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Strategy Session July 30th, 2020

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  • bRobert: $ZS Very long base with relatively recent breakout $100 measured move Own a piece Add on pullback/bounces $DOCU more extended after great run $125 measured move target at hand
  • Mikev200: @bRobert $ZS $DOCU thanks for the input on $DOCU. I'm in for some time, sold some couple days ago because I thought it might be done for a bit.
  • bRobert: @Mikev200 $ZS $DOCU Not necessarily the end Marathoners do take a rest I think that it is prudent to take partials and raise stops after technical targets are met. Not necessarily all Momentum can take stocks much further than expected in both directions Buy in scales. Sell in scales until a major technical line is breached
  • bRobert: $ZS. Breakout from healthy base flag trigger. Heading towards. $90............$100
  • CraigReynolds: $ZS Bought at $74.20 small position at open, stop set at $73.
  • mariner: $ZS appears t be breaking out this morning.
  • Bert953: list of recent IPO's with interesting charts: squeezes, breakouts, & near ATH's. Dont forget to check earnings, some were yesterday, some today. etc $GMAB $GSX $IGMS $INMD $INSP $PPD $PTON $RVMD $SDGR $SMAR $ZS
  • DAN: ...
    $ZS -- high volume breakout today. Wasn’t really in a squeeze, but the volume was impressive.
    $DOCU -- Still going. Use 8DEMA as reference for trend.

    Requested Videos
    $DDOG -- good uptrend. Use 8-day EMA as trend reference.
    $CLX -- How to b ...
  • Shopaholic526: $ZS Looking good. Small position. Adding.
  • Cokeman1959: $ZS Approaching the 20 day
  • Cokeman1959: $ZS Falling back down to the old highs. Would anyone buy a potential bounce?
  • Reif99: @Cokeman1959 $ZS Not RHRN
  • JFD: @scottrades $WORK $ZS do you like this ticker?
  • JFD: @scottrades $ZS Could I get your opinion on this ticker after this pullback?
  • scottrades: @JFD $ZS IT's holding above the 8EMA. Would only want to be in it if 67 holds.
  • JFD: @scottrades $ZS Thanks for all your work! You mentioned this ticker last week, in the right sector.Could I have your opinion when you have time. Earnings tomorrow.
  • scottrades: @JFD $ZS I see Zscaler having Earnings coming up June 4th on my system, so I think you're ok.
  • DAN: ...
    $ZS -- strong close on good volume. Thursday’s reversal is an issue. EArly start is above $70.83. Breakout would be $73.61.
    $ZM -- this stock is known.
    $ACLS -- Watch for breakout. 3 x 3 stock. Alert $22.10

