky for $COST
  • Mikev200: @jpoko13 $COST Nice, added
  • bRobert: $COST general Nh Early daily/WEEKLY breakout $670 target $580/$600 sooner
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $COST nice move today👍
  • joelsg1: @bRobert $COST Oppenheimer boosts target to $620 after speaking with mgmt., likes business model with inflation, fuel sales and travel/apparel.
  • scottrades: $COST trying to creep higher. Watch for a PB to the 8EMA.
  • bRobert: $XRT flag break dily testing 20d now $COST General Flag reversal base intact $670 with an eventual breakout $WMT reversal base Long consolidation np $BOOT flag break and test 20d Reversal cup $M h&s top again Caution flag $22 with trigger
  • scottrades: ...
    $COST Flag
    $VIRT Volume out of a handle
    $SEDG Nice base
    $JNPR ATL Stock, working well. Still actionable.
    $TLRY Gone!
    $UNH Trending up.
  • CrazyTrain: @bRobert $DDS $COST $WMT $BOOT $MELI $TGT $RTH Yeah, $BOOT at this level, I'm in Thanks
  • bRobert: $MELI top of w $900 - $1150 = $250 MOVE $1400 target 200d ceiling A move above that or 50w measures to $1900 Baby steps $COST $570 target 1 Pullback $670 long term
  • gmj: $COST adding as vol increases into close, watching R568-570 still sm pos
  • bRobert: @gmj $COST Speed. bump. $570 area. $670. potential long term with a fresh verified breakout retail. is coming. back. GENERAL
  • bRobert: @Lou $DDS I. see more than a glimmer of bullishness in the retail space. led by some generals. $COST. Probing nhs $WMT higher highs and lows. $BOOT. $MELI. $TGT. bases $RTH. W. flag can test $195. top of range. $DDS. can walk up to $350/$400 again.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Back Above the 200 Day $QQQ Back Above the 50 Day $GLD Still in consolidation $XLE In consolidation but don’t lose sight $SMH Pushback at the 200 Day $IGV Software above the 50 Day. $XLV Healthcare looking tired. $TAN Sideways but not doing anything wrong. $ARKK Under the 50 Day #Bitcoin & Ethereum Nice. $TSLA Power move. $AAPL Still working, but don’t be afraid to take partials. $AMZN Just under the 200 Day $NVDA Investor Day! $MSFT Above the 200 Day $AVGO Handle $COST Working. $BROS Extended. $JNPR ATL Trade, just fine. $MPC Building a Handle $VNOM Tight along the 8EMA $AR Close to the highs $CPE Holding the 21 EMA $AQUA Bounce off the 8EMA $TDG Long Weekly base. Watch the 680 Zone $COIN / $CLSK / $HUT / $SI / $RIOT Magical Internet Money Stocks
  • issues: $ADBE reports after market Tues. Trying to decide whether or not to take a position on Mon. It's so low, whatever they report, I think it goes up. Really. I also am looking at starting a position in $ANET. $FB is a possibility... IBD 50 again has a complete overhaul of itself. 25 new on IBD 50 list: $ACLS $AMPH $ANET $AOSL $ARES $ATSG $BX $DDOG $ENPH $ENTG $GLOB $NVDA $ONTO $POWI $REXR $SAIA $SITM $TSLA etc. Off are some good stocks like $COST $FCX $HCC $LXU $RIO $SCCO $SEDG $STLD $TSCO $UNH $VNOM... The rate they change their IBD 50, no worries, next week those off will be exchanged for those on this week. Hard to use this list for anything...
  • Momentariness: $COST HOD
  • bRobert: @Momentariness $COST Magnet to $470 WEEKLY can deliver $570 GENERAL leading
  • scottrades: @Momentariness $COST Nice!! I got shaken out in my account but still have it in my wife's account. I run her stops a bit looser (for better or
  • snowbound: @scottrades $COST I play a longer game in my daughter's account . When I see her account rising comparatively I know I'm missing the swings . Its been a useful marker to me that's taken some time to get a handle on transitioning to shorter charts .
  • champ: $AMZN $BJ I have positions in both of these, however both of these are also working...$TGT $COST, plus others... .....large $$$ stock but just look at the 5-day chart on $AMZN....
  • wanda1616: @champ $AMZN $BJ $TGT $COST $DG as well. yahoo.
  • abalagam: $COST is moving, have a small position
  • bRobert: @abalagam $COST $470/$570
  • RD: $COST COST now above yesterday’s high.
