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Strategy Session September 11th, 2019

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  • bigbartabs: @Robert1965 $SMH $SOXL $MU ... The last add I made to $SOXL was yesterday morning, back to a 200% position. I like how it is acting. Right now I only have 7 positions... $SOXL $UDOW $TECL $ZS $XRT $TLRY $HACK (last 3 starters). For the $SMH (that I use to make $SOXL buys and sells), only 2 of the top 10 in the ETF are down this morning... $TSM $ASML . Good luck buddy...
  • Robert1965: @bigbartabs $SMH $SOXL $MU $UDOW $TECL $ZS $XRT $TLRY $HACK $TSM $ASML Thanks for your input
  • champ: $ZS, posted yesterday, up this morning, for now and I have a swing position.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $ZS ... check out the lower weekly trend line for this ticker... from 6/4/18 to 6/3/19... predictable... touched the line 6 times... and now again a good place to take some stock. I'm with ya with a full position.
  • Robert1965: $ZS I am also in, at the open, looking to add
  • Robert1965: $ZS broke below $74.00 twice I thinking it going lower, if breaks below LBB
  • champ: @Robert1965 $ZS --- Traders are just taking some profits off, is all. This is up $4.00, I posted entry but I will be swinging 1/2 of my position. Entry was on that turn and now this is an investment swing position, but I'm trailing.
  • bigbartabs: @Robert1965 $ZS ... see my prior post about the weekly low trend line. Strong trend lines are powerful. Algorithms love em.
  • Robert1965: $ZS broke below LBB out at 73.53
  • kt4000: adding more $ZS here
  • champ: $ZS @ $70.70...moving up a little. LOD was $69.87.
  • brett_anderson: @champ $ZS wasn't sure if i wanted to jump in on this one...
  • Sluggo: @brett_anderson $ZS What appeals to you about it? Might be a candidate for a snap back trade because it is close to being outside the 3.0 BB bands.
  • issues: @Sluggo $ZS wating for an Irish Green day. Wait, wait and wait. First out of the foxhole gets the prize.
  • Sluggo: @issues $ZS Man, I love this company, too. But I cant afford to fall in love.
  • champ: $ZS, this is slowly turning off of LOD, will see if this continue and this should move-up a little because this is oversold...however timing is unclear, could happen at anytime.
  • bsnceo: $ZS why the big dump? np
  • kt4000: $ZS anyone else find news?
  • martyrb3: @kt4000 $ZS No but looking. Small position.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $ZS Zscaler Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=ZS&clip=114161
  • champ: @martyrb3 ----- $ZS had a downgrade this morning....
  • mhuie: @kt4000 $ZS According to Briefing, it was downgraded by OTR Global
  • Aksportsman76: @StockMarketMentor $ZS says video not available ...
  • Henry: @Aksportsman76 $ZS https://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=ZS
  • kt4000: @champ $ZS Got it thank you
  • Sluggo: @mhuie $ZS Who? Don't you look at these downgrades and it is some outfit you have never heard of, working out of his garage? And, they have the power to hit the stock hard. Oh, well...didn't own it and haven't for a while, but just sayin'.
  • bRobert: $IYR . nh . Up 24% . YTD Long leap calls Up a bit more $TAN . 50d W . bounce Up . 60% . YTD . $TLT . Options collar hedge . on LEAP calls . Working . $FLT $CTAS nh good employees . $IIPR . Sideways consolidation/pinch $SAM squeeze out . . nh . Seemingly never ending short squeeze nightmare $440+ $LMT . $400 . Defense is a good offense $UNH . tight consolidation wedge . Watching . $MOH . reversal pattern . $ZS . h&s top target acquired . np . Watching
  • Sluggo: $ZS $OKTA $PFPT $MIME $CRWD $RPD $QLYS $CYBR All cloud security stocks. $ZS and $CRWD best of the bunch until $ZS fell today on a downgrade from some guy in his garage. That leaves $CRWD intact. Group is falling since end of July and is having a hard time getting up. I am not in this group now.
  • MtChet: $ZS - Looks like it found a bottom around 73
  • JBed: $ZS In around $72.50 with a break-even stop. Taking no chances in this environment.
  • bRobert: $ZS . strong bounce after completion h&s . top. Long Weakness in other names seeing bargain hunters . Many well off the lows .
  • Gary: $ZS
    Price Alert on $ZS
    Happy Monday Team.