    $CRWD -- breakout. Forum: @elan ...
  • GolfGeek: @scottrades $LHX $SPY $QQQ $GILD $WORK $ZS $DDOG $AMD $PZZA $LAKE $TDOC $NFLX $VIPS $RNG $CODX $RAD When you say "Watch for move over 30" and "Support at the 50" are you talking about the Simple moving day average?
  • GolfGeek: @scottrades $SPXL $ZS $WORK $PZZA $TEAM $AKAM $CNC $SPCE Help please......I am trying to understand what I do when I see a stock up 2% in PM knowing the first hour of trading is most profitable and looks to be sporadic to me. Do I buy PM or do I wait to see what happens at open and chose a buy price and wait on it or is this a personal preference?
  • scottrades: $ZS trying for another day.
  • Spartan: @scottrades $ZS Got in when you mentioned this! Looking good!
  • wood: @scottrades $LK $WORX $WORK $SPXL $SPXS $ZS so with $ZS close to new highs, would you advise not buying, waiting for a pullback, buying 50% of a position? thanks for your insight....
  • Bwhitty: $ZS she may have given us all she has.
  • cgendro1: $AMD out. NIce trade. Will consider on pb Same w $ZS sold on pb from R2
  • scottrades: My video notes: COTD: Here’s your trade on L3Harris: $LHX $SPY Still in the wedge. $QQQ Still stronger than SPY $GILD Positive news After Hours. Watch this tomorrow. $WORK Great trade today. Watch for the move over 30. $ZS The Profits were taken today. $DDOG Good dog but right at resistance $AMD Feels extended, but not doing anything wrong. $PZZA Giving you some Free extra cheese. $LAKE Support at the 50 $TDOC Offered an entry today. Choose your time frame. $NFLX Dan thinks it needs a rest, huge volume climax. $VIPS Big move. Choose your time frame. $RNG Rejected at the top Bband. $CODX Popping out of a squeeze. Look for more on this. $RAD Snapped back and then didn’t.
  • AlexH: @scottrades @DAN @GARY $LHX $SPY $QQQ $GILD $WORK $ZS $DDOG $AMD $PZZA $LAKE $TDOC $NFLX $VIPS $RNG $CODX $RAD I LOVE your updates Scott. Your way of running us through your day and being transparent about what you did and your reasoning, is a powerful tool for the traders among us that enable us to double check our strategies and our way of thinking and learn from you. It would be AWESOME if we get a daily from you (even if its 5-10 minutes) instead of the 2-3 times per week :) I appologize if I'm being selfish with this request.
  • scottrades: @AlexH $LHX $SPY $QQQ $GILD $WORK $ZS $DDOG $AMD $PZZA $LAKE $TDOC $NFLX $VIPS $RNG $CODX $RAD Thanks Alex! I will talk to Dan and Gary. I appreciate you being here.
  • Pcdentist: @AlexH $LHX $SPY $QQQ $GILD $WORK $ZS $DDOG $AMD $PZZA $LAKE $TDOC $NFLX $VIPS $RNG $CODX $RAD Scott is awesome,,,,learn so much about actually trading
  • scottrades: $ZS trying to move here.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $ZS Fading now.
  • brett_anderson: @scottrades $ZS howdy - another talking point: when looking for a stock to hold over a certain price or indicator, how do you define 'holding' -- on a 5 minute chart, ZS popped, held, and then flushed. i know it depends...
  • Bwhitty: @scottrades $ZS Not so fast, I am in this roller coaster at 66 :)
  • cgendro1: $ZS now moving up through R1
  • scottrades: @Bwhitty $ZS Yes, it's working fine. A little whippy.
  • Auto: $ZS Boom! Thanks Scott
  • scottrades: @brett_anderson $ZS It's hard on shorter term time frames. Better to zoom out when looking for real support.
  • Bwhitty: @Auto $ZS Look at that stair climber go!
  • AlexJFraser: $ZS seems to be working. Thanks @scottrades
  • Amykris: $ZS working great call @scotttrades
  • scottrades: @AlexJFraser $ZS Yep, consider moving your stop up. It's bucking the trend today.
  • ReneeH: @scottrades $ZS Thanks Scott, rocking nice one!
  • Bwhitty: @scottrades $ZS This is the second day you have got me a higher % return on a stock then you gave yourself $PZZA and $ZS :) I'm not complaining
  • scottrades: @Bwhitty $ZS $PZZA Ha! Glad they worked out. They won't always. Keep up the great trading, thanks for being an SMM member.
  • scottrades: Selling a little $ZS here and moving my stop up to just below 69.
  • bogiedog1: @scottrades $ZS Nice trade. Thx!
  • Bwhitty: $ZS may get stopped out. I set at 68.70
  • scottrades: @Bwhitty $ZS My stop just got hit.
  • bogiedog1: @scottrades $ZS Just looking at the daily chart for this. Showing a sloppy cup & handle and now at new high. I still have half position. Thinking of maybe adding at VWAP here.
  • scottrades: @bogiedog1 $ZS Totally. I'm more of an active trader, so in no way do I think you should dump everything here and move on. Could continue higher. Just like to stay flexible.
  • SHUDAG: @scottrades $ZS
  • scottrades: $ZS also Squeezing. I'm not in this anymore but looks like it's going higher.
  • scottrades: ...
    Stocks close to new highs like $ZS.