  • bRobert: @RD $COST $370 high base W target $470 long term Follow the general
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Strong close $QQQ Higher High $IWM Above the 50 Day $SMHHigher High $GLD Rejection at the 8EMA $XLE Hold the 21 EMA $XME Still strong $TAN Under the 200 Day but basing $XLV Extended above the MAs $ARKK Closed above the 21 EMA $GBTC Quiet Day in Crypto. Could get interesting... $AAPL Working $NVDA Above the 50 Day $TSLA Above the 200 Day $MSFT Watch the MAs $COST Still in trend. $BROS Finally getting some Luv $AA Above the 8/21 $FCX Back above the MAs. Nice buy off the 50 Day. $MOS Flagging $UNH Riding the 8EMA $ANTM High Handle $ZIM Resting after a big move $MRVL Holding the 200 Day $QLYS Big slope $BLDR Close to support.
  • Cjauger: $COST breaking out, added at $546
  • bRobert: @Cjauger $COST $570 w targt posted for a while with $670 long term potential WEEKLY breakout
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $COST Great opening volume
  • scottrades: @scottrades $COST Started a position today.
  • bRobert: The low risk entries on $COST were at the 20d /50d bounce Trailers on the run up $570 potential
  • scottrades: Selling half of my $COST.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $COST Annnnnd out of the last of it.
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $COST market in general being sold
  • Cjauger: @scottrades $COST $NVDA also under selling pressure
  • scottrades: @Cjauger $COST Yeah gotta be stingy with profits and take em when you have em. No other way to really say it.
  • Pokersmith: @Cjauger $COST $NVDA Buying today...on a DJI gap up 4-500 points out of the gate, was a risky proposition. No edge... Move made PRE market...How is that a good thing? Unless the news risk removed with a complete cease fire or withdrawal ...imho
  • scottrades: @Pokersmith $COST $NVDA Tough to say, every trade I had on was working today, I just wasn't quick enough lock in the profits because I chose to let them work. I won't fight the tape though. My 6% gain in TAN made up for my 1% loss in COST. and my 4% gain in SSO made up for my 2% loss in NVDA. And the Day's not over. So while not easy to trade this mess, there's still money to be made if you have a process for being active.
  • Pokersmith: @scottrades $COST $NVDA true...true
  • wineinquirer: $TAN $COST $NVDA @scottrades........Do you apply a short term risk:reward potential to guide the initial swing % investment and then apply to proper stop to reduce loss or use a fixed % stake for all swing trades in this wild and crazy mkts?
  • scottrades: @wineinquirer $TAN $COST $NVDA I try not to impose Upside targets on stocks because I don't know what a stock is going to do. Some people will say they have a "Target of $150" but I try not to attach myself to a number because I find it can ...
  • Bwhitty: $COST in a spot you guys around here like if volume comes in now.
  • Cjauger: $COST trying to breakout of a small flag
  • bRobert: @Cjauger $COST $570. Weekly w in motion. target. potential. / $660. with weekly breakout General in retail $DLTR. High base. $165 potential
  • Cjauger: $COST strong close
  • bRobert: @Cjauger $COST Follow the general. $570 target 1. $670 potential with a new weekly breakout Big high base
  • bRobert: $CAR look for a puillback retest $COST general still trading water at W If this fails, you should stay away from the rest $DLTR high base holding up I am bearish most of retail for a while Look at the $XRT $RTH WEEKLY H&S tops $WING 50w target close by $ARKK $40 /$35 potential posts on this shoe drop repeat $SIVB Posted this weekend WHY OWN IT ? SHORT $200 shoe drop towards 200w in motion $FAZ $26 with move > 50W ceiling $GS 200w vicinity with weekly flag trigger repeat drop
  • bRobert: $COST Reversal base $560 target 1 W Daily and weekly $660+ potential longer term with a fresh weekly breakout Follow the general
  • PhilHarmonic: @bRobert $COST COSTCO has recently started emailing me, 3 times a day, advertisements for merchandise sales. This is a new approach for them and very similar to what Macy's has been doing. I expect it to increase their yearly sales by a substantial amount. It has worked very well for Macy's.
  • bRobert: @PhilHarmonic $COST Thy also sell gas at a discount
  • jjohn: @bRobert $COST The lines are outside the parking lot past few weeks. People are lining up before even they open up
  • bRobert: @jjohn $COST After they fill up their tank they fill up their carts Long partial
  • bigbartabs: @PhilHarmonic $COST ... either that, or they are also feeling drops in sales / outlook... and a simple advertising move to help get it back. I will say that if anyone is going to get out of the mess looking "good"... it sure seems like that will be Costco in weakening economy... all the best...
  • bigbartabs: @jjohn $COST ... $144 Costco visit for gas a couple weeks ago. Included two 5 gallon cans. Yowsa!
  • Pokersmith: @PhilHarmonic $COST Thx for that idea👍 ...compelling
  • Nepenthe: @bRobert $COST Is it safe to assume that a break above 549.29 on volume would be a good place to add? Long partial. Cheers.