    We had a Price Alert trigger on $ZS a little while ago. There is a problem with the encoding on that video. I just found the video that this Price Alert was set on from August 5th. Again, the encoding w ...
  • Sluggo: @Gary $ZS Hold the ship, Gare, while Dan strums away on vacation. Good Lad!
  • 86944T: $ZS. Went below previous intraday low. Stopped out. I’ll wait until it turns up again.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $ZS Zscaler Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=ZS&clip=112675
  • Shopaholic526: $ZS Question? Why did this trigger an alert. I can't buy a stock that had a 10% downward slide on high volume.
  • Bridget: @Shopaholic526 $ZS This alert was from Jun 14th. I doubt his comments are still relative. It is important to watch the video that comes with the alert to determine if there is an actionable event. I don't think alerts expire for 90 days.
  • brett_anderson: @Shopaholic526 $ZS There's also this from Gary:

    Happy Monday Team.

    We had a Price Alert trigger on $ZS a little while ago. There is a problem with the encoding on that video. I just found the video that this Price Alert was set on from August 5th. ...
  • shoredriver: @Shopaholic526 $ZS ...It an alert, not a buy RHRN email.....
  • JoeTrader: @Shopaholic526 $ZS I'm thinking an alert for a bounce back tp 76.20, then short it with a stop around 77.00!
  • Shopaholic526: $ZS Thanks for all your replies.
  • champ: @Shopaholic526 $ZS --- #Repost ....Alert... the definition of the word alert...is a condition of heightened watchfulness or preparation for action, plus there are also 6 other definitions. Pick-out the one that works for you...just saying. Depends on the stock, but it could also mean, watch for an #oversold-bounce, this usually happens after earnings...and it does happen a lot. A #oversold-bounce, can also happen after a downgrade. Insiders love downgrades. Note... the last time this stock had a higher volume drop, and that was back in March, where the daily volume drop was higher than this one today. The stock recover and now this stock is back-up to this current price at $71.80 and that was a bounce of over 100%.
  • Sluggo: $CRWD $ZS $COUP Noticing that a lot of the cloud stocks came out of the gate quietly, formed a wedge and took off about 30min ago.
  • kt4000: added $LABU selectively over the past few days - just got back and saw the bump - all good. Just Holding small positions in $MA, $CLDR, $BURL, $AAPL, $TWLO, $ULTA, $ZS
  • DAN: ...
    8. $ZS – Healthy consolidation.
    9. $MTZ – Phase 2 consolidation.
    10. $EPAM – Holding the 50-day MA
    11. $TTD – Holding the 50-day MA.
    12. $PINS – might be in trading range for a while. Breakout above $35 fails.
    13. $FTN ...
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are up this morning, which is expected after yesterday's route by sellers exiting the market. Stocks are oversold to levels that just about match the August 5th low, which led to a rally such as the one we are setting up for t ...
  • DAN: StoneCo ($STNE) reported pretty solid earnings last night. But the stock is down nearly 5%. However, it did hold at the 50-day moving average -- at least, so far. This has been a stock that I'd like to have active on the Growth Stock List, but coul ...
  • shoredriver:
  • brett_anderson: @DAN $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP

    this is wonderful advice. one of the (many) mistakes i've made in the past is attempting to anticipate what a stock will do, rather than reading the chart and waiting so have what i'm looking for a ...
  • DAN: @brett_anderson $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP That's great to hear, Brett. My unsolicited advice would be to not manage your dad's money. You'll trade differently. Just focus on your own stuff. You'll trade better. Dan
  • peppercorn: @shoredriver $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP I'm thinking the reason $TWTR is blue in the GSL is because of the obvious space after the dollar sign ie. $ TWTR @DAN @GARY. hope this helps.
  • bogiedog1: @DAN $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Thanks for this! I have been around for a little while, but not super active or involved, but have been more so of late. I for one, have noticed your increased activity this year in the thread. The Growth Stock List, Webinars, even posting when you are taking positions. I am benefitting most from you constant instruction on how to trade. It has happened a number of times recently where I have set alerts on stocks we are watching, and then later hear you in the Strategy Session or forum reference a similar price threshold on the same stock. Today, it happened on $STNE. I realize rebounding above $32 is not a "Rocket Science" number with the 50 Day MA, But still, I feel like I'm improving. Enjoy some well deserved time off next week.
  • DAN: @bogiedog1 $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Bogie, that's great to hear. Thanks buddy. I think you're on the right track. Changing habits and developing sound trading skills takes a while. It's not something you learn. It's something that you develop and ultimately just do. It's active learning, through guided trial and error. Great job! Dan
  • DAN: @peppercorn $STNE $TTD $ZS $TWTR $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Pepper, I think you're right. I just sent your post to Gary. That makes sense. Not gonna pick it up if there's a space. You're the best. Thank you! Dan
  • DAN: Here is an updated list of stocks on the Growth Stock List. I've pared it down considerably to avoid any confusion in my absence next week. $COUP -- entered at $128.18. Stop is at $127.80. $OLED -- Entered at 188.0 on July 8th. Stop is at $199.50. $SHOP -- Entered at $321.39 on August 5th. Stop is at $340.85 $WING -- Bought at $68.10 on Feb 4th. Stop is at $93.75 Any other stock that I have mentioned is no longer on the GSL. It doesn't mean that I'm not watching stocks like $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $COUP. I'm just not tracking them as if they are active trades...because they are not. I apologize for any confusion, but I'm just drawing the line here. These four are stocks that are still working in my book. I've provided you with suggested stop levels, though each trader makes his/her own decision. Thanks Dan
  • Sluggo: @DAN $COUP $OLED $SHOP $WING $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE My goodness, the GLS is shrinking. But, to a testament of @Dan, he is entirely correct in this market. Still munching on my $HSY bar.
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $COUP $OLED $SHOP $WING $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $HSY Sorry, my initials are GLS. GSL is what I meant. Dyslexia? Maybe.
  • DAN: @Sluggo $COUP $OLED $SHOP $WING $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $HSY IT's a function of risk management. The most common mistake that traders make is that they insist on trading the same way, even as the market changes. They make good money when the market is ...
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are down quite a bit this morning after the 2/10 year treasury yield curve inverted. This inversion pattern has been going on for a while now, with the 3 month/5-year curve first inverting last March. The last time the 2/10 ...
  • Wolf: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP I am so sorry. They are members of the family.
  • zycouna: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Sorry to hear about your dog. It sucks that their lives are so short compared to ours.
  • mickimaus: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP From the bottom of my heart, I'm so sorry about your Tonya.