    That's it. I'm not picking bottoms, I'm not investing for the long term (yet). I'm sticking to that. By having as @Dan says a strict criteria, I'm eliminating so many charts and simplifying my process. I think ...
  • AlexJFraser: @scottrades $LK $WORX $WORK $SPXL $SPXS $ZS I'm going to copy this and read it everyday.
  • SasquatchBlood: @scottrades $LK $WORX $WORK $SPXL $SPXS $ZS Thanks man! I focus only on $SPY since this the beginning of the madness. Did great in Feb and most of March but the last 4 weeks or so I've slipped out of my focus and not taken my profits. I call it my &q ...
  • HGIGuy: #VWAP Trades working nicely today: Entire #GSL- great job @DAN. PTSI - another @DAN gem. $WORK - yeah @Scott. Others on my screens $AVLR $DOCU $APT $MRNA $ZS $ZM $ROKU $HXL $PRFT and $JD if you watched your stop. Unfortunately, I wasn't available to trade at all today.
  • Cheezit: @SasquatchBlood $LK $WORX $WORK $SPXL $SPXS $ZS $SPY..lol 5 weeks into the home schooling and I think almost have it. Wife and I are using divide and conquer, I'll take this kid today you take that one, its not easy. Hang in there!
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPXL/$SPXL Thnks fr th Mmrs $ZS New weekly high. Looks like it wants higher $WORK Looking for 30. Nice Pump on CNBC today. $PZZA Still in trend, building a base. $TEAM Watch above 149 $AKAM Back at the highs. Watch 101.50 $CNC New Weekly High $SPCE Day 3?
  • SasquatchBlood: @Cheezit $LK $WORX $WORK $SPXL $SPXS $ZS $SPY I hear you brother. My boy is in French immersion...I don't speak French lol. We are a good team as well she's better at some things and I'm better at others. His teacher is my golfing buddy so I'm lucky that way. Good luck and thanks for the support!
  • brett_anderson: $NBEV broke AVWAP yesterday, broke prior $1.32 resistance, gap up this morning $APHA similar to NBEV, sitting just over the 50 dMA, zoom out to a weekly $BTG resistance at 4.93 (I'm in @ 4.23) $EGO sweet trade yesterday, sold some and am holding for now, looking to see it break $11 or so $SHOP broke the 50 dMA, missed it, but looking for an entry if it tests $TSLA SMH... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ $ZS 8 d EMA has been support, could be a small DT w/ defined risk
  • scottrades: $ZS Back to the highs before the fall.
  • Cokeman1959: @scottrades $ZS how would you trade this? You’d have to be looking for a pullback, but might not get much of one.
  • scottrades: @Cokeman1959 $ZS You'd want to watch for a break of 66.60, that's 10 cents above the recent high.
  • Bwhitty: $ZS are you guys talking overnight?
  • jlutzkanin: @Bwhitty $ZS I added a little more to my position
  • Jazman0013: $ZS priming for a move... ?
  • Tango: $ZS up
  • JBed: $JD $GVA $ZS stocks I'm holding that are actually up today.
  • Tango: $ZS Anyone know why it’s poping?
  • JBed: @Tango $ZS It's been far outperforming the market so far.
  • joelsg1: @Tango $ZS Berenberg upgrade target 67
  • Tango: @joelsg1 $ZS Thanks everyone!
  • bsafriet: $ZS Making another assault on the Feb high. Has formed a flag and if it breaks above $66.50, my PT is $80. Long from below.
  • issues: @cgendro1 $FTNT I was comparing FTNT to others in the IBD industry group 29 (computer security): $CRWD $ZS are both at a top (up 50% in 10 days). also in the group are $FEYE $QLYS $NLOK & $OSPN. I bought OSPN - just b/c I like the chart and the price. I've had CRWD and ZS and made good profits but will wait for a pull back before buying again.
  • cgendro1: @issues $FTNT $CRWD $ZS $FEYE $QLYS $NLOK $OSPN thanks for that note! I will put them all in a list :)
  • bsafriet: $ZS With the profit taking yesterday and the fizzle today, I’m not nearly as bullish on this one anymore. I’d wait for the break above the Feb 20 high ($66.50) before adding or entering a new position. The price rejection yesterday and the fizzle today is very disappointing. At least we are holding above the SMA(200) which is now support and a logical stop.
  • bsafriet: $ZS. Back to pre-crash levels. Added to position this morning.
  • Bridget: @bsafriet $ZS WOW, now that is a V bottom
  • Tango: @bsafriet $ZS Send a thank you note to Cramer... he has been touting the stock.
  • rclaus: @bsafriet $ZS Totally missed this one. This was one I sold when market started getting ugly. thought I would have enough time to get back in.
  • bsafriet: @rclaus $ZS Never take your eyes off a goof company!
  • Wykeman: @bsafriet $ZS $CRWD Also close to filling the gap.
  • SHUDAG: @bsafriet $ZS you guys short or long?
  • SHUDAG: $ZS short or long?
  • sweeper240: @bsafriet $ZS GooF?? or Good? not sure
  • bsafriet: @SHUDAG $ZS LONG!!!! It has cleared resistance on strong volume
  • SHUDAG: @bsafriet $ZS Ok, I'm in but it probably will go down, now that I'm in.
  • Egmagur: @bsafriet $ZS Interesting that I mentioned it to a good friend who is a hedge fund guy (and a good one) said it is trading over 50x sales and is absurdly valued... then again I countered that AMZN traded at similar numbers for years... there is a tug of war between those buying the rapid (45% yoy) growth and those trying to value said growth. I am long.
  • coldevinc: @SHUDAG $ZS Is this heading into earnings? or something
  • bsafriet: @SHUDAG $ZS Be positive! Bail when it starts to crack, say tank you very much, may I have another!
  • bsafriet: @coldevinc $ZS E/R not till 5/21
  • Egmagur: @Egmagur $ZS Ugh... SORRY... I was talking about $ZM!!!!!!!! not $ZS. my profound apologies.
  • Tango: $ZS sneaking down draft, I am out nearly all
  • 86944T: @Tango $ZS Shooting Star candle, that’s not good.
  • Tango: @86944T $ZS true
  • Tango: @86944T $ZS Seems to want to end at the 200 day... But, I don't like the way this trades
  • sincity45: @86944T $ZS what would be it’s downtrend target?
  • Reif99: $ZS V bottom. missed it
  • Tango: $zs breaking up
  • Tango: $zs again up
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Zscaler Inc is a cloud security company. It engages in developing a platform incorporating core security functionalities needed to enable users to safely utilize authorized applications and services based on an organization's policies.

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