  • DAN: Good morning. Another lower open this morning after a really hot CPI number. As Scott notes below, the Consumer Price Index hit a 7.9% annual rate in February. The inflation situation is an extremely important one. Think about it. This is the hi ...
  • mharps: @DAN $COST $AMZN $SPY $QQQ The link between inflation and war idea sent me looking. There were two years of high inflstion in 1941 and 1942 amd then again in 1946 and 1947 but to link inflation as a casue of war is a stretch: Certainly Germany would be a different case and maybe Japan.
  • Pokersmith: @mharps $COST $AMZN $SPY $QQQ That's not what Dan is saying. It was one cause of many. He is saying it was ONE symptom if you will. Inflation was one, if not THE result of the Versaille Treaty that the French and allies imposed on them after WW1 .
  • bigbartabs: @DAN $COST $AMZN $SPY $QQQ ... Boy, now you are bringing back memories. What year gasin' up the '56 Chevy? I can remember gasin' up my '64 Fairlane 500 for 25 cents in Redding (gas wars). Then I think it was about 5 years later after I bought my 2nd car '70 Dodge Challenger, when we had the first oil embargo thing... gas went to 50 cents! Then in 1979 when I bought my first new car... a $9.999 '79 Trans Am... (that your waiting in line story sparked memory of this long story)... gas lines! We could only gas it up in San Rafael on odd or even days (by license plate number). BUT... being the outlaw I was... I still had the plastic dealer license plate inserts, (before you receive your DMV plates)... that I cut slits into... to insert in over my real plates. New cars without plates could gas up any day ==:O
  • DAN: @bigbartabs $COST $AMZN $SPY $QQQ 1979 baby! Back when I was young, lean, genius and invincible -- before life had really gotten a hold on me.
  • bigbartabs: @DAN $COST $AMZN $SPY $QQQ ... 1979... I miss those days. Young? Invincible? Boy howdy. The best description I can think of is the movie Cocoon... Wilford Brimley... "Blue steel. Cat couldn't scratch it!"
  • bRobert: $COST general Reversal base close to support $570 IF triggered $DLTR High base $165/$170 potential
  • BocaRick: $COST up 3% now well off 50MA
  • bRobert: @BocaRick $COST W $570 target General in motion
  • bRobert: $COST WEEKLY has $570 potential IF if avoids rolling over They sell gas at many locations $TGT You needed to take profits at the 20/50w ceiling and expect the expected Much more obvious on the weekly view Examine your stocks in multiple time frames I examine stocks from intra day/multi day 5day views , daily weekly , all the way out to monthly charts
  • bRobert: $COST right. shoulder. Inv. H&S. $570. with trigger. Pb to the 50d. Watching
  • bRobert: $DRI. lower low. WEEKLY breakdown. 200W target. $WING. $105. potential. 200w. H&S. top many Restaurants shorts on failed. bounces $CMG. $1100/$1000 potential $XRT. $60 potential still $RTH. No bueno. $PLCE. $30 potential. $M. caution. $COST. general. sold off Looking for footing 20/50d. to keep reversal alive.
  • bRobert: $COST. Buyers of the dip. 20/50d. bounce Reversal base $570 target potential with move. > $540. General to watch. Best in space. Avoid a weekly roll over
  • Mikev200: @champ $BJ #Bounce-Candidate $COST earnings today AMC
  • champ: @Mikev200 $BJ $COST #Bounce-Candidate ...On $COST ...Yes exactly, today after and they should beat and that should help $BJ's even more ...
    .....and on $BJ is at $57.50....and I had a new Spec entry and I'm up around +$2.00, however that number is d ...
  • shoredriver: $COST...looking good.......
  • bRobert: @shoredriver $COST $570 IF well received and the weekly w pattern completes
  • Mikev200: $COST reports AMC tomorrow. I would love a $TGT like move.
  • bRobert: $COST This general Finally decided Daily /WEEKLY W $570 target Speed bump HERE Higher long term with wEEKLY breakout
  • bRobert: $M Risky until it decides Prefer General $COST W $570 with trigger $XRT still in rehab
  • Nepenthe: $FAS $COST Regarding FAS, keying off the XLF, selling partials into strength, but long term looking for one of those W-thingies. Also eyeing $COST. Below the 50ma, but narrowing BB's. NP. Cheers.