  • alfred1939: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Just put some tears in my eyes. I suffer from chronic pain. Tonya is in a better place.
  • HGIGuy: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Beautifully said!
  • billfumick: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Awe man, I'm so sorry :-( Losing a pet is rough. Sometimes rougher than losing "people", lol... Hang in there pal, time will help heal the wound.
  • Michael_L: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP so sorry for your loss. I have an English Bulldog that's getting close as well and reading this was very difficult. They are family.
  • jeffslm: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP -Beautifully expressed emotions and deepest extended sympathies on your loss. My heart aches for you,
  • tkcoretrader: @DAN $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP Very hard to lose your best friend when that time arrives. All 3 of mine passed away in my arms. " A friend in need is a friend indeed". So now I have another friend names Snoopy. A true loyal friend indeed.
  • DAN: StoneCo ($STNE) reports tomorrow. This is on the growth stock list and I'll keep it on for tracking purposes. However, you should not assume that I'm keeping it on because I think the stock will move higher. I have no idea. The options market has ...
  • DAN: Coupa ($COUP) was a very good trade for us, having bought on 5/17 for $106.30 and closed at $144 for a 35% gain. But the stock is holding up nicely after pulling back to the 50-day MA. I think it's still a bit early to commit a lot of money to this stock because it still needs to build the right side of a new base before forming a reliable support level. But, I'm not against starting a small position at what's looking like solid support. So that's what I'm doing. I'll take a small "starter" at $138 with a stop below $129, which is last Monday's intraday low. ============================= Currently, the active stocks on the list are: $TTD $ZS $TWTR $STNE $OLED $SHOP $WING $COUP ============================= --Dan
  • KeepTheDough: @DAN $SPX $NOT $DJI $MDY $IWM $NDX $SMH $IGV $XLU $GLD $TNX $SHOP $ZS $WING $OLED $STNE $TWTR $MTZ $TEAM $PINS $LK $SBUX $HEI $FIVN $GLOB $TTD $VEEV $PAYS $COUP $TRHC $INSP $CIM $SBRA $RWT $NLY $OSTK $CVNA $COLD $CYRX Dan, I really like the watch list for GSL, it is an improvement to GSL. I couldn't buy some of GSL in Feb due to not having in my watchlist & closer to earning report. This is really helpful. You rock.
  • DAN: @KeepTheDough $SPX $NOT $DJI $MDY $IWM $NDX $SMH $IGV $XLU $GLD $TNX $SHOP $ZS $WING $OLED $STNE $TWTR $MTZ $TEAM $PINS $LK $SBUX $HEI $FIVN $GLOB $TTD $VEEV $PAYS $COUP $TRHC $INSP $CIM $SBRA $RWT $NLY $OSTK $CVNA $COLD $CYRX Thanks buddy. I appreciate the feedback. But remember...just because they're on the list doesn't mean they're buyable right now. They are to be watched. Some may never let you in. Some may crap out at any time. But they have a lot of the characteristics that are present in strong performing stocks. We just need to be vigilant and let the market tell us which ones are the ones to own, and then just wait for our entry. Hope this makes sense. Dan
  • kt4000: added small tracking position in $ZS - Also a Bull Put on $ZS, added $CLDR stock to the longer term accounts also. Trying to stay away from $AMZN
  • rachel: ...
    $ZS – consolidating.
    Other Stocks:
    $BYND – support at 50—day MA
    $TSN – squeeze. Could be ready to break higher. Scalp trade.
    $PLNT – going the wrong way. Not what you want to own.
    Stocks to learn from:
    $COLD – ...
  • jknyborg: @DAN $SPX $NOT $DJI $MDY $IWM $NDX $SMH $IGV $XLU $GLD $TNX $SHOP $ZS $WING $OLED $STNE $TWTR $MTZ $TEAM $PINS $LK $SBUX $HEI $FIVN $GLOB $TTD $VEEV $PAYS $COUP $TRHC $INSP $CIM $SBRA $RWT $NLY $OSTK $CVNA $COLD $CYRX Like the video 2 (for some reason it is called Sector Spotlight?) Going through potential buy opportunities in the future I like. Getting help building a watchlist will help a lot. Scotts video emphasising MarketSmith - I do not know how many members have an account large enough to buy the subscription - and to know what to do with marketsmith? Very useful hinting of stocks to watch and have money ready for pullbacks making thight SL. I want to trade less and more clever:) THX