  • bRobert: @Nepenthe $FAS $COST Cost test of 20d ceiling Expected pb first Potential reversal base with trigger General in retail
  • bRobert: $XRT $70 target 1 BOUNCE Still likely going to the 200W area $COST bounce after H&S top daily acquired $RTH WEEKLY H&S TOP in motion $140 target Interim bounce expected $M dip below the 200d Bouncing Still has much lower POTENTIAL eg $18/$15/$10 with failure and shoe drop < 200w Short
  • bRobert: $BOOT heading to the 200w Failed bounces Good short for a while with $CROX $60 target $XRT $65/$60 WEEKLY H&S target $RTH $140 potential Retail is not where you want to be $COST H&S top potential daily $470 with trigger Lower low < $500 WEEKLY flag $375 potential with breakdown $575 with bullish trigger Watch and react to the action in this general $M 200d bounce as expected MUCH LOWER potential with drop below
  • bRobert: $BOOT $50 potential Short from above 35%+ potential $CROX $60 25% $W WEEKLY bear flag trigger $100/$75 potential General $COST going down H&S top $470 target 1 $375 with dip < 50w
  • bRobert: $RTH. H&S. top weekly Daily in motion. $XRT. H&S top WEEKLY in motion Failed bounces. Several shorts in motion. $COST. star. DAily H&S. top potential over the 20d WEEKLY. flag looking for.bullish trigger or. break and trigger H&S. top Careful in the space
  • bRobert: $SQQQ. pullback bounce. for trade $COST. slipping below the 20d. H&S. top potential daily $470. potential and weekly IF. flag. breaks.
  • bRobert: $COST. general. H&S. top in motion. daily. $470/$475. . target $375. POTENTIAL. if the weekly. H&S. top triggers.
  • bRobert: $TGT. WEEKLY M breakdown. $180 $COST $470. H&S. top potential. with follow through. Lower potential with. WEEKLY. breakdown. Lower low. H&S. top trigger and dip. 50W. Retail general. wounded. $HD. retail general. hospitalized.
  • bRobert: $XRT WEEKLY is still bearish I am skeptical of most long trades in the space except for small counter trend bounces There are exceptions $COST trying to form a reversal base Fake out above 50d squashed WEEKLY flag trigger could test $600 H&S top could plummet $W bear flag H&S top Shoes dropping $100 potential next $DLTR High base consolidation Big bounce $165 potential np $HD dip < 200d tease H&S top $325 LABD Pb bounce ADD Above the 20d W $48/ $80+ potential
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY Trend is down. $QQQ Yikes. $GLD Holding up great $SLV No #SilverSqueeze Yet but working fine. $GDX Some miners are extended but as long as GLD is good… $GDXJ Same $XLP trying to get back above the 50 Day $SQQQ Bearish QQQ $SPXS Bearish SPY $FAZ I hate that this looks bullish.. #Crypto Bitcoin is a bit boring, so I bought another NFT Today.. $NEM High Flag potential. $WPM Low volume pullback $GOLD Still extended. $EGO Same $CMC In trend, good volume $RIO Bit of a flag $AA Working.. $CF Still in trend but whippy. $AR Bought some of this today. $PXD Good volume today. $DVN Still fine. $HES Holding the 21 EMA. $BROS at the 50 Day $COST Bubbling under the 50 Day. $MO Following $PM
  • scottrades: ...
    Watch $XLE to see if it can firm up on the 8EMA this morning. I’m also tracking the TMLs like $AAPL, $NVDA, $TSLA and a few others that I mentioned in my video last night. $COST is testing the underside of the 50 Day this morning out of a low ...
  • Rick_O: @scottrades $XLE $AAPL $NVDA $TSLA $COST $HD @Dan: Hope you feel better real soon!!!
  • success: @scottrades $XLE $AAPL $NVDA $TSLA $COST $HD will lift Dan in morning prayers
  • joelsg1: @scottrades $XLE $AAPL $NVDA $TSLA $COST $HD 'TMLS'?
  • mopick: $COST, above 50 dma. Starter position.
  • scottrades: ...
    $COST Basing under the 50 Day.
    $HD Higher Low. Earnings Feb 22.

  • bRobert: $COST. daily 5/13. ema cross. Best in the space. Reversal base $570. high potential. Watch list stock
  • bRobert: @traderbren $WMT trading range stock and the range keeps shrinking Now $135 - $145 $150 if it managed to clear that Testing 20w and expecting the expected for now $COST a far better stock Look for a pullback bounce Higher low as it approaches the 50d ceiling for a trade $570 high potential with a move > 50d $TGT looks bad Not a fan of retail yet $XRT not warm and fuzzy
  • bwcarnation1: @RM $AMZN that's got to be a chunk of money like $COST fee few years ago it amounted to 39mill a year I'm sure it's much higher now
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Volume 2,489,220

Costco Wholesale Corp and its subsidiaries operate membership warehouses. It offers its members low prices on a limited selection of nationally branded and select private-label products in merchandise categories.

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