  • Amykris: @DAN $SPX $NOT $DJI $MDY $IWM $NDX $SMH $IGV $XLU $GLD $TNX $SHOP $ZS $WING $OLED $STNE $TWTR $MTZ $TEAM $PINS $LK $SBUX $HEI $FIVN $GLOB $TTD $VEEV $PAYS $COUP $TRHC $INSP $CIM $SBRA $RWT $NLY $OSTK $CVNA $COLD $CYRX Dan great weekend update. Very beneficial and I love the new watch list for growth stocks so I can get better positions when the entry is correct. Thank you!
  • Herb: Some decent-acting IPOs: $CRWD $LK $TPTX $PSN $ARVN $ZS $PINS $HHR $PLAN $ZM $GO $GH
  • baronp0329: @DAN $SHOP $ZS $WING $OLED $STNE $TWTR Dan, If it is not too much trouble I have a suggestion on your Notes. Can you please add "$" for each stock so we can look graphs? Thanks in advance. Have a good weekend.
  • DAN: ...
    VIDEO TWO: Note: When market is correcting, be very reluctant to add stocks. Upside potential isn’t good. Growth Stock List holdings and Watch List for entries. Current active stocks: $SHOP $ZS $WING $OLED $STNE $TWTR (Adding now, though st ...
  • champ: @DAN $SHOP $ZS $WING $OLED $STNE $TWTR --- Yes, $$$ signs makes it real fast and easy to move through.
  • baronp0329: @baronp0329 $SHOP $ZS $WING $OLED $STNE $TWTR @Dan, Thanks for the quick turnaround on my request! Need to change your name to "Flash Fitzpatrick".
  • DAN: ...
    10:49 AM 08/0 ...
  • success: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS @DAN . . . I have been putting the stocks removed into a separate watch list as you have removed them . . great job and thank you for all the hard work . .
  • DAN: @success $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS Thanks Success. Just wait until you see what we're working on. You're gonna love it!
  • spmeyers: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS but do the % gains include action over earnings reports? that wouldn't be entirely kosher since in best case we'd have a half position.
  • success: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS can't wait . . your articles have been great as well . . working two jobs so have been absent and 98% cash since November . . what little I have done have resulted in about 2% losses overall . . I should have just followed your lead and it would have been a great return . .
  • Tango: @debeers $CYBR Thoughts about $ZS compared to $CYBR?
  • debeers: @Tango- i don't have the informed opinion i think you need on $ZS. I can tell you that $CYBR without a global head of sales is a NO TOUCH.
  • Tango: @debeers $ZS $CYBR Thanks!
  • debeers: @Tango $ZS $CYBR -You are welcome.
  • DAN: #Growth Stock List -- There are 5 names on my GSL right now. $ZS $LHCG $OLED $WING and $SHOP (added yesterday afternoon). All doing well today.
  • puttz: @DAN $ZS $LHCG $OLED $WING $SHOP #Growth $OLED I don't own this one. Did I miss the buy yesterday?
  • DAN: @puttz $ZS $LHCG $OLED $WING $SHOP #Growth I didn't suggest buying OLED yesterday...but sure would have been nice if I did, right? I wouldn't buy it now. It's rangebound and is probably gonna trade sideways for a while.
  • M5rkp: @DAN $ZS $LHCG $OLED $WING $SHOP #Growth $lhcg $zs $wing would be good entries on normal day (proximity to 50 ma). Advisable to start a position today?
  • DAN: @M5rkp $ZS $LHCG $OLED $WING $SHOP $lhcg $zs $wing #Growth I wouldn't. Honestly, I don't think the selling is over. I think this is just an oversold rebound that's sucking in a lot of dip buyers, but that will ultimately cause more pain.

    I can't ...
  • DAN: ...

    Of the above names that were sold for losses, the biggest loss was 7.06% ($BEAT). Biggest gain was $IIPR (101.72%)

    The average loss was 4.23%. Of the 15 losers, only 5 were below the average ...
  • stoictrader: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS I love the transparency, insight and humility Dan - so refreshing to see

    Thanks st ...
  • Gary: @Robert1965 Hey @Robert1965 - You can always find the updated Growth Stock List on the right side of the Forum. Just click on Growth Stock List and the tickers of the stocks still on the list will pop up. You can also find them here: https://stockmarketmentor.com/growth-stocklist/ BUT, since I’m on the subject and want to make it easy, these are the remaining stocks: $SHOP $LHCG $WING $ZS $OLED I hope this helps
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Volume 2,131,820

Zscaler Inc is a cloud security company. It engages in developing a platform incorporating core security functionalities needed to enable users to safely utilize authorized applications and services based on an organization's policies.